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  1. kind of a joke, kind of serious. not sure how desperate GB is to make Rodgers happy.
  2. I would cancel your auto-renew. Why not. I bet they will then try to lure you back with a deal, and if not, then just sign-up at the regular rate!
  3. all you posters with your, "whoever wins." Well, of course, whoever wins should be the starter! I think this questions is: who do you think will win! Come on, pick a side I voted for Moss. I think he has slightly better hands (not hard to do) and is a better pass blocker. Breida could be a surprise and be the Rb1.
  4. I think we could get a 3rd from GB for him. They have to make Rodgers happy. Otherwise, I'd have him make the team, or see if Minny wants anything for him. Create more drama, and then let GB know they have to give a good pick for him.
  5. did I throw shade at Singletary. Nope. However, Moss outplayed him last year, and Breida offers something neither he nor Moss possess: home run speed. That leaves Singletary fighting with Williams for the 3rd spot.
  6. This is a good thread. I will say this, it's nice that our debates are now about depth players!! (well, besides RB. I see Moss and Breida in a timeshare. Singletary and Willams battle for #3).
  7. I have Moss and Bredia ahead of him. I’d trade Singletary, but I’d need a 3rd back. He (Singletaty) is valuable as depth.
  8. Agree. No way we are No 7. In fact, I put us at 2 behind Reid. BB without an elite QB is top 10, not top 5. boring drafts make good teams, IMO.
  9. this dude clearly never had a flip phone!
  10. was at a Pirates game last night in Pittsburgh. Wearing a Bills hat found many other Bills/Pirates fans at the game. We are everywhere. Some of it had to do to people fleeing Buffalo and not coming back, other factors are the success of the team, etc. Also kids of fans (like mine) become Bills fans in Pa.
  11. I like the WR battle. lots of depth behind the starting 4, hope Hodgins makes it, but some good competition there
  12. I think it’s a bad decision for the roster fringe. With rookies missing last offseason and one less preseason game this year, it’s less time in a competitive atmosphere for the roster fringe/depth. That said, overall likely won’t matter.
  13. i think we have a more balanced offense run/pass wise, which opens everything up and we score a ton of points as a result. I expect Moss and Davis to be better in year 2, as well as Knox to finally put it all together. Breida’s speed element will also enable this offense to keep moving. I’m excited. I had the same thoughts. If our D plays better, we have the ball more. Daboll may run more, but we are getting points at a higher per possession pace than last year, IMO. We lost no talent on offense that was not replaced/upgraded. agreed. I’ll score 3 points
  14. this is better than many of our drought year teams for sure.
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