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  1. Americans need to keep wearing the masks, indoors, in public. So many are just blowing it off now. Then you hear of these cases popping up from bars and indoor gatherings.
  2. when do we stop placing color on everything? maybe never. police brutality is wrong. white violence against black is wrong. black against white is wrong. white on white is wrong, black on black violence is wrong.
  3. F Shaq Lawson. he’s not part of the solution. he’s part of the problem. Fromm made a stupid comment. i’m sure Shaq has been perfect in his teens and never said something stupid or reverse racist. let the kid prove in his actions what type of person he is going forward .
  4. not sure i’d cut him. i might leave it up to the team/leaders. Let him talk to the team in person, apologize, explain himself. see how the club feels after that. maybe his teammates will not want him to be cut over this. maybe they will. let’s see
  5. great looking schedule, great prime time participation for once. too bad A) there will probably be none of very few fans allowed to attend and B) some or many of the games could get scrubbed
  6. I'm confident that Beane knew what he was doing in drafting Gabriel Davis over Gandy-Golden. The later has gotten the Redskins much kudos for getting the steal of the draft... and he was sitting there for Buffalo.
  7. mans who are the dummies that say he can’t hit over 50 yards? Please. The guy could be the next Justin Tucker. Let’s face it, no one here has a clue. The only bad thing about kickers is that teams are forced to give up on them too soon. You often see kickers stick when they are on their 2nd or 3rd team.
  8. Seems like a good pick. I liked AGG as well but Davis played against solid competition and was very productive. No one gets too much separation in the NFL. DBs are too good. This guy can get down the field, win some one on one battles and high point the ball. Sounds good to me.
  9. Eh, he was injured enough that it only limited him to being Utah’s all-time leader in everything. Every RB gets dinged up. They get hammered every play. He was obviously really productive anyway
  10. I’d be stoked to get that Gandy-Golden guy. He looks like the mold of a productive NFL WR. I don’t think he will last to our 4th rd pick though.
  11. Good pick. But why didn’t they show Beanes war room? They show every other GM. Jeez
  12. The nation doesn’t get to see Beane’s awesome war room. These other GMs and coaches just sitting at a desk or their couch
  13. Kinda bummed the Bills don’t have a pick tonight. Some fun stuff with GM/coach war rooms from their homes and each teams fans represented online.
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