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  1. One day I’m going to fly to Washington and put fish in your air ducts.
  2. I don't really see a need to play him this week honestly. We shouldn't be down a John Brown and have problems with the Dolphins. We should be able to run the ball effectively. Time for Robert Foster to make his first appearance in 2019 (I know he's been active but he hasn't made any impact so far).
  3. Oliver is definitely getting a sack this game.
  4. My brother once got a C.... I used to have a brother....
  5. When you're driving, can you change lanes without cutting someone off? When you see a sign that says "keep moving" when you're exiting the highway....do you stop?
  6. Were you ever beaten with a bamboo cane if you made a B on a school test?
  7. No...a lot of people do that. Do you wear medical masks over your mouth when you go outside to the public?
  8. He looks like me leaving Vegas after a hard 3 days....
  9. My hair on top is starting to gray...especially the sides but my eye brows are still black as the night. I also wear glasses.... I'm getting nervous I'm turning into Eugene Levy.
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