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  1. Molly, it's great that you coordinate a high school offense. Thanks for serving the kids. I read a report on Coleman written by a former NFL scout who projected Coleman will become an All Pro. No offense, but I'm taking his evaluation over yours. Beyond the matter of comparative expertise, I just like his opinion better. Though I have to acknowledge that another former NFL scout pessimistically predicted Coleman's NFL career will be a "slow fade." Beane's obviously more inclined to agree with the former scout and we have to hope he's right. But as you say, it's okay for us fans to be wrong. When even professional scouts can't agree on Coleman (or many other draft picks, for that matter), I personally don't get too attached to my own opinions.
  2. I can't prove it but I believe that if Andy Reid was our OC instead of Joe Brady, we'd have enough offensive weapons right now to put together a potent aerial attack. We pretty much know the 2024 roster. We can only hope that Brady can do something with it.
  3. It's hard to think Hyde still isn't better than the otherwise worst guy to make the final 53. And it would seem his leadership, enthusiasm, and understanding of McD's system would be a huge asset to the safety room. I hope we see him play in a Bills uni again.
  4. In another thread, I named the six wideouts who I thought would make the final 53. Beane mentioned 5 of the 6. The one he didn't mention was Claypool. I also thought that was telling. About Brady... People with the team tell a pretty consistent story. Brady is a good communicator. And some say it's not just one-way. He solicits feedback from other coaches and players. Reading between the lines, I guess Dorsey didn't do that.
  5. Interesting trying to read between the lines about why Bean and McD liked Brady as OC over Dorsey.
  6. The use of colloquialisms is hardly nonsensical. Everyone on this side of the pond understands the sense. Now, calling a cookie a biscuit is nonsensical. I can't imagine the Bills fans of yore yelling out, "Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Biscuit!" when Carlton Chester "Cookie" Gilchrist rumbled down the field with the ball. (Instead of Cornelius Bennett).
  7. If you had said T-Rex, we would have understood you. T-rex arms had anatomically short arms as everyone knows. Alligator arms are the appendages of cowardly receivers who don't want to fully extend for fear of being hit. Shakir may have T-rex arms but he doesn't have alligator arms.
  8. Alligators have short arms and it's okay to describe a short-armed receiver as having "alligator arms." But when I grew up playing football, "alligator arms" was a colloquial expression for when a receiver didn't fully extend to catch a ball because he was afraid of being hit. Sometimes, saying a receiver had "alligator arms" was akin to saying he was a coward. Shakir is not a cowardly receiver.
  9. I saw that, too. Some other curious 2025 numbers... Fins are $11,000,000 over the cap. Jets are $58,000,000 under. Pats are $113,000,000 under!
  10. Point taken. Aldi would be better than Dollar General. But cutting Diggs does help us get into Aldi next year. There were better ways to deal with Diggs' cap cost which makes me think there's more to the story. Was Diggs becoming a locker room cancer? Was his relationship with Allen declining? Did the Bills think his skill or commitment were beginning to fade? I'm sure there was something else behind the decision, but I think the cap was part of it and I'm glad Diggs won't count against us next season. I tend to believe this: A QB, once off his rookie contract, is obviously going to be a huge expense. I think that leaves room for just one pricey, big-splash FA. We had two: Miller and Diggs. I think Beane overextended himself in a way that made it challenging to build out the rest of the roster. He had to course-correct. Interestingly, he cut the big splash guy who was actually earning his paycheck (mostly) with his play on the field rather than the guy with a limp. I think to be a top-tier GM, Beane needs to get better at drafting our star players while filling out the rest of the roster with solid - but affordable - FAs.
  11. I have ambivalent feelings about this. On one hand, there's a subset of athletes who are all about money, status, ego, sex, and fast cars. Butker is interested in things bigger than that. He's taking his Catholic faith seriously and applying it to the wider world. On the other hand, Butker's vision would move America backwards. Muppy is right when she says, "love is the answer." Butker's speech seemed to be more about judgment, condemnation, and dogma than love.
  12. I'm not sure we're all that far apart. This is how I saw it a few days ago and how I still see it today. Beane got the Bills into cap trouble and he had to get us out. That meant Diggs had to go. And the departures of Diggs and Davis left the cupboard pretty bare without a lot of money to shop with. When you don't have a lot of money, you shop at the Dollar Store. But Beane's tried to go out and get guys with potential upside. Claypool, for example, was once a productive wideout. MVS has speed and has put together a couple of okay years. While it's Beane's fault that we're in this situation I'm not complaining about his efforts to now manage it the best he can without mortgaging the future. If you don't agree, that's fine. I'm not sure what value you add when you make remarks about me liking to get kicked in the nuts and drink piss. It's not an intelligent argument nor is it a kind or respectful thing to say. Luck and circumstance have sh*t on us Bills fans enough. It puzzles me that we'd want to add to that by sh*tting on each other.
  13. You are correct, sir. I recalled events as simple housecleaning with Davis and Diggs departing followed by a slow, steady, humble rebuild. I was wrong. But my general idea still holds. At one point our WR room consisted of something like Shakir, Samuel, Shorter and Hollins. I'm happy that MVS, and some others, were added to the group, considering where we started.
  14. Not as bleak as people think... but not as sunny as we'd hope. I remember when Kelly's targets included three guys destined for the Hall of Fame: Loften, Reed, Thomas. The guys we have now don't even qualify for Little House on the Prairie. But I keep hoping that (1) Brady shows us that he knows how to scheme guys open, and (2) a couple of these guys step up and surprise their critics. I do think there's some potential.
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