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  1. why is Jackson ejected in Raiders game. looked too aggressive by refs
  2. based on past history this season, I’d lean toward Jets implosion.
  3. you've been a fan since 87, you know what can happen.
  4. could be. The 3rd Quarter could be about to begin.....oh...
  5. was he even trying. He ran right next to him and made no effort to make a tackle. put his a** on the bench.
  6. That's just Wood defending his friend. Their is ALWAYS an excuse for poor JA play. Every time.
  7. and a soft HC, and a GM that appears to like soft players.
  8. he does. but in the Battle of Suck of 2020, the Bills D sucks more.
  9. don't worry, we are 4-0. All you guys complaining about the defense are stupid. The Bills will fix the issues. Look at Allen, he's been great, no way he regresses to what he was the past 2 years, so don't worry about our lack of running game. LAUGHABLE.
  10. McD and Bean should be on thin ice. All that money spent on what? What has Bean done? drafted JA and traded for Diggs. After that, hard to think of an impactful move.
  11. Bass, DL, etc. Bean has been missing quite a bit
  12. anyone else having issues with Direct TV Streaming?
  13. Started watching the Bills in Buffalo as a 5-6 year old. Moved to Binghamton and continued to be a bills fan, despite the overabundance of Giants and Eagles fans there in the early 90’s. Moved to PGH in 1994, still remember a 6th grade teacher somewhat smugly predicting I would become a Steelers fan. Still in Pgh, still a Bills fan. too crazy for em!!
  14. agreed. I'm much more worried with the underperformance of top 10 pick Oliver, fellow 1st rounder Edmunds, (and the play of the DL as a whole) at this point.
  15. I love the idea of Engram. But if I have to pick one, I would go DL or LB. And now that I have to do one, I suppose I'd say Atkins. LB Lewis is a close second.
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