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  1. In amateur sports, there are moral victories. If you are a division III basketball team playing Duke and the game is close, that is a moral victory In Professional sports, there are no moral victories - you are paid to compete and theoretically should be the equal of any of your opponents Moral victories are for losers!
  2. If I remember correctly, the result of that game put the bills into the playoffs or at least made it very likely John Lennon RIP
  3. agreed. If you are right you get it back. Also, on the obvious long PI call that was not called, McDermott should have challenged He probably assumed it was a waste of a challenge since those are never overturned.
  4. After this year, it may be that all former Bills head coaches are gone (Mularkey [previously], Lynn, and Marrone)
  5. I like his game a lot, but he is lacking speed. He finds the hole but is missing the burst to turn 8 or 10 yard runs into 20 or 30 yard runs
  6. Terrible pass protection; too many drops; too much wind; combined with bad decisions
  7. We needed - a receiver that is over 5"9 - an OL that can give our QB a time to make a throw - receivers that don't drop balls - a day when the wind is not gusting to 30 mph and wreaking havoc on all deep balls
  8. very cool that the old guys are mentoring our younger players (also Kelly and JA) Bruce was such a beast - I remember that he used to wear out a few step-masters each winter staying in shape When bruce was drafted in 85, it was before all of the draft hype, and the only players you knew were those who were superstars in college I remember asking "Bruce who? from where?"
  9. I am worried that the same way the the Eagles and Browns were maligned, desperate, and had their backs against the wall and came out with great intensity, the same thing will happen here. Best case would have been for Cowboys to beat the Patriots and then come in over confident My prediction: Cowboys 31 - Bills 16. (hope I am wrong) Happy T-giving to all!
  10. Remember that if it is more than a 2 way tie - head to head gets thrown out - so there is no such thing as an unbeatable tie breaker
  11. starting QB averaged 68 yards passing a game on 44% completion percentage Mark Brammer was on the Bills from 1980 and 1984 and averaged 22 catches a year for 9.8 yards a catch
  12. 2 side by side tickets Sec 111 row 8 on the aisle or Sec 111 row 9, two seats in from the aisle Best seats in the house. Willing to sell below face I have sold tix here to other TBD'ers so you know I am legit TIckets will come from Ticketmaster so you know legit and will be paypal invoiced for your protection
  13. on purely football basis, #1 Jim Brown #1 #2 OJ (hands down) He was the most electrifying runner ever - changed the way the position was played In 1975, when RB's were not utilized as receivers he had 40 catches for 600 yards He was the first RB to have incredible speed and size and was a threat to score a TD every time he touched the ball And look at the teams he played on - there was no passing game. In 1973, when he ran for 2,003 yards and averaged 6.0 yards /carry our starting QB's (Joe Ferguson) stat's were 73 completion in 164 Attempts (44.5%) for 939 yards, 4 TD, 10 INT's.
  14. https://www.tmz.com/2019/11/18/nfl-announcer-dirty-sanchez-game-adam-archuleta-cbs/
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