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  1. Played youth right through until I graduated from Cornell. First couple years saw the field on a limited basis mainly special teams. Final two years of college I started some games. Was a great experience and provided a good education.
  2. The defensive game plan in this game is one of the worst I have ever seen. Kelce is consistently open.
  3. That red zone play call had one option. Terrible play design.
  4. This game is going to turn into a blowout. They are being completely out played and out coached.
  5. I guess we have decided Kelce doesn’t need to be covered.
  6. I’m surprised they didn’t have Stills active. With both Beasley and Davis being somewhat banged up he would provide good insurance if either couldn’t go the entire game.
  7. My son has his birthday party tonight and have 7 boys sleeping over. Should keep me busy enough to pass time quickly.
  8. I was yelling don’t come out and then run like hell. Let’s go Bills. Clamp down. Defense is tired.
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