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  1. - I am pretty sure the Bills do not sell directly to brokers - Prior to this year, people who sell tickets did not make that much $. Last year, there were many games where tickets were being sold at 33 to 50% of face - Games in December and January are always much cheaper than earlier in the season - Stubhub and NFL Ticket Exchange charge fees to BOTH buyer and seller. If someone lists their tickets for $200 each. The buyer will pay around $250 each, and the seller receives $180. - the best bet is to try to find a legit seller on Craigslist (not so easy) or TBD to avoid the fees. if using craigslist, insist on using Paypal Goods & Services which provide a buyer guarantee
  2. At that point, what was the Jets' computer generated probability of winning! Another potential nominee could have been the Cardinals' player in OT that almost dropped the ball before crossing the goal line
  3. ... and in most of those situations JA in shotgun and not under center so there is a lot more margin for error If you are going to go for it on most 4th downs - just pound it 2x - bound to get it
  4. I sometimes find that unless it is a really big game that prices come down towards game time Everyone lists their seats for big $ on Stubhub / Ticket Exchange and then as the game approaches they realize have to drop price or they will be stuck with seats
  5. He caught a lot of passes but his avg yards per catch was quite small. Compared to his average for last year, we actually did quite well
  6. In terms of fair weather, I would says that those who attended were pretty committed and almost all wore Rams Jerseys or other Rams items In terms of Bills fans, It was hard to tell because different sections had different percentages. When you looked around, the lower level ($$$) seats had very few Bills fans, but the upper level seemed to have had a lot more. My best guess is 10% to 15% but could easily be way off. Any one else think otherwise?
  7. Not really the place for this, but did not want to start a new thread I was at the game, and I felt that the Rams fans were very unknowledgeable Every time, the RAMS had a crucial 3rd or 4th down, their fans were on their feet cheering. The Rams on the sidelines tried to get the fans to quiet down GO Bills
  8. I walked out of the stadium thinking: "this should have been 7 months ago"
  9. Rams could have done a quick out or a running play
  10. His running is a valuable part of our offense, but it needs to be used more judiciously and JA has to be more conscious of the situation Up by 3 TD's late in the game no way no matter what Fighting for an extra yard on 3rd or 4th down to get a 1st down - Yes Fighting for an extra yard to make it 2nd and 7 versus 2nd and 9. Just go down and move on to the next play
  11. Because if Matt Milano gets injured, our season is not down the tubes
  12. What I found perplexing is that end of the first half with one TO remg. the rams let the clock run down to 4 seconds before kicking the field goal 56 yd FG They could have run one more play to get 5 or 10 yards to make it an easier kick
  13. or maybe trying to see if could get 7th round pick for Haack?
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