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  1. I think they like what they see already and I wouldn’t expect them to make a move.
  2. Pay for my ticket from Seattle and I’ll make you breakfast in bed.
  3. OBJ definitely rubs me the wrong way. However, if he can help us down the stretch and get us to the SB count me in!
  4. Really exciting to hear great things about Shakir.
  5. In a certain in light, pancakes can be beautiful.
  6. I’d agree. That’s like 6 weeks from now. From my experience, 6 weeks and he should be okay. I guess it would depend on the severity and number of ribs damaged. I’d imagine he’d still be feeling pretty good by the start of the season.
  7. Yup, glad he’s not our problem!
  8. The 4 hours of study time per week shows you what kind of guy they are dealing with. Good luck with that!
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