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  1. I think that's because each team got a different staff member to decide the over under - so it's not one writer who thinks everyone will be over.
  2. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31264141/nfl-win-total-predictions-2021-reporters-make-picks-all-32-teams The line on every team win total ion the upcoming season. I don't disagree with what it says about the Bills. I don't usually bet - but could someone explain to me There are 17 games in the regular season for every team so the most there can be is 272 wins (there could be less if there are ties). The line predicts 275.5 wins, so theoretically if I bet the under on all teams I'm guaranteed to win or am I missing something?
  3. I agree and with the depth we have at most position it would make sense to trade up and pick a difference maker to compete with the elite talent in KC. We have a window for the SB with our QB set for the few years and we're above average at most positions. What we need are difference makes.
  4. Speaking of Brady - Jessica's next opponent is Jennifer Brady - no relations though
  5. Guess he paid up - moderators you can close the thread
  6. Sorry if this was discussed in a different thread - I must have missed it But what ever happened with Nick Wright's condiment shower? starting @ 1:00 min mark
  7. I was talking about the 1990 season - the playoffs were Jan 1991 - SB was in Tampa The 1991 Season (Playoffs Jan 1992) there were 2 weeks - like you wrote
  8. If I'm not mistaken - 1991 was one of the few times they had only a week between Conference Championship and SB
  9. But then why have the Walter Payton award at all? We don't want the recognition as a pat on the back - we want the recognition to inspire other fan bases also in other sports to do the same
  10. John Brown had 4 targets - missed all 4, that's half of JA incompletions. Are we sure he's healthy?
  11. All it says is they made some tweets to donate - "To show their appreciation for eliminating the Dolphins, posts on social media started popping up encouraging Colts fans to donate to the Patricia Allen Fund at Oishei Children's Hospital." Tweets are cheap - did they actually donate?
  12. AJ's sack and fumble recovery against Seattle - got to be in there
  13. In the national media all of a sudden everyone is full of praise for the Bills. A bit late getting on the bandwagon and the bills do deserve the credit. My favorite quote so far What became clear on Sunday: The best team in the AFC East is the Buffalo Bills. The second-best team is the Buffalo Bills’ backups. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/03/week-17-takeaways-browns-playoffs-tua-meltdown-in-buffalo-giants-bumble-past-dallas
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