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  1. Cool. For those of us at work can anyone link it later? I'd like to watch it.
  2. I like Tyree, have watched him for years. But I'd be pretty surprised if he takes a regular season NFL snap in the next 2-3 years. It would be great for him if he performs well enough in camp & preseason to make the practice squad. I don't think he would ever be a tight end and it's way too early for any club to go that route with him.
  3. Even when you know what’s coming, it’s still a gut punch to hear the news. RIP Pancho and our thoughts are with his family.
  4. The Alabama board thinks he has the greatest hands.. so maybe he has half a shot to make it if he can play some ST.
  5. That would be a phenomenal season and I don't think it's realistic. If he throws 24 TD passes, it likely means he's not diving in for TD's like he did last season...he's probably taking the dump off or short throw for a touchdown instead. If he plays all 16 games, i think his season will be 20 TD passes, 5 rushing TD, 58% completion. And that would be very good IMO.
  6. Yup. Been saying this too. Gotta have a 2nd year progression like Trubisky. Also, like every other running QB, Allen's rushing TD's should be included when evaluating his season. He accounted for 18 TD's with his arm and legs. As his career goes on I would hope his passing TD's increase while his rushing TD's decrease a bit.
  7. Having watched Tyree for his entire UB career and only focusing on Josh Allen last season w the Bills I have two observations. For a big guy, Allen moves like an athlete, he has a burst when he takes off and runs... like an athlete. Tyree looks uncoordinated at times and I think that is a legit knock on him by NFL scouts. When he gets flustered back there he looks like the inflatable tube guy that's flopping around in front of used car dealerships. Allen needs to shore up his accuracy but he didn't look too far off and had a ton of drops. He was a better looking passer than i was lead to believe coming in to the 2018 season. Tyree is a decent thrower when his initial read is open. The second half of 2018 he really bounced too many short passes off the turf or threw 100 mph way over guys heads. No touch. I like Tyree but i never thought he'd be anything more than a project early in his career. I thought he'd be drafted late 5th or 6th round so I was wrong about that like many others. As for Allen, I didn't really want him based on the pre-draft reports last spring but i can see why he was a top-10 pick. I think he will be good. Maybe not great but good enough to win and make the playoffs.
  8. Thanks for the review. I'll have to check it out soon. I live about 20 miles south of there off I-270.
  9. He said - Hey brother at the beginning and signed off at the end with bye brother. I didn't take it as awkward or insensitive. It was Zo signing off. But whatever, there's not a right way to handle this. Many years ago my college buddy died from cancer at age 26. I was in denial that he was that sick until the day his mom called me and said he was gone,, I never said goodbye.
  10. Beane always impresses me as being a very sharp guy. No success is guaranteed but I hope things work out that he's the GM here a very long time. Such a huge upgrade from Whaley IMO.
  11. Thought he was kidding but I took my son this morning after he all but begged me. Yup, Shady definitely tweeted a spoiler. Thought it was a douchey move. It didn’t bother me all that much, the movie was still entertaining. But man, he has a ton of followers and knew exactly what he was doing and how people would be pissed. Not to get too deep but That says something about the character of a person.
  12. Yep. I have it bad with green/brown/red. and the blue/purple/gray schemes. Never could read any numbers in those color blindness tests. My parents took me to clinical studies when I was a little kid. hasn't harmed me much other than coming up with the worst color combinations of clothes and ties. Oh and that Bills/Jets color rush game a couple years ago was bad.
  13. Is he the new Brandon Reilly we can obsess over in preseason? lol. Glad to have him on board
  14. Hey I saw this guy play a game at UB Stadium in 2017. I remember thinking how shifty he was and a good back, but really short. I looked up the stats from that game, he went 22 for 156 and 3 TDs. Just really productive
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