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  1. sports are hardly meaningless. they teach a lot of valuable lessons that can be applied to life. it’s interesting that you find the world a miserable place and sports meaningless yet post here?
  2. i think he makes the final roster
  3. McCloud. Cool name for a WR, and seems to have put in a lot of work over the offseason. Also interested to see who makes the final spot at DE. I don't think he qualifies as a "bubble" guy anymore!
  4. Build a dome downtown. Then compete for the Final 4 and other events. A year-round, downtown stadium (which is what a Dome is) would bring concerts, and other activities to downtown. If Buffalo's rebirth is anything like Pittsburgh, and I suspect it is, having a lot of events downtown drives increases in restaurant and hotel openings, existing ones staying open longer, and provides a place for people to congregate before and after events.
  5. hopefully someone gets by another team and we get a capable backup.
  6. With Morse out, who has been taking the snaps at center?
  7. yeah, not sure why. Perhaps he dosen't want Wallace "looking over his shoulder," and wants him to play loose. Only think I can think. Wallace can't really have the role locked up. (love the depth at that spot. 3 legit starters)
  8. This thread, including the title, is making my morning. So much funny stuff in here. I have them as the worst team in the league. Dolphins may be close behind. They are in quasi-rebuild mode. Seems like they could be stuck there for a while. Really depends on if the Dolphins D can sustain another year of carrying the team, because the offense looks offensive.
  9. use the DirectTV website. I can't get Direct TV where I live due to a house in front of me blocking the Sat reception (unless the satellite was put in our yard). I've been able to get it online since I cannot get it otherwise.
  10. I could see Shady or Yeldon to San Diego is the Gordon thing isn't worked out quickly. Could get a decent return on such a trade. I wouldn't trade Foster. He just needs the OC and WR coach in his ear every day. Hopefully vets like Beasley and Brown will show him what it takes to have sustained success at WR.
  11. I hope he has been. Because he's been Mr. Positive about the Bills all off-season. That said, he also seems to know more about the Bills than other national reporters.
  12. I started reading it, but quit half way through.
  13. interesting. I think this will be one of the more enjoyable preseasons to watch in recent memory. Finally depth, and we can watch our team and others to improve upon the depth. No glaring holes at starting positions. I only disagree with the RB diagnosis. I think Singletary gets a lot more carries than you, but we'll see. Good problem to have in the RB room! I can also envision a 2 back backfield at some points with McCoy and Singletary. Then you can put McCoy at WR on a motion, or do something else creative.
  14. I like that we have good players who are likable.
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