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  1. Im a Yankee fan and it just makes me happy when they win. A Bills Super Bowl would change my life.
  2. Not gonna lie, I watched a compilation video of Cubs fan’s reaction to winning the World Series. I wanted to see what I would look like with that feeling.
  3. Can you post shirtless pics so we can compare? Ill sign the petition.
  4. Marines have bigger d****. I don’t know personally but have been told.
  5. Chiefs fans lol https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=341906
  6. Just as long as the milkshake doesn’t bring all the boys to the yard….
  7. @Beast years ago against the Browns if I remember correctly....a Browns fan smashed his face with a glass bottle.
  8. Like a fight just because of football. Nothing other than that like a guy jumping a friend or being completely disrespectful to your girl....just straight up trash talk and fists fly. I haven't myself but did rush towards a guy after a Bills fan was knocked out after the Houston playoff game. I thought this was the guy that sucker punched the Bills fan but it wasn't...the Bills fan GF told me he wasn't the guy. I didn't hold him to be a badass, just held him waiting for the cops because I didn't know how bad the Bills fan was laying unconscious on the ground. Other than that, I just don't let the trash talk bother me. I've probably seen about 3 fights in my life at the 15 Bills games I've been to.
  9. Wanna hear the most unmanly thing? I've never seen that movie. I know...I know.
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