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  1. RyanC883

    Top 9 players in the draft.

    I'm hoping he is on the board. I'd take White in an instant. LB group set for YEARS. Then trade back into the 1st and grab WR/OT. I'm thinking we fix the OL through FA because we don't want rookies learning on the job, so I'm thinking we trade back into the 1st for a WR, and then grab OT in the 2nd. I hope one team loves Haskins, and another Murray. Bidding war for #9.
  2. Not a skeptic (was prior to the draft). But he needs to improve on his intermediate throws and have better touch. I saw this a few times toward the end of the season. It's all a matter of controlling his arm strength. some fans favorite players are always the backup QB. Happens everywhere. I think better touch on ball=better completion percentage. Some WR's cant handle his rifle throws 5 yards out. Perhaps hard to track when ball is moving so fast.
  3. RyanC883

    Blakeman ref for KC *NE game...and *pats fans upset

    only quiets the bandwagon fans in Boston. The KC crowd will be rocking!
  4. time for another channel to bring back the Bud Wiser helmets playing a game during halftime. SB 1/2 shows have been awful for a while. This year takes the cake. or anti-police, etc. It has nothing to do with actual "justice" for anything. No one can define it. I spend a lot of my time helping victims of domestic abuse. Since the NFL has an issue with that, why don't they donate to that cause, instead of an amorphous "social justice," which is just code for whatever charity the performer thinks is worthy.
  5. K. Mack is still dominant. Gronk is above average. I would have loved to add K. Mack last year. Gronk, only if the price is right. He's still an upgrade over what we have.
  6. I think the people they want are still coaching in the playoffs.
  7. trade Clay for a 7th, no dead money?
  8. Here is how I would approach this: 1. Surround JA with VETERANS on the OL. No time for rookies to be learning on the job. If J. Williams from Alabama falls to us, great, take him, but don't reach for another guy. In terms of FA OL I'd target, here they are: (1) Paradis-C. The QB of the OL. Would instantly improve the line; (2) Saffold--G. Would be able to help Teller, and has success guarding another young QB; (3) D. Williams--T. Another great addition, and not because he's from Carolina. Now we have added three potential starters to the OL. I'd also target (4) Ramon Foster-G. The guy is a "process" guy. He could compete for a starting spot or work in a rotation. He is an extremely smart football player. I also think he'd enjoy leaving the drama at the Steelers (I listen to his radio show a lot in PGH). 2. Find Veteran Help for JA at TE and RB. These are the QB's "best friends." He needs some help. Here is my plan at TE. (1) Eifert. Yes, he may get injured. But that likely means he costs little. If he does not get injured, he will have a monster year; (2) Jesse James. An all-around TE that was underutilized this year in PGH because of McDonald. He is a GREAT run blocker and receiver; (3) if we miss out on 1, or 2, I'd get Max Williams. He has all the skills, needs the right environment. Here is the RB plan: (1) Coleman. The guy can pound the rock, and also catch out of the backfield. He can timeshare this season and start next. Also I'd draft a RB or UDFA a RB to backup Coleman for next season. Coleman gives JA a proven pass catcher out of the backfield; (2) M. Ingram. Very similar to Coleman. I also believe he can catch it, but Kamara's superiority to basically any RB led to fewer chances. 3. WR. Clearly need additional proven assets. While Foster had a nice rookie season, we should get some vet help and also some rookie infusion of talent. Here is the WR plan: (1) Golden Tate. Great route runner and receiver; (2) J. Brown. Try defending him and Foster. Brown also would thrive with a QB like Allen; (3) P. Dorsett. Similar to J. Brown, but he's always been buried on a depth chart. When he is "featured," he performs. I'd also consider adding: (1) Funchess. Yes, he has underwhelmed. Perhaps a chance of scenery helps; (2) Cole Beasley/T. Austin. Either guy could be an upgrade over Zay/McKenzie. Keep: D. Thompson. Should be cheap, knows the system, and often comes up with big plays. Depth guy. Defense: I'd mostly hit this with the draft. Here is the D plan: (1) Keep the few FA's Lorax and J. Phillips; (2) Claiborn at CB. Claiborn, Wallace and White--wow; (3) A. Barr--LB. Not sure how he wasn't on the top 50 list. Added bonus Allen can practice his vertical leap in practice .
  9. every company with an unionized workforce prepares for the next CBA negotiations. A big nothing here other than to get people to pay more attention to the NFL. And as others have noted, they could use other players if the players went on strike.
  10. RyanC883

    Super Bowl Wish vs. Prediction

    fantastic poll topic, OP. ! I want the Colts, think it will be the Saints due to their combo of great offense and D. Brees has soo many weapons. I'm thinking Colts v. Saints in the SB, however.
  11. O-line is HUGE. Look at the Steelers O-line, then look at Bell, Connor and even J. Sanders success. Of course, those guys are all skilled and younger than our backfield. We fix the OL, get a guy like Coleman in FA, and/or draft a stud in Rd. 2 and we will be on our way to fixing the terrible running game.
  12. RyanC883

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    this seems like a fantastic, yet improbable draft. If J. Williams, and A. Johnson are available at those slots, that's a huge win. Not to mention M. Hyatt in the 6th. I love the idea of FA O-line just because there will be less of a learning curve, esp. at Center. But if J. Williams is there at 9, I'm still taking him. I doubt he will be, and FA OL really lets us go BPA or trade back and load-up at WR, RB, etc in the draft.
  13. great point. No, we don't have the 2nd best D without Edmunds or White!
  14. I think the "big 3" of this class are Mayfield, Allen and Darnold. Jackson may join the group with a full offseason and season of being QB1. Rosen (who I wanted during the draft and did not want Allen), will be solid, but I think those 3-4 have the chance to be great.
  15. I don't think Mahomes is putting up the same numbers with the 2nd best defense. Likely in that situation you fewer shots down the field and more running. Plus, who does he throw the ball to in Buffalo. He doesn't get Foster until week 10.