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  1. Please facts, not just words… and i’m not referring at Josh only… that anyway wasn’t the reason because we didn’t get it done last year and the year before.
  2. Unfortunately, till now, BB didn’t land what everybody here hoped for: OBJ (gone), or DHop (almost gone). Be honest guys, we desperately wanted one of those two in Buffalo, but the blockbuster didn’t happen. Imagine this offense with DHop: unreal ! In this list we would be easily top 2, number one to me.
  3. Curious to know from you if the chance to get DHop is definitely over after the Draft. If still possible in some way, i’ll do everything to get him, no matter what.
  4. LUKAS 🔝 VAN 🔝 NESS. ! No brainer, he’ll be a crack !
  5. Honestly, very honestly: are you really convinced that the Jets, Phins and maybe even the Pats will be better than the Bills next season ??? Lately i read many of you thinking this way, are you serious ? The Bills won’t own the Division anymore ? A team with JA17 at the helmet will fall behind those teams ? Please tell me the truth: is this what you really think ? I can’t believe it !
  6. You gotcha ! I’ve been a diehard Juventus ultras since four years ago; few things happened that I really didn’t like so i give up on soccer and now follow just american sports, cycling, winter sports and other. I’m a truly sports-man 😁 How you became a soccer (Juve) fan ? Personal stuff must remain personal, but i feel you . I’m sure that if i’ll have another chance to come there in vacation, you will know i’m coming so i could be guest of many of you ! 😄😄😄
  7. You know what ? Feeling to be a part of this great fanbase, a family, it’s a bless. I always dreamed about the US, since i was 7/8 years old i could say, so i’ve been lucky to come there almost 15 times in my life, between my 25 and my 35 and it was always a greatness. Now i’m thinking to try the Green Card Lottery… and who knows, maybe one day me and my family will have the opportunity to move and start something over there. Anyway yes… when the cold will drop a little, we can arrange a good practice. 😄
  8. Ahahahhaha….. thank you ! 😄 Just want this family we are, become even more a family ! I’m in Lombardia, close to Milano, the town i live is Mirbegno. Good enough ? 😅
  9. Hi Dave. Honestly never read that book, i’ll ask my favorite library about it. It would be nice meet you the next time you’ll be here. And why you live here ? Military career ?
  10. Hi Ken. I don’t live so close to Venice, almost 4 hours far by car. My town is Morbegno, pretty close to Milano. Would be nice meet and have a good lunch. Do you have any vodka in Italian ? Very easy: HAI UN PO’ DI VODKA ? 😁
  11. Hey ! I still live here, my city is Morbegno, look for it. I become a Bills fan in the 1989… and since then, never gave up. yes, it was 5,000 Lire at that time. Hey buddy. I feel sorry i wasn’t able to get a zoom call yet.. learning how to properly throw a football would be great… but right now outside is something under 30f degree 🥶
  12. Believe me, come here and visit me and you’ll taste some food you won’t never forget. 😉 I do have Skype, so we can always arrange something cool 😃 I missed also to say i’m also a brother and uncle 🙉 I’ll try my best to come there next season with my family. Maybe leaving them in Orlando, playing in Disney World, so i can be “single” again for few days 😂
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