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  1. He was a guy that you just couldn't disagree with....he would get very angry. He was a big Rosen guy....I think he coined the term "The Wrong Josh". Posters would argue with him and he would argue back....he wouldn't back down. Then Allen got good and then Rosen was doing nothing....so 26Cornerblitz just left.
  2. Once we start clicking in the endzone, we will be nearly unstoppable on offense. We move the ball with ease down the field. We are too good and too talented not to eventually resolve this. This is why I didn't really feel down losing to TN. We are going to lose games. We will probably drop at least 2 more. We will get it right.
  3. I used to defend him but I can’t anymore. He was supposed to be our interior pass game wrecker but has zero sacks and very few pressures. In 48 games, he has 8 sacks. I think he’s a great run DT. I wish he was a terror to the QB.
  4. I think those who seen him play live will agree with me he's so entertaining to watch. I saw him in the Houston playoff game and was as frustrating as entertaining. Last night, he kept me at the edge of my seat. He's worth the price of admission.
  5. Its early but at the stadium right now and its about 75% Bills fans inside. I’m interested to see what it looks like at kickoff.
  6. Of course we are. I've seen multiple Bills fans at tailgates deserved to get their ass kicked for being pricks to other fans. Can't imagine the obnoxiousness after winning a Super Bowl. But I also will keep in mind that this is only 1% of the fan base. 99% are good respectable fans regardless.
  7. I think for judgement calls...no. But not understanding a rule and getting it wrong...yes. I really think every game should have an official upstairs to who can watch the play on the telecast and step in. This New York review team doesn't seem to work.
  8. Tua and Austin Jackson aren't looking good. The CB they took last year in the 1st, I have heard nothing about. Not sure if that's good or bad. Christian Wilkins is okay. Fitzpatrick and Tunsil play for different teams. This years draft picks...too early to tell. Their last 5 years of drafts look terrible. That scary 3 first round picks they had last year looks like they struck out 2 out of the 3.
  9. I'm leaving in 3 hours to Nashville....bringing my son! His bed time is 8:30 pm but I'm a good dad...no school tomorrow since he will be up to midnight.
  10. I think this is the game Hughes finally shows up big. I think he will have 2 sacks.
  11. They should have beaten the Ravens. They won because of the fumble. Chiefs came into the Bills game, I believe had only punted 6 times all season. Their offense is definitely still legit. Their defense is awful. The Titans will probably score between 21-24 against us. We should score north of 30. The Titans can't get to the QB.
  12. I haven't. Does it go well with peanut butter?
  13. I would say Allen played well against the Texans. It was raining 80% of the game.
  14. You're not helping my recovery.
  15. He's paid a salary from Fox. It's not based on his anti-Bills stick. This is like 1% of what he talks about and Fox isn't paying him based on that.
  16. My eyes are the thing people notice most about me.
  17. As I said earlier, it should be a Dolphins type game. We should be on Tanny all night long.
  18. I hate the Browns and always root against them.
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