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  1. If he does, you will be the main reason why.
  2. It's an acronym. Girls In Panties H*** Yeah
  3. What happened to this guy? I know he had a knee injury but that was week 10 in 2021 and he had 1 sack coming into that game. 0 sacks last year in 3 games. Small sample size but in his last 13 games...1 sack.
  4. You are the most confusing person to talk to. Yep, those 6 more catches as a career high that McKenzie has over Harty is a big separator. Last year Harty was injured. So lets use Harty's 2021 and McKenzie's 2022 when they were both last healthy. Harty - 36 catches, 570 yards, 15.9 yard average, 3 TD's/Starting QB's that year for the Saints (Trevor Siemian, Jamies Winston, Ian Book and Taysom Hill) McKenzie - 42 catches, 423 yards, 10.1 yard average, 4 TD's/Starting QB's last year for the Bills (Josh Allen). So yes, to predict that Harty can have better production than McKenzie is a fairy tale. Look at those numbers above....so lopsided in McKenzie's favor that it's not even close. The QB situation cannot be used as an excuse because the talent level and stability is the same.
  5. They are people in this world that have lost everything...house, car, savings etc Gambling makes people do incredibly stupid things.
  6. It's definitely hard, which is why long term success and dynasties are rare. But I think every roster is overturned a lot over the course of 3-4 seasons. Look how different our team is from 2019. The replacements just have to be as good or better. As long as you have a franchise QB, you're going to be in the running for the playoffs at least. The Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Big Ben, Marino, Kelly, Manning etc were in the playoffs pretty much every year.
  7. I think it's easy to say they're stupid, the act is of course but there are reasonably intelligent people who make stupid mistakes for different motivations. Especially when it comes to gambling. When I was 25, I was bartending and had a great night in tips. I just wanted to go home and sleep but got talked into going to the casino. I lost everything I made that night and more. I had to work multiple double shifts in a row to get money back. So yeah, the smart thing to do is to just stay away and not be dumb. It shouldn't shock anyone that a 25 year old did something stupid.
  8. We just established on the last page that this is something that can't be proven. Now you're asking for something that we can't give. The only thing we can do is predict or project. But if someone projects good numbers, you shoot it down because you have this firm stance that no one can have a career year....because they haven't done it yet. You're asking for hindsight right now.
  9. I'm not going to speak on others behalf. I don't say facts unless they are legitimate facts and not opinions. , There's two ways of looking at opinions on pretty much any subject in life...glass half full or half empty. I'm not a pessimist in general.
  10. Yes, you're right there is no guarantee in anything. But if you know that, why do you always argue with the word "guarantee?" You know it's not possible because we can't prove it but you always use it.
  11. I don't see why Harty and Kincaid can't be on the field at the same time. Aaron Hernandez, Gronk and Edleman were always on the field together.
  12. I know I've came to you multiple times on Ed because I've been a little disappointed in his production. But between you and @MrEpsYtown, I trust your analysis and now am pro-Ed on this contract. I watched the Cover 1 breakdown and I'm starting to see what you guys are seeing in his game. I still want more splash plays but I'm not uncomfortable with him anymore.
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