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  1. I think Gore is the play this week. Well, I took him in fanduel. I think Singletary is eased back into the game. Gore will destroy the Dolphins D.
  2. I think given what he has around him, he was ahead of Mahomes, but Mahomes would have won due to better numbers, etc. I don't get to watch many Sea games, but when I do, he's amazing to watch.
  3. Any available pass rusher that is a game changer. ON this D, Von Miller could go nuts. Anyone know of others who could be available? Here are some interesting trade articles for your reading enjoyment: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/10/6-trades-wed-like-to-see-before-the-nfl-deadline (#1 would be a nightmare but seems likely, #2 does not now that Cousins is playing well. Although I'd take Trent Williams or AJ off this list.) https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/10/17/nfl-trade-deadline-players-melvin-gordon-patrick-peterson/4003678002/ (many seem unlikely, but I could see Falcons players being available. Vic Beasley if Milano injury keeps him out a few weeks?) Also, what about DeVante Parker from Miami. Now, generally a team would not trade in a division, but the Phins are tanking. A 3rd for him may work. A change of scenery may be good for him. That said, he's not a #1.
  4. Not to sound insensitive, and this is terrible for Mahomes and those who like watching him play, but: 1. Who is the leader for league MVP now? My guess is Wilson. 2. In fantasy, I just got Hill back, now this! (and AJ still languishing on my bench). I know, pity me
  5. wait, you can't get the #2 seed w/o winning a division? That is totally insane. ???
  6. Buffalo 21, Miami 0. Our D shuts out the Phins. Bad Fitz shows up. Their O-line is a disaster.
  7. practice squad signing. Not bad. Perhaps he plays well on the practice squad. That's a benefit to having him play on a scout team if he plays well in that role.
  8. I'd pickup Brown. First, we play the Eagles in 2 weeks. Second, solid backup.
  9. He will soon go on a sack binge. Imagine pairing him on the inside with a top pass-rushing DE!!!!! Nowhere to hide for a QB. I think he's batted a few balls also?
  10. people suddenly hate a great defensive team. I think Cower loves us, however. When we begin to fix the offense with this D, we will be everyone's fav!
  11. ha, this is looking like a great prediction now. Shows what a good O-line can do for a team. Their putrid O-line is wrecking the passing game. I'm not sure OBJ has been a distraction, but he hasn't been a game-changer. Hopefully he is not traded to NE for a 1st!
  12. I think we cover the spread. I don't see us allowing any points from the Dolphins. I see a shutout, and we better put up more than 16 on the Phins!
  13. yep. It's gonna happen. That D is nasty and underrated. The O-line is still very good, letting Benny Snell run wild after Connor came out--after putting up monster numbers himself. When Rudolph gets back, they will go more conservative with him, allowing some deeper passes to JuJu at some points.
  14. Al needs to go. Perhaps there will be some accountability then.
  15. Agree with most of these assessments. But Tomlin is safe. Great game plan last night winning with a 3rd string QB. Steelers "implosion" appears to be overdone/overstated. Still will win the AFC North, IMO. Also, look at how AB exploded after he left Pittsburgh. Tomlin kind of kept him semi-sane for a while.
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