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  1. the market size is nonsense. If this was the Packers they would show Rodgers. We have a huge fanbase outside Buffalo. I think most of the people on this board live outside Buffalo. not showing Allen is nonsense. If we can, we should run up the score on the Pats.
  2. it's ridiculous when your team is losing. I'm fine with it if it's a big play and your winning, or it's a tide-turning play in a game- but what the heck are you celebrating if your getting crushed. Still a team game.
  3. love it! TO was great when here. Wish we kept him around for one more year, could have retired a Bill .
  4. the Pat's had a great plan. Stout D, two great TEs, and draft a RB who is actually good, unlike Bean. This is the rookie QB success formula.
  5. they are, but they are hardly the only unique atmosphere in college football. I married a PSU grad, you'd think by talking to PSU grads that they have never attended other football games (we have a white out, wow, look at our student section. Okay, yeah, it's a sweet atmosphere, but so are most big college programs) --this sounded like a dick response and wasn't indented to be. Not at you, but at some of the PSU-cult like people I know. And I know Bama, OSU, etc. all have these same annoying cult- like fans also.
  6. moved away, but never cheated with hometown team (PIT). Just the Bills missed the playoffs for 17 straight years, so come playoff time, I had someone to cheer for, but not before then. And dammit, that 2004 Bills v. Steelers game when I went up to the game with a horribly annoying (long time ago ex) gf who was a know-nothing Steelers fan. Anyway, Long-Distance, and win 5. 1 is not enough after losing 4 in a row!
  7. thanks, appreciate the insight! I get the coaches issue there. But then, shouldn't they practice more than one scheme all week, and shouldn't pro players be able to adapt. Just seems like most coaches are way too stubborn.
  8. i hope you are right, but odd they didn't do this the first time we played the colts? good analysis, but it was insane not to try so something different as the game went on.
  9. pretty sure Brady started whining the minute he was in the league. And Allen has earned the right to complain about late hits, IMO. He's in the freaking running for MVP.
  10. well, it's also on Bean, the OL has been terrible. But I agree, JA needs to stop throwing bad INTs like last game regardless of the pressure and Daboll needs to call better plays. (more balance).
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