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  1. I totally get that take. I don't think the team stinks, they have playmakers, esp. if they keep Hunter Henry. But, no fans, no D, and no OL. Where do you think Brady ends up?? Chicago could be an option if not NE.
  2. no Brady? Do you think he stays in NE, or goes to a team with a better O-line than the Chargers?
  3. not a terrible idea if the tender is low, but I'm going all in on Hooper or Henry,.
  4. It should be at like 2 est on Sunday. that way not too late for kids or folks in Europe. The Commercials and ridiculous halftime show make the game soo long.
  5. this is amazing thanks. Would love to get LB Queen in the 6th. Edge in the first looks like Matar-Gross, would rather have Shenault and a WR later. may need to get pass rush and OL in FA. RB looks decently deep also.
  6. good. they don't like being an away player, they can join the Billsmafia!!!
  7. I like the friendly debate over Eli and Kelly. I think the K-Gun offense was pretty revolutionary at the time? Called his own plays a lot I believe? I do agree that Marino was better (and had worse weapons than Kelly).
  8. exactly. The kind of guy that McD and Daboll should love. Will allow us to slow down the game and get yards and points when we have the lead.
  9. I agree with this, but people will see (2 SB wins, one against the undefeated Pats***), and he eventually gets in. Is there a QB with 2 SB wins who is not in the HOF? went to 4 straight SB's. Good other numbers. Not sure how he doesn't get in. He beat Marino, Elway, Moon, etc. to make those SB's.
  10. what Edge do you think we'd trade up for. Chase Young is a dream/long-shot, not sure who is worth trading up for after that?? Chaisson?
  11. totally forgot about that. stretching the rules since day 1. BTW: how old is Bellicheat now anyway?
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