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  1. I think by American Thanksgiving we'll have a better idea of how that Saturday will look. Looking at the rest of the season, there's no real weeks we'll get flexed into prime time unfortunately. Unless they are willing to move Vikings Cowboys for our game against Cleveland.
  2. If that game can decided the division, we'll easily be the Saturday night. Rams Niners would make sense to be the afternoon game since that's roughly 1pm kickoff for them. Houston Tampa 1230 makes sense too.
  3. I think one of the off the radar moves would be Devante Parker from Miami and he would only require on of our multiple 5ths or a 4th. He's a big rangy guy who can the underneath game but also use some speed down the field, hasn't been what Miami hoped but a change of scenery maybe beneficial for him.
  4. Fox wont care, they'll have back to back NFC East match-ups Sunday. In theory it should be either us and the Pats or Niners Rams.
  5. What are you talking about?! Josh rolls to his left avoids the sack, the backer comes up for secondary rush help. The sideline isn't an ally in this play, its more likely to result in a non completion or similar pick to last week where the DB comes over the top to pick it. Josh sets his feet and throws to where Yeldon should end up if he keeps running. If Yeldon doesn't stop running across the field its right in his chest. That's not on Allen, that is on Yeldon, and in future scenarios Yeldon will learn that Josh wants him to keep coming.
  6. My thing with Baker is I feel like he lacks pocket presence. Against Tennessee he constantly didn't feel the rush coming and tonight he just held on to the ball a lot and kept expecting OBJ to get open. At Oklahoma and at Texas Tech he played in a system that didn't require multiple reads, so it was Brown or Lamb should be open get it to them otherwise take off. He may get better but honestly I'm not too sure. Josh last year at least showed some pocket presence with getting out or taking off from a collapsing pocket and reading his progressions. He looked lost at times, but progressed as a rookie. Also since last year Baker has thrown the most interceptions
  7. He shouldn't get fined, that's just a good physical play. I hate this rule because it pretty much only affects the defense. All an offensive player has to do is brace for the hit and lower his head a bit to theoretically draw a flag. It's stupid, Poyer didn't launch or lead with the crown, he did what you're taught to do in a tackle, head in front of the target, lower, explode through.
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