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  1. It seem that somebody got my message in a wrong way. Maybe they think i’m cool with this new problem of Von. Of course loosing him for the rest of the season is another bad bad thing, i only think that in sports, every sports, i saw many story of teams with plenty of unlucky situations but they feed of those unlucky things becoming even stronger reaching unbelievable goals. Having Von and Micah also would have been great, but this team has lot of strong traits and can overcome adversities like no other.
  2. Yes,Von injury another strong sign of the mission. Our mission. I believe this even more now. We had Tre out till few weeks ago. Then Micah got a season ending injury too. Then we had almost our entire D depleted by injuries. Then we had Josh injury. Then we had weather hostile conditions, the heat in Miami, the snow in Buffalo, we hade three games in 12 days, all three on the road. But we went through it, no matter what. We are 9 (NINE) - 3 (THREE). We are AFC SHERIFF again. We are on a MISSION, if players and staff will get it, nobody gonna stop us, NOBODY ! Our mission is very clear, all this obstacles happened to make us stronger and stronger and stronger. I had a dream: do you Bills fellas ?
  3. I’m not too far, look for Morbegno (SO) and you’ll get me, i’m around 5 hours far from there, by car obviously. You’ll find Bolzano and the Alps wonderful my friend, surrounded by great mountains and beautiful landscapes. What kind of job take you here ?
  4. When games are at that time, i can’t stand up so late because the next morning i’d be like a zombie at work 😅 I have NFL GAME PASS PRO, so i watch games during the lunch time and after work, without reading anything about Americans sports but NY Post Knicks. Why in Italy ? Vacations ? Work ? And where will you stay ?
  5. I said “.. long way to go” … the road is still full of traps, but if we play at best …
  6. Ok… yesterday it happened what everyone here dreamed: - loss of KC, PHINS and JETS. This is our master chance to get what we deserve: THE FIRST SEED ! For the last years we have been pretty good but when it comes to the last game before the SB we were always forced to play in that hated field called Arrowhead because we have never been the n.1 seed. The road is still a long way to go, but we are a great team and getting healthier week after week we can dominate every team, i do not have doubt on it. Another thing i would love to ask you is: we play almost always the nickel; i noted that we suffer much in the soft spots in the middle of the field with short throws, so i was wondering if with 3 LBs at the same time, Edmunds, Milano and Klein it could help to close those spots forcing the QBs to go deep where we have a great secondary when all healthy. And with the 4-3 we could also strengthen the run D. Opinions ?
  7. Today we are very involved in the games even if we don’t play. That’s because our first enemy, KC, will may e face the very last obstacle in the schedule, second because we hate the Phins that lately became so cocky and with all the analyst going their way. But beside the two, we know that those dirty fishes will come in Orchard in two weeks and this time no heat to help them, so better a KC loss if we want to have a real shot to be the n.1 seed
  8. But if go the way i prefer, winning all the games left give us the n.1 seed, not like that if phins lose and kc wins, cuz kc will still be the n.1 seed unless they lose another game and we win all ours. Not very likely looking at their schedule.
  9. If KC lose, winning al the games left, will get us the first seed.
  10. In fact i asked why that wasn’t call as a penalty, because i didn’t know the reason.
  11. 3rd quarter, 11’52” left: why the refs didn’t call a penalty for the contact against our punter well after he kicked the ball away ?
  12. Exactly. Just think that this was with Brady that has always been like a statue out there. This thing of playing more short routes i was saying it since last year. If we keep on mixing well pass and run game and play many fast and short throws, we can really become almost unstoppable. Minimizing turnovers also. Add to this Tre back, Von back soon too and watch out there.
  13. I really agree with that. One of the best aspect of Brady was that he threw very fast, many short throws. Doing that he was always very accurate and was sacked very few times.
  14. In my opinion the major change i saw it was the composure, the calm, the balance and Josh’s look. Do they maybe finally found the confidence again ? It would be huge !
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