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  1. Anyone else notice Babich on that list? I’d promote him to DC to prevent him from being poached as Dac elsewhere.
  2. Jeudy is young and would likely play well here away from the Denver fiasco
  3. not sure what i voted for, but after the bye week likely, IMO. Earlier if we look awful this week.
  4. all of the above, so I chose other. Otherwise, I'd go with Brown. Fixing the OL will enable TEs to run routes, providing additional dimensions to the offense. have to help Brown. I also would like to seem them more involved.
  5. that is simply fantastic. Great commercial
  6. If the Bills can stop the run and Hill/Waddle, likely by disrupting the timing routes, they should be able to stop a few Dolphins drives enough to get the offense going against what is not a fantastic D in Miami.
  7. I agree with this. But the OL there is in shambles, that impacts the running game at the very least. And the inability to swing a trade or sign someone like Colt McCoy or trade for Jamis Winston (would be nearly impossible now) is ridiculous. The Jets seem content to play out the year for a better draft position. They could still make the playoffs with a serviceable QB given the D and weapons they have with G. WIlson and the RBs. All that said, I'm glad they are a disaster!
  8. Agreed, and hope we can draft or find his eventual replacement. That run stuffer who can occupy multiple OL is a huge help to this DL and LB group.
  9. I’ve seen Dorsey use the run game and intermediate passes more than Daboll. If Dorsey does not improve I’d rather go with option C, neither. But so far I lime what I’ve seen from Dorsey better than what we had with Daboll.
  10. I'm of several thoughts here. One is that the offense is good with the longer passes, but at the same time, it does make us more one dimensional and we would be better served by adding YAC routes into our offense. Teams that can do both put up massive numbers and generally last longer in the postseason. Perhaps we have those but have not called them yet.
  11. Although, the refs called that nonsensical trip on Kincaid. He barley touched the guy, who went into full-blown acting mode.
  12. the lack of a legit number 2 WR worries me. But offense looked better in Raiders game in terms of flow, etc, hopefully the 12 personnel is the plan going forward.
  13. I like the idea a lot. Gives us two stud WR (many other "top" teams have this), and I'm not sure how you defend him, Diggs, and Davis. plus the TE, plus the run game. We can hang 73 on someone later this year with him!
  14. (1) press coverage, bump Hill off the line, bracket Hill with a CB (who bumps Hill) and safety help over the top. (2) pressure that comes from various places on Tua. (3) Groot and Lawson will need another good game of run stopping. Offense: (1) a WR other than Diggs needs to step up (2) if we have a lead, run the ball. Make MIA stop that, then play 2 TE sets to setup mid range passes and a few long passes thrown in.
  15. Bernard both lines, esp the OL doing an amazing job v. one of the best lines in nfl. Cook for a smooth running game.
  16. where you headed? hopefully have ability to watch game on plane
  17. If we call the offense like against the Raiders we should be fine. We have 3 good backs. Two TE’s if we can’t air it out.
  18. I wonder of Klein will be active and in on running downs vs. teams like the Jets that are run heavy? At any rate AJ coming back is good for depth at MLB.
  19. wonder if we see more Murray this game also. He can block and release also. A couple intermediate and short options with Diggs or Davis long.
  20. love the reactions. Not much different than a field coach jumping up and down after such a pass. Like the passion, and Dorsey finally had a great game plan that was perfectly executed. Everyone should be pumped about it.
  21. interesting. Whatever he was doing was likely only done at home, IP addresses should ping a work computer at Halas Hall otherwise.
  22. Good points here. A computer is ALWAYS impounded as most people use one to communicate and it's a treasure trove of evidence for many federal crimes, particularly those involving tax, financial crimes, or, well, you know the others. But it doesn't mean its' the others, but Eberflus crying is not great sign. Most people don't do that over hearing so and so is accused of tax fraud or embezzlement, but who knows, perhaps he stole from the Bears?
  23. Yikes. Whether health or what the original X's (is that what they are called now?) make it sound like, not good for that team. Team needed stability and they aren't getting much of it. We should see if they want Frazier for a 3rd.
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