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  1. RyanC883

    Sam Darnold Dazzles in Debut

    Yes, it's over. Lots of team need someone to win/lose the last week of the season. I think you'd feel different if the Bengals won early in the day, and then we won to get in.
  2. need to jam the WR's. It's all timing. If he can't get the ball out quickly, he can look pedestrian (or simply above-average).
  3. RyanC883

    I am really rooting for Corey Coleman tonight

    do monkey's eat peanuts?? I thought bananas were their thing?
  4. RyanC883

    How Many Preseason Games Should There Be?

    I actually like 4. If coaches manage these games well, they get the starters brief game-speed action, while getting backups and borderline players valuable reps, for either here or elsewhere.
  5. Sounds like he got busted early and tried to convince players to let him stay: https://triblive.com/sports/steelers/13963536-74/steelers-fan-in-full-uniform-sneaks-onto-field-with-team
  6. RyanC883

    Predict the division winner: AFC North

    DC Butler is overrated. If they blow another playoff game due to inept secondary/defense play, I expect to see a new DC next year. (they should have canned him after he made Bortles looks like a pro-bowler). that's because you live in Ohio All AFC North fans are somewhat annoying (except perhaps Bengals fans?)
  7. RyanC883

    Washington Releases CB Orlando Scandrick

    Can't hurt to look. Davis not looking great so far.
  8. RyanC883

    Kyle throws punches at Jordan Mills

    Quit complaining about people complaining. 😜 Yep. That, or he totally sucked. Either way, he should be a backup.
  9. should have laid-out for the one that was "out of his reach." Like I said, he has all the talent, but the "extra effort" needed to win wasn't there. Could be why he rode Saban's bench. Only Daboll really knows.
  10. yeah, this guys main mistake really was wearing #43. Huge error. At least he got to chat with AB for a while. that is a backup QB with an awesome sense of humor!
  11. RyanC883

    Deflategate Part Zwei: Steelers Edition

    ahaha. It still makes zero sense to me. One of the Steelers QB's even complained about it. Seems like there was a defective ball or something. I can't see Tomlin like, "lets evaluate the QBs, but give them deflated balls in the summer."
  12. RyanC883

    Good Night / Bad Night - Pre-season Game 1

    I hope he does. The talent is all there. Just needs to use it. Hopefully Daboll can get through to him. If not, he's a lost cause. And he's someone I was very high on.
  13. I don't get Foster. If he at least dives after some of those balls he is almost in "helps" himself. Lack of effort will get you cut, straight out. Interested to see how he does Friday. i'm expecting big things. If not, he's gone. Also, someone put Vonte Davis on the hurt list. He was bad, and then bad again in practice getting lit up by Zay.
  14. RyanC883

    Bills Apparel in Rochester

    If you've gone to all those stores and still can't find what you want, try fanatics.com
  15. RyanC883

    Good Night / Bad Night - Pre-season Game 1

    why you don't lay out for a catch, esp. a potential TD when you are on the bubble and an UDFA is mind-boggling. I'm sure he is hearing it from Daboll today. Benjamin showed up every play. If he's healthy, pro-bowl year for him. He's got the talent and the heart.