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  1. She's famous now. I want a famous baby.
  2. I would reverse my vasectomy for her.
  3. Davante Adams cousin was killed at a park in front of children.
  4. I didn't knw that about Ariel. I think he's from Toronto maybe? I like him covering the MMA.
  5. 1. Daniel Day Lewis - Gangs of New York 2. Christoph Waltz - Inglorious Bastards 3. Samuel L Jackson - Pulp Fiction 4. Dustin Hoffman - Rain Man 5. Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight Other notable mentions: * Anthony Hopkins - Silence of the Lambs * Joe Pesci - Goodfellas
  6. Ariel Helwani covers the MMA. I guess it's real slow for him right now talking to a back up level NFL guard.
  7. Now that you brought this up, the OL probably would be it if I had to choose one. Brown is still an unknown and Bates...hoping he wasn't just a flash in a pan. But I trust Kromer as well.
  8. I think it was referring to the current team in which we beefed up the DL. We had the #1 3rd down defense in the NFL last year. We were #15 overall in rushing defense and 16th in ypc....right in the middle of the pack but I think we improved with our offseason additions. Our run defense looked worse than it was just because a few games, we got gashed but overall in the 17 game season...were statistically average.
  9. Our biggest weakness is the QB talent in the AFC. We are a complete team without a glaring need. People like Mahomes, Burrow, Herbert etc....can just go off and be unstoppable regardless of what defense is on the field. That's what scares me...but Allen scares other teams too. Every single top 5 defense last year in scoring all had games in which they couldn't stop anything.
  10. This is the culture that Beane and McDermott wanted and we can see how important it is. These players care for the community, they want to win for you. This is a team without any "me" players and I love that so much.
  11. When this team wins it all this upcoming season, I'm going to have to have a moment by myself and probably take a long walk.
  12. I don't know if I missed it or not but Kim's new proposed position doesn't require relocation? I'm wondering if that's how they write her off the show or something.
  13. It is but you have to make the show interesting so unusual things happen. Like I remember one episode of the Walking Dead where they are walking through a town and a rocket launcher was just sitting right there ready for use.
  14. I won't get over this game, wide right, musical city miracle or any other nut shots until we win the Super Bowl....then I won't care.
  15. Meanwhile Evander Holyfield’s son got knocked out by an electrician.
  16. Shes is like 90 lbs, that’s not much dead weight…A&E could carry that.
  17. I think our differences are I believe you have to use the players entire body of work to determine something. You feel one season is enough. The majority of his career he was a below average passer. He was dynamic as a runner. You take away Allen’s running, he’s still a lethal pocket passer. You take away Vick’s….he’s borderline terrible. Of the all time passer ratings, he’s #81. He’s number #81 even with being such a threat as a runner….the defense had to put a lot of emphasis on that aspect and yet he still struggled with any passing consistency.
  18. Tyrod Taylor in 2015 had a 99.4 passer rating...therefore he isn't a bad passer. No other seasons matter, if you did it once, you cannot ever be called a bad passer.
  19. It only takes one season to determine if someone is a bad passer or not? 8 of his 13 seasons were below 80 passer rating. Since Carson Wentz has 3 seasons above a 90 rating....does that make him an elite passer?
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