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  1. AB has no filter and does not seem to understand societal boundaries in just about every aspect of life. Not sure if that's a mental or behavioral disorder? dual personalities? or from upbringing? CTE? who knows... Nobody is going to want to hire him.
  2. Right now the Bills are like the 2012-2015 Bengals.. Pretty solid D, need a bit more out of the offense and QB to get to the next level. Anyway, glad to see Burrow looking forward to Cincinnati. He's from a poor area of Ohio, I'm sure he'd be thrilled playing anywhere but in his native Ohio is pretty cool.
  3. Jeez the games started well over 2.5 hours ago. Still at halftime
  4. Yup. I think Cinci fans are stoked right about now
  5. The three best Clemson offensive players,..Lawrence, Etienne and Tee are prob better than LSU’s three best offensive dudes. And their D is like an NFL D. LSU has their hands full but I think they will eventually come alive
  6. Hot take alert- I think both these QBs right now are better than Josh Allen.
  7. The bad news: Jets & Miami should be improved...overall schedule is definitely looking harder. The good news: Maybe New England finally drops off a bit and wins 10 games instead of 12-13. It would be nice to have a realistic chance to win the division and not have to scratch and claw with the rest of the AFC for a wild card slot. No one is scared of NE anymore...except Buffalo.
  8. That first 3rd down throw to Adams was a work of art. That was a HOF QB pass
  9. This game stinks. Seattle didn’t come prepared. Lynch stinks too. There are more versatile RBs bagging groceries right now. Doesn’t seem like the Hawks will be able to make it an interesting 2nd half but I guess stranger things have happened.
  10. Both line judges were blocked by players. Not sure how they called it a TD on the field? That was one of those “ eh, just give it to em”. I think that was some home cookin’
  11. GB and that crowd are jacked up. Seahawks gonna have to weather this storm a bit.
  12. He pulls out the “snubbed” jersey. That’s pretty funny
  13. Rodgers, such a nice catchable touch pass to the endzone, perfectly placed. He and Russell Wilson are two of the best at that. We’ll see if Wilson can keep pace here.
  14. Bills O is pretty much mediocre at best. As I said last week after the Texans loss. It made me feel slightly better knowing if we won, the Bills would’ve lost to KC 41-13. People in WNY who are Bills homers have some blinders on about our offense.
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