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  1. I feel ya. My 11 year old son felt the same way I did today during the Norwood wide right. He sat quietly with tears running down his face. I said welcome to being a Bills fan.
  2. John Brown will come around. It was clear yesterday that he was still injured. Bills would of been better off sitting him another game and let Davis run as the 2 receiver.
  3. Agree. The lack of pressure from the front four is going to cause issues versus any NFL quarterback. Either McDermott fixes the problem or starts running stunts to apply some pressure. The Bills have talent but teams have started adjusting to our defense in year 3 of running it.
  4. I will rank my defensive problems I am seeing. I have coached at multiple levels and was a scout for a period of time. This what I have been seeing consistently on film. 1. A gap penetration. This seems to be the Bills largest problem when it comes to the passing game. Quarterbacks consistently have a clean area to step and throw. The Bills are missing Jordan Phillips in this area as they have had zero penetration between the center and guards this year and collapsing the pocket. 2. Edmunds- I hate to list him as his own problem but he seems to be consistently out of position and over pursues trying to make a play. You need your middle linebacker to fill space and make a play at the line. He is a freak of an athlete but has not figured out the mlb spot and not sure he ever well. 3. End contain- This is something that is taught from the youth level up to the pros. Our ends consistently get caught going inside losing their edge. It hurt us last week against Tannehill and cost us again tonight. 4. Lack of playmakers on the front 7. This is an easy one. We just don’t have the athletes or personnel to apply pressure. We have a good secondary but with a lack of rush and pressure NFL quarterbacks are going to be able to step in to their throws and place into tight windows.
  5. At this point bench him. He is consistently out of position and fails to make any impactful plays.
  6. That is bull#### Diggs. Get your ass back to the line.
  7. Frazier needs to go! Absolute pathetic defensive play calling letting them go on a 5 minute drive to end this game. This is on the defense.
  8. The Bills have been completely out coached this game.
  9. When was the last time Edmunds made a play at the los.
  10. Bills defensive line is getting pushed back 5 yards. Pathetic
  11. At least we didn’t give up a score in the final 2 minutes. Bean a while since we didnt give up points.
  12. McDermott needs to take over this defense. They can’t stop anything.
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