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  1. I think you’re lying. I don’t think this cheese exists.
  2. My first homerun that was hit over the fence. Before I moved down to GA, the fields in Minnesota didn’t have fences. It was basically 100% “inside” the park homer situation. This lefty came in on me and got my hands inside....felt like I barely hit it. My heart was racing coming around the bases. My first time leaving home...I was 24. I went to college an hour away so that doesn’t really count. I moved home for a year, saved up money and the moved to Los Angeles with the dreams of becoming a gangsta rapper. There’s an obvious one that all of us had but it doesn’t count because none of you were good the first time.
  3. If the numbers are against you, it’s always scary. I took a detour on the way back.
  4. Protesters happening a few blocks away from me right now. I drove by and they’re not stopping cars but they are walking up and down slowing cars down.
  5. Why would you put a cheerleader out there to play MLB when she can’t cover?
  6. I watched it a second time just to make sure it wasn’t Diggs. I thought the cuts in the routes were a little slow to be Diggs. I was relieved.
  7. Red Skelton died in the 1990’s. I think we can at least get Kathy Griffin for Moss.
  8. Do you think we could trade him for Sammy Watkins straight up?
  9. And then he will walk the earth until God puts him where he wants him to be.
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