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  1. That is a gigantic leap. I wouldn't be surprised if we went from first to worst in a span of one season.
  2. Yeah it was. Especially in the 2nd half of the season...right after the Packer game.
  3. Based on opponents W/L record, we had the 7th hardest schedule and went 13-3. That's pretty damn good. We know what we need to fix. https://eatdrinkandsleepfootball.com/schedule/strength-of-schedule.html
  4. They put together the roster and they put together and approve game plans. I'm sure Frazier and McDermott put together the defensive game plan. I'm sure he lets Dorsey put together his game plan but has to run it through McDermott. So the game plan we see on the field is McDermott's responsibility. I'm down on the coaches but at the same time, the players failed to execute a lot as well. We shot ourselves in the foot way too many times from simple execution which I put on the players. But these are the players the coaches put on the field. I mean we were a unbelievable catch from Justin Jefferson and QB/Center exchange from beating the Vikings. I know you can say in every game there was a play or two that could have changed everything but a dropped snap in the end zone and a team recovers for the go ahead TD at the end of the 4th? That's a 14-2 team with flaws. A team like this even with flaws is still close. The Bengals are better than us right now but we have an offseason to correct that. I'm not afraid of the Chiefs. Everyone else is playing catch up and I trust McDermott/Beane knows what they need to fix....lets see if they can.
  5. If Morse does become a cap casualty, then move Bates to Center. Then we need two new starting guards which I’m completely fine with…even if one is a high round rookie. Brown, I’m not sure what to think of him. I think maybe his feet are too slow to be a solid starter.
  6. It took Levy 5 years to get to a Super Bowl with 5 Hall of Famers and about another 4-5 All Pros.
  7. I agree with you here. They’re banking their future on a declining Russell Wilson and overrated HC.
  8. That's all I got? WTF? We literally scored on every single drive and played a perfect offensive game. In your mind, that doesn't count as a beat down and that's pretty crazy. "Let them believe they were gonna walk in there n walk out with a W?" JA is a major reason why the Dolphins stayed in the game. 3 turnovers, 1 for a TD and the other at the 18 yard line, the last one coming back to midfield. I'm down on McDermott right now too but I'm not going to exaggerate and judge him. "All his strength comes from his inner faith...god doesn't answer my prayers". Geezus.
  9. A lot of information here. What stands out to you guys? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/2022_splits.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/2022_opp_splits.htm
  10. In your mind, the divisional round against the Pats last year was a close game or something?
  11. I'm more concerned with the interior of our line. I would rather our weak point of the OL be the RT and not the interior.
  12. I think we don't allow our DL to just go after it. I think we try to be way too disciplined upfront. Jerry Hughes had 6.5 sacks in the last 2 years with Buffalo. He has 9 in his first year with the Texans. QB's are very comfortable playing us. Frazier always says that we need to affect the QB....our philosophy doesn't seem to be that. Our philosophy is keep everyone in front of you, except when we play the Dolphins. Let the DL unleash.
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