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  1. I’m okay with what we have for this year. Thought Moss was really coming on before the injury. I’m willing to give Singletary another chance as well. He seems to have been really putting in the work in the off-season. Whether that translates to the field remains to be seen. I also like the element of speed that Matt brings to the table.
  2. Yeah for me it’s Gabriel’s gate. Last time I went was a few years ago. Man I miss good wings. Can’t find a decent place in Seattle to save my life. Most places just bake them as well and that’s an insult! We should start one of these for pizza as well. Man I miss Buffalo pizza too…...😞
  3. It’s crazy Bruce played for 18 years as well. I agree though, best Buffalo player ever. Guy was absolutely amazing to watch. They could double team him all day and it didn’t matter.
  4. There’s a Christmas in July, so why not? 😀
  5. This was pretty awesome. Here’s to Allen taking another giant leap! 🍻
  6. I hated those navy blue looking suckers!
  7. Ha, that’s laughable. I never go to that site.
  8. Are you sure? Many a man got the boobies. You may be on the path to twig and berries and you don’t even know yet.
  9. Yeah, I think the OP’s post is more about respect than financial gain. I personally don’t care, as all I care about is Josh’s success on the field. When you see Mayfield, Metcalf, etc., with national advertising you start to question why someone like Josh, a top 5 QB in the league with a great personality, has nada. Who knows? Maybe Allen has been approached, but isn’t yet interested.
  10. I predict the D is going to another animal this year. I love what we’ve done.
  11. So it’s essentially a mutt? 😂 I had never heard of a silver Labrador before either.
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