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  1. This game and the Pats games are the only two games I've gone into expecting a loss. But if Josh plays like he did last Sunday...
  2. My estimate is 33%. However, if we do win it will be because of these two things.
  3. I don't know, PP, we must hang out in different circles. I know a lot of Hawk fans who are both knowledgeable and devoted. I'm not claiming Seahawk fans are equal to Bills fans but I do think they rate above the NFL average.
  4. It's not fair but Allen may make or break Beane. If Allen turns out to be the next coming of Jim Kelly, Beane's job is secure and we'll win a bunch of game. If Allen doesn't progress beyond his "below-average" current self, Beane's in trouble regardless of the success of the rest of his picks. Bill Walsh once famously recommended Trent Edwards to Marv Levy. Even the best talent evaluators miss sometimes. Luckily, Walsh didn't miss with his first QB: Joe Montana. I'm hoping Beane didn't miss with his first because if he did, he might not have a 2nd chance in this Not-For-Long business.
  5. Agreed. It didn't look like a great roster when we were winning and looks less like a great roster after the Philly loss. But taking a big picture, 2018 was the year Beane finished gutting the roster and started drafting for the future. Through the draft and free agency, the 2019 roster is somewhat better but we still have a way to go. And while our draft capital isn't spectacular next year, we do have a ton of cap money. Once I figured out what Beane was doing, 2020 always seemed like the target year. This 2019 can get to the playoffs but it can't go deep into the playoffs.
  6. Last year we were dead last in active cap spending. I felt sorry for McD going into each game with that bargain basement roster. But you could clearly see how Beane was setting up a foundation for the future - one that needed a QB, draft capital, and cap space for free agency. This year we're something like 23rd in active cap spending (depending slightly what source you use). We're still in the bottom half of the league in roster spending thus - theoretically - in the bottom half in roster talent. Yet we're 5-2. In 2020, we'll be 3rd in available cap space and have a couple extra draft picks. By next year - if Beane is good at his job - we should be able to field a contender. Especially if Allen take a step forward. We can already see McD's competency as a coach. Each year we win more game than our roster would indicate. When given lemons, he makes lemonade. By next year, we should have a really good idea if Beane knows how to build a roster.
  7. Only 15 QBs in the 100 year history of the NFL passed for more yards than Bledsoe. And he's a 4 time Pro Bowler. He outperformed most 1st round QBs. He's not a HOFer but he's far from being a bust. I guess he's a disappointment if you have really high/unrealistic expectations of QBs drafted early.
  8. The closest I've come to watching live sports on tv in Europe is watching Neil Armstrong walking - live - on the moon. God, I'm old!
  9. Exactly right! I'm kind of mildly amused by the table busting and - now - hatchet throwing. But Buffalo isn't called the city of good neighbors for nothing.
  10. Fans have every right to boo - freedom of speech and all that. But imagine working at your own job and your company's customers came to watch you and started booing you heartily because things weren't going as you hoped. Would the booing improve your performance or detract from it?
  11. Imagine your 12 year old daughter is competing in a school history bee. She does well in the first couple rounds but is getting her arse handed to her in the third round. Maybe the other competitors are smarter than her. Maybe she's just having a bad day. Would you boo her? Of course not - because it wouldn't accomplish anything good. Years ago - long before the Bills Mafia - the Bills fan base was called the 12th Man because we were so loud and encouraging that we effected the play on the field as if the Bills had 12 men lined up. When we boo, we also effect the play: we demoralize our players while encouraging the opponent. Instead of having the equivalent of 12 men on the field, we now have the equivalent of 10.
  12. Agreed. I pull my hair out - what little I have left - when Josh throws picks or overthrows deep routes. But overall I'm enjoying the ride and love the kid's attitude.
  13. If I did the math right, 538's odds give us 10.58 wins. They rounded up to 11.
  14. You're right but... You want a QB that plays well all game, not just good enough in the 4th quarter to produce the win because the defense hasn't given up a bunch of points. Personally, I think a QB should be both efficient and productive. Josh's passer rating is around 80 right now. That's not very efficient. He's throwing for about 220 yards and 1 TD per game. He hasn't been very productive either. The good news is that Josh is clearly playing better than last season which makes me think/hope he hasn't yet hit his ceiling.
  15. There's so much narrative out there that the Miami game was somehow disappointing. 'Bills survive scare by woeful Fins and escape New Era Field with an ugly win.' That game was, in fact, a thing of beauty. No lost turnovers. Two pretty TD passes - including one that capped a killer 98 yard drive. Five scoring drives altogether. Tre's pick and forced fumble. Hyde's KO return... The Bills don't have the talent level of the Patriots or some other teams in the NFL. But they do have some talent. And they play hard and persevere. Sunday enough Bills players made enough plays to give us our 5th win of the season. How many times in the past decades have we seen the D not deliver the turnover or the O fail to complete the pass to the end zone, leaving us with could-of and should-of beens? On Sunday, this team delivered.
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