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  1. This is a projection of the top 10 for 2022 .. not a 2021 list or a career achievement.. as otherwise we would need to have Cam Newton in the top 10. I think it is fine to have Pat Mahomes ahead of Josh but it is equally logical to make the leap that Josh will be better than Mahomes in 2022. In fact the casinos in Las Vegas who are not fond of losing money have Josh as the favorite to be #1 at years end. We shall see.
  2. Three minutes of Josh Allen being his normal fun self
  3. 5 minute video of the blue and red practice from Mafia Soorts Report
  4. #22 Vontae Davis in white. Sadly I lost it at half-time of a game. Was really looking forward to having that one.
  5. I wonder if the league will provide some incentives to shut the h up in the way of a suspension since he admitted to taking an illegal drug. More of a concern is the young people who will look at his words crediting this drug with his excellent performance. Do young people without all of the benefits of the large network around me him try to emulate him. He is such an oblivious, self-centered (self-love is the nice way to say it I suppose) person. He cannot go away soon enough
  6. It would be a long, long way .. I did the calculation and specifically it is 2,612 miles driving between St. John Fisher and the Rams training camp facility. I doubt Sean would allow him to make the trip even if Ed was predisposed to sniffing Aaron's jock.
  7. Glad he has looked great in camp. One thing that jumped out was just how huge Greg is compared to Ed. Fun watch
  8. Rams receiver Van Jefferson (had 800 yards receiving last year) seeing a specialist on Monday related to a knee issue. He is expected to be the third starting WR for the Rams this year. I truly Hope he is better by the 2nd week of the regular season https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/van-jefferson-is-dealing-with-a-knee-injury-will-see-specialist-on-monday/ar-AA109G4n
  9. Astro notes from the session. He provides an assumed depth chart at the end based on what he sees in practice https://buffalofambase.com/2022/07/27/astro-notes-3-july-27-2022-bills/
  10. Justyn Ross who was a receiver many fans wanted as he was projected as a 2nd rounder by many services, but fell out of the draft entirely. He had supposedly looked good in mini-camp. Another tough break for a kid who going into April thought he would be wealthy. https://www.kshb.com/sports/chiefs-wr-justyn-ross-out-for-season-with-foot-injury
  11. Tommy Doyle Ride-along video driving to camp in a Buffalo Bills truck. Nice truck
  12. Jordan Palmer had been asked about Kyler, and historically he has been very hesitant to speak ill of any quarterback, but he did indicate that he would tell a QB not to act like Kyler does, but he is skilled and it is working so he can get away with it. Starts at 4:20. My take is when his game falls off he will fall from the league quickly.
  13. Pictures from WIVB Channel 4 from yesterday Players and coaches: https://www.wivb.com/buffalo-bills-players-training-camp-photo-galleries-st-john-fisher/ Fans: https://www.wivb.com/buffalo-bills-training-camp-fan-photos-bills-mafia-st-john-fisher/
  14. Worked with Kromer in the past. Before creating this post I did a search to see if somebody else had posted it and he was a hot name in the 2018 draft thread as a 6th round pick prospect with @ngbills @bakin among others discussing him. I believe we have one open spot on the roster.
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