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  1. I was not old enough so I don't remember. I guess my major one was Princess Diana when I was around 16. The first one I remember that hit me was River Phoenix because Stand by Me was my favorite movie growing up. I was about 7 or 8 when that happened.
  2. Great. Now you jinxed them and they'll get one this week.
  3. Something like that should be reviewable. This takes away the subjective aspect. You just count and if it's 12...it's a penalty.
  4. So I finally watched some of Duck. He does have a very long delivery and dips the ball low like Leftwich. Need to go after him hard.
  5. 15 years ago in our place, the Steelers ruined our playoff hopes. Now it's time to do it to them. If we beat them, I don't think the Steelers make it because I don't think they'll beat the Ravens in week 17. I'm don't think 9-7 gets them in.
  6. Sarah doesn’t sound as sad when you read her lyrics.
  7. Do you think after Milano watched that segment, he went into his room, turned off the lights and played Sarah McGlachan?
  8. It's why I'm not in a bad mood this morning like after the Cleveland loss. Yeah he played poorly but the Raven's D has been doing that to so many. I think they've given up less than 20 something like 8 games in a row?
  9. You didn't hear them? A mic was close by and I hear "that is F***** Bull****" over and over.
  10. I can't tell a difference. Definitely the same.
  11. Roberts is 5th in yards and 3rd in yards per return. https://www.footballdb.com/stats/stats.html?mode=KR&sort=kryds https://www.footballdb.com/stats/stats.html?mode=KR&sort=kryds LOL this is so wrong.
  12. We already have thunder and lightning with DiMarco and Singletary. DiMarco might be the second most important player on the offense behind Allen.
  13. Do you honestly think when I played the 3 major sports I didn’t lift traditional weights? Just because I focus on BJJ now doesn’t mean I forgot 20 years of benching, cleans, squats, deadlifts etc.. I hate running but it was required. I only do it now if I’m going to enter a tournament. I was at the gyms after I got done playing baseball but I wanted something new. Looks like we will agree to disagree.
  14. LOL...my ex-wife was a marathon runner. She had muscles in her legs. Her calves were very defined. She had a running group of friends who all had muscle tone in their legs. She got into spin because running started catching up with her. A bike works your legs out a lot more than running. It’s a push/pull movement so you’re working your glutes to your hip flexor. I played 3 sports in HS and played college baseball. I now train in mixed martial arts. I’ve been working out at high levels since I was 13. I kinda have an idea of what I’m talking about.
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