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  1. Ha exactly! What in the hell is he doing out there????
  2. Should have never let him go. That was a big mistake.
  3. I can tell his arm is hurting and might very well be impacting his game some. Running with that arm is not a smart idea.
  4. Wow, what a blow out haheeeeeeeeeeereeeereer!!
  5. I’m on here all the time, but has there been any updates on Allen’s left shoulder? I have heard nothing about it. I know it didn’t seem serious, just curious.
  6. Dang, was thinking 6pm eastern. 2pm west coast, man that’s garbage.
  7. This is really bad for us west coasters. 3pm? Now I gotta try and sneak out at work. It’s Monday man. Still do the tacos.
  8. Depends on that shoulder, might be damaged goods.
  9. It’s simple. The game has slowed down for him. He isn’t panicking anymore and actually has legit talent at the WR spot.
  10. Nothing matters if Allen is seriously injured...
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