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  1. not so much hating him, question is whether he is impactful enough to keep over Knox, Oliver, or a FA acquisition.
  2. If his pace continues like this we will need to draft another next year. The lack of burst is odd.
  3. really? seemed to me the better players were used to blowing pol out and tightened up too much in close games.
  4. our offense sucks last two games against bottom feeder Ds. What is going on? It’s like lack of running game is an issue.
  5. Knox. I’ve been saying it for weeks, why not stop until I’m correct. I think Greg Roseeau. He will harass Jackson from the inside and outside all game, contain him and have 3 sacks. Miller will also have a good game but facing double teams Greg may have the edge
  6. Dri Archer surprised we don’t cut/settle and bring someone in. I wonder if Jackson is cleared for Sunday?
  7. Not sure this is as tough a game as some make it. Jackson is playing well. Know who else is: our DL and LBs. Who has a worse secondary than our injured one: Balt. We have a great passing offense. We should score a bunch of points and make a few stops and win by 10-14
  8. if we lose another one score game I’ll be very pessimistic that we can go far in playoffs due to losing 8 one score games in a row. But if we play well beyond our injury decimated secondary I’ll be less concerned.
  9. did not stop mckenzie from playing here. Kirk is soft. when in pads playing it’s not too cold. Just soft.
  10. I agree he has. Might be crowded at CB, and with his talent I want him in the field
  11. I think Rhodes goes there once everyone is healthy, perhaps Benford long term.
  12. ha. unless we are 1/2 injured, and they can literally use the sun as home field advantage, and it’s not a one possession game, we should destroy them.
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