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  1. I've talked to about 3 friends this morning and I think we're going to make a move soon. Something needs to happen soon.
  2. Well I just found out a friend of mine has been lying about being sober. And to add to that....he’s been asking another friend for my ex-wife’s number. He obviously didn’t give it to him and called me to let me know. He made jokes about another friends brother who died last year and his dad going thru cancer this year. Not sure how I should approach this being that he relapsed and I don’t know what mental state he’s in that caused him to use again. Crazy how I just got off the phone and saw this thread.
  3. I may just post pics of both of ours and let you guys determine which one is bigger.
  4. She is a girl. She has bigger nipples than me.
  5. You mean does Emma have pics of me she's drooling over? My guess, more than likely but not guaranteed.
  6. It was literally the worst thing he could say. Its Summer of Sam type of stuff.
  7. 80 lbs is light for how much they can get but it's much, much stronger than a lab. They are also more athletic. It's really impressive what this guy did IMO.
  8. A guy at my work almost 10 years ago got fired for leaving a note on a girls windshield. He meant no harm, he was just too nervous to walk up to the girl and start talking to her. The note he left said "Hey, I've been watching you and I think you're beautiful". Again, this guy wasn't trying to be a creeper, he just doesn't have social skills at all towards girls. I felt sorry for him. Anyway, the girl was so scared she called the cops. She stayed in her car until they arrived. The note was on the back on his business card. Cops walked right into our office. He wasn't arrested but they had to let Management and HR know the situation. He was fired on the spot.
  9. LOL. A girl I'm interested in loves dogs so I asked if she wants to hangout on Saturday....we're going to hang out at a park and grab a bite after.
  10. Here's the new dog I'm picking up on Friday. Being fostered by a friend who rescued her from a shelter. She's not keeping it because she already has 3 dogs of her own. She just couldn't stand seeing this frenchie at a shelter.
  11. I honestly don’t think of him as an elite RB. He faced so many 6 man fronts, more than any other RB in the league. That’s a huge advantage. I of course think hes good but I wouldn’t put him in the elite category.
  12. I would be happy if next year he’s an above average starter. I think he’s got MVP potential but not expecting it this early. He’s still very young.
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