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  1. Jackson playing like he has likely means Wallace might not be back (too expensive to bring back). And Wallace has had a good year.
  2. that kicking game was odd. I was reading (I think Christie) who said you can't feel your foot and almost guess where the ball is when it's that cold. Sounded odd, but perhaps that's what happened?
  3. the competence and attitude of the OL the past few weeks. Not sure what happened, but they are blocking correctly and they refuse to lose at the point of attack.
  4. I don't disagree with anything you said, but we have only shown improvement against 1 great team (NE, who itself stumbled into the postseason). Growing internally is great, and Singletary did not so much improve as someone finally told Daboll that running exists outside of QB draws There was no reason not to draft Humphry, IMO, but the line's elevated play as of late has been tremendous. I'm just saying that out of the additions/losses, we are slightly worse off when you consider what KC added (they are the #1 defense since we played them, so they also had internal improvement); and we lost Tre. I still believe we can beat them. They looked slow out of the gate v. PGH. If we come out hot again and make them one dimensional, we should win. I was talking external upgrades, and I agree, no way we blow them out. Both team are better now. well, CEH is likely back for our game. But McKinnon had impactful drive sustaining runs last night. I believe they also have a DL (can't recall name, Jones?) who missed our game who is back, we are down Tre. All things being said, I think both teams got better since we last met. If we come out hot and play like we did against NE, we should win.
  5. the laughable refs union would never allow it. Because, you know, refs need a union. what a joke. This crew should be fined, and barred from doing the playoffs next season also. That was a joke, they had to know the whistle happened and should have redon the play. Look, inadvertent whistles happen, I get that, but the cover-up is terrible here. I disagree on the part-time aspect. This is not rocket-science. A lot of these guys are lawyers, doctors, whatever in their daily jobs. It's one game a week. Because they are so well paid, they should be fined or fired for making such bad calls (outright lie, really) as happened in the Raiders v. Bengals game. Everyone heard the whistle.
  6. KC has made two impactful upgrades: Ingram and at RB. We have done nothing to upgrade and lost Tre. So I'd give KC the advantage here. KC is also the TOP defense in the league since that game, and is running the ball more. That said, we have gotten better at stopping the run once Harry started playing better. The KC OL is great, in large part due to Creed Humphry, who Bean royally whiffed on. KC has improved through some player acquisitions on D and at RB. That said, we have improved in-house through Harry's improvement. But we are missing Tre. Jackson has been a solid replacement. We need someone to cover Kelse. The D will have it's hands full this game, and it won't be as easy for our offense. I think using multiple looks (running, getting mcKenzie more involved, using Knox, basically everything we did to Pats**) will be key. great point. We need our receivers to be ready to deal with that. If they are allowing DB's to mug, they should also allow offensive PI. So we need our guys to push off. add in Ingram for KC also, however. Milano is a huge addition for us. Basically the only dependable "impact" player in the front 7.
  7. I didn't watch this game, will have to read on what happened. Was Dak approving of throwing things at the refs, or at the Dallas players for blowing it. We should help Dallas. Edmunds and a 1st for Parsons.
  8. although some good teams like Indy in AFC out of it. I miss the 2 seed having a bye week
  9. hardly ruined the game. classless, yes; but ruining the game, not a chance.
  10. we are 0-3 on the road in McD playoff games. want as many at home as possible!! we play like we did last night we can!! where was that team all year. that said, if we get that team 3 more games no complaints.
  11. if you don’t like meat, other foods besides fake meat plant stuff. like black bean burger. tastes different. i eat meat but still love them.
  12. i think Bass is not used to kicking in this cold. make him practice outside.
  13. this is how the Bills should be playing every game. keep it up and SB
  14. Hope Josh has these on! https://www.westonstore.com/products/weston-heated-socks?currency=USD&variant=40425503752382&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiA_omPBhBBEiwAcg7smUZ6jRELJRXPaHUdQLYLnuTGtRVHPyMAEGUgvSMR_3FUcPy6A1LftxoCPy0QAvD_BwE
  15. I'm more worried about the WR/TE/RBs dropping passes than Josh's ability to handle it. I'd like to know how they freeze the football. I'm just envisioning a freezer with a ton of footballs. ha.
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