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  1. Actually 4 picks since we traded up for Edmunds
  2. Always need to draft well because the players are cheap In my opinion, Beane has only been so-so on the draft and has a propensity to trade up too often - and for players that don't pan out I think the way to draft is to a. let the draft come to you b. trade down to stockpile multiple picks since most picks (even first rounders) are crap shoots Beane's savings grace has been that he can plug holes with good FA signings at reasonable prices
  3. Part of the problem is that due to Covid the the cap went DOWN for the coming season
  4. This is what Gov Cuomo posted about this: "Over the weekend, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Baltimore Ravens to head to the AFC Championship—the first time since 1994. During the game, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was injured, but Bills fans pooled together and donated a total of $150,000 to Jackson's charity "Blessings in a Backpack," to help provide kids with food. New Yorkers are tough but they're also loving and this was a perfect example of that spirit" My response is: "No - NOT New Yorkers, BUFFALONIANS!"
  5. Not always sure why a hot Coordinator would turn down a job even from a dysfunctional franchise Oftentimes a coordinator is the "hot" commodity and only has a small window of opportunity to capitalize The difference in pay between coordinator and head coach is astronomical and you might never get another chance
  6. Texans would be absolute idiots to trade him at all - he is under contract for a long time - and no way will they be able to replace him
  7. I think they are just bringing in experienced vets as "Covid Insurance" with no plans for beyond this yeaer
  8. The player they are trying to tackle is ALSO an NFL player playing at the highest level
  9. Each of those 3 NFC QB's has played more seasons than the AFC QB's Combined!
  10. All of those Colt plays that you mention (dropped passes, missed FG's, ...) show that they were NOT the better team. If they were the better team, then they would have made those plays
  11. Would be hilarious to hear dan lebatard try to explain himself now!
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