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  1. I could talk my self into wanting OBJ on the roster and just as easily talk myself into not needing him whatsoever. Not sure where the Bills are headed with this? And what about OBJ's knee? how does anyone know it will be healed enough to play again this season. I suspect Beane & Co. have this on the back burner until things will play out with injuries and such...and it will make it easier to decide if they want/need OBJ down the road.
  2. My only thing about Lawson, is that after playing against him on the Jets/Phins, he seemed mostly irrelevant. You certainly didn't have to gameplan around him. The only time i recall hearing his name was when he would get blocked behind the QB, or over pursue and Josh easily stepped up or rolled around him. Maybe he would throw himself on top of an already tackled player. I dunno, not sure what Shaq Lawson is nowadays?!?
  3. Looked like an empty hand to me, barely. If i’m objective, that’s a turnover
  4. Can’t turn it over this much, 2nd string or not. Pretty weak by the offense today.
  5. Regular season, early in game ya gotta take the easy FG early. 4th and 5 is no gimme. I get going for it in preseason but hopefully McD is not that dumb. You can see in the NFL every week how easily momentum changes on a ridiculous tipped INT
  6. Winner Winner. Buffalo gets a Championship trophy. o Great to see these UB greats represent Buffalo so well, and such a heart felt tribute after each win to the shooting victims. So happy for these guys to be able to split $1million for winning the Championship.
  7. I've had DTV for 22 years. I last got it free in 2020. In 2021 they wouldn't give in to my wishes but they did give me a bunch of large credits.. I'm hoping this year i can get ST for free but i don't usually make the call until later July. I have no major complaints against DTV but if they did not provide ST i would have cancelled a while ago and used FIOS.
  8. And he does it in ridiculously freezing conditions no less.
  9. Too funny. Nice to see Bruce is as petty as ever. God bless ya Bruce.
  10. It's too bad JA got off to an iffy start. I think he started worrying more about his game than having fun and trash talking. Brady, Rodgers and Mahomes seem more Alpha off the field...To me, it looked like Josh was trying to fit in and not embarrass himself. At one point towards the end, Rodgers made a little comment to Brady..."we don't need to worry about talking to Josh, he's in his own head".
  11. It took brass ones for JA to get out there and potentially embarrass himself on live TV. He did OK. If he gets invited to more of these over the years i bet he gets more comfortable. He seems to love golf and will get better. Rodgers was supposed to be the most accomplished golfer of the 4. I thought Mahomes was really good, very smoothe. He sliced a couple long tee shots but otherwise carried Allen. Pretty cool that it came down to the very last putt. Shame Josh didn’t sink his crazy long putt.
  12. Maybe he slams a couple Coors before his football games?! Probably not a terrible thing if it calms the nerves.
  13. Mahomes is a special QB and it shows a bit why in this golf match. He doesn’t get mentally frazzled, he stays confident and loose. Yeah he’s drinking but still, he’s calm and composed.
  14. This Mahomes guy can play some golf. Josh has had a few good shots recently but then Mahomes tops him.
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