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  1. in a normal state he wouldn’t. But BOB is one crazy dude.
  2. yeah, that’d be okay. but I bet he goes top 15 and is underwhelming in yr. 1.
  3. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108258/article/nfl-qb-value-rankings-who-do-you-want-most-at-current-cost I’m not an Allen “fanboy”, but this is absurd. I’d take Allen over Carr, Minshew, Darnold, and Mayfield, and others. Where would you put him on this list? I’d have him around 8.
  4. fair point. But I would still avoid him in Rd. 1. I want a freak athlete who produced.
  5. they could be open for only pro-athletes. Then wipe everything that athlete touches down afterwards. I imagine these gyms all smell like a swimming pool at this point.
  6. I hope he has himself together now. Any clue what he has been doing the past 5 years (coaching somewhere, etc.--in addition to hopefully counseling/rehab). I cant' believe his last game was 2015!
  7. I think K'Lavon Chaisson is the biggest bust. He reminds me of Rashan Gary from Michigan last year. Great numbers, everything athletic is there, but a total lack of production from what you want to see when picking someone that high.
  8. I like that he's meeting with people we likely have no shot at drafting, but it builds a relationship for FA later on. !
  9. in terms of OT, even trade into the first. Depends on how they see Ford long-term. If someone like Becton or Thomas is available at 15 or after, it makes a tempting trade.
  10. anywhere you can do this online? My fanduel app has a limited amount of NFL drafting available. I can't even find the O/U wins for teams next year!
  11. the interesting thing about this draft, is who do you trade up for. If we trade-up my guess is for an OT. OT in my opinion is the best position to have a starter on a rookie deal after QB. This would let us keep Dawkins, and have a rookie OT and Josh Allen together for a long time. If not OT, perhaps a trade-up for LB Murray from Oklahoma to complete the LB corp? I'm not sure I see an edge I'd trade up for. (Chaisson appears overrated, IMO. Total lack of production on stacked LSU D, and would likely cost too much). I'd rather grab Weaver in the 2nd and trade up back into the 2nd for another impact player. RB and WR appear too deep to trade-up, unless there is someone you absolutely love above the rest (and going Weaver first allows you to trade back into the second).
  12. I think they both fit in. Lots of versatility. Chinn does appear to be the better prospect, IMO, but I'd be happy with either one.
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