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  1. How many of the 91 points were on TD throws from Josh?
  2. I personally would rather have him with a physical issue and not a mental issue like his drops. He just loses focus because he’s dropped balls where he looked it into his hands. He gets the yips at least once a game.
  3. This is why we are the smartest guys on this board.
  4. With the way Beane sounded, he doesn't have problems with Singletary and Moss. He thinks it came inside. So there will be a change or two. It might be Feliciano....we'll see soon.
  5. I really want to show you some of my Halloween costume photos.
  6. Are you hearing this Joshua Patrick Allen? How about $1 million a year from the Bills and Nike pays you $39 million a year?
  7. Our entire team got abused in the KC game. Allen was hurried or hit more times than any playoff QB in several years. Our WR's didn't separate. Our DL got overpowered again. Of course if Feliciano wants upper echelon money, then no, let him walk. If it's a reasonable contract, then yes, I would want him back. My bold prediction is he starts at center.
  8. I just can't believe you guys don't like the college OT rules. I love it.
  9. Well if he's as bad as you say he is, then we won't resign him and he will probably get back up money somewhere in the range of what Ike Boettger would make on the open market. Scott, if you see it on the broadcast view then every GM/scout will see him getting abused on film when they specifically study him.
  10. I can't imagine the feeling of losing a game because the 4th and 15, you get a bogus PI or roughing the passer. It should be a low percentage play so I think they should just go to the old format....stop overcomplicating this game. Or we could put a garbage can out there and if the kicker can onside it inside it....you get the ball!
  11. They sat Morse when healthy lol. Yeah, Winters was also benched. Spain was also benched. He will move people around if he has to. Ryan Bates offers flexibility as well. He's not a star or anything but he's going to get a decent contract. The way you're talking, he should get league minimum. But you usually are very hard on Bills players....like you saying Zack Moss is an UDFA level player. Coaches aren't infallible but you're suggesting they don't have enough sense to understand the player needs to perform. "Well he's not very good when he plays and hurts us o
  12. With the projected money that Feliciano is supposed to get, he's not getting that amount without it being based on performance. McDermott has no problem benching someone that isn't performing. If Feliciano wasn't producing, he wouldn't have been out there. If they re-sign him, he will start.
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