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  1. It all depends on how much the stadium staff decide to enforce it. At the sf giants games the last week masks have been required inside (whole county rule). I've been at two games since and at both the staff have not strongly enforced the policy, about 2 of every 5 has told people to put their masks on. I think this is how it will probably end up and just be up to fans on whether they want to wear a mask or not.
  2. He's one of the best DL in the NFL, he's gonna get probably 20 million a year and he deserves it. If Beane could make something work I think he could really put us over the edge.
  3. Yeah that was in the Seattle game, bills should've reviewed it but didn't
  4. Doesn't say but Id assume so.
  5. Im seeing Bills at Pats week 1 from NBC sports Boston
  6. On the bills app in the wallpaper section. This is the best one I've seen. It's much clearer than it looks in this too
  7. Predict it! I love reading schedule predictions, they get me excited for the season!
  8. Really good interview. These guys are hilarious especially Stef. Talks about losing his father at 14 and being a father figure to his brother, his fashion game, and about being drafted in the 5th round.
  9. Do you think the "all 25 1st round trade ups for qbs have been an overpay" is true. Is paying an extra first rounder to trade up for a qb too much? I say you do whatever it takes to get your guy at QB. Beane referenced giving up their other 2nd round pick instead of a 3rd to get Josh, thank god he did.
  10. I don't know if he's from long enough ago but definitely shady. He'd be so so good in our offense. Great pass catcher and pretty good blocker. And we all know how he can run. Bring back my favorite bill!
  11. Do you guys think he is our new swing tackle?
  12. I like this move. Super speedy and effective if he can stay healthy. Thoughts?
  13. Lil Dirty is back!!! theres our returner and WR5
  14. NYG is possible, our first is 620 pts, they could give 42 and 76 for it which would be 690 so a slight overpay. We have 2 5ths so we could add one of those to sweeten the deal(those are about 23 pts)
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