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  1. Indy should be all over him. They are very close to winning the AFC and perhaps SB. That said, I'd take McCoy here. Would love to have the problem of "too many" good players at DT.
  2. rap. same foot. almost better to ***** him down for year and get Rudolph.
  3. I'd like Delpit. But I doubt we trade up from 32 to grab him.
  4. some interesting stuff in that thread (it's only 2 pages). Someone said no way we would take D, another said, "take Haskins," which is somewhat impressive given it was at the beginning of the college season I think, and another (not me) astutely noted, "We traded the whole team for the opportunity to pick Allen. Now we have a QB that isn't ready yet and no other playmakers. It's gonna be a long year but a really fun off-season." Interesting to read all of that now!
  5. the contract is in an endzone. He can't get to it (total joke. I like the draft pick)
  6. Great points. Plus, wasn't Barkley signed like the week before the Jets game? And as I recall, that was the game where Foster broke-out at WR. He looks like a very capable backup to me.
  7. Manzel. As a TC arm. Someone had to suggest it 😁
  8. our interest is to drive up the price for the Pats**, or deprive Brady of a TE
  9. not paying for an out of town newspaper so I can read a "projected" starting article. If there was a Bills only subscription I would be interested, but I'd have to be low-cost and have real insight.
  10. I think he would switch position to RB in Buffalo. We need to keep the average age up after the draft!
  11. sounds a bit like J. James or H. Miller.
  12. Thanks!! Great list of players to watch in College this year.
  13. Clowney. Harder to find an edge rusher. Plus, a disruptive top-end edge is better than a top-end WR in terms of overall impact to team performance.
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