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  1. I bet he won’t say it to my face that wings aren’t better with ranch!
  2. We gave up on him too soon. I still think he has potential on being an all time great.
  3. Do you know what I mean by "rewarded"? I just want to make sure you're picking up what I'm putting down.
  4. https://nypost.com/2020/09/21/brittany-williams-celebrates-josh-allens-dominant-bills-game/
  5. Cole Beasley 25 reception on 2nd and 25. Couldnt ask for better execution.
  6. If you get Flores more talent, he's going to win. He's a good coach.
  7. Did his 38 yard catch happen during the black out? I don't remember it during the regular broadcast?
  8. JP Losman. Just play his tape and tell Allen do to the opposite. It's like Bizzaro Jerry.
  9. B- We punted 3 straight times in the 3rd quarter. Completely unacceptable and I was getting read to call for Barkley.
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