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  1. RyanC883

    Shady hasn't scored a rushing TD in 9 games

    Poor O-line, play calling, and not getting into the redzone much.
  2. RyanC883

    Allen =Jake Locker 2.0?

    same here. there should be some decent ones available. QB from Northwestern looks great. I started a thread on this 2 weeks ago and got flamed, likely from the same people now claiming that Allen is a bust (which I was not claiming then or now)
  3. Apparently facts don't matter to you. Is Allen surrounded by as much talent as Mahomes? Did he sit for a year and learn from Reid and A. Smith. Does Allen have anyone of the caliber (or near it) to Reid to discuss plays with during the game?
  4. RyanC883

    Plan for the next 3 games?

    he can also learn by sitting on the bench and watching a vet. worked for many QB's, Mahomes the most recent example. Although Goff is an example of playing right away helping. At any rate, any QB will look terrible with this OL and WR group. this is a ridiculous cliche around here. If this were true, Hughes, McCoy, and Benjamin would not be on this team, to name a few. And White would not be tweeting at Mike R. (which I loved, btw). Exactly. The play calling has been atrocious. And how about bringing in a real QB coach.
  5. RyanC883

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    a good point. the lack of coaching on this team is terrible. Neither Peterman nor Allen have progressed at all since they were drafted. Hopefully Anderson can help with that. I'd grab antoher Vet to replace Peterman also.
  6. RyanC883

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    A. Maybin says hello
  7. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/2018/ufa/quarterback/available/ Looks like Landry Jones and Matt Moore are available as Peterman replacements. I want NP gone and KB benched.
  8. RyanC883

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    they have a shot at Teddy in FA next year.
  9. RyanC883

    UFA WRs

    Here they are: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/2018/ufa/quarterback/available/ time to bring in Landry Jones to replace Peterman.
  10. Mahomes has Andy Reid, T. Hill, and a much better O-line.
  11. RyanC883

    Who should be cut 1st?

    Peterman. Benjamin should watch the games from the sidelines. Don't cut him and let the malcontent go elsewhere.
  12. cut Peterman regardless and bring someone else in. Is Landry Jones available? Peterman can be on the practice squad since he is allegedly fantastic in practice.
  13. RyanC883

    #Receipts on the Chris Ivory signing

    I didn't like that he was laughing about it. Literally cost the team a 1st down there. He better cut it. Prob laughing because he never thought it would happen. Now it did. Time to cut it.
  14. Imagine how good the D would be if we didn't lead the NFL in % of drives ending in 3 and out. I think the D is top 3 as is, and would be the top if it had ANY help from this terrible offense.
  15. I agree. Allen needs to sit (like Mahomes did) and learn. Mahomes was allegedly "raw" coming out of college--similar to Allen. Let Anderson play and Allen can learn from a vet. Might also expose what WR's are worth keeping around next year or not.