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  1. 1.7, "how bout them apples" - BBB
  2. It just pushes money down the line in each of their contracts
  3. Should the bills target Woods if he could be signed for around 6-8 million?
  4. I wish we had Eisen, I don’t recall hearing him call a game but I really enjoy his show.
  5. More rest and then play with a brace? This doesn’t seem like the best news in terms of surgery being needed.
  6. Additionally I think another receiver and maybe it’s Hines but with the deadline having passed, likely obj, could be very beneficial to this offense.
  7. I don’t think Tom Brady can grow one.
  8. A way we have been figured out is that teams are doubling Stefon diggs and putting they’re cb1 on gabe. Gabe hasn’t done well and McKenzie hasn’t preformed consistently enough.
  9. Bills with a last minute deal to add some safety help, good depth behind Poyer
  10. Here’s the link to it. I watched a while ago and really enjoyed.
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