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  1. That is crap Pats fans do. Hope they figure out who did that and kick them out for rest of season at least.
  2. it is odd how it sometimes shows bad ref calls and sometimes dont. Perhaps no good camera angle on the alleged penalty.
  3. no. Pass.? Another long run? Have some sympathy stuck with Giants v. Atl or NFL channel all around replays. 🤪
  4. On a plane can't watch. How did WFT get 2nd td?.
  5. much better to stay in campus. Pitt moved games to Heinz field, and the home field advantage is now gone.
  6. Big Ben was great at it for a few years also. You just need to have a good OL that you are in rhythm with. No reason this shouldn’t be automatic for Allen.
  7. true, Edmunds is not costing us games or royally messing up like the OL. The OL is an issue, as is Allens timing/velocity. That said, nothing wrong with discussing if Edmunds was worth the option and cost. I think it was the perfect move because he has talent but it’s not put together and this gives Bills time to further evaluate.
  8. they had some star LB’s on the Panther D with McD.
  9. Williams has a big game this week to focus on. Let's see what he can do there. If he still looks bad, I'll be really worried. The Steelers have a great DL, Dolphins are good, and WFT also has a great DL. You need your RT to be able to perform against a great DL. The Giants OL did some decent play against WFT, lets see if Williams can step up. If not, all options (bench for one game, perhaps he needs to watch what's happening, draft pick, FA, etc) are on the table.
  10. exactly, and well-said. Elite QB's dominate or can handle elite D's. Average QB's have "matchup" problems. From what I've seen, it's more a Josh problem with velocity and accuracy. That can and hopefully will be fixed. nope, not if the SB is because of an elite D and/or running game. no one considers Trent Dilfer an elite QB for making a SB.
  11. he won't be on the team for "years to come" if he regresses to Carson Wentz. But people act like he's a 3 time winning SB QB and should be immune from criticism. He's missed a number of TD passes that other QB's make this year. Last year, he made a number of TD passes that almost no one makes. That said, I think he gets it back together. I'm not sure why his throwing velocity and placement are all over this year, but I think it gets fixed. Dorsey is good. Perhaps Josh can call Palmar mid-season if this continues.
  12. McD may make the same call, but is Daboll smart enough to call a QB sneak, or will he get cute? I don't get the QB sneak hesitancy. Brady did this all the time with the Pats**, and it almost always worked. And I don't recall him ever getting injured from it.
  13. Tampa also had a lights-out defense, which was needed to styme the lights-out offense of KC. You need both, IMO. Of course the offense may be slightly more important, given that you can't "win" a 0-0 game, but at the same time, our D last year was a huge liability. This year, we need to be able to sustain drives against good defenses throughout the game. The O looked better in the 2nd half, but that came could have looked very different if MIA does not choke the ball up so much in the 1st half. this, 100%. The OL and Allen need to be better, Allen in particular. He overthrew TD's to Sanders against the Steelers, those are complete, we win. And that Diggs pass you mentioned was an amazing catch, and he also threw another ball to Diggs that was just horrid and incomplete, and if he puts it in a better sport is a huge gain.
  14. these are legit backups the next 2 weeks. Heinike threw what looked to be a game ending int against NYG, got the ball back, and led them on a game-winning drive. Dude is tough, and throws the ball very well. Washington's D-line and RB situation also scare me. Their DL could be ALL OVER Josh. Another Steelers game offensively? although the Giants generally abysmal O-line did provide time for Jones on a number of occasions. Hopefully Daboll learned some things and how to neutralize it. Tyord, well, that guy was a starter in the league, and really, well, is the starter for Texas. Texas has also looked more legit than anticipated through 2 weeks.
  15. kind of funny. also funny because I just read the “why is taunting a penalty” thread! Kind of taunting tweet
  16. the offense sounded better (was listening in radio in car) in 2nd half. In first half I was getting concerned. The OL still is a major concern.
  17. offense has still looked a bit sporadic. I liked the balance with the run game today and they seemed to find a better rhythm in the second half.
  18. Taking my boys (9 and 6) to their first Bills game. Anyone selling tickets? Ideally a more “family friendly” area. Or any suggestions in where to look (stadium section, etc).
  19. what/how did the fans react? in the stadium or on a radio show in nyc? either way that’s good to hear. Jones had a good game I thought.
  20. yeah not sure what Golloday’s issue was there screaming at Jones.
  21. also be nice to make their qb uncomfortable with DL pressure after the last 2 games this team played, no outcome will surprise me.
  22. they will follow a team during the season? seems like a huge distraction.
  23. man I hope White shadows McLauren.
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