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  1. You see these other teams like Giants, Falcons, Panthers, etc. they literally cannot score. Not sure if all will truly appreciate the Josh Allen era Bills and how special they are until they are gone.
  2. Seattle had 11 sacks tonight. Buffalo sacked Howell 9 times. Khalil Mack had 6 on his own yesterday. what’s going on this year
  3. Danny about to be 1-15 in prime time or whatever it is
  4. Giants opened the season in prime time at home SNF and now MNF. Almost 7 quarters of football and we’ve seen 3 points. Daboll and Danny Dimes doing a helluva job.
  5. An underrated side note of the victory is winning in the proper home uniform, blue over white, for the second home game in a row. That should be the home uni, always.
  6. One of the all time great sayings of my childhood “Miami has the oranges but Buffalos got the juice”
  7. The Chiefs have the pedigree. When sh*t starts to go sideways, they so often right the ship in a nick of time and pull out the W. Sure some calls or non calls went their way late. they always do for the perceived better team. The Jets got some nice calls too in that game when they mounted a comeback. This is a good example of how KC pulled out a win in the same building Buffalo failed in similar circumstances
  8. He’s now known as Swag Wilson
  9. Nah, i don’t know who the guy is, but he was saying Allen is the best QB right now in the league. He said i’ll live with a pick here and there if it comes with the kind of offense Allen produces
  10. One of the guys on ESPN radio tonight, recapping the games, ripped Joe Burrow. Said his play has been pathetic and won’t use an injury as an excuse.
  11. Yes but he’s effective now and he helped them win a Super Bowl. He invites massive contact but he has the last laugh, he owns a ring.
  12. That Pacheco runs like the Tasmanian Devil in the cartoon. There’s no way any human can play that physical and not get hurt
  13. Just a fantastic game. I have not read the entire thread, maybe it’s been mentioned, but this may be the best Bills club we’ve seen yet. Just so complete in all areas and they all know the regular season is nice but it’s time to pay the Bills in January.
  14. Jets D are embarrassing themselves. they will find a way to blame Zach Wilson for all of it. probably true, but they could do their part and stop KC drives
  15. Tre, Poyer, Hyde, it’s only game 4 and these guys are falling out and getting dinged up. It’s a physical game, a young man’s game really. Just so physical
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