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  1. So in reality winning was third on his list. He said money wasn’t important but in the end he really wanted to get paid.
  2. That sucks. He would of added a nice dimension in the passing game.
  3. He brought in Addison a couple years ago at a similar age of Jones. I like Hunters upside but don't see them giving up a #1 draft pick for him. I also don't think we will end up with Jones just due to cap space. We have drafted 3 DE's in the last couple years and could see them making a run at Nassib now that he was released.
  4. Ford has struggled but carries very little cap hit and provides nice depth. Hopefully Kromer can develop him into a decent backup guard/tackle and provide depth for the o-line.
  5. The only way Beasley is on this team long term is if he agrees to take a pay cute. He is due to make a little over 7.5 million this year and the Bills would save over 6 million by cutting him. I just don't see Beasley being willing to take as much of a pay cut that would be needed for the Bills to keep him. I think the Bills are waiting to see if they can get any picks at all for him before they release him this afternoon. I love Beasley and what he brings to the table but McKenzie has shown when given the opportunity that he can be a very good slot receiver and in my opinion gives the Bills a more dynamic offense when out there.
  6. Same guy had Chark going to the Patriots.
  7. Yikes...I like the signing but that is quite a bit more than I expected.
  8. Beasley will either be cut or moved in the next 24 hours. He is over a 6 million dollar cap savings.
  9. As much as I want to see Chandler Jones I just don't know if we can clear enough cap space for him. The Bills still have a huge need at corner and a backup quarterback. I see the Bills continuing to build the roster with mid level veterans that fit within the cap and the culture that they have built. Hope I'm wrong though as i would love to see Jones in a Bills uniform next year.
  10. I think this is the end of Harry. Star will either need to restructure or will be a post June 1st cut.
  11. Jaguars are going nuts today. Spending a ton of money but will all come down to Lawrence developing into a good quarterback.
  12. I think Harry could still come back after he tests the market. Levi is gone in my opinion. I think he played himself into a decent contract last year.
  13. Chargers are going to be tough next year. Making the most out of Herbert still being on a rookie deal.
  14. That is an absolutely insane deal for a mediocre tight end. I had him pegged as a guy the Bills might go after as a number 2 tight end but had him in the 4-5 million a year contract range.
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