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  1. I wouldn't cut him either. But then its him or Rudolph, and if he loses to Rudolph, does PGH carry 3? If Rudolph is cut, I'd take him here over Barkley. For what it's worth, I think Mitch wins the job, Pickett is backup, Rudolph gets traded for a 7th or something.
  2. this is strange. I mean losing that Center is big, but it's not the entire line. wonder how he has looked in TC so far. Perhaps he doesn't have it anymore and wants to retire. Or who knows? Is bored with TC/preseason.
  3. how do you think he racked up most of those numbers. You said he literally ended Josh’s season. That’s just false.
  4. the value with Edmunds just isn't there relative to what he likely asks for. He does not make impact/game changing plays. He is an average/good MLB, but the numbers I keep hearing are all-pro/game changer numbers. And if Bernard improves, that is perfect and likely the plan. Put Bernard in next year with Milano, draft another LB, and resign Knox/Poyer and you have Davis coming up soon.
  5. rust-belt cities are largely remaking themselves. This "holding onto the past" thing needs to go, IMO. It's not a "rust belt" city anymore (neither are PIT or CLE, either). Before it was a "rust belt city" it was something else. Now it's trying (hopefully) to transition into a tech/banking/medical city.
  6. 1. He played on Dick Jauron teams, so that's not suprising. 2. He was not always terrible, and even in an injury-shortened rookie year was named to the All Rookie Team. same. He was unstoppable. I thought we had AP or something, then boom, fell off the earth. Meanwhile, his brother (Vince Williams) had a decent career as a LB in PGH.
  7. That's not true. The "compelling case" is Rudolph's play when given the chance to work with the 1st team. Hodges’ story was better than both the performances of Hodges and Rudolph that season as Rudolph outperformed Hodges. Both quarterbacks started 8 games, Rudolph had 62.2% passes completed, 13 TDs to 9 INTs throwing for 1,765 yards to Hodges’ who had 62.5% passes completed, 5 TDs to 8 INTs throwing for 1,063 yards. After being benched for a few games, Rudolph made his return to the field and replaced a struggling Hodges against the New York Jets. Rudolph would impress in the game throwing 14-20, 70% passes completed with a long touchdown to Diontae Johnson. Rudolph, unfortunately, would not finish the game as he left due to a sternoclavicular joint dislocation, which ended his season. Rudolph was 5-3 as a first-year starter." It would not surprise me at all if Rudolph is the best QB on that team right now. I think it will be Pickett eventually, but Rudolph is a good, at least league average if not slightly above-average QB. He has playing experience, and if PGH wants to come out of the gate winning, starting him (or Mitch, assuming Mitch improves in camp) is the smart choice.
  8. i hate this division. in tv way too much and teams stink and/or generally unlikable. Washington?. Best D (i think), fan of McLauren. Perhaps Dallas? (best qb, odd wr situation).
  9. this has to be the dumbest nfl rule ever. you should be allowed at least an alternate and throwback.
  10. great football player. can play multiple positions at least at league average level. very valuable and great price.
  11. i think he means pre captain checkdown days, post nasty hit in AZ game I think it was
  12. that’s what I thought, but the article makes a compelling case otherwise.
  13. we don't know that, but how would they have known they would when throwing them down?
  14. In addition to what everyone else has stated, the fact that people kept throwing their jerseys after Diggs was dropping them on the ground was next level stupid. Why not just throw $100 bills away.
  15. I did see Keenum on the list of 7 people struggling. Interestingly, Mitch Turbisky may be getting passed by Rudolph on the Steelers. If that happened, would Mitch be back? (Rudloph is better than people think, so him winning the QB competition should not be surprising) https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/mason-rudolph-the-most-hated-man-in-pittsburgh/ar-AA10nu4e?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=bc953b3a17aa481ca09cd124bff78990
  16. Every time I see this topic, I think it says “Saffold”. Scares me.
  17. basham was a horrid pick, namely because he looks league average and Humphrey is tan all-pro, and we could use those on the OL.
  18. If Elam is not looking ready, I wonder if he starts week 1? Is Benford looking better?
  19. Sullivan is just saying that as bad as the KC loss was, at least there is hope for the future with Allen and it could be (and has been) worse. Also, a significant amount of Bills fans don’t live in Buffalo. I’m not sure what OP described about Buffalo is different than anyone, anywhere.
  20. blah, Kiper. Is Penning holding or playing after the whistle? If not, perhaps he's embarrassing vets and they are taking exception to it?
  21. Steelers #1 WR is ??? Could be Johnson, would be if he didn't drop the ball too often. Also Chase Claypool, but he's been a semi-disappointment for his physical tools. Also the rookie from GA is allegedly having a good camp. Hopefully Mitch does well there, then can get a starting gig elsewhere (Steelers needs to roll with Pickett at some point after drafting him high)
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