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  1. cool stuff!! if they win these episodes will be viewed as proof of the process (family, stability, hard work etc.) but if they lose it will just be considered hype and fluff put out by the team to sell tickets. here's hoping for the former
  2. maybe they feel the questions are so bad they dont deserve to be mic'd up. 😃
  3. Oh boy please don't subject us to 8 years of overrated and average qb play
  4. And then proceed to be very average the rest of his career
  5. And hopefully Josh doesnt cry and throw a tantrum if he ever loses a SB😁
  6. I should have been more specific. average now. Had a few good years early in career has been average the last few years.
  7. I hope Josh turns out better than Cam always have felt he is an average NFL qb at best.
  8. if someone gave me 19 mil guaranteed im packing up the boat and going fishing. heck with foosball
  9. I feel like McCoy could be a surprise release this preseason not sure what the cap ramifications would be tho.
  10. Josh Allen sucks Bills are doomed Josh Allen sucks Bills are doomed to another 17 yr drought. JK
  11. Did i miss something? We signing Zach Ertz?
  12. And we all know its kinda silly trying to predict a players NFL career based on combine numbers or highlight reels. So many factors determine a players future. Work ethic ,preparation, how they treat their lady or kids and teammates, practice habits, mental fortitude, how they handle success and becoming a millionaire etc etc. etc. Maybe if we as fans could meet these prospects and spend time with them and interview their coaches friends and family lol but we are entitled to our "takes" and we only have what games we can watch, stats, and combine numbers to go on. But surely we all see the futility in trying to say a player is gonna be a success or failure immediately after their drafted. Here's to hoping the Bills are getting more picks right then wrong so we can all enjoy future winning seasons.
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