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  1. that would be quite something. I hope this is it. If not, post TC pickup of a vet likely.
  2. funny, teams like the Jets remind me of the drought era Bills. Trying to spin anything, any way, to make it seem like they will be competitive.
  3. I'd like more gameday callups also. Not sure why either the NFL or NFLPA would oppose this?
  4. the rule could only apply in a close game. Figure the team kneeling down is up by less than 8 points. Otherwise, your right, it makes zero sense.
  5. make it a game of PS all stars. Those players are generally “fan favorites” for their hard work, personalities, and those players would be playing for exposure. That said, it may be a terrible idea for teams to give their PS guys any more exposure.
  6. would like to see another vet brought in. I don’t want White rushed back. It looks like Bills planning on Elam and Jackson as starting CB’s barring vet competition. Another thought: what if Elam or Jackson gets hurt while White is out? Really need that Vet. Waiting for camp cuts is my guess.
  7. if the game is close it makes it more interesting than allowing a team to kneel the clock out.
  8. the Steelers SHOULD NOT beat us. We have a much better roster at nearly every position except RB and OLB/DE (give slight edge to Watt over Von Miller, perhaps it's a push). Why they generally beat us is bizarre. And I live in PGH and am quite sick of it!!!!
  9. just had it off to a big back, or run a screen play, etc. then why even bother with OT in regular season games?
  10. Agreed. QB. Then get impact players wherever you can. A stud CB can impact the game, same for a stud DT, safety, RB, WR. The more "studs" you have, followed by solid players like T. Johnson, the better your odds of winning, IMO.
  11. hates losing? JA hates losing, but he does not throw a hissy fit like cry Braby.
  12. good stuff. can’t wait to see how this all shakes out. Still holding out hope from the good reports from WR Hodges first TC. Imagine another good WR.
  13. Instill don’t get this. If he didn’t hold in college someone else did. Why can’t someone else hold here? It can’t be that complex. Get on the same page as the PK and hold the ball. Laces out
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