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  1. I won’t even watch anything sports related after a loss. I’ve been binging Breaking Bad again while working.
  2. What are the odds if our guard play doesn’t pick up mid season, we move Williams to guard and Brown to RT? Is that type of move you can make during a season?
  3. “We’ll see” when asked about OL changes means they’re playing for their jobs this weekend.
  4. Do you think Bruce Arians disagrees with throwing deep to old guys since Antonio Brown is about the same as Sanders?
  5. No he wasn’t. If Sanders isn’t fast as Diggs, Allen needs to adjust to that.
  6. He does get that route. He gets them all. If Diggs is the only WR that gets seem routes, we become easy to defend if we only have one guy going downfield. The play worked, the execution didn’t.
  7. Predictions are welcomed. When you predict the negative, you're going to let us know as much as you can. I've lost count how many times you've told everyone on here you wouldn't be surprised if the Dolphins beat us. Is complaining a contest you're looking to win or something? We all on here watch the Bills and hate when they lose....we just don't act like a Karen towards the Bills like you do.
  8. Not when we were winning you didn't. As soon as we lose, your panties get into a HUGE wad. Thanks for letting everyone know again and again and again you wouldn't be surprised if we lose this Sunday.
  9. The majority of these are from 2018 when Allen was raw and the team was bad. We haven’t been down by 10 or more very often in the last two seasons.
  10. He doesn’t post much after wins. He posts a lot after losses because he’s a complainer that likes to be heard.
  11. That's not what the post and reply were about and you know it. You just want to be negative.
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