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  1. Cincy is a great city. Lots of hotels near the stadium, nice riverwalk area. Haven’t gone for a NFL game but work and a baseball game years ago. Lots of good places to eat around there. I can’t recall the name of any off the top of my head but will try to remember them tomorrow!
  2. he wants to come here. We need to make this happen. Restructure whoever we must.
  3. I think the issue for many is that the juggernaut vanishes in the playoffs. We play so well in the regular season, then it’s choke time against equal talent playoff teams. Hopefully with McD running the D that unit improves from bend and don’t break to dominant, and Dorsey is ready to rock in year 2. Otherwise we may need a new OC or HC next year. I like what Bean has done to put these guys in an area to succeed. I think we will see it next Jan/Feb!
  4. who was our OC that year? i can’t recall but seems that person did decent.
  5. good call. Also, Hill was pretty upset when he left the dolphins.
  6. Thanks. Time to start the Adams thread!! We should land at least one!
  7. I mean we can disagree here, but i'm not sure how Rousseau is better than Houston?
  8. Yep. Greg R. was a JAG when Miller was out. Houston has proven to be able to create for himself. Next year could be different, but hoping that Greg R. improves is not a strategy for success when you have a proven answer out there.
  9. Same. Heck, he's better than Greg R. right now. B. Smith had a 9 sack season at 39. I think Houston is aging well like Smith did. We should be going after him.
  10. his soft and refusal to press coverage was infuriating, esp. with Elam who is good in press coverage.
  11. imagine if we had better weapons like this year (at RB, and presumably at receiver)—and an OC who is not a rookie. He should have a really good year this year. Also, not to be negative, but to some extent this shows how good Allen is, but the lack of a team effort around him. He was the offense. Hopefully some more balance upcoming and a SB win!
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