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  1. With Brown out and Foster possibly still less than 100%, we're not going to have much outside speed. Though I don't know how much that matters considering who we're playing and how little we've utilized our speed so far this year.
  2. A weak armed QB who tends to force passes into coverage versus a strong armed QB who tends to force passes into coverage. I think we have the advantage.
  3. This is an interesting breakdown - thanks! If we go 6-1 against the truly crappy teams but only 1-3 against the mediocre and good teams, we'll still finish 11-5. As a Bills fan, you can never take the playoffs for granted. But it's hard not to feel optimistic right now.
  4. My wife noticed that I've been moping around a lot and has been encouraging me to start popping Xanax or see a shrink. But today I learned that I don't need to feel bad anymore about that 2017 draft. What a relief! I've been carrying around deep, dark feelings of disappointment, frustration and failure for the past two years now. Suddenly, today, I can finally smile again!
  5. That made me smile. Reminded me there were some bright moments during the Dark Ages.
  6. Moulds would be great for Daboll and Allen.
  7. I saw the vid when you posted it. Thanks! Seems like Duke's transformed himself from an immature punk into a man - a hard-working, team-first, McD kind of man. In recent interviews, Duke shows that he's really grateful to be where he is right now and you can see why. It wasn't a short, straight, or easy road for him. Really rooting for him to continue to grow both as a man and as a player. And hoping to see him in the endzone every game!
  8. Why is this a new thread? Our scoring woes are well-known and thoroughly discussed in other threads.
  9. We clearly have a playoff caliber defense but the offense has to score more than 18 points per game. There are reasons for optimists to think the O will improve. The OL is still gelling. Singletary is going to start playing again. Zay's been replaced by Duke. Josh is going to improve as he gains in experience and as he develops chemistry with a new group of wideouts. And so on. While I'm hopeful (Napoleon once famously said: "A Bills fan is a dealer in hope"), I don't know how much the O will improve by the end of the year. I don't think it'll be enough for 13 wins or a deep push into the playoffs. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. I get why folks are recommending Duff's and other places over the Anchor Bar. But why do people go to Independence Hall in Philly? Because it's the most beautiful building in the city? Or because it's where history was made?
  11. I'm jealous! As a guy who hasn't been to a home game since 1974 - and clearly an expert - here's what I do: * Go to Hammer's Lot to see all the Pinto Ron and other shenanigans. * As long as your in Buffalo, get the true Buffalo culinary experience. Eat wings at the Anchor Bar (even if Duffs are better); sample a Beef on Weck at Charlie the Butcher; and try some good Buffalo Pizza (pizza aficionados rank Buffalo's pizza up there with NY & Chicago and miles ahead of LA). If you like sponge candy, go to Parkside Candy near UB - a beautiful, dilapidated relic of great Buffalo architecture with a wonderful selection of chocolate. * I personally stop at the gift shop at New Era Field to gear up whenever I'm in Buffalo. Hoping we win for your first home game. Have fun!
  12. I doubt he's wasted his time on suspension. I'd guess he's in great shape and has a fair understanding of the D already - though 6 weeks of no practice/contact does hurt. But I agree that he's bound for the PS at best. He's a marginally talented UDFA rook coming off a suspension - hard to see him making the 53.
  13. The title of article - combined with the focus on Milano & Edwards - implies the two LBs are THE reason the Bills D excels. Obviously the real situation is more complicated. The Bills have talent at all three levels: DL, LB, and secondary. And one thing I really enjoy is listening to opposing coaches talking about how fundamentally strong this D is and how it doesn't make mistakes. McD, Frazier and the entire defensive coaching staff are doing a nice job. Thanks for sharing, 17. I thought it was an interesting article.
  14. Curiously, despite all their concerns about his character, effort and speed, NFL.com rated Duke (5.25) only slightly lower than Zay (5.71) out of college. Listening to Duke talk - and his teammates talk about him - it does indeed seem like he's turned his life around.
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