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  1. ticketssince61

    WAY too much Patriot* love around here (my analogy)

    The really sad thing is that we all hate the Patriots, but they could care less about the Bills Kind of similar to the 70's when we lost to the Fins 20 straight times - for us a dolphins game was like a super bowl - for them just another game Very degrading to be in a one way rivalry
  2. The key to being a successful coach is #1 creating a scheme to match your talent #2 creating a scheme to take away your opponent's strengths neither are rocket science, but 99% of coaches are either too dumb or try to be too smart. Marv Levy's greatest contribution when he coached the Bills was to recognize the offensive talent we had and let them go with the K-Gun as opposed to his ground and pound background.
  3. ticketssince61

    I take it all back - Jarod Goff is a California wimp!

    I did not think he had that much time to throw and their RB was picked off the waiver wire No idea what is going on with Gurley? He is their best offensive weapon and barely played
  4. ticketssince61

    Brandon Beane letter to Season Ticket Holders

    not sure why the team makes such a big deal about 10 draft picks. All of the extra picks are late round selections (I think 4, 6 and 7)
  5. ticketssince61

    Buffalo actually made a good list

    This was all a joke: some of the other cities on the list are Albuquerque, Tuscaloosa, Portland OR, San Antonio, London, Mexico City, Barcelona Would be really tough to ever host a super bowl - small airport with few non-stop flights, few hotel rooms, potential of having a blizzard, ...
  6. If the BPA's at your draft slot don't match your needs, then you should trade down, fill a need later and get an extra pick.
  7. Dallas won - they only used one draft pick; we used two!
  8. ticketssince61

    NFL helmets in college colors

    love most of them. would be very cool and as someone already posted would generate a ton of sales
  9. ticketssince61

    If Zay pans out, McD's first two drafts are awesome

    Every team should get 3 to 4 starters per year. We also had a ton of picks, and easier to get starters on a lousy team