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  1. Just FYI...on BBMB last season, he created close to 25 threads about Taylor. I looked it up on the search function because I was curious. He’s actually toned down the obsession so I’m a little proud of him. Baby steps.
  2. the song “Every Breath You Take” is about Transplants feelings about Taylor. Oh can’t you see that you belong to me how my poor heart aches every step you take
  3. The success rate definitely shows that you’re better off without a franchise QB.
  4. Felt like it. I also was sitting next to a celebrity.
  5. You’re a good looking looking dude that dresses well.
  6. Cant remember because we kept saying the same thing at the same time....talking over each other is too distracting. We then both walked away at the same time too.
  7. Do you let your dog lick plates before the dishwasher?

    My dog is 10....healthy and acts like she’s 3. Plus she scrubs the hard stuff on the plate better than I can.
  8. I once was at a bar in college that had a wall sized mirror next to the bathroom. I ate an edible and was so high that I had a conversation with a guy that looked and dressed exactly like me.
  9. Pet peeves thread

    People who don’t pull up far enough at a light where I don’t have enough room to squeeze by to turn.
  10. I do. It got brought up at work with a co-worker and she thought it was gross. What about you guys?
  11. Friendly reminder - Brandon Beane has yet to prove a thing

    Brian Daboll hasn’t proven anything here either....just want to remind you.
  12. I'll be first to ask: Would you fire Mike Tomlin?

    Let me get this straight, since we have had bad QB's, I can't call other QB's bad? I guess I can't call Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf bad. What kind of logical thinking is that? Those stats are even more laughable? Across the board, their stats are absolutely terrible. I guess you like QB's that turn the ball over more than they score. Geezus. Mike Tomzack and Kordell Stewart over Drew Bledsoe LOL....
  13. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    He's accurate and knows where the ball is supposed to go both pre-snap and post-snap. He makes it easy for WR.
  14. Daboll's preferred offense and QB.

    Adams is a big RB correct? Do you think Mason Rudolph is a Daboll type of QB?
  15. Daboll's preferred offense and QB.

    So he probably drinks Molson?