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  1. cant take the 1st off against good teams. and we have beaten none all year
  2. Bad Allen here today. Time for Teddy B in FA. cant have a medicore qb. Teddy has outperformed Brees this year.
  3. Bell had a very unusual and patient style in Pittsburgh Bell totally relied on the Pgh O-line that was elite when he was there.
  4. this is the point. why the insults. they son’t have to love it, but the insults are bizarre (and it happens to other so-called rust belt cities also). I think we have more sunny days here in Pitt but not many more. Hopefully you will be at the game next week!!!
  5. NFL really needs to change playoff seeding. Perhaps this will be the year that finally forces that.
  6. John Harbaugh is one of the most underrated coaches. I often look at the "talent" of the Ravens and wonder how they win so many games. He does a great job at highlighting the strengths of his players.
  7. are they counting contact where a defender grazes him in the pocket prior to him taking off? He seems to be smarter about sliding and getting out of bounds (yet still runs very well).
  8. wow. you live in sports hell. wtf. Erie has that game on?!?! Thats awful. Tickets are cheap and weather looks food. come to the game!!!
  9. Allen is an obvious choice. Others include: Knox, Milano. or White. or Brown, or Beasley, or any O-lineman. Really hard to pick. So many fun players who also seem like cool guys.
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