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  1. As I recall, Ruff was pretty good with Dallas and he did lead the NJ Devils to 52 wins and 112 points last year. The Devils got poor goaltending this season which Ruff paid the price for. I'm not inspired by this hire either, but I've always liked Lindy and he has an edge to him that this team needs. Hoping for the best.
  2. Back in the mid-late 1990's, you could buy two, maybe three NFL teams for $925M. Crazy.
  3. Sorry, but i hate the re-hire thing. Hope im wrong but i was wanting a proven coach from outside the organization.
  4. Bottom line is Beane left it open to trading up, trading down, or staying put at #28. He's not going to telegraph a lean in any direction, as he shouldn't. I do enjoy BB press conferences. He enjoys talking football and the reporters do mix in some thought provoking questions that he clearly likes to break down and provide good answers.
  5. I think the Bills are trading up to get a stud WR. Just not sure how much of a price they are willing to pay in draft assets to get there? They don't want to leave the cupboard bare in other positions... But McD and Beane are keenly aware they are in Josh Allen's prime right now, and you have to get this man a STUD, right now.
  6. Baruch Atta Adonai,,,, bring it home Adonai!
  7. The next coach has to be a proven playoff coach who is tough, who has an edge. The players here need to practice well and get some tough love. No more players coaches in Buffalo. Look at guys like Tortorella, Laviloette, Patrick Roy is like that...Brinda' Mour.. etc.. They demand results.
  8. It was a playoffs or bust season...and this proves it. I've said before, will say it again...they need to overpay and hire a proven coach who has been a winner and playoff head coach. Someone who knows what it takes game in and game out, practices, etc...
  9. So the 3rd helmet has to be some variation of a blue or maybe black helmet. Maybe some chrome mixed in!
  10. So if i play along with this message board, let’s add Harty to Gabe Davis and Diggs as players that will surely have a big hand in eliminating the Bills from the playoffs this season or keeping them from getting in.
  11. I remember during that time thinking how dumb it was that the defense was making a case that the police set up OJ or framed him. and how gullible the jury was. I mean in order to frame OJ, it would have to be known in advance that OJ’s whereabouts for that 45 mins or whatever could not be proven. So what if he was at a game?, or a restaurant with friends, or a gala, or somewhere in another town. I guess the police would’ve looked pretty stupid “planting” all that OJ evidence. He was so guilty a little child could see through all the lies. I mean a cop used the N-word ten years earlier so clearly he was framing OJ. yeah ok. The public and everyone loved OJ back then, right up until he did what he did.
  12. Lot's of old standing Buffalo helmet videos and pics on the National mainstream news shows today...
  13. Imagine the Chutzpah of murdering two people, denying it despite a mountain of evidence, getting acquitted and then writing a very accurate book titled "If I did it". That's just nuts.
  14. Yeah I think the organization can divest itself from OJ since he's dead and it will be a new setup over there. I don't believe a single person in the country, other than his kids would care if he's left off the wall in the future.
  15. I think the Bills sit this one out. The only attention they will receive for putting out an RIP type statement is negative attention.
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