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  1. Aikman just killing Flacco tonight. You know what he’s thinking is probably worse than what he can actually say on TV.
  2. Interesting. The Trent Williams saga in Washington started because Trent felt the management and medical staff misdiagnosed him, rushed him back, didn’t take his condition seriously enough. It’s a big thing now. Players are fighting back. Players are orchestrating their own trades, etc..
  3. Last year Allen bailed from the pocket early and his athleticism got him several hundred yards. This year the coaches have pounded into him to hang in the pocket and make a read and a throw. This will prolong his career and should force Allen to be a better QB. But I wouldn't mind seeing him bail early on occasion since it was such a huge weapon last season.
  4. I'm happy where they are. If you said in August that they'd be 4-1 I'd take that in a nanosecond. But some of the fans/media do seem a bit cocky after a bye week in which the Bills did nothing. Other teams failures don't make the Bills any better. They barely beat the NYJ, Cincinnati and Tennessee. Those teams are pretty poor to mediocre. Bottom line, i don't think the Bills should be a 16.5 favorite over anyone. If they beat Miami by 21+ then I'll feel better about the O but they've really done the minimum so far and they aren't the least bit explosive.
  5. Anything can happen, of course. But I don’t believe it’s a trap game. To be honest, Buffalo hasn’t earned the right to be -16.5 over anyone. The Bills barely beat the Jets, Cincinnati and Tennessee. Those are not powerhouse teams. I think the Bills O has a lot to improve upon and hopefully this is the game. If they throw INTs and fumble over to Miami, that’s the great equalizer. Let’s hope the Bills play a clean game, win the turnover battle and they will get a nice Win here.
  6. smart move by Miami. Rosen would be at a severe disadvantage in this environment. At least Fitz can read a defense and has played on this field. I’ll still be disappointed if the Bills don’t win by 3 TD’s
  7. Joker has a huge buildup but I felt a bit letdown. Not sure what i was expecting? I just didn't love it but the acting and all that stuff was fine. It was dark, very dark. Arthur Fleck is disturbing.
  8. When I've seen the tipping option (mostly on ipad terminals) it's mostly at Asian restaurants that are owner operated. I never tip when it's carry-out. I also see it at the Vietnamese barber I go to, and I do tip those folks when i get a haircut.
  9. On the play before his dumb lateral last night, his "happy feet" in the pocket was hilarious. The guy was absolutely terrified of getting hit/sacked last night.
  10. There's a little too much patting the Bills on the back today for my liking. I agree they *should* win two of the next three,,,probably all three. And yesterday people act like the Bills did something good because other teams fail. The bottom line is that Buffalo is in great position but they barely beat the NY Jets, barely beat Cincinnati and barely beat Tennessee. Let me see them beat Miami by 3 TD's and then beat Washington by 17+ and I'll feel better about it.
  11. the Dolphins announced it early last week that Rosen would be the starter for the rest of the season. So they aren’t changing anything up. Doesn’t mean Fitz won’t come out of the bullpen from time to time as he did today. And of course Rosen could get injured as well.
  12. I've been saying it for a few years now..We're getting closer and closer each week. someone will be paralyzed or die, and it won't be so funny anymore. I don't think it's funny now. It's just stupid and paints the whole fanbase as a bunch of drunk idiots.
  13. I’m sure McDermott is thrilled with the Twitter beef involving his guys.
  14. I actually agree with you here. The reactionary crowd won't like it but UB is a tough place to build a consistent winner and Leipold is a solid coach. Because of grad transfers and the portal, UB is having to break in new QBs and unproven receivers. It's a transition year. He has recruited better athletes over the past few years and LL runs a respected program with integrity. With the new field-house hopefully they will attract top MAC players to UB instead of Ohio, Miami, Toledo, etc.. I'd like to rip Lance about the kicking situation but we have kids with great credentials out of high school and then they flop here.
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