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  1. He continues his INT pace....he will be in the discussion as DPOY.
  2. He creates threads like "do you miss losing" and "concerns about Elam after his first ever game" and "too conservative on injuries" when Benford had a broken hand and Spencer Brown had heat exhaustion....it's just not very good threads. He's had other really bad (a lot actually) and defends them firmly. What other response are you expecting?
  3. I think this ankle injury is the only time he's missed time. It was a very slow skip.
  4. He was an I thought it looked stylish on him.
  5. Did anyone see him go up to Poyer on the bench after his first INT? When he walked away, he was still limping noticeably.
  6. Right now on defense, we have Poyer, Milano, Von Miller and Greg Rousseau playing at All Pro levels.
  7. I'm not. The rain slows down offenses. It slowed it down for both us and the Ravens. If it was good weather, Bill score around 30.
  8. Not going to address that .621 winning percentage since you created that thread huh?
  9. Terrell Owens. I know you guys want the publicity for a few weeks.
  10. The latter. Ed Oliver a DL and at 285 lbs went back into the game on a high ankle sprain. Couldn’t finish but was able to grit it out.
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