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  1. All that athletic ability and did zilch on the field. I gotta pass...
  2. Exactly! Anytime I hear any national talk about that game it seems nobody brings up the fact that every one of our receivers was banged up.
  3. Remember the guys dressed in black that ran out on the field to reverse that call? I had never seen that before!!
  4. Yeah, I think that’s the reality of it. See Michael Vick. Different circumstances, but both disturbing (if true that Watson did these actions).
  5. I tore a pec once bench pressing. That was painful as heck. Had pain all the way out to 8 months, before it finally went away.
  6. Absolutely. Mental illness or not. I don’t care. No excuses for this!! I’m sick of that excuse being used constantly.
  7. Wow! Didn’t know about this one. Thank you Rico.
  8. What’s the story about that one? Before my time, but never heard that one.
  9. So you’re telling me there’s a chance?
  10. This is a disappointment. Was hoping for Pornhub stadium or something similar.
  11. Definitely sounds like something is going down. Otherwise, why do it. Don’t think we need that for the draft.
  12. Yup ditto! He won’t be there, but if he was I’d make that trade in a second.
  13. Living in Seattle and unfortunately watching many Seashat games, I always thought Hollister could be a pretty dang good TE. He’s often injured however, so can’t say this was a great move. He’s friends with Allen though, so it was a low risk/cost flyer. I’m okay with it.
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