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  1. I read some of the article. I didn't find it insightful. The author strikes me as immature. His opinion means nothing to me.
  2. Is this true? If so, it shows what an inexact science talent evaluation is. If I was an agent, I would remind all my undrafted clients of this.
  3. I don't watch college ball. My knowledge of prospective draft picks is limited to what I read before the draft including the good stuff provided here by people like GunnerBill. So I don't have a strong opinion about the specific players. I was however happy to see we addressed the lines. There's still some truth to the old adage that games are won and lost in the trenches - even in today's passing NFL. A good OL makes a QB much more effective and keeps him alive & healthy. A good DL can make an opposing QB ineffective. At this point, I've concluded that Bea
  4. Agreed. It's always fun when amateurs critique experts. When I was overseas waiting to go to war, I could only laugh at some of the media assessments of the pros & cons of our strategy & tactics. Very few military observers were at all astute. Many were downright clueless. The average football fan has extremely limited knowledge of a draft class. Even the media draft gurus can't come close. A NFL club has a team of professional scouts, doctors, private detectives, analytic experts, as well as a wide network of external sources. Some draft gurus will b
  5. The YPC comparison isn't really valid. Defenses were more run heavy in those days. Last year, defenses only sent out 3 or more LBs on 24% of snaps. The LBs who do get on the field these days are generally better in coverage but worse at tackling than the LBs in Thurman's day. But mostly we're asking Moss to break tackles of sleight CBs. You allude to the other shortcoming of the comparison. The 90s Bills ran a lot. This meant opponents actually schemed to stop Thurman. Count the number of DBs that Josh was looking down last season. Defenses had no respect for our run
  6. I'm kinda thinking what people say about good players not deserving HOF induction. It's the Wall of Fame, not the Wall of Very Good.
  7. I'm not sure where I'd put RB on the list. It's not our most glaring need, for sure. We scored a lot of points last year with the folks we had. Still I hated seeing KC in a 4-1-6 and other teams likewise selling out to stop the pass. To prevent that we either need to upgrade the line or the RBs or both. We did a little - not a lot - to help both position groups this offseason. We'll see how it works out.
  8. Thanks for the Hon-Do-It story. It's kind-of the origin story of my own nickname. Cool stuff. My wife - who controls the remote - really liked Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds. Maybe I should convince her to try the new SWAT. I recently read that there are 3 or more LBs on the field only about 24% of the time in 2020. Back in 2008, that number was over 50%. Back in Jim Brown's day, I'm guessing it was close to 100%. Today there are more CBs on the field. And the LBs who are out there are smaller than the LBs of Dick Butkus' time. Today, once a back is past the
  9. Funny - SWAT is where my nickname comes from. My HS head coach used to mispronounce my last name, calling me something the first syllable of "Hondo." Another player added the -do. Embarrassingly, there was a drill we did where my form was a little goofy (some might say not very masculine though I would strongly disagree) and it became known as the Hondo Drill. The Assistant HC made me lead the drill since it was named after me. Since I was leading it, I refused to actually do it. Screw 'em, dammit, if they're going to laugh at my pigeon legs! Given that defensive speed is mor
  10. I'm sure it'll 'get handled.' But let me fantasize for a second as I did in another thread. Imagine OJ or Thurman in the backfield. Or even Freddy or Cribbs. Kansas City won't be able to line up in a 4-1-6. It's a pick-your-poison scenario. DCs can't sell out. A franchise back doesn't just make the running attack better, he makes the passing attack better by forcing teams to respect the run.
  11. This is insane. I can't believe someone took the time to do this!
  12. Kiper says it's a "head-scratcher" that we didn't find a RB on Day 2 or 3. But we already have Day 2 backs on our roster now. The elite backs were gone by the time we picked at #30. Motor says he'll be a different back this year. Some say Breida has untapped potential. A couple posters think Moss will come into his own in his sophomore year. And the trenches set insist our OL will be better this year, giving Moss & Motor the space they need to be effective. I hope somebody's right because our offense was one dimensional last
  13. Ever the optimist, I thought there was hope for Rob Johnson, JP Losman, Trent Edwards and EJ Manuel. Oh, and I though Marv would be a good GM.
  14. I loved the 90s Bills. Collectively they gave me many good days. But Beebe and his drops drove me crazy! Hopefully Stevenson has better hands.
  15. I really, really hope one of them proves me wrong this season but all our backs are JAGs. The lack of respect they generate allowed the Chiefs to line up in a 4-1-6, blanketing our wideouts. Imagine if we had OJ in the backfield with Josh - or Thurman? Or even Freddy or Cribbs? What would a DC do? He’d have no good options. If a ‘franchise RB’ was available on Day One or Two, he’d be worth the pick.
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