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  1. It’s annoying but they kinda have that vibe of last year Bills. I don’t think they’ll run the table but i do think beating SF will not be surprising. McDaniel knows them just as much as SF know him. Kansas City went through SF with zero resistance and Miami has some great O talent to do the same. Plus now McCaffrey is not 100% and they are not sure if he will play. Lucky Miami.
  2. I'm pretty sure the Patriots even use Providence as the base for their team branded plane. It's just so congested in and out of the city of Boston and Logan airport.
  3. Josh gonna have to move around a bit, step up to stay out of trouble.
  4. Almost gameday. Bills Delta charter is scheduled to depart BUF to Providence Airport at 2:08pm.
  5. The Sabres defense is deficient, but it's been so obvious for several years that the main problem with this club is goaltending. In part they have not addressed it properly and in part they just haven't gotten lucky with it either. Some random guys sign with other clubs and they flourish or a prospect comes out of nowhere to be good. That hasn't happened in Buffalo. Also, they had Ullmark in the building...who won games with a terrible team here. And they let him walk away. I'm sure he wanted to walk away too. All these guys want to play in the playoffs eventually.
  6. I've been lukewarm on the Bills chances in a few recent games. Just didn't feel like they had the mojo back. i feel pretty confident about this NE game. For whatever reason I think this Bills club has the Patriots number so to speak. There's no doubt this is a massive revenge game for NE so we shall see.
  7. People in the AFC should start worrying about Cincinnati. Even with injuries they look better than last season. Their D is better than KC or Buffalo's.
  8. The rushing totals for Philly tonight are insane. Some good QB runs and Oline opening holes
  9. They said on all the preseason shows that the AFC West might be the strongest division ever in the NFL. It isn’t, but the AFC East might actually be! that’s pretty crazy. As explained on TV, any portion of the leg above the ankle touching in bounds in the end zone = two feet.
  10. Just be happy the Bills pulled a close one out on Thursday. That was a huge W
  11. The AFC West was billed as the best division ever…. and reality is that could be the AFC East.
  12. God***mit Tennessee. Stupid penalty. Cincinnati wins and ruins my bet too.
  13. I have a decent amount on them too. Thought Tenn was a solid pick today.
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