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  1. you people gotta give Darnold a break. it is a well known fact in the medical field that mono gives you a swollen spleen and one of the side effects of that is hallucinations i.e. seeing ghosts. he was throwing alot of those passes to the ghosts of Wesley Welker and Don Maynard. They were wide open but the ball went right through their hands for some reason.
  2. dude im not whinin i dont care if they beat the Jets by 100 just want Brady to take a hit for once
  3. 33-0 and Brady still in there passing cmon Greggo get someone to cheap shot him
  4. ok im starting to feel bad for this kid now..... at least he still can say he is better than Allen😁
  5. it would be epic if Brady got hurt while they trying to run it up. i be surprised if he comes back in
  6. one of the side effects of a swollen spleen is seeing ghosts. he was throwing them INTs to Wesley Walker
  7. pats still trying to add more points lol someone get a big hit on Brady please
  8. and they still have tommy boy in there taking hits i hope they dont wisen up and take him out
  9. i think they are still using the speakers that Ralph bought at Radio Shack
  10. i often google NFL news and when i did it a few minutes ago an article came up from 538 talking about which of the top teams are for real. sorry i dont know how to post a link but when they got to the Bills this was said sara.ziegler: Back to teams that are not awful, the other five-win team in the AFC is Buffalo. What do you make of the Bills? joshua.hermsmeyer: A fermenting dumpster waiting for a match. Of the teams with five wins, they’re the only one with negative offensive EPA per play. I’m absolutely convinced their success is a mirage a fermenting dumpster waiting for a match lol seems a bit harsh to me
  11. tho on the flip side of that coin them same buzzed fans are probably the ones being the loudest and disrupting the other teams offense
  12. when fans are drinking fair amounts of beer and the team not doing well they gonna boo. i would be willing to wager that it was less than half of the stadium booing yesterday, the majority of fans dont boo
  13. I predict the Bills will neither win nor lose this Sunday
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