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  1. The Dolphins play at night, so no local broadcast conflict there, and I believe the Bills-Jets will be the nationally televised 1pm game with Romo and Nantz. The Bills/Jets game will have as much interest to S.Florida fans as yesterday’s 49ers/Dolphins matchup was for Bills fans. So, it’ll almost certainly be shown on any TV with CBS, including the one in your room if you prefer to watch without the usual distractions at a sports bar.
  2. Fawning over the Chiefs? No. I was using their immediate rebuild of an offensive line as something that is do-able. But, good point about Bills conversely focusing on D-line. For me, I see an offense that could be almost unstoppable with good run blocking and a complimentary WR. Love Gabe, but if Diggs is ever out, it’s scary to think of Gabe as being our # 1 WR.
  3. Tre was drafted before Beane joined the Bills organization. It’s a universally accepted notion that the draft is a bit of a crapshoot. Beane has done some brilliant maneuvering to attain additional picks and improve position. The moves to get Josh and then Edmunds in the first round was genius. Would Whaley or Buddy Nix have pulled that off? They’d have drafted the next Terrell troop or John McCargo. Beane has had a few misses (Cody Ford is the obvious name that comes to mind), but he’s built a competitive team through the draft and by fostering a culture that attracts FAs.
  4. I forgot he said that. Maybe he was being truthful. Beane seems like a straight shooter, so I don’t doubt it. On the other hand, he wasn’t going to admit that it was a reach for a guy graded as 2nd-rounder (if that was the case). I believe Elam will be fine with continued coaching and more experience. Maybe our expectations were inflated by taking a CB in 2017 at #27 who was a force from day one.
  5. Phillips, Lawson, Brown, Klein, Marlowe, Barkley… Yeah, the word is out among job seekers that Buffalo, besides being a odds on favorite and contender with a star QB, has a culture, national exposure, and fan base that is very attractive to free agents. NFL players make up an exclusive community who frequently talk among themselves. I don’t think there is a single current or recent past Bill who had anything but praise for the city and team.
  6. Maybe I’m mistaken. I swore there were 3 or 4 CBs ahead of him, but I just looked and McDuffie was the only other one the Bills had a realistic chance to draft, with Stingley and Gardner going early. I’m not much of a college or draft guru, so I just rely on grades and reviews leading up to the draft. I thought McDuffie would be a good pick. i still believe Beane probably had prospects in other positions graded higher, but there was such an immediate need at the CB position, especially with the prospect of facing WRs like Jefferson and Hill on the other side of the ball. Though it’s way too early to talk 2023, I’m hopeful the Bills find a way to make their O-line a priority. KC had to basically replace their entire line since their super bowl win and are playing at a higher level than the Bills line.
  7. I still think Elam was a reach and a consolation prize after the early run on CBs in the 2022 draft. I think Beane had his eye on at least 2 others before they were grabbed up ahead of the Bills’ pick. But with Tre’s scheduled return uncertain and with Wallace gone, they were desperate and chose Elam, who they claim they had a “first round grade” on. Not sure I buy that line. Elam is still a project. He has the skills and I believe the desire. Just needs to get with the program and play smarter. He’s not there yet, but hoping he’ll make the jump by year 2.
  8. Who are you talking about? Elway? Young? Rodgers? Favre? Tarkenton? Flutie? What scrambling QBs had a career shortened by their penchant for taking off when the opportunity arose? Newton? He’s the basis of your argument? He played 11 seasons. Not exactly a short stay. He’s not playing because he’s physically unable. It’s because he’s a lousy passer and a washed up diva. So, who are the scrambling QBs whose careers were shortened by their style of play?
  9. I'm repeating myself, but sure I speak for others as well. Last season, Edmunds was the subject of much deserved criticism. It's wasn't based in hate. The comments were based solely on performance and what appeared to be lack of effort. There were missed tackles, bad angles, getting pushed around, etc. I think we're seeing a different player this year. Something happened - either through self-evaluation and discovering areas for improvement, better health, or continued coaching that has inspired the turn-around. Either way, Edmunds is playing lights out and is an integral part part an effective defense. Just as he deserved harsh criticism last year, he's earned praise for taking it up a few notches this year.
  10. Bease had an innate knack for finding the open spot to get a first down, and rarely dropped one of Josh's bullets. He kept the chains moving. Yeah, if he's still got anything, I'd love to have him back. Besides, my wife has the #11 Beasley shirt, so there's that.
  11. Gee, maybe they just needed to fill a spot with an experienced WR who they didn’t have to tutor for….THE PRACTICE TEAM! Unless the injury wave digs deeper into the receiving corp, doubt Brown will be brought up and active.
  12. That throw was brilliant, but to me, the credit has to be split equally between Josh and Steph. 45 yards on a strait line like a missile (wow!) and Diggs, running and cutting who had to have laser-like concentration to snag that speeding bullet with defenders converging, still gain a couple extra yards, and then quickly have the presence of mind to immediately signal for a timeout! Quite the tandem!
  13. What, no Peternan? How soon we forget.
  14. You’re missing the essence of it by focusing on the words rather than the emotion. In a text or any transcript it would sound pedestrian, but McDermott sounded like a man who had just been through battle, his voice cracking. The normally subdued McDermott was struggling to hold back tears of joy and relief following a week of physical and emotional rollercoasters. What shame for anyone not able to feel that moment.
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