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  1. Agree with most of this. But Chop Robinson would be an absoultley horrid pick. He can't rush the passer or play against the run. Most of the Edge writeups have lower rush grades and decent run grades. I'd go for that type of player later in the draft and look more at solid DTs early on.
  2. He will be Maybin 2.0. Athletic traits and no production.
  3. I like this one. Thomas in Rd. 1. Persall in Rd. 3. Don't really know anything about Taylor, but he is a highly rated DT, so I took him in Rd. 2. Anyone have insight? I like the Harper/Smith, Taylor safety trio (perhaps 1 too many Ss drafted). I think this draft does a lot to help the WR, DT, and S issues, and provides depth at OL and LB.
  4. Was always an entertaining listen. Condolences to the family and RIP to him.
  5. CB in round 1 incoming. Don’t like it but if Douglas os gone and a top 3 CB is there I think it’s what happens.
  6. just moronic that we did not bring him in. Martin was not great at end of season. But don’t worry, we will overpay or overdraft a 3rd ST gunner.
  7. Gabe Davis is a lot like the Knox situation. Good but not elite player. Outstanding teammate. Will likely cost too much to retain. You simply can't pay him elite or near-elite money. He's unlikely to become a WR1 suddenly. You draft a guy that can, and use the money elsewhere (DL, S, etc).
  8. giving good, but not elite players elite money is a way to make your team mediocre. We could get a nice WR with this money.
  9. another thing here, having Henry in those situations stops Josh from having to be the guy taking that pounding, which is something the FO wants. Let him be free on passing downs to take a lane if there, but no need on short yards of under 5. We could pound Henry.
  10. it's almost like the drafting and signing strategies are not fully aligned with the play calling. Signing Knox then getting Kincade, ok, 2 TE sets. Never really happened. Drafting Elam who is a press corner. Also odd. Hopefully the coaches will play to the talent this year, we seem to have a lot of it, but need to rev it up a bit. We could come out in a game with 2 TE, then move away from it, go back to it, etc. Really a lot of weapons, and hopefully another 1-2 with WRs in the draft.
  11. no clue how to feel about this draft. People who know more about these players please chime in. The CB from Toledo was there, so I took him based off his ranking. No clue if he can contribute right away. I think Polk in the 2nd can be a #1 WR. Then it went D heavy just because of BPA. I think Cephaus may be a steal that late at slot WR, not sure. Have never seen Leary play but the wright up made him seem like a potential capable backup QB. Thoughts??
  12. I’ve brought kids to lower levels for a regular season 1pm game and it was fine.
  13. agree with this. he is a slightly better Shaq Lawson at this point. I still see potential for better play. Will be interesting to see what new DL coach can do.
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