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  1. My god you cherry pick at the most annoying level. We gave up 22 points in 5 quarters on the road in which our offense did absolutely nothing in the 2nd half. But incompletions....that’s how you measure a defense.
  2. Would you actually be surprised of they ban guns from cops if this happens? Policemen would be basically mall security guards at that point.
  3. So cops aren't allowed to put any weight on a criminal now. For those who have ever wrestled/grappled before, if you can't put weight on someone, you'll never keep them down and they will get out. So either expect more punches thrown or tasers shot because you'll have no other option. This is unbelievable to me. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-nypd-puts-out-new-training-video-on-how-to-subdue-suspects-20200703-khcztr23sfb37b2r33uhqljivi-story.html
  4. I bet Poloncarz asks to speak to the Manager a lot at a restaurant.
  5. I've never liked Edelman but damn, that was a good response.
  6. This is crazy to me because I grew up with a Korean mother and never mentioned this. Both my mom and I would always hear white people call us Oriental all the time, especially in Georgia (they pronounce Italian EYEtalian), but we knew they just didn't know. We knew it wasn't the correct way but also know they didn't mean any harm with it. We just figured they were Boston College educated.... @teef
  7. Oriental is a rug, garden, dishes etc...you know something that is part of a culture. Koreans are sexy men.....you know like a human.
  8. I thought that maybe too but the Atlanta Dream owner is a Senator and they want her out of the league.
  9. The story is there's not equality in condemning hate.
  10. Yeah and his comments divided the locker room. Is Jackson's comments dividing the Eagles locker room now? The backlash is no where near it. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2013/8/1/4579906/riley-cooper-remarks-eagles-teammates-2013-nfl-season
  11. And it's the 4th topic on NFL.com. It's not anywhere near John Rocker, Donald Sterling or Drew Brees stories. https://www.nfl.com/
  12. It's about the hypocrisy. The WNBA owner makes negative statements towards BLM....they want her out of the league because you can't have someone in the league making racist remarks. DeSean Jackson makes anti-semitic remarks by quoting Hitler and he will get picked up by another team if he is released. This story isn't anywhere near as big as Donald Sterling, Drew Brees, John Rocker etc.....
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