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  1. Do I have to give just one or can I share a list of draft-able prospects? Doing it anyways! Just bringing a little bit of anarchy. WR: Frank Darby - 6'0 1/8 " 194 RS Senior from ASU Career Rec 67 Yds 1317 TDs 13 YPC 19.7 Nico Collins - 6'4 1/4" 215 Junior (opt out would have been a senior) from Michigan Career Rec 78 Yds 1388 TDs 13 YPC 17.8 Desmond Fitzpatrick - 6'2 1/8" 202 RS Senior from Louisville Career Rec 154 Yds 2589 TDs 21 YPC 16.8 Josh Palmer - 6'1 1/4" 210 Senior from Tennessee Career Rec 99 Yds 1514 TDs 7 YPC 15.3 Amari Rodgers - 5'9 1/2" 211 Se
  2. From my understanding, if we extend Allen this offseason, it nullifies the 5th year option as we've put a contract in place of that option, which means we have the extension starting at the end of next season but his bonus money would be upfront this season. Again that's just my understanding of how the extension works. For instance, Tre gets paid salary starting next season I believe (or did we pick up the 5th year option first?) So his bonus money was accounted for with this season and then his new salary would start this year. **Okay so I was on the right path, but I see
  3. Buffalo should pick-up the 5th year option on Allen before any extension is done, would allow us to have an agreement in place for when the cap situation is in place and save some money upfront extension wise. There will be massive cuts across the league, a guy like Julio Jones could come available. Ideally we resign Feliciano and Williams, I'd leave LB for the draft, I love Milano but the tweet that was out regarding Beane and Milano comes across as Milano has a number and we aren't going to match that number so if you can get it in free agency then go get paid. I thi
  4. I think he'll stay with McDermott and Beane, his best years as a pro were with Beane being involved in Carolina.
  5. I mean the article I read and the one which was quoted in the replies after me both said 19
  6. Both played well, Phillips had a couple key run stops where he shot the gap. Murphy I think came down on one read where Lamar kept and bounced out, otherwise Murphy played well in the read game and even got Jackson to make a mistake on the read as well
  7. Stafford has been a legit QB regardless of the terrible staffs put in front of him. But I agree, you take the HC job over OC regardless
  8. I'll take a legit qb and head coach job over an OC job. (Not that Allen isn't a legit QB)
  9. Most concussions are whiplash related. So the neck could have been the cause
  10. The NFL average is 19 days... Or so I read. If so it's Henne this week
  11. I could see Dorsey there, but part of me thinks maybe Pedersen heads to Detroit as head coach
  12. Bolton isn't bad, but if you want decent value, Chaz Surratt out of UNC is my pick for LB. Ex QB who switched to defense last year with the young QB who came in, while he may not be a perfect LB coming in, he understands passing concepts and can be a strong over LB ala Milano. I do believe they had similar size coming out as well.
  13. Ehn if he turns into end of career Vick (Philly) I'd take that as a win for Baltimore. Once he learned to play QB in a west coast spread system like Reid ran, Vick was a solid QB. Now, if teams start following our defensive blueprint will he fade away? Last year and this year we took away his run game, and in the conditions today he clearly needed that running ability. If he can use the pocket mobility he was showing last night and throw from the pocket he may be fine. Baltimore needs a west coast scheme though I think for him to be successful
  14. Heard he wanted Salah, so that's supposedly why he was interested in going to San Fran. Rumors are that Bieniemy does not interview well, whether that's GM talk for not a great leader skill set or just looks better because of Reid? If Daboll leaves for LA I'm intrigued as to what we do OC wise, I'm not sure I want Dorsey cutting his teeth as an OC with our group, but maybe Daboll takes him. Who do we hire. If Frazier leaves what do we do at DC?
  15. I think we'll see a lot of delayed blitzes tomorrow. I also think it will be a lot of zone blitzing, if they run man blitzes it lets Allen roll to his right and throw or run and we all know how effective he is while doing that. Zone blitz at least keeps all eyes on Allen underneath and "limits" his ability to run. We'll probably also see a spy in the form of Patrick Queen or maybe someone like Jimmy Smith. Smith is a big bodied DB who struggles in coverage now as he's gotten older and some injuries, but he still can move and if he's spying Allen it should slow his ability to get away from the
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