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  1. I'd save a lot on the DL by letting most of them go. Use savings to sign Tomlinson from the Giants to play 1T and/or an Edge rusher, and draft those positions also.
  2. Oliver would be much better with a real 1 tech next to him. Regarding Edmunds, I see him at replacement level. but he is still young, so he could improve. he is more of an outside LB. He is a huge liability in the run game. If we can't keep Edmunds, we could pick up a 1 tech and draft Edmunds replacement. Overall, the DL is a huge issue.
  3. agreed. the coaching and game plans were terrible. the OL added to it with its terrible execution.
  4. well, this wins true yet depressing post of the night. that said, I like Allen more than Boomer and we have a GM who may be better than Polian. I like our odds of catching and beating KC.
  5. agreed. and hopefully a better RB and line will help him do that next year.
  6. well. hopefully SB victory is on the way! but agree we are missing a run game, edge, 1 tech and some OL upgrades.
  7. yep. esp. the last part. the Kc D just teed off on our passing game because we have no running game. and the OL was a disaater. OL was a disaster. Nice of them to back Allen up at the end, but how about blocking those guys to begin with.
  8. yeah. it was those issues. we had no run game, letting Kc’s not great D key in and sell out to stop the pass (it worked), while KC played balanced on offense exploiting our terrible zone scheme that does not work against KC. we fix those weaknesses and we’ll beat KC.
  9. yeah, looks like everyone was covered. OL was a disaster today.
  10. odd year. we had the issues the OP noted, but we could still destroy teams. we are really good at what we are good at (passing game, secondary usually) and really bad at run D and TE coverage and running game, esp v teams lime KC and Tenn that have well-rounded offenses. we fix those and if JA does not have a Wentz regression (no reason we cant fix the issues and I doubt a regression) we will be on par with KC next year.
  11. or DC apparently. and hit him at the line.
  12. agreed. cant’ be one dimensional. and DT and OL.
  13. Bean and Allen are really the reason for optimism.
  14. well. to be honest we are as relevant as every other non-winning team. we got smoked 2 times by KC this year. We need a running game and better front 7.
  15. yep. and KC has the worst red zone D and we sucked against it and kicked fg’s. our lack of running game and inability to stop it or TE’s was on full display today
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