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  1. It sounds like a great question to ask: How many yards did the back earn on their own? But the way it is measured seems very subjective: "All yards... beyond what was blocked.... after the first evaded tackle."
  2. Wow, this is crazy. Who can predict the NFL 3 years into the future??? And Wolfe is high on Tag but does he really expect him to significantly outplay the league’s #2 MVP? Fin fans will cheer if Tua becomes almost as good as Josh. Given how quickly the NFL changes, 90% of Miami’s coaches and players 3 years from now will be different than today. Who’s to say how that works out?
  3. Michael Holley is the guy who predicts our new DEs to be busts. You know, the same Michael Holley who took three different teams to the SB as a GM. Oops... No... He's just another talking head. Don't care.
  4. My experience as a new Kansas Citian is very different. I wear my Bills gear proudly, flaunt my Bills iPhone case, and have Bills stickers on my cars. So far, this has done nothing but stirred some friendly conversations about football. The Chief fans I've run into are much like Bills fans. They're appreciative of their coach and QB, but also see the flaws in their team. They also, btw, see the Bills as a real threat to future SB runs. They know Allen is better than he appeared in the game against them.
  5. For many years, we were blessed with good running backs - and poor QBs. Oddly, we face the opposite situation now. Here's what I remember though I can't find this anywhere on Google. Terry got sick after his promising rookie year. The disease (what? can't remember) left him with poor peripheral vision. He was never the same.
  6. Sure. PFF isn't 'real' football work. While teams do subscribe to PFF, I don't think many coaches or scouts concern themselves with it very much. PFF exists to entertain. Their job is to create content that gets attention and drives sales. You can't blame them for doing their job. I do read power and player rankings from time to time but I don't really care what they say. I'm pretty confident I know the Bills better than any of the national media gurus or stat geeks. Most of us here do. I don't need them to validate my opinions.
  7. Like a plurality of folks, I voted for a slight improvement. Josh has gotten better every year and yet still has room for improvement. I'm not sure why I should believe he won't improve this season - that his trajectory will suddenly change.
  8. Great video. Many years ago, I watched "Top Gun" with a bunch of other young army lieutenants. It's hard to described how pumped up we got: different branch, different way of fighting - but we loved watching the fighter jocks. Can't do barrel rolls in a tank! McD was obviously nervous at the beginning, and I don't blame him. P.S. Thanks for your service.
  9. I voted no. There's not much of a gap between them anymore. And its been decades since we've had a successful signal caller in Buffalo. Josh is thriving here and his teammates love him. Why mess with that?
  10. A lot of folks a few years ago were saying Overdorf needed to go for the Bills to be winners again.
  11. The Cover 2 has been around for a long while so there's nothing new here. But what makes this video seriously dated, at least far as it pertains to Edmunds, is that it depicts a 4-3 defense. NFL teams infrequently line up in a 4-3 anymore. I read somewhere that NFL defenses used 3 or more LBs on only 24% of plays last season. That amazes me. I remember the old debates about the pros and cons of a 4-3 versus a 3-4. Not we're seeing only 1 or 2 LBs on the field on most plays. I'm guessing the 4-2-5 Nickel is the most common defense in the NFL right now. If I'm no
  12. I forgot the mention the Frank Lloyd Wright Graycliff House in Darby, maybe 30 minutes from Buffalo. I've personally never been but the photos are tremendous. And it's open to the public. I'll make sure to visit on my next trip to the area. I really wanted to stay at the Henry Hotel my next time in Buffalo but I heard it closed during the pandemic. Sad news. The Henry Hotel was located in the Richardson Olmstead Campus which is the new, pleasant name for the old Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane. I remember driving by it when I was a student at UB before I transferred out
  13. I love Wade's attitude and it's a great story. But when you look at our RB room, I don't see how he makes the 53.
  14. I don't want to beat up Trapasso too much because I also see Rousseau as a long-term project. But I think its odd he's so critical of Rousseau's game tape and says Rousseau didn't win one-on-one battles. Trapasso never explains how Rousseau was so damned productive if he was so poorly skilled. It seems to me Trapasso clearly saw Roussea's shortcomings but is blind to his strengths. I knew next to nothing about Rousseau when we picked him so I quickly got on Youtube and watched some highlights. What I saw was a raw, tall, gangly kid. But I also saw a young player who was cle
  15. Both were great. Marino had a quicker release and was a little more accurate. Jimbo was tougher and more fiery.
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