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  1. RyanC883

    Baker and OBJ on a magic carpet ride...

    the White on OBJ matchup will be great.
  2. RyanC883

    What do we do in the first round? (Options in Poll)

    If someone like Bosa falls, I see Bean going for it. Otherwise, I see BPA, who is either a DT, MLB (White--which is likely leading to a trade-down), or TE if the Bills are that high on Hock.
  3. He'd be a fantastic addition. And would totally eliminate the "need" to draft a WR. I'd swap 1st, and send the 2nd for him.
  4. RyanC883

    Maurice Alexander (safety) visiting with the Bills

    I like it. Getting veterans for depth, and then using the draft to get immediate (and cost-controlled) impact players. Sounds like this guy may have positional flexibility (3 ways: ST, safety and LB), and that's valuable as well in depth guys.
  5. RyanC883

    Rotoworld: Bills draft needs & 7 round mock

    it will be the top CB available.
  6. good depth player. I believe we upgrade the Edge position in the draft.
  7. RyanC883

    CB Rock Ya-Sin .... a McDermott special

    I'd take him in the 2nd, but no way would trade back into the 1st for him. I'm only doing that for Hock. That said, White and Rock would be a formidable CB tandem. Can Wallace move to a backup CB/Safety role?
  8. I don't get PFF's center grade on Morse. How is a guy who was: (1) the center for the most dynamic QB in the league last year only #13; and (2) a center who has not given up a sack since his rookie year #13. Something is off here.
  9. RyanC883

    Ledyard: 2019 NFL Draft Edge Defender Rankings

    I'd be fine with it. Hopefully the 2020 1st is a low one !
  10. RyanC883

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    I still think you need another player at 9. Metcalf is not going to carry your team. You can get a WR later in the draft that you can build a passing game around. I think I'm not sure Megatron ever got the Lions to the SB. Also, Megatron was much more dominate in college. I'd rather take Campbell, Brown (Old Miss) or Ridley later in the draft.
  11. RyanC883

    Ledyard: 2019 NFL Draft Edge Defender Rankings

    DO IT!!!!! I think Bean would do that. Can you imagine a young D with the following in place: CB (White/perhaps Wallace). LB (Milano, Edmunds), Edge: Bosa. Secondary: Hyde/Poyer. Then get DL (Wise from Kansas) in like Rd. 3. I'd trade 9, and a second to get Bosa. Gary is interesting. his numbers in college are not impressive AT ALL. Yet some are projecting him as a top 10 pick. That scares me. Hopefully Oakland takes him, and White falls to us.
  12. RyanC883

    Devin White - Luke Keuchly, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis

    I'm glad the OP posted this. I've thought White would be the BPA when we pick for a while. If he is there at 9, there are only two options: (1) Draft White. For the, "why move Edmunds outside" crowd, Edmunds is 20 years old, he can learn OLB. Lorax is gone after this season. Edmunds, Milano, and White=set at LB for a decade. You know what teams historically have good LB's: Ravens, Steelers, and even the Pats** Perennial playoff teams. A TE/DL could be taken later in the draft. We get the best LB in the draft, and still have 9 picks. We have enough to trade back into the 1st round and get whoever we want. (Hock/Simmons, etc.). (2) Trade down. If White is there, these teams would be interested: Cincy, Green Bay, Steelers, and Ravens. We could get quite the bounty trading to the Steelers/Ravens spot. And likely one of the top TE's or Simmons is available there. We would likely also pickup another 2nd round pick, enabling an OT and DL. Then go WR in 3rd. If White is there at 9, we win.
  13. It's funny how something that looks terrible for a team at the time (the Jets trade) works out well for the Bills. We paid less to get Allen, who has a much higher ceiling, we also got a top MLB in the draft, and have 10 picks this year. I wonder if the NJ Jets are furious now!!!
  14. RyanC883

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    not at all. Actually, down here in PGH, there are a decent number of Bills fans. I always go out of my way to talk to someone wearing Bills gear. But don't worry, in a few years when we win back to back SB's, everyone will have it on. Enjoy the novelty while it lasts !
  15. RyanC883

    What am I missing about Jared Cook?

    yeah, Ben throwing you the ball, with a great OL, run game, and other WR's. Now AB has?? an average QB. and zero run game to take pressure off him.