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  1. Once the regular games begin, Allen will start scrambling again, and for big gains. That’s who he is. He won’t just stop. I do believe he will be a better passer this year as well. Looking for a solid season from big Josh.
  2. Tyree deserved that completion. Good pass
  3. Mayfield threw 26 passes tonight and completed 38%. People need not panic over preseason Allen.
  4. I agree with that. They all just kind of jogging.
  5. Josh is not exactly the GOAT in this game.
  6. I think McCoy gets showcased tonight. They will use him in all facets early, and then hopefully he’s successful and the Bills get a trade partner tomorrow for his services
  7. Every summer i say the same thing. Eventually the NFL "preseason" will be 2 regular games instead of 4, and the rest of the work will be joint practices and/or scrimmages against other clubs at training camps. This will provide enough work for draft picks, UDFA's, etc.. to audition for jobs and prove themselves.
  8. Tyree might get a full half tonight on National TV in prime time. Imagine that for the country to see! I mean you don't really need to evaluate Allen or Barkley more than 10-12 snaps each at most. So with Tyree look for a bunch of hand-offs, QB scrambles and bubble screens.
  9. I'd be fine with rookie Daniel Jones starting. No way will he be totally prepared for a real defensive scheme coming at him this early in his career. But he does look promising for the future. Such a weird quirk of schedule to be the home opener for two clubs in consecutive weeks in the same stadium.
  10. We had twins (boy, girl), then a single girl. 14 years later I'm finally seeing the light. Good for Jeremy and his wife. I don't think i could handle all that comes with raising 4 kids at once.
  11. No doubt. But at the time he declared he was on a lot of draft boards anywhere from 3rd to 7th round. His advisors probably told him go now, or you risk not being drafted next season when the QB pool is deeper and UB will have a worse WR crew to elevate him. So he rolled the dice and lost. Obviously, in hindsight he could have stayed and sharpened his skills and still been an UDFA in 2020. Now he’s likely to be cut and have no football this season. Not good
  12. Why would they throw such a low% fade?! So dumb
  13. I think Tyree just needs to tuck and run. He’s not ready to Chuck it around in the NFL. Things are happening too fast for him
  14. Tyree just can’t see downfield fast enough, tough learning curve to read defenses
  15. Hausch sucks. Time to start auditioning the Big 10 kicker of the year and some other guys
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