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  1. Part of me wonders if this is why Nnamdi was a terrible cover guy in Philly, was he just not mentally able to make his read on the fly vs being in a predetermined matchup? Absolute stud in Oakland. Similarly to Norman leaving Carolina, instinctually he's an amazing player, but athletically he's limited, he was able to read and react better to this system compared to a man based scheme in Washington
  2. Are you insane?! You're undervaluing him so much! I want a Ricky Williams type deal, entire draft class plus Ertz, plus future firsts
  3. Not just Buffalo's population to take into account, market area north of the border is expanding. This is most likely the first legit proposal that has been leaked to the public. Looking to gather support/see where fans/sponsors sit on certain issues and what the state is willing to concede to get them more of what they want
  4. Southern Ontario businesses will likely get in on them too. Toronto and Hamilton are close enough that you can get some businesses to have them.
  5. Not really, there wasn't a "good" qb available via FA this offseason. Bill brings back the guy who knows their offense cheaper than using picks to get a good, but not franchise qb via trade. Everyone knew they'd draft one on top of it.
  6. I get what you're saying, and as a Canes fan as well. My comparison to him is more play style than statistics/career mirror. My view on him is he'd succeed at LE but not overly well as a RE. He was good on the edge vs the run which is something Cam Jordan excels at, and he can rush the passer. Rosseau is a guy that if he's there at 30 you are beyond excited because you can have him learn under Addison and Hughes for a year before it's Epenesa and Rousseau and Oliver. Plus he adds a dimension of knocked down passes.
  7. From what I heard he's been working out with the SC coach there and some camps. If you're comparing his testing to Phillips from Miami you're not getting a good comp. Phillips was the #1 player in his class and an OLB who converted to DE. His numbers are actually pretty good, a 4.7 at DE is great, but his 10 is more important. The bench is affected by his wing span, and his vert at 6'6 is scary. I think people thinking he's going to be like a Chase Young type are looking at him wrong, Phillips is more like Young
  8. Rousseau isn't going to stand out athletic wise. But in his redshirt sophomore year he was right behind Chase Young in sacks and only started 6 games. He's not a pure pass rush player, he's a collapse the pocket like Cam Jordan and stop the run on the edge. If he drops to 30 we should be excited. As for who to avoid at 30, for me its Eric Stokes. Wasn't even the best CB on the Georgia roster. That was Tyson Campbell and their second best transferred out
  9. I feel like one of the edge guys will drop. Lots of very good OL and WR in the draft 4-5 QBs go in the first round, CB will over drafted. Someone out of Phillips, Rousseau, or Ouljari will drop to 30 probably. My guess is Rousseau based on his one year of production and the fact that he's super super raw. Talented but doesn't have one wow skill. This is coming from a Canes fan, I thought he'd get overdrafted based on production. He had a lot of effort sacks where he didn't give up on the play, will be something in 2-3 years but for a rebuild or early pick you want instant production. I'd love him in Buffalo as a learn from Jerry Hughes type pick
  10. Truth be told I'd take both. Kick Kelly inside if we can
  11. I do believe he's referring to Mr. Edmunds
  12. If we're discussing a trade he most likely won't accept a trade that doesn't net him a one or two year extension
  13. Do I have to give just one or can I share a list of draft-able prospects? Doing it anyways! Just bringing a little bit of anarchy. WR: Frank Darby - 6'0 1/8 " 194 RS Senior from ASU Career Rec 67 Yds 1317 TDs 13 YPC 19.7 Nico Collins - 6'4 1/4" 215 Junior (opt out would have been a senior) from Michigan Career Rec 78 Yds 1388 TDs 13 YPC 17.8 Desmond Fitzpatrick - 6'2 1/8" 202 RS Senior from Louisville Career Rec 154 Yds 2589 TDs 21 YPC 16.8 Josh Palmer - 6'1 1/4" 210 Senior from Tennessee Career Rec 99 Yds 1514 TDs 7 YPC 15.3 Amari Rodgers - 5'9 1/2" 211 Senior from Clemson Career Rec 181 Yds 2,144 TDs 15 YPC 11.8 Marquez Stevenson - 5'10" 182 Senior from Houston Career Rec 127 Yds 1962 TDs 18 YPC 15.4 That's strictly Senior Bowl players minus Toney and Devonta Smith who will most likely be gone before 30.
  14. From my understanding, if we extend Allen this offseason, it nullifies the 5th year option as we've put a contract in place of that option, which means we have the extension starting at the end of next season but his bonus money would be upfront this season. Again that's just my understanding of how the extension works. For instance, Tre gets paid salary starting next season I believe (or did we pick up the 5th year option first?) So his bonus money was accounted for with this season and then his new salary would start this year. **Okay so I was on the right path, but I see where I went wrong. So yes in theory extending Allen now "helps" but we have to put half of his salary in bonus money and divide it over the amount of years (with a maximum of 5 years), OR you go the Julio Jones route which is minimal base salary and majority bonus over 5 years, the bonus can be averaged out where the base can be miniscule to start and slowly rise up.
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