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  1. Yes, I've known the Bills had a deal in place with the Broncos since right after the first round. While my title could have been worded better, you could also have read the first post as opposed to just the title. My question had more to do with if the Cardinals information is true. I had heard nothing till now that there was any competition for #5, and for Simms to say there was a deal in place with the Cardinals, when we know there was a deal in place with the Bills as well is very interesting to me. Makes me wonder what happens if Chubb is off the board.
  2. It has? This was the first I've read that the Cardinals also had a deal in place for #5.
  3. Bucs changed their minds cause we overpaid by a lot, heh. But there was really no one taking a QB till 11 barring a trade up. We were fine IMO, someone between 7-10 woulda have taken our overpayment. I understand that Chubb is why a deal wasn't made, but assuming Chubb was off the board, if the Bills and Cardinals both had a deal in place with the Broncos, what happens ... do we end up throwing in another second? I just found it interesting that we both had deals in place for #5 assuming Simm's information is correct.
  4. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/05/chris-simms-arizona-cardinals-heartbroken-over-missing-out-on-josh-allen I found this odd because everything we've been told, even from Beane himself, was that there was a trade in place with the Broncos (apparently it was 5 and a third for 12, 22, and a second). Anyone else hear anything about the Cards and the Broncos? We obviously had more to offer, so either Simms is making stuff up or confusing the Bills trade with the Cardinals.
  5. essential

    A Lot Of Unhappy Browns Fans Also ...

    I'll defend passing on Chubb. Just from a salary cap standpoint, if Garrett and Chubb were both amazing, which is a good problem to have, their contracts would be coming up one year apart and they'd both command around 16-18m per year, maybe more in 4 years? You can't invest 40m in DEs. I don't think it's ever a good idea to take the same position in the first round two years in a row, because if they both work out you can rarely afford to pay both. Kind of like Winfield and Clements, they weren't drafted two years in a row, 1999 and 2001, but we couldn't pay both ... it seems to work that way. Garrett and Chubb might have been great, but would you take Chubb knowing that you'd only have that combo for 3-4 years? Sure, there are a bunch of different ways it can go, but all I'm saying is I understand some of the logic behind passing on Chubb.
  6. That is too simplistic of a view for any subject matter. I don't treat anything in my life like that, you either "are or are not" isn't realistic in a complex society. I think it was the wrong choice, but of course we have to give him a chance, what choice do we have, he's here for at least 4-5 years I'd assume. As I said, I hope I'm wrong, but disagreement doesn't mean you're not a Bills fan. They've made a ton of choices over the years I've disagreed with.
  7. I don't get the idea of "blind faith" with anything. I feel they made the wrong choice at QB, but I hope for the best. As McBeane said in the press conference, it still needs to be earned, that includes the trust many seem to want blindly.
  8. Oh, i'm not offended and I'm fine to be part of the discussion, but I guess that's where our biggest difference is ... I think the difference it is obvious, and I agree with others that Allen has very high bust potential. To me he's EJ ... a big strong armed guy who's going to put in the effort required to succeed off the field, but isn't consistent enough on the field to win in this league. I could be wrong, but I don't always think the "pros" know more. They have access to more information sure, but that doesn't always lead to the right choice.
  9. I don't need to defend myself to you but yes. I've been watching the Bills and following the draft for almost 20 years. Off the top of my head there have been numerous times where the Bills didn't do what seemed like the obvious choice, professional vs ammeter or not. Taking Whitner over Ngata, Maybin over Orakpo. These seemed like obvious bad choices at the time, and proved to be in the long term. Allen over Rosen seems like an obvious bad choice, amateur or not. If we take Allen i'll root for him to success, but i'll still think it was the wrong choice. Many independent draft experts have Allen as basically a third round prospect, developmental type guy. I understand you're drafting based on a projection, but his college play doesn't warrant a top 5 pick. My thinking with Allen is everyone falling in love with the measurables. I think that can be a weakness of "pros" and you can't always make a guy into something he's not just because he tests out incredible. Also, these "professionals" whiff constantly, year after year. They may have more information than us, especially in terms of medical, but that definitely doesn't lead them to make the correct choices all the time.
  10. I will lose a bit of faith in this FO. To this point they've make a bunch of good decisions, forward thinking choices that we typically haven't seen from the Bills. Allen over Rosen would show an old school mentality that I want to get away from that's hampered us for the last decade. I understand if Allen is the last of the big 4, but to take him over Rosen would be very disappointing.
  11. essential

    4-23: Brandon Beane on One Bills Live

    Never. You should always have an eye on the future. When you start making decisions to win exclusively in season ahead you look like the Bills did the last 15 years. I agree once you have the QB in place a lot of other mistakes are masked, and since we haven't had one they are more glaring, but you always need to consider the long-term picture.
  12. essential

    Peter King MM Mock Draft 4/23/18.

    Yea, this makes no sense. Arizona can't jump us unless they are offering their 2019 #1 as well. Also, I'm not giving up a first and two seconds for the 4th QB when there is no risk of him going in the next 5 picks. If Arizona already jumped us, we only have to worry about Miami, and I believe Mayfield was their target. With him gone I don't think they'd take Allen even if he was available at #11. People seem to think Allen needs to be traded up for. If you look at ALL the mocks and speculation, Allen either goes #1 or in a trade up to us, there are no links to him and any other team. I legitimately feel if doesn't go 1, he falls all the way to 12 (barring a Arizona trade up). If we trade up for Rosen/Mayfield and Allen doesn't go #1 I think he falls all the way to Arizona at #15. I trust Beane knows value and is smart when it comes to valuing talent. Peter King's scenario won't happen.
  13. essential

    Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    Not only do I think Rosen will be better, I think he's a better fit for what we want to run on offense, and we can get him later, keeping more picks. Yes, there is a slight injury concern, but I think it's overblown, and I'm not worried about it.
  14. essential

    If we draft Josh Allen....

    I don't particularly want Josh Allen, but if the Bills draft him i'll root for him. However, I see EJ Manual and JP Losman in him. Manual was smart and willing, with a strong arm, but had accuracy and consistency issues. Losman was also willing with a strong arm, but again accuracy and consistency issues. Experts have said Allen would be best in a play-action heavy vertical passing game. I don't think that's what we'll be running here. I want Rosen, and I think he best fits what this offense is supposed to be, but if the staff believes in Allen I'll support it. I'll only be upset if we trade up for Allen. If you look at all the mocks, Allen either goes #1 to the Browns, or to the Bills in a trade up. We're competing against ourselves for Allen. I believe one (maybe two) of the big 4 QBs will fall past 5. We don't need to go into the top 5 for Allen, because he'll either go #1 or will fall past 5. If he falls past 5, I think he falls all the way to 12 unless Arizona trades up in front of us. If they want Allen that's fine, just don't trade the house for him, there's no need.