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  1. ticketssince61

    NFL helmets in college colors

    love most of them. would be very cool and as someone already posted would generate a ton of sales
  2. ticketssince61

    If Zay pans out, McD's first two drafts are awesome

    Every team should get 3 to 4 starters per year. We also had a ton of picks, and easier to get starters on a lousy team
  3. ticketssince61

    Mind Numbing Stat- Point Differential- this hurts

    And our coach quit at halftime, but the players convinced him to finish out the game (Vontae Davis was not the first!)
  4. ticketssince61

    Your Bills Fanhood

    1. Grew up in Amherst - Dad had season tix since 61 before I was born (still have them) so always a Bills fan 2. Love most about the Bills - that all Bills' fans are one family. Went to the Dodger NLCS game the other night wearing a Bills hat. Guy on the bus to stadium says "Go Bills" (he's from Rochester). Guy sitting behind me says "Go Bills" (he's from Lackawanna) 3. Favorite memory - either flying in from Los Angeles to see the 51-3 championship game - or - - going with my Dad as a 6 year old to my first Bills game in 1968, a 37 to 35 win over Joe Willie and the Jets (our only win). Still vividly remember walking in and seeing the beautiful green field at the end of the tunnel
  5. "I think Gruden is ripe to trade Cooper, who is eligible for the 5th year option and then will want big money." We will have the same problem, so why make the trade?
  6. ticketssince61

    The Bills First Offensive Play on Sunday Will Be...

    All of our plays are "offensive"!