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  1. Bob McGinn's Anonymous Scouts Quotes (2018 QBs)

    I linked to McGinn's draft section, but you need a subscription to read the content I posted, so I couldn't link the article directly. They are also posted on bostonsportsjournal.com but that also requires a subscription. I only took the QBs and posted them here, there are many more players in the complete articles.
  2. I was warned last year for posting the whole article so here's just the QBs, which is the big topic around here. https://www.bobmcginnfootball.com/category/more/draft/ Based on interviews with five NFL executives in personnel, it is possible to narrow down somewhat the pool of players that might be considered by the Patriots regardless of position if they exercise their current 31st selection in the first round of the draft on April 26.
  3. Jets fans opinions on the trade up to #12

    I half agree ... and I say that admitting I wanted Mahomes at #10 last year, he was my favorite QB, this isn't revisionist history. BUT, it was Whaley and his staff making the choice, with McDermetts input I'm sure. McDermett probably wanted to punt on the QB choice until Beane and his staff were in place for a full year. I feel much more comfortable this year with Beane and his staff in charge, and I'm sure McDermett does as well.
  4. https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/136311-bills-trade-for-the-12th-pick/ Found it to be an interesting read. Some think the Bills are setting themselves up for failure, others think we are smart. I guess it's just weird to see fans of other teams looking at us as the smart ones instead of making moves that seem obviously foolish to everyone except the Bills front office. I mean all our moves still have to work out, but having a seemingly competent front office in the modern NFL is definitely a change for most of us. This was my favorite post:
  5. Source: Major Bills news coming next week

    You are all bringing Savior's past into your opinion. I'm not sure about that past, I'm unaware whatever bad history there is with him on this board, but in terms of this post alone, there is no difference. If he didn't post this, someone else would have. He made a post with accurate information and quoted where he got it.
  6. Source: Major Bills news coming next week

    Go back and read the initial post. He didn't claim this came from his "inside sources" ... he quoted the @ScoutFantasy account. If he didn't post this someone else would have, what's the difference? Unnecessary call out.
  7. I won't automatically dismiss anything because worst case it's entertaining, but here's what I don't get. I don't think anyone thinks Darnold lasts past #6 overall at worst (unless there is something I don't know). So to state they love Darnold but they want to keeps most of their picks or move up a little basically means it's Peterman in 2018. "Staying put" or "moving up a little" and getting Darnold is basically 0%. Or do you have reason to believe he could fall out of the top 15 somehow, cause I don't see that.
  8. Mahomes the next Drew Brees ?

    I wanted Mahomes at 10. That was my stance prior to the draft, and I still think we missed an opportunity by not taking him. Not trolling at all, he was my favorite QB last year. Now, Beane wasn't here yet, and if Mahomes was dubbed a Whaley guy, maybe it would just lead to more dysfunction somehow. I think it's better to draft a QB with McBeane having a full year to figure out what they want ... but I think we will regret passing on Mahomes (and hindsight is 20/20 but Watson as well).
  9. It’s been speculated on this board and some places in the national media that Kirk Cousins is a possible target of the Bills or that Buffalo is one of the possible destinations for Cousins. I don't hate Cousins, I think he's an above average QB but I don't think he's worth the money he's going to command and I hope we don't get him. Money absolutely should be a factor when discussing Cousins. He's going to get franchise limiting money while he's not a franchise carrying QB. He's not Rodgers, he can't carry us, and for the money he's going to get, it's going to limit us in other areas and he's not going to be able to make up that difference. I'd rather draft my QB. I'd take Cousins for the right price, but his market will be above that. It hasn’t been hard to articulate my point but today on the Dan Le Batard show (Clinton Yates was filling in) he had on Cian Fahey who said a lot what I feel on Cousins, but it always carries more credibility coming from someone like Cian. Some of this quote also relates to Tyrod, and while I think Cousins can do some things better than Tyrod, and Tyrod can obviously do some things better than Cousins, but when Cian comments on check downs, situational awareness and elevating others I think it applies to both and it’s a large part of the reason I don’t want Tyrod back. http://www.espn.com/espnradio/podcast/archive/_/id/9941853 12/22/17 Hour 2 Also, this was from prior to this season and others media members on the same page feel Cousins is a franchise QB, but I think this is the Cousins we’d be getting for $25+ million. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000808843/article/kirk-cousins-franchise-qb-opinions-vary-on-washington-redskins-starter
  10. More from obd

    MAJBobby, someone else asked earlier in this thread but do you have any info on Lawson? Is he basically gone after the season as well or are the rumors he's fallen out of favor with McD untrue?
  11. I didn't create the picture, just found the link. https://imgur.com/a/MzYYQ Bills: 15) Roquan Smith - LB Georgia 21) Vita Vea - DT Washington
  12. More from obd

    No, I did not think Stafford was worth that deal but I get why the Lions had to pay him. I'm not sure how good that team is around Stafford. I'm not sure how much he's elevating the players around him but that also could be a 3 win team without him. I don't want Taylor at any price and no I don't want Cousins at 25m. I'm hoping to see Peterman a few full games this year and I'd rather draft someone.
  13. More from obd

    I don't think Taylor and him are going to make the same money, but it's what I think Cousins is worth, he's a second tier QB in my opinion and shouldn't be paid like a top 5 guy. Part of his value is messed up because since he was tagged twice in a row it's raised his price tag to an unreasonable range based on that alone. Again, i'll say, I'd take Cousins for the right price, but I absolutely don't want him for a 5 year deal paying him 25-30m per year, I def don't think he's worth that.
  14. More from obd

    When there was the whole national debate about Tyrod, some of the things you'd read showed his stats, talked about you can't bench a guy like that. Then there were Bills fans who retorted that if you watched the games, no matter what the stats are, you can see Tyrod is a limited QB. Other things I read said that multiple regimes in Buffalo have been reluctant to commit to Tyrod ... which should tell you something that isn't visible in the stats. In terms of Cousins, he's put up those numbers and that FO and coaching staff know him, he's a good guy, not a public distraction or anything, and that team still does not want to commit to him long term. They know him better than we do. That doesn't worry you? This is from July 2017 ... and I tend to agree. He's better than we've had, but the money HAS to be factored into it. He's worth 16-18m, Tyrod's tier in terms of money, but I don't think he's worth what he's going to want (25-30m). Edit: Other opinions http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000808843/article/kirk-cousins-franchise-qb-opinions-vary-on-washington-redskins-starter I'm only putting Bucky's in here because this is basically my view of Cousins.
  15. More from obd

    MAJBobby, do your sources have any info on the stadium stuff Don has brought up as well? Has it already been decided it's going to be open air and the location is locked in already?