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  1. RyanC883

    Surprise Candidates For Starting WR Spots

    I think Foster ends up in the WR rotation. I could see him as a starter next year. Dupree I wanted to draft (along with OT McDermitt). I think both will be major contributors this year.
  2. Or, he's good, and the Jets can't recognize talent. We'll find out soon!
  3. RyanC883

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks

    I want to hear that we at least made a play at him. With McD and Fraizer as known great D coaches, you'd think we have a shot at him coming here. Any connection/overlap with Shady's time in Philly?
  4. RyanC883

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks

    this would be a fantastic pickup. Would solidify the LB corp.
  5. I think McCarron starts week 1 and the entire season. I think he surprises people and is this years Jimmy G. Will be interesting to see what happens if Allen is lighting up practices while McCarron performs well during the season. Two good quarterbacks. Fantastic dilemma. I know, seems like a long shot, but I really think this will happen.
  6. I have no problem with AJ starting the season. Would be great if he turns into this season's Jimmy G! Then we also have Allen, and when he plays, he turns into Big Ben. Then we have a problem we could only dream of: 2 great QB's!!
  7. RyanC883

    COMEBACKSZN Manziel is back!

    Is that the team that once was the Binghamton Mets in the mid-1990's (lived there then).
  8. RyanC883

    Rookie Premiere photo of Allen and Co.

    i think Marino and Kelly were friends. So this could be a good sign. ridiculous that Edmunds is not there. The guy has HOF potential.
  9. RyanC883

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Drafting Maybin at 11. Passing on drafting Russel Wilson and instead taking a WR, whose name currently escapes me.
  10. nice. Interesting list.!
  11. RyanC883

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    The best question was the one about buying a jacket. The reporter clearly had no clue he played at Wyoming, or that it is freezing up there in the winter.
  12. RyanC883

    Tony Garcia OT Released By Pats

    pats*** are not infallible. They did draft an OL this year. Perhaps he lost too much weight. Perhaps could play guard here.
  13. RyanC883

    Josh Allen Jerseys

    I recommend an Edmunds jersey. Guy is going to be a beast!!
  14. Buffalo gouging a Dolphin?
  15. possible when AJ goes 13-3!!~