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  1. if he didn't want to be here, then good ridding's. Perhaps he didn't get to punt enough here!
  2. take some pepto and get your gut right! 🤪 I think they move up a few (nothing major), or stay put.
  3. I’d still go RB at 30 if Harris or Williams are there. I’d also be fine with a CB like Asante Samuel Jr. who can play multiple positions.
  4. I think the Edmunds thing is telling. LB is in play. I’d wait until after the season for Edmunds (if they can, or must it be done sooner). Clearly Josh’s option is picked up during contract negotiations.
  5. With the 67th pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select, Josh Myers, C, Ohio State. Houston has a TON of needs, one of them is Center. While WR is also a clear need for Houston, this appears to be the last center available with a day 1 starter grade on him while some WRs will likely be available for Houston later in the draft. @GunnerBilland the Atlanta Falcons are now on the clock.
  6. conversely, that guy could be hiding in the 2-3 round if we can't trade up. (i.e. Toney from PSU, Basham from Wake Forest, or Weaver form Pitt).
  7. With the 56th pick in the 2021 TSW 2.0 Mock Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Aaron Robinson, CB, Central Florida. While Seattle considered some members of the OL here, Seattle did patch up some holes on the OL in FA, and find Robinson a perfect fit to help bring back a "legion of boom." @Blokestradamus and the Rams are on the clock.
  8. i can’t either , it also seems like a deep WR draft after the “studs” are gone.
  9. Jenkins is a beast. I voted for Williams as he is my 2nd fav RB in the draft and can do it all, but I would not be upset with Jenkins either as he can also ay guard (I think) and is graded well in run and pass protection. I’d also like Toney, Dickerson or Collins here.
  10. an interesting one for me today. Almost all ACC Players. 30. Buffalo Bills Javonte Williams RB, North Carolina (I feel like RB or perhaps CB at 30 is the only position where a day-1 starter potential is available). 61. Buffalo Bills Gregory Rousseau EDGE, Miami (this guy in the second round. thought about him at 30. No brainer here. He is a bit unpolished, but could be a devastating tandem with AJ in a few years) 93. Buffalo Bills Hamsah Nasirildeen S, Florida State (described as a
  11. another thought: will CLE cut him if there are no offers??
  12. Good point about getting swallowed up by a rookie. But I think Hooper did not have a great year. Perhaps Mayfield is not a TE friendly QB. ? I’d still take a stab ar him with a 6th.
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