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  1. We all face enough sh*t in the world already: Disease... misfortune... injustice... moronic political leaders... Why do we need to add to all this crap by beating each other up over a game? Peace, love and understanding. That's what we should all add to the world.
  2. Patriot friends of mine describe it more like this: There weren't high hopes for this year given last year's performance the fact they had a rookie QB. But the D did well statistically - until the Bills buzz saw. And Mac played well enough for their fans to believe the future might get better. They don't see this is a full-on rebuild - maybe but more of a reload. Still, my Pats friends are painfully aware that Tommy Boy is gone and Mac Jones will not be the next Tom Brady. They know competing with the Josh-led Bills is going to be tough with a QB v QB deficit.
  3. Don't disagree about Brady. It would be amazing to see the Bills beat the Bucs in the Super Bowl and dispense with all their bogeymen. But I wouldn't be so dismissive about Belichick. Bill Walsh didn't win a lot of games his first couple years with the 49ers. Vince Lombardi didn't light up the world after he left Green Bay. Even good coaches need good players. You can fault Belichick the GM, but Belichick the Coach is still pretty talented. Just getting this year's Pats to the playoffs was an accomplishment.
  4. Most of Josh's "bad" games have either been in bad weather or behind a porous line. Or both. If our OL is plays well against the Chiefs - like they did against the Pats - Josh is going to put up a lot of points.
  5. If memory serves, we've beat him 4 of the past 5 times. He's not the bogeyman anymore. He's just a coach - a good coach - but not one that I fear or much care about. He can retire or not retire. It's all the same to me.
  6. Of course, Tre is out too. Against a team with good wideouts, his absence really hurts. But, all-in-all, the Bills are reasonably healthy.
  7. Memory check: JP was the guy who picked up 9 sacks by failing to beat his guy on the line and then luckily finding himself in the right spot when Jerry Hughes chased the QB out of the pocket?
  8. When you're successful, there are many advantages to continuity, so Dorsey seems like the obvious choice. He knows the scheme & plays. He knows Josh. But I know so little about Dorsey, or any other option, that I won't hazard a guess. Selfishly, I want Daboll to stay. The offense is reaching new heights under his stewardship. Yep. It's called "succession planning." Good organizations do this. Beane and McD already have their Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C all worked out.
  9. I wonder how much Mayock was actually the GM and how much was Gruden. Obviously, Gruden was in charge. But Chucky must have left Mayock with some duties. It seemed preordained that Mayock would be gone once Gruden resigned. Still, how many sportswriters can say they actually built a playoff team? Odd he was given the chance. Don't think he'll ever have the chance again. Hope he enjoyed the experience while it lasted.
  10. Heard. But that's not what I want to see. I want to see another display of absolute dominance.
  11. I have such a low opinion of Sully that I really believe he wrote a positive article - at least partially - to prove his critics wrong. "Look, I'm not always a Negative Nancy. I am capable of saying something positive when the Bills do something absolutely historic." I never liked his journalism because he never told me anything I didn't already know. He never broke a story. He didn't have insider knowledge. He certainly wasn't a master explainer of Xs and Os. He offered no great insights. He simply whined. It was never something I enjoyed so I stopped reading him years ago.
  12. I'm glad he likes Josh but I feel like I'm watching a 13 year old.
  13. I agree. But most of his bad games were either in bad weather or behind a porous line, or both. When given time, JA typically performs. I think the NE playoff game shows what this offense is capable of when the OL gets the job done. Daboll is a good OC. We've got talent at the skill positions. Josh is dynamite. If the OL is blocking, this offense is really hard to stop.
  14. Good question, Zerovolts... What's the prediction? My Chiefs friends think it'll be a shootout since both teams have high-powered offenses. They forget we won by 18 last time.
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