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  1. Thanks to all of the vets who served. in Vietnam and anywhere else!! [whether or not you were actually in combat] I was in elementary school during the Vietnam war and remember our school bus taking a detour to avoid the protests and tear gas at the UB main street campus
  2. Also, many owners made their fortunes in real estate and oil (i.e. Pegula) both really hard hit - so not so easy for the owners to pony up any $$$ either I don't think anybody will start building a new stadium in the next few years
  3. I had a dream that there was a global pandemic and an economic meltodown ... felt so real!
  4. Do they weight the pick by the round? For Example, picking a #100 ranked player with the overall #1 pick is much worse than picking a #300 ranked player with the #201nd pick Hope everyone is safe and healthy
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