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  1. Let's just call this award "best statistical QB award"because that is what it has become. MVP talk should have ended when Chad Henne marchrd 98 yards for a TD against Jacksonville when PM was hurt and out of the game. It is obvious to anyone watching that PM is not the MVP if his backup can accomplish what we expect PM to accomplish.
  2. In one of the games this weekend (can't remember which one), there was a no call on delay of game (clock showed zero) but they called encroachment. The defensive player jumped once the clock hit zero, timing his rush to the play clock. I couldn't believe that they ignored the delay of game in that instance.
  3. So ... I wonder if Maher had a history of cheating before last night
  4. All I could think is that the sideline called a TO? Can you do that to stop a play?
  5. Amazing that the whistles always blow right on the 2:00 minute warning, but they can't do the same with the play clock ...
  6. Been done before, just not by the Bills https://www.arrowheadpride.com/platform/amp/2015/1/28/7927399/how-many-times-has-a-team-beaten-both-super-bowl-teams
  7. Speaking as a theologian (pastor for 30 years), using X in words such as Xmas and Xian (or Xtian) is historically acceptable as it is using the Greek letter Chi which looks nearly identical to the English X. This has been done historically by theologians for probably at least a millennium. This is not the culture removing Christian things from society. Now back to Tua ...
  8. It's "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" for players to pull other players off of a pile scrambling for a fumble. That appears to be what the penalty was called for.
  9. My dad grew up "following" the Packers. He offered to buy tickets "the next time" the Packers came to town. Unfortunately I lived in Chicago at the time ... and my wife was pregnant. We drove all night, met the parents at Rich Stadium, watched the game, immediately drove home for work on Monday. Others have driven farther, but we did a 22 hour trip which included about 4 hours for the game.
  10. I got four for my son and friends ... I can't transfer them to his account. He is going to need to use my account to show tickets at the gate. I wonder if that was intentional to upend the secondary market for such a cheap game.
  11. Watch the video, contains an interview with Del Reid and original spat on Twitter
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