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  1. I remember saying this last year after the Eagles game....it seemed like every time the Bills played an opponent that was experiencing serious adversity, the Bills came up small. Already this year, Tennessee coming off Covid, they destroy Buffalo....KC coming off a rare loss and declaring "We don't lose 2 in a row" ...no problem gashing the Bills. Now Cam Newton and New England are calling this a "Must Win" to save their season (and possibly his career)... We shall see. Can McDermott win a game like this, for once?!?
  2. Sadly, the rain and 35mph gusts are going to squash any good passing day. The club that runs better and stops the run will win.
  3. Yep. The last time the Bills played a high rated rushing team (La Rams), they gave up huge rush yardage and 32 points. Something has to give in this game. If we can't stop the run it will be a brutal day.
  4. Even with injuries and opt outs I feel like this New England D is physical and can be as good as Kansas City's. That worries me. The Bills offense totally lost that game in the trenches and with poor QB play. Can't have a repeat vs the Pats.
  5. Every team has a rough patch in the season where it feels like the wheels are falling off. Look at the 49ers. They are a solid team and they lost back to back to Philly and then crushed at home by Miami. Then you have to dig yourself out and dust off....I feel like the Bills did that vs. the Jets. Not a great win by any means...but a win. Now i think Buffalo will get it together and go on a nice run and have success against good teams.
  6. Does anyone really expect that their kicker will go 8 for 8 unless his name is Justin Tucker? I don't. It's frustrating when he hits a couple long one's but misses the shorts ones. Hoping his confidence and mechanics get better as the year goes on. But there's a lot of NFL kickers older than Bass that would've gone 6 for 8 or worse.
  7. Of course we get NE coming off two brutal home losses. Like they won’t be super motivated to get things right. But seeing as the Bills have lost a zillion games to NE and McDermott hasn’t beaten the hoodie, Buffalo’s motivation to win should trump anything from the Pats side. They’ve been our daddy for way too long. i want to see a pummeling
  8. the way i see it, when some dudes are out, it’s a great opportunity for other guys to step up and prove themselves. you see this all the time in the NFL. Hopefully all our elevated players this weekend ball out and earn spots.
  9. I'd rather they face Flacco. But let's face it, if the Bills lose to this NY Jets squad, even with Darnold, the season is basically over. It unnerves me, because no matter how good/bad the Bills are, we always seem to split with them. Even in years that Buffalo sucked and the Jets were good, we'd still beat them once.
  10. The guy can fly a small plane in a pattern of a Bills logo 100x better than i can draw it with a pencil. That's some skill.
  11. Engram receiving the full Dawson Knox treatment today on the national shows. The overriding feeling is that he's overrated for where he was selected...and he can't make the big catch.
  12. It was overall disappointing that Kansas City had to travel to our city, in our crappy dreary weather, and handled it better. That should not happen. Yes, they had a good running game...but let's face it, if Mahomes needed to throw more he would not have faced any difficulty, unlike Buffalo.
  13. I didn't read the entire 5 pages, but to me, McDermott's defense is too finesse. All they seem to do is chase guys and tackle. There's no physicality, no edge. Milano being out obviously has an impact, because he's good and he's physical. The guy we had on the D-line last year, Phillips...he was pretty nasty, even Shaq at times. This year is mostly chase and tackle guys. I was impressed at how physical the Chiefs were. They hit hard between the lines, and sometimes go overboard, but they are nasty.
  14. The Bills will try to force the run vs. NY to get it going, thereby shortening the game and leaving the Jets to hang around. It will be like what Kansas City did. The Bills had no business being within a TD midway through the 4th Qtr. While we would all like to run the ball more effectively, Buffalo cannot get overly conservative against the Jets.
  15. Tony Dungy was on radio this morning. He said he's been to a few college games...and the one's with fans, even with limited capacity have a surprising amount of energy. He thinks it makes a difference. But i don't know about NFL and how that translates.
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