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  1. Do the 4 people who voted 'other' win prizes?
  2. Exactly - and that's a key point. When you have one really super-high-effort player, he may or may not rub off on the other players. But when you have a core of guys like that (Diggs, Allen, etc.), that core becomes an irresistible force and everyone wants to do their very best. That's why I was excited when we signed Diggs and why I hope we bring in more guys with that kind of obsessive will to win and desire to excel.
  3. Fair points but I don't think we're looking at this the same way. #1. Yeah, as a player, Villapiano was a disappointment in terms of on-the-field accomplishment. And I wasn't in the locker room, on the sideline or the practice field so I don't know for a fact what I'm about to say. What I suspect is that his work-ethic, his no-holds-barred attitude, and his intolerance of defeat all helped other players get better and play harder. #2. It's not about winning per se because one player doesn't make a team a winner. Instead its about the commitment to winning and the d
  4. As an army officer I was taught: "Reinforce success." If something works, pour more effort and resources into it to earn even more success. One thing working for the Bills is "the process" and the culture that McDermott has been creating. And, yes, McDermott is building a fine culture without JJ. But why not reinforce that success by pouring more effort and resources into it? Most people know what kind of guy JJ is. But as reminder, Romeo Crennel once explained that Watt is "a workaholic... J.J. wants to be the best, he works to be the best and he doesn’t want a
  5. I hear you both. I don't know how much Sherman - or Watt - have left in the tank. Nor do I know what their price might be. But certain players elevate the players around them and you can never have too many guys like that. Brain dysfunction. Spelled it correctly in the title and then added the 's' in every mention in the body of my post. Senile dementia doesn't normally occur early in my family but maybe I'm the exception.
  6. All the speculation about JJ Watt and Richard Sherman potentially joining the Bills makes me think, oddly enough, of Phil Villapiano. Villipiano was never quite a Watt-Sherman caliber player. But in his prime, he was a Pro Bowler who helped the Raiders win a Super Bowl. But the Bills didn’t have Villapiano in his prime. When they traded for him in 1980, he was clearly on the downside of his career. It was considered a questionable acquisition at the time but Head Coach Chuck Knox wanted someone who could teach the younger players how to win. Is one play
  7. Wade’s a good interview. Thoughtful, down-to-earth guy who’s very comfortable talking on air. Rooting for him.
  8. Best wishes, brother. May your tailgate celebrations go on for another fifty years!
  9. When I was in the army, we used to do a "After Action Review" after every mission. I didn't know that pilots take off their rank. Cool story, I thought: In normal years, Rivera and his wife, Stephanie, would host groups of players and their wives for dinner. After eating, Stephanie would have dessert with the wives in one room while Rivera held court with the players for a “debriefing.” “It’s what the military fighter pilots do after every mission,” Rivera said. “They literally take their ranks off of their uniforms and put them in the middle of this round table and t
  10. Milano is a bit of a mystery to me. When I watched him play, he seemed like a good LB, certainly not a great one. Yet the stats clearly show - and my eyeballs agree - the Bills are a much better D when he plays than when he doesn't. Not entirely understanding why this is true, but respecting the fact of the matter, I'm not happy that he's going to 'test' free agency and probably wear a different uni next year. This is very bad news for Bills fans everywhere.
  11. As a combat veteran, I love to see vets get honored. If this story is true, the behavior of PS&E is just horrible. But, as they say, every story has two sides. When I fought in the first Gulf War, the Iraqis claimed the Kuwaitis were slant drilling into their oil reserves. I don't know if that's accurate or not, but I do know that Iraqi soldiers we took prisoner considered themselves anything from pawns to patriots. They certainly didn't see themselves as villains. And that's the problem with this article: the PS&E folks are presented as purely villainou
  12. I once scored two TDs in a high school game - both on end rounds. Well, it was a practice game actually - a scrimmage against our own winless JV squad. Discouraged by my poor high school career that finished with a six game losing streak, I gave up on organized tackle football and switched flag football in college instead. One season, I led the league in receptions, interceptions, and touchdowns. Considering all the real football players of that age were on college teams, spending time in the gym, working with position coaches, and all that - my achievement only proved that I
  13. I think Daboll fired the weapons he had. Our best offensive players are our QB and wide outs. And our OL is better at pass pro than road grading.
  14. The first person he criticizes is himself... Then he mentions mistakes by other position groups. Basically, he's saying no one involved in the passing game executed well enough. Which - when you consider the scoreboard - is true. I think the guys in the KC locker room give him a pass on this.
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