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  1. Vontae Davis on FA visit to Bills

    be great to have both for sure. I see either Davis or Gaines, with Johnson and Wright and a rookie as backups.
  2. AJ McCarron wins grievance vs Bengals, is UFA

    Thought: depending on cost, McCarron is your "rookie" QB; and sign a veteran. Use all your picks for the remaining holes.
  3. Trade up or bust

    I see no reason to trade-up. To me, there are a lot of QB's who could be "the best" in this class. It's too much of a gamble this year, IMO. L. Jackson or L. Falk could turn out to be the best QB from the draft, and should be there at 21. Again, a lot of teams passed on Watson, who looked like the draft's best QB last year.
  4. well, he'd be a complete idiot not to "love NYC" when giving an interview given that the Giants and Jets have high picks! Show's me he's smart. But don't worry, he will LOVE Buffalo when he gets here!!
  5. Why I would be happy with Lamar Jackson

    Fl. State has a FANTASTIC secondary. 1TD and no INT's is good. Clemson: 3td's and 1int, with 317 yards: not bad. that is a fantastic graph. Mayfield is my #1 guy. Rudolph and Allen scare me. Any chance of adding Luke Falk to that chart. I believe he has great accuracy, just not sure where those throws occur (short, deep, etc.). Interesting that Rosen and Jackson have the same "short and intermediate" percentage.
  6. Free agency - non QB's

    Defense: I'd like to see Nigel Bradham brought back. Anthony Chickillo from the Steelers (OLB) could be a nice, cheap addition. But he's a RFA. Beau Allen (NT) from Philly would be a nice, cheap-ish depth at DT. Julius Peppers would be an intriguing addition. Does not play a ton, but 11 sacks last year. Perhaps he can also teach Lawson some pass-rushing moves. Offense: Andrew Norwell, G, Panthers. This is my top offensive target. In fact, might be my top non-QB FA target. In terms of WR's, I like Allen Robinson, Willie Snead, and Brice Butler sounds very intriguing. Chris Hubbard, OT Steelers
  7. QB Brogan Roback

    at least. why not!
  8. Totally agree. Frank will be a much better NFL head-coach than McDaniels. And, as a Bills fan, it's great to see Reich get a head coaching job. And it's also great that we keep Frazier at DC!!
  9. Mayock on WGR

    If we get Cousins, who I'm not high on given his lack of production relative to his age and cost, I still want a QB in the 1st. Let that guy learn from Cousins, backup Cousins and/or compete with Peterman.
  10. Giant Mock Offseason

    Good point re: Foles. I think whatever Vet we get the OC will have to focus on what the vet does and does not do well. None of the Vet QB's we get will be the long-term answer. Just have to find the best bridge for the rookie QB to learn from. And I totally agree on cost. No way am I paying above a 3rd for a vet QB, esp. when you can pick up a FA Vet (from Minny for ex).
  11. QB Brogan Roback

    Thanks for sharing. He does look like a good UDFA prospect. I'm for bringing in as many UDFA QB's as we can. My QB strategy: Vet in FA; draft a QB--hopefully a guy in the 1st that you have pegged there, fill out other holes in draft and FA. And pickup 1-3 UDFA QB's. There look like a lot more UDFA QB prospects this year than before, IMO.
  12. Another low from Pat's Fan

    seems like it's off that guys twitter timeline for some odd reason?
  13. Draft Wire Full 7 Rd Mock

    Thanks for sharing. I do not like this draft, at all. Here are my issues: 1. Rudolph in the 1st. I'd rather take Luke Falk in the 5th or whenever he went in this draft. Really, I'd rather take someone with a huge upside like L. Jackson in the 1st. My guess is we are going to have a vet like Bradford/Keenum for the rookie to learn behind. 2. The Jets got Mayfield. 3. Why are we drafting 2 QB's. We have other holes to fill. (OL, LB, TE, etc.) Get a rookie, a vet and Peterman. 4. I think I'd take Kirk over Washington at WR. I love this draft. I'd do it for Rosen or Mayfield. Not sure I'd trade up for Darnold. Still doesn't seem day 1 ready, IMO. Another thing is the Jets trade for Allen. Leaving Mayfield on the board. Such a JETS thing to do!
  14. Colts to interview Leslie Frazier for HC

    no. dammit. Take Frank Reich. Stay the F away from Fraizer!! That said, I think MCD Would be able to lure another great defensive mind to Buffalo.
  15. I think McDaniels is kind of a "Shi* Show" of a HC candidate. Stunk in Denver (and had another videotaping scandal there), and gets cold feet because he's afraid he'll get exposed away from Brady. Dude lacks confidence. I'll be surprised if he gets offered another HC gig (except Pats**, but have fun w/ that after Brady retires).