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  1. Brandon Beane coming up on NFL Live after the commercial break.
  2. Beane is about to be on NFL Live. Just giving all you ***** sapiens a heads up. Not sure when, he was in mentioned in the intro. BTW, anyone else doing this with your dog out of boredom?
  3. People who don’t like dogs tend to leave their shopping carts everywhere but the return and talk on their phones in an elevator.
  4. Quick question.... Is it considered a rescue if the dog is currently not in a shelter? A few dogs I'm looking at online were either strays brought into a home or fostered who used to be in a shelter.
  5. I wasn’t even born yet. Was this at the same time as your retirement party?
  6. I met Kelvin Sheppard at LA Fitness back in about 2013. He was bigger than me.
  7. I don’t think they needed a change. I thought they were one of the best logos.
  8. I think China has returned to normalcy in the last week too. A vaccine might not be available to everyone soon but maybe in the next month or so....enough supply to the ones over 65? I am concerned about the mental health as well. I know I’ve been more irritable since being stuck in my place all day every day. My gym has been closed for 2 weeks so I don’t have that outlet. If this lasts several more weeks (which it certainly might), then people will start exploding. Someone was stabbed at the Costco in Atlanta not too long ago.
  9. You don’t say. https://fox8.com/news/college-students-in-florida-test-positive-for-coronavirus-after-spring-break-trip/
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