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  1. hondo in seattle

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    The OP poses an interesting question. It seems to me there haven't been many (if any) balls that should have been incomplete but the receiver made a great catch. There have been plenty of drops though. Normally, you'd expect the drops and great catches to more-or-less even out - providing the QB with a fair-enough stat line. Not so this season.
  2. Daboll has never been successful as a NFL OC. He just doesn't have the right resume yet. Even if Daboll has the potential to be a good HC, why would a GM do this? It would be hard to sell to the fans. It would be hard to sell to position coaches and coordinators. It would be hard to sell to players.
  3. I don't have a subscription so I don't have access to the article. But I wonder if anyone's charted Allen's throws? What's his percentage when he throws deep middle? Intermediate left sideline? Etc. I wonder if his completion percentage to certain parts of the field is actually solid. Allen kind of reminds me a QB from the Dan Fouts era when a lot of QBs had lower completion percentages because they threw downfield more. I wouldn't say that's the entirety of the story on Allen, but he does dump the ball off less frequently than other QBs. I'm encouraged that Allen is no Trent "Captain Checkdown" Edwards. It seems it would be easier to teach Allen to throw short now & then than to teach Edwards to get the ball downfield.
  4. hondo in seattle

    Josh Allen strategy

    That’s an interesting - and refreshing - stat.
  5. hondo in seattle

    Can Money Buy the Bills a Spot in the 2019 Playoffs?

    My original point was that there is a clear correlation between spending and wins - albeit an imperfect one. This year our active roster spending is $17 million below the #31 team. We're spending roughly $40m less than the average NFL club. There's a vocal minority calling for McD's head and I'm not sure why. The guy's outgunned every Sunday and never had a fighting chance to return this team to the playoffs this season. We have the draft capital (10 picks) and financial resources ($85 mil) to do a lot of catching up next year. There are indeed a lot of holes to fill. But with so much to work with, we ought to see a dramatically improved squad... If Beane's any good at his job. Beane's already had both hits and misses in his short career as a GM. The pessimists will emphasize the misses and the optimists the hits. The cautious realists are still in a wait-and-see mode because the sample size on Beane personnel decisions is still small. Maybe I lean to the optimistic side because I think 2019 will be a much better year. And, peering further ahead, as things stand right now the Bills have - by a wide margin - the most available cap space in the NFL in 2020!
  6. hondo in seattle

    Ex-Bill, CFL stud WR Naaman Roosevelt's just asking...

    Had a hundred yard receiving game just a couple months ago.
  7. The Bills have - by far - the lowest paid roster in the NFL this year which would suggest the Bills have the least talented roster. Not surprisingly, our W-L record is poor. But what about next year? With the third most available cap space in the NFL in 2019, will the Bills return to the playoffs? Here's what the numbers show. Over the past 3 years (2015-2018), the teams in the top five of active cap spending finished a combined 146-93-1. The teams in the bottom five of roster spending finished a miserable 76-164. 9 of the 15 teams in the top five in spending went to the playoffs. In contrast, only 1 team in the bottom five in spending made it to the playoffs - the 2017 Buffalo Bills. In sum, money matters. Teams tend to spend their money wisely and given enough money a GM can usually build a playoff team. GMs without money to spend understandably fail. But there are clearly no guarantees.
  8. hondo in seattle

    Why I gave up on the process

    Teams that are blindly loyal to their head coaches are doomed to perpetual failure. Just look at the Steelers.
  9. Fran was 190 - but your statement that he couldn't survive in today's game may be true. But Allen isn't Tark. He weighs 55 lbs more! In any case, I'm not so sure you can't make the comparison. In Fran's time, LBs were human sledge-hammers with names like Jack Lambert and Dick Butkus. In today's game, LBs are chosen as much for their coverage skills as their tackling skills. The Butkus-type thumper is a thing of the past. While Tark survived in a league where most - if not all - of the LBs outweighed him. On the Bills, Edmunds might be the only LB who outweighs Allen. Allen is bigger than pretty much all DBs and many LBs.
  10. Is this really true? When I think of scrambling QBs, the first person I think of is Fran Tarkenton who lasted 18 years in the NFL. "The Mad Scrambler," as Tarkenton was known, was the NFL passing yards leader in his 15th season and the NFL TD leader in his 18th season. In other words, his effectiveness as a QB had a long life. And Josh has a couple advantages over Tarkenton. Josh weighs 245 lbs versus Tark's 190. And today's rules protect QBs - even ones on the run. This is a great point. Not all running QBs are cut from the same mold. Sometimes their style of running might make the probability of sustaining an injury far more likely.
  11. Has anyone done a study on running QBs? Do they really get hurt more or have shorter careers? I'd rather see Josh Allen running than an immobile pocket QB getting pancaked behind a porous OL. Allen's best attributes are his big arm and his running ability. I think Daboll should build next year's offense around those two things. And find a backup QB who can do the same kinds of things - just in case.
  12. hondo in seattle

    What matters most to you in the final 4 weeks?

    Agreed. I only care a little about wins and losses at this point. What I really want to see is our young players - especially Josh - get better. 2018 is training camp for 2019.
  13. I have no desire to defend Hunt for what he did. But I want to ask: How much does context matter. One site says Abigail Ottinger kept calling Hunt the "N" word. For example, she was quoted by a witness yelling, "F**k you N******! You ain't sh*t!" She was yelling these slurs supposedly for 30 minutes. On top of that, according to a witness, Ottinger hit one of Hunt's friends in the face prior to Hunt's altercation with her. None of this excuses Hunt for what he did. But it does make his reaction a little more understandable and maybe a little less monstrous. https://blacksportsonline.com/home/2018/02/kareem-hunt-met-a-girl-while-bar-hopping-she-called-him-a-*****-now-is-saying-he-assaulted-her/ https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/02/woman_says_kansas_city_chiefs.html
  14. Completely different situations. In Shady's fight with the off duty cops, some of the witnesses said the cops instigated the fight. They certainly didn't shy away from it. The allegations of Shady hitting women never came from credible sources. The police never pressed charges because there was no clear evidence Shady did anything wrong. Here we have video of Hunt instigating the violence and later escalating it by knocking the woman to the floor and kicking her. Hunt's wrong-doing is both disgusting and indisputable.
  15. hondo in seattle

    Robert Foster pays it forward to a young fan!

    This story was already posted on the Robert Foster thread - I know, I posted it! But it's a great story and I'm glad to see it getting its own thread. I may have started tearing up a little when I retold the story to my wife. So many bad things grab headlines. So many good things often go under the radar. What I wrote yesterday on the other Foster thread: My early impression of Foster was that he was a useless speedster who couldn't track & catch long balls. After reading about him buying shoes for a West Seneca teen, my current impression is that he's a great young man. I'm rooting for the kid.