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  1. people like to Monday morning QB this to death. but I don’t think we convert either 4th down. i don’t even think Allen gets a clean pass off and if he does our receivers we’re blanketed. Go ahead and kill McDermott, but we lose that game 10 out of 10 times. Chiefs are just better right now, and beat us twice to prove the point.
  2. When i was kid i remember my grandfather and my uncle used to carry around little bottles of smelling salts in their pockets. Never thought much of it... It was strong and would knock me awake when i took a whiff. They were not NFL QB's so i really don't know why they needed them? I just figured it was an old person thing, lol.
  3. True, this playoff loss didn't sting quite as much. For me, it's because the club exceeded my expectations just to get to the AFC Championship game. I figured playoffs, yes, and hoping we would win a game. Also, it was apparent to me (and many fans) midway through the 2nd Qtr and on that KC is a better team right now. Maybe if there had been a play or two that i could say changed the entire outcome of the game i would be pissed. But in my opinion, we lose that game 10 out of 10 times.. They were going to outscore us no matter what. And they already beat us at home too. So the Chief
  4. I don't see it. But with Allen here it is nice to know Buffalo is a destination city for talented F/A's that want to win now. Look how excited Beasley and Diggs were to come here to play with Josh.. On the defensive side, lot's of opportunity here as well.
  5. I agree with you.. saw this as well during the game. KC sped up the game with their D-line and a few blitzes and Josh's eyes weren't quick enough to get him out of trouble. So he ended up throwing a few high incompletions to the sidelines (which would not have gained much yardage anyway)...a few sacks when he just held the ball forever...a few throw away's. In the first half i wanted more scrambles but I'm sure both Daboll and Allen wanted to crank up the passing game and kinda' forced it. This is one of those games we can revisit and "what-if" all day, but the bottom line is that KC has be
  6. Too much blame: The Field goals. Personally I don't think Allen would have even got his passes off with the rush KC was bringing and their "sticky" coverages. I don't think we convert either of those to TD's and making it 21-12 rather than 21-9 at half WAS important. Too little: The players and schemes. It's like none of them even studied film re: Hill and Kelce. Even Hughes said they knew the shovel pass TD was coming and just blew it.
  7. McKenzie was certainly underutilized, especially when KC would throw speed in our face and we had no answers on offense. Gabe should not have played. who made that decision?!?
  8. He looked disheveled with his scraggly hair and beard going. On another note, thought i read today that not only does his dad have Covid but his siblings too. (I'm pretty sure i read that quote somewhere from Josh).
  9. With Daboll here and Allen throwing the ball all over the place, the Bills should be able to attract whatever burner WR's are out there on the market.. The offense can't be just Allen to Diggs next year. If that's taken away, we're dead.
  10. Eh, when it's all said and done, McDermott's team did not have a professional football offense that's tried and true. The loss of Moss was probably pretty huge too. There's a formula. Mahomes might have the only skill set, weapons and scheme where he can get away with throwing heavily in a huge game. Every other club needs some semblance of a running gameto pull off the play action or whatever.
  11. Gabe Davis was done after his injury early against Baltimore. Not sure of the thought process to play him yesterday. He was obviously easy to cover since he was blanketed the entire game.
  12. FG's didn't matter... If we don't kick the FG's the game would have ended 38-18. We likely weren't scoring TDs on those 4th downs. Our offense wasn't getting any easy looks. They probably should have gone for the second one though. The big back breakers were the Singletary drop to kill a 3rd down conversion with a lead in KC territory and the INT while still trying to get back into it.. and the 15 yard running backwards sacks.
  13. My main issue with last night is that it was too easy for the Chiefs. AFC Championship game and we were butter...KC was the hot knife. They flipped the switch and we had no answers. When the game mattered, Daboll could not devise a plan. The Bills were a one trick pony on offense, Allen to Diggs. That pretty much fizzled in these last 2 games. The D got manhandled in 2 of our 3 playoff games... KC definitely has more talent on Offense and Defense. But their schemes are better too. It will be interesting to see if Josh can put together another season li
  14. This was a very disappointing loss obviously, but for some reason i’m not too down. i think from Q2 on you could see we were not the better club. Easier to take this than a last second Mahomes come from behind win or something like that. I think the Bills were a bit exposed in the playoffs. Cant just be Allen and Diggs next season. They need some balance, more speed, a running game, more stout of a defense.
  15. KC has a very good D that isnt talked about much. when they scheme and take the game seriously like they did tonight, tough to beat. Their DBs were all over our receivers. their receivers were wide open. disappointing
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