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  1. LOL...Goff struggled with the deep ball. I guess he’s struggles with the deep ball only with Watkins but doesn’t with Cooks. Only Sammy can be a decoy to run people off. Julio Jones, AB, OBJ....they all can run and run people off but they aren’t used that way. Geezus...enough with the pathetic excuses for his lack of production. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2018/01/10/nfl-los-angeles-rams-jared-goff-stats-deep-passes-ranking/ https://brickwallblitz.com/2019/02/22/the-2018-19-deep-ball-project-part-3-3/ And you’re #4...I have no idea what you’re talking about. I simply said the Bills Brass thought it was better to rebuild. I don’t feel every situation is the same. Get it?
  2. Dipping my BUFFALO wings and French fries in ranch is the best meal for a game.
  3. Well Beane and McDermott felt it was needed. Just because you as a fan with very little information of what’s really taking place inside those doors, feels the rebuild wasn’t necessary doesn’t mean you’re right.
  4. I 100% agree with this. Which is why if he didn't know something in the AFC East that happened in the last year or so...that's bad. 12 years ago? That's being a little too critical IMO.
  5. There are a lot of things that get widely reported that just aren't true or stretched. I think 3 years/$48 million is a good contract, it's not a monster contract. Since the Rams went after Cooks, we know they had the money to sign Sammy. They could have tagged him as well in which didn't. Is it really a weak take? Sammy's numbers are just slightly better than Chris Hogan's. Not saying they are the same level player but to pay a "monster" contract, you shouldn't have pedestrian numbers. As I pointed out before, you can have two WR on a team with good numbers so that's not a good excuse.
  6. Just tell me your theory on why they couldn't get a deal with Watkins. The Rams were able to get Cooks under contract for $16 million. The Chiefs were able to get Sammy at $16 million. Why couldn't the Rams get Sammy done at $16 million?
  7. Why couldn't the Rams reach a deal with Watkins when they could with Cooks? They signed for the same amount of money per year, just less years. So the Rams were willing to pay Cooks $16 million a year, but not Watkins. That $16 million a year is what Watkins got in KC. Yes they have been here. It seems like this FO is being criticized for not winning with Rex Ryan/Doug Whaley's team. They obviously didn't like the make up of the team so they cleaned house, cleaned the cap. They are taking the "you gotta break a couple eggs to make an omelette approach". If they feel that was the best approach, then do it. We weren't winning before, so why continue going down the old regimes path?
  8. I think you're being a little too hard on him. That Welker scenario happened 12 seasons ago. He covers the Bills, not the division. If this Welker thing happened in the last year or two...then yeah probably should be fresh enough to retain. 12 years though? I'm 37, I don't know Cook's story. He was before my time.
  9. Weird than McVay, the guy who operates the elite offense didn't keep Sammy 1 year after trading him. Then decided to tag a Safety instead of Sammy. Very weird. They'll need a new spokesperson and I don't think Sammy has any current endorsements.....
  10. Probably because you can't see very well. Like this attachment. Somehow you looked at our replies and stated that you weren't talking about first year HC's and it was my stipulation....
  11. I don't think that's the case. Our entire offensive line has changed. We added two new FA WR. We made 3 additions to the RB position. A whole new TE unit. It's not the same at all. Not to mention changes in the coaching staff.
  12. I'm kinda amused by this thread because generally, this board criticizes writers when they talk negatively about the Bills. I mean Rodak was hated on here because of his negativity. Same with Sullivan. Now, we have a writer saying good things and he's getting the same treatment!
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