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  1. To get that holy SB, we need just one and only thing: a new HC, a killer type one, not this humble and polite we have. That’s a fact !
  2. Exactly. It’s like McDermott has became a Pegula’s family member and he doesn’t have the balls to fire him and take another direction, hungry, starving to win the Lombardi and makes history. He’s ok on where we are and stop. Josh Allen not winning multiple Superbowls is a disgrace. How can you don’t wanna do everything to get there with a QB like Josh in the house ? I’m referring at Pegula.
  3. After few days since another “Chiefs elimination”, my only thought is that unfortunately we will be stuck with McClapping. I wanna be clear: overall he’s not a bad coach, but as many here stated tons of times, he’s not elite, he’s not a coach that can take his team to a Lombardi and win it. I don’t know what is it, but he lacks something here and there, maybe is something about tactical skills, or maybe something about leadership and character, but he’s not a top dog, now is 6 years with Josh at QB ? With one of the top 3 QB in this League ? So my view is that until he’ll be the coach, nothing could change about our chances to finally get there. Honestly i envy the Chargers for the Harbaugh hire… i would like to have someone like BB… i don’t care about his past, we need a “bad man” at the helm, not some humble one.
  4. Thanks bro Top three: POLENTA (valtellina type, the real one) PIZZOCHERI COSTINE AL LAVECC
  5. Just curious: what’s the process to clear a concussion protocol ?
  6. I suppose we could get some injured guys ready for Sunday night and if we recover energies in almost 6 days, we are a better overall team than the Chiefs The Chiefs come after the 4th spot IMO
  7. Hello people. So today, after the weekend, what’s your personal ranking between the remaining teams ? You can obviously consider the injuries situation about every team, if you know it. What about: - 49ers - lions - bills - ravens - chiefs - packs - texans - bucks
  8. Oh well… what i see that many top teams use screen plays a lot… and it works very well. With some good screen during the game, we would be unpredictable, now that we have Cook that defenses respect, it could work.
  9. I mean: why aren’t we able to run screen plays more often ? What’s the problem with that ?
  10. Seeing that this last days many fans over here are super worried about the Steelers force and their chance to beat us, i would like to see if all this fear is so well motivated. Bills vs Steelers pound for pound, who has the edge in every position: QB RB WRs TE OL DL LBs CBs Ss HC OC DC (still the HC in our case) Let’s see if we top them, or if we are underdogs reading all the fear around here.
  11. On this particular point, i always have been very much like you bro.
  12. Always on the right side my friend, I refuse to being not optimistic about our chance to win every single game after Josh Allen comes to town. Music City Forward Lateral: i was in a hotel room in NYC that time and if i did not destroy the tv, it was just because there was a girl with me
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