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  1. That's awful. Sending good thoughts Yesterday I was just telling my wife that i don't know anyone with covid-19. Then today my mom calls in tears and tells me my cousin died from this disease today. He was a few years older than me, in his late 50's and lives out on Long Island. But he was admitted only 10 days ago for coronavirus and his family kept it on the down low until today when he passed. He leaves a wife and 3 kids behind...his youngest just started at Cornell. So freakin sad. Even as recently as March 8th his Facebook timeline had a post about the Bills.
  2. Not sure what’s going on in WNY compared to where I live in Maryland. I have 3 kids in the house and we aren’t Allowing them to hang out in friends houses or have friends here. They are very bored already. here’s a news flash. It’s inevitable that schools will be closed for the remainder of the year, everywhere. Work from home will be indefinite for those that can. NBA season will be cancelled. NHL cancelled, MLB cancelled. We will be lucky if the NFL *only* has a delayed start, and a shortened season. Does anyone really think we are going from complete lockdown to allowing 60,000 fans to be shoulder to shoulder? I don’t think the NFL will play with no fans.
  3. Things worked out pretty lucky for the 9 Bulls players who participated in Wednesday's Pro Day. I believe within hours that evening, the plug was pulled on all Pro Day's around the country at various schools. NFL Scouts pulled their guys back. Imagine working that hard to prepare for it and having your day cancelled. So many disappointments for athletes around the country this spring.
  4. XFL is grasping that they can still hold weekend games without fans.. They desperately need a decent rating and this is their chance. This weekend is a crisis for sports gambling degenerates as well and they NEED the XFL.
  5. I agree. Not a chance. There are 68 teams, made up of 12 players, 5 coaches, 6 or so support staff, refs, facility managers, media people etc.. To have a tournament we have to hope that none of those folks get tested as positive. That's just not gonna happen since they are all traveling around, staying in hotels, etc.
  6. Absurd. Hope the current Bills DBs get used to Norman getting toasted and then blaming the other DB’s for the blown coverage.
  7. I like having the XFL as an alternative to NCAA hoops, spring training, and the crappy Sabres. The players are out there giving it their all and hitting the crap out of each other. I don't/won't plan my day around it but I'll flip it on for a bit if I'm home with nothing else going on. In a way.. It's kind of like MLS soccer. You know it exists, you pass by it on tv ,,,but the only people who really care about the teams are the hardcore locals in each city.
  8. I'm in the DC area so I've been keeping an eye on his XFL career. It's been pretty unspectacular to say the least. Cardale has been horrible the past 2 weeks, overthrowing wide open guys downfield and taking bad sacks. Coach still won't give Tyree any meaningful playing time. When TJ gets in the game, he mostly hands off, does a planned QB run for 3-4 yards,,,or gets hurried into a terrible throw where his receiver is double or triple covered. They blitz the heck out of him so he sometimes tries to elude guys, can't make a quick read and ultimately takes a sack. He's just not quick enough with his reads or accurate enough to get the ball there.
  9. Just give me one 300 yd passing game in 2020. Is that too much to ask for?
  10. Great team leader, great guy...BUT, he has to be a runner to be an effective QB. Kind of Cam Newton-ish. The Bills are not using him properly if they think he’s going to stand back there, scan the field like Brady or Matt Ryan, and shred opposing defenses. I think Daboll started to get it right after those first few games last season where he was planted in the pocket. Josh better figure out how he can best stay healthy while still running around and making plays. That’s his game.
  11. He’s terrible. Washington and Ron Rivera could not release him fast enough. His play on the field and his negative presence in the locker room were equally poor.
  12. That TD by Walker off a bad shot gun snap was sick. wow
  13. yeah. Cam and PJ Walker might be the best two offensive players in this league. At least up until this point.
  14. not sure that type of score is realistic. Maybe one game a weekend. It’s not just the QBs I’ve seen some mediocre-poor receiving play. Some bad drops and not adjusting to the ball. if the games are Low scoring but competitive...within 1 score late, ill Continue to watch. Afterall these guys are hitting the crap out of each other and playing hard.
  15. Uniform-wise this looks like the Montreal Alouettes vs. North Dakota State Bison
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