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  1. Cool TY for the info i will check on that place
  2. Taking family to sabres game then to Pearl Street to watch game. I couldnt get a reservation at 716 but got one at Pearl. Anyone know how many TVs they have, is it possible to see TV no matter where your seated in that place? Never been there
  3. Taking family to Sabres game and then headed to Pearl Street to watch game, couldnt get a reservation (for 5) at 716 but was able to get a table at Pearl. Anyone know how many TVs in that place worried about being seated at a table with no view of TV, never been there.
  4. Miami played them aggressive exactly what Buffalo should have don e last week
  5. well we could b jets fans right now, tied 3 to 3 vs Bills 2nd string lol
  6. I'd swap him out for Nate, Tyrod, JP, Trent, or EJ etc etc . Oh wait, nah I think I'll just be happy with the fact that the Bills finally got a good young QB. The last time that happened was 1986 and I was 15 yrs old, so most of my adult Bills fan cheering life. Go Josh!!
  7. Yes I believe McD threw this game along with throwing the previous Pats game, Browns, Ravens, and Eagles games. Its all part of his and the wizard Beane's magical process, the 5 seed is right where they want to be. Once the playoffs start they will unveil their magical golden playbook/game plan nobody will see it coming, gonna be epic.
  8. Lord how many of these type of games vs pats do we have to endure? cmon Buffalo!
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