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  1. Talk about an exaggeration with your first point...but you generally do that. Oh and he didn't become a full time position player until a year or two before the "modern baseball" came into play. Hmmmm...is it impossible to think maybe he got better with more experience. Nah. You bolded the point of not being able to scuff the ball so with the new rules. Like you were hinting that players back then had the same perfect balls as they have today. Yeah, the pitcher didn't like the feel of the ball. He didn't just throw it out like they do today...they just used it. You're right Weo, players today don't abuse alcohol. Only Babe Ruth. Mickey Mantle was actually drinking lemonade all the time. LOL at your last point. You think if he was alive today he would just reject all modern training or something? Modern training helps everyone...except Babe Ruth. Have you ever played a sport in your life? Oh wait...he definitely had no inclination with training. http://baseballstrength.org/babe-ruth/ Montville says that, although many people think the Babe was an out of shape slob, exercise and fitness played in integral role in his success on the diamond. According to Montville – In the spring of 1925, the Babe had his infamous “Bellyache Heard ‘Round the World” which was a mysterious ailment that hospitalized him at the beginning of the season. Some believe it was a combination of influenza, indigestion, and venereal disease. When he finally was able to return to the field he never really got going and he wound up having the worst season of his career batting just .290 with 25 home runs and 66 RBI. He was 30 years old and at an age when his drinking, eating, and hard living could have ended his career in a few short years. The Babe, however, made a bold decision that likely saved his career. He hired a personal trainer to work with him during the off season. He signed on with Artie McGovern, a charismatic former boxer who owned his own gym and trained other stars of the day like John Philip Sousa. Artie employed all kinds of methods with Ruth from running, boxing, handball, sprints, medicine ball throws, and jumping rope, all with the focus on strengthening the Babe’s core regions. All of the hard work paid off. Ruth was in the best shape of his career prior to the 1927 season and because of it he was able to set his long-standing record of 60 home runs. While working with Artie, he went on an extended run from 1926 to 1932 (from the ages of 31 to 37) that propelled his career numbers to stratospheric heights. During these seasons he averaged an incredible .353 with 49 home runs and 152 RBI at ages when most players were declining. The Babe still enjoyed drinking and overeating, but he dialed it back just enough during this time to keep playing at a high level. The Babe’s second wife, Claire Hodgson, who was a bit of a ball-buster also helped to reign in the Babe’s ravenous appetites. She brow-beat him into eating better and going to sleep earlier when he was at home, which also contributed to his success.
  2. So it appears that these new baseballs only helped Babe Ruth...how did the baseball makers do that? George Sisler was 2nd in the league with 19 homeruns. I noticed that you didn't bold the part where Babe Ruth also changed his swing...really wanted to focus on that the white ball. Yes, it was illegal to do anything with a baseball but you also said a few replies up that "pitchers have always doctored balls." But I guess they didn't/don't now? I don't have a link to it because I was watching this special on TV several years ago about the use of baseballs. It was either Peter Gammons, Kurjian or Onley...can't remember. Basically, we use a significant amount more baseballs today. Baseballs get an average of 2 pitches a game now. I've had several friends and teammates drafted. A few have taken BP in MLB stadiums and said the ball just jumps off the bat. My roommate, who took BP at the Reds stadium said he didn't feel much difference taking BP in college with an aluminum bat. He hit as many out. So I agree that you take 1920's Babe Ruth and put him in today's game...he would struggle mightily. My argument is that if you give him today's resources and training, he could be dominant again. You seem to be very against that notion. You take any player in any sport from any sport from 100 years ago and put them as is today, they all struggle.
  3. You keep putting words in my mouth. I did not say that. I simply said give Ruth the advanced training of today’s athletes and who knows. Dude, the ball becomes brown once its used over and over again. Let me ask you something. Why do they use over 100 balls a game today? Can you tell me why?
  4. This is really your argument? This is a case of you arguing for the sake of arguing. You don’t know what you’re talking about lol. I am not in any way making it sound like baseballs were sawdust bags. But you’re talking about baseballs made 100 years ago to now. Baseballs our wound tighter, much tighter than they were back then. Baseballs are made and today in temperature controlled facilities and kept at constant tension to avoid soft spots on the ball. Not only that, pitchers could scuff up the balls and spit on them. They use 100+ baseballs a game now. Any issue with a ball, get rid of it. Back then, that baseball was no longer white, it was brown. A white pearl is easier to pick up the laces than a dirty brown one. But I’m sure you knew that. You seem to know that bat technology hasn’t improved either. I’m assuming that you have visited factories that make bats like I have. Or have a friend like mine that’s a baseball enthusiast, has a lathe in his garbage and makes his own bats…which I’ve helped. Where does your bat knowledge come from?
  5. Are you seriously saying that the wooden bats aren’t a lot better today? Are you really saying that? Its not a testament of strength hitting 500 foot homeruns with looser baseballs? Do you not understand how much tighter baseballs are wound today and the huge difference it makes? Have you ever talked to someone who has taken BP in major league fields?
  6. Again, it was a different era. You give Ruth the training regiment of todays athlete, he still could have been great. He was in good enough shape to play 22 seasons of baseball. Hit worse balls with worse bats 500 ft….that’s insane. The bats are so good today that Mike Trout his a homer on a check swing. Several guys have hit homeruns on broken bats. Yes the pitching was diluted but so were their resources. They would tape up bats if they split. Fans had to throw foul balls back from the stands and reused balls all game long. Now they use 100+ a game. Mike Trout wouldn’t have the body, the speed or agility in 1920 that he has today.
  7. I have friends that are cops and told me young girls get involved in it a lot because of drug addiction.
  8. Well yes, the training is significantly better now. Take Babe's natural intangibles combined with the level of training now...then you never know. These guys hit towering shots and didn't have baseballs wound as tight or wood from the bat not as strong. Not to mention spit balls, scuffed up baseballs and larger strike zones.
  9. It won't change when the season starts.
  10. With how hot it’s been, I’m already over summer. Give me fall and the Bills.
  11. LOL at this thread. Proving their “manliness” in long paragraphs.
  12. He always gets his panties in a wad. He tag me in posts even though I don’t respond to him ever. He does the same thing to Yolo. He’s a child.
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