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  1. Clearly this reporter wanted another foot in mouth moment. If I’m Fromm, I’m just not answering anything and simply saying my team is like a family and I’ve talked with them. Then tell the reporter he will answer any football question he has.
  2. this is the issue. No one thinks he is not a good player, the issue is cap number, esp next year with all pro Tre and Edmunds, and Ja eventually coming up.
  3. I'd do Clowney at 10-12 million on a one year deal. That way, little impact on the cap next year.
  4. I can also see Epenesa being kicked inside on passing downs. Then you have Addison, Hughes, and Epensa on the D-line with Harrison or whomever else the Bills put there. yeah, that didn't make any sense. Players play well into their 30's. The fact that Norman may be declining has little to do with being 32.
  5. I really like this idea. esp the part where if we are overloaded flipping for picks. we have the cap space, and a window here, and a pass rush need. Lets do it!!
  6. so does Oakland wonder how the WR’s on Ravens feel about this? I guess “Hollywood” Brown is oaky with it since AB is his cousin? Internal drama hopefully will result. I can’t see Harbaugh and AB.
  7. I find this nonsense. We had the opportunity to get Winson, which we should have done, and took TJ Graham instead.
  8. good point. our offense couldn’t move the ball. In fact, our D plan vs. Balt was copied in the playoffs by Tenn.
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