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  1. Josh Allen was the best QB in the league last year when he didn't even have his best year. That's how big his potential is. Josh Allen 2020 IMO is the best QB season in the last 5 years.
  2. I bet it's some 13 year old, online gaming freak who got upset with AT&T for buffering during one of his Minecraft or Fortnite sessions. So he crashed their servers. Probably eating Doritos and drinking a Prime while laughing at the world right now.
  3. It's because I am a very curious person. Not only did I discover porn still works but also, Flat Earthers are the #1 conspiracy trending in social media now. This type of knowledge is considered having range. Kinda like Daniel Day Lewis or even the late great Robin Williams.
  4. I just checked guys....porn still works on an IPHONE if you're an AT&T subscriber. That's the only reason why I checked because that's what a scientist would do...test to see if something works.
  5. I cannot sign into my VPN to access anything at work. Damn, I guess I will get paid to talk on TBD.
  6. Because you're doing better by complaining on a message board about others not donating. That's refreshing. Are you under the impression that only rich people need to donate? Are you hurting so much where $5 is going to kill you?
  7. Well then why are you being harsh on Swift for trying when you are now saying the Chiefs should take care of ALL their needs?
  8. I am assuming you mean my Only Fans? I ate Wendy's for dinner tonight.
  9. Well this means I am probably perfect. I am Asian so I satisfy the family demands that she must be with an Asian man and also white so I can satisfy the GF demands.
  10. These are interesting stats but I think with everything, there is context inside the stats. I have a lot of friends who are cops. The reason why you will see more violence in rural areas is because there is more prevalence of drug abuse, alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Also consider, most of the murders in large metropolitan areas are the more poorer income areas. So the lifestyles are similar to those in rural areas, they just live in a different spot. When they are doing the murder rate of Chicago, they are including all of Chicago. The vast majority of the violence crimes and murders happen in the southside of Chicago....what would the per capita murder rate be if they split Chicago between north and south?
  11. Is this kind of like I used to hate mushrooms but now I love them?
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