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  1. I’m excited to see someone new out there. I’m starting to loose any faith I had in Zay. I wonder how much playing time Duke will actually get today though.
  2. I was thinking the same. It says the player will be walked to the locker room. Allen ran in there on his own. I’m probably grasping at straws here though LOL.
  3. I’d agree. We are so early in the season to judge any of the 2018 rookie QB class. I’m not sure if what Jackson is doing is sustainable, but he’s definitely surprised me a bit.
  4. I loved the pick and still do. I’d still choose Allen over any of the top 4 that came out. Although, I’ll admit, I was completely wrong about Jackson thus far! Pretty funny to to see how harsh some people were on the pick! Some of those that really were down on Allen hard, now have his avatar LOL!
  5. All he had to do was fake like his groin was bothering him and sit out. After the game, let everyone know and say a proper goodbye. The whole thing still makes him look like an asshat no matter what he now says.
  6. Man, I had mono when I was in college. Felt like absolute crap for 3 months! You have to be really careful with it, as your organs can swell as well. I was told to avoid all physical contact sports, etc. Darnold may be missing more than just Monday night!
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