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  1. Excellent point. In 2018 he could not hit the short and intermediate stuff. he worked on it and he was good in the short game and great in the intermediate. He threw only 10 TDs and 12 ints in 2018. In 2019 in the first 5 games he had thrown 7 interceptions .. he only threw 2 interceptions the remaining 11 games .. (that is remarkable). To the person who said his running is decent .. I think you should really look at the games again .. he destroys people with his legs. Is he there .. nope. Could he fail ... yes. Do I expect him to be a top 5 QB in a few years .. absolutely.
  2. Very open about Josh's strengths, areas of growth, and weaknesses. Really terrific interview though 33 minutes long.
  3. I tend to agree with Chris Simms on his choices. Can't believe the passing number line is so low - so would be my choice for best bet. Curious what others believe is the safest?
  4. I ran a simulation using advanced data analytics and SportsLine's proprietary algorithm and 85% of the time TB's mother was unsatisfied with the "look in". Check the source. Oh also .. if anyone is a big believe in this, I actually have a fast way for you to make some cash but you need to send me $50 to cover the cost of the bank wire transfer .. and provide your bank account information and pin so I can make certain every penny gets deposited properly.
  5. Per Chris Simms if the trade had gone down he has been lead to believe that it would have been Josh Allen #1 to Seattle https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/05/buffalo-bills-qb-josh-allen-reportedly-would-have-gone-no-1-in-2018-draft-had-this-trade-occurred.html
  6. Saw the first which was interesting as they talk JA and Bills mafia, but .... They also referenced his draft experience video .. which is long but I found very interesting:
  7. I tend to be on the Josh is on an upward trajectory bandwagon, but your analogy is excellent. 2 passes a game does not seem like a lot, but it adds up. A couple of things in Josh's favor: 1) He does have a high number of drops, but that is in part on Josh. I remember Vinnie Testeverde had lots of drops from his WRs because he would rifle it in when the pass could have been handled with touch. Josh seems to have a bit of this. 2) I have seen so many WRs make the spectacular catch which would have gone down as a drop or a straight incompletion, but the Bills WR have not at least recently made many of those. I am hoping Diggs will take care of that. 3) He does take more shots (not always good shots) down the field which by definition are lower percentage chances. Bottom-line: He has the leadership and a lot of potential, but with the weapons he has we need to see that potential result in more positive plays .. which would include a higher percentage of completions.
  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/14/could-russell-wilson-be-traded-by-the-seahawks/ In hindsight the Browns should have taken it. Got me thinking which QBs would I trade straight-up for Josh Allen KC - Mahommes (YES!) LV - Carr (platued - no) Denver - Lock (less proven than JA and less skilled - No) SD - Taylor (No) Indy - Rivers (downside of career - No) Houston - Watson (Not 100% convinced but odds of his success are better - Yes) Jacksonville - Minschew (lower upside - No) Tennessee - Tannihill (not as good as appeared last year - No) Pittsburgh - Rothliesberger (downside of career / injury - No) Baltimore - Jackson (not convinced he will be long-term great - but reluctant Yes) Cleveland - Mayfield (Attitude / size - No) Cincy - Burrow (Not proven - could be amazing or bust - Intrigued but pass) NE - Stidham (Less athletic - No) Jets - Darnold (more polished coming out of college, but has performed worse than JA so far; JA has higher ceiling - No) Miami - Tua (Injury / not proven - Interesting but pass) Eagles - Wentz (can't stay healthy - No) Cowboys - Prescott (higher cost and less upside - No) Redskins - Haskins (Just No) Giants - Jones (Similar weaknesses to Josh with less upside - No) Bears - Trubisky (Just No) Packers - Rodgers (Prima-donna / downside of career - No) Lions - Stafford (Never been abe to put it all together - No) Vikings - Cousins (huge price for solid but not spectacular results - No) Falcons - Ryan (I like his game, but closer to end than start of his career - tough choice but I would pass) Saints - Brees (I love Brees but looking to retire soon - No) Panthers - Bridgewater (placeholder till next guy IMHO - No) Bucs - Brady (GOAT, but an old GOAT - No) 49ers - Garrapolo (never too impressed - No) Rams - Goff (seems to have hit season and looks like a steady but not great QB - No) Seahawks - Wilson (great leader / great player -- Yes) Cardinals - Murray (was impressive as a rookie - I would be fine either way though I love Josh's size)
  9. I thought they did a really good job where they emphasized how Josh grew in the timing portion of his game where experts thought he would struggle and struggled with his deep passes which experts thought would be his strength https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2020/05/12/josh-allens-deep-passing-holds-the-key-for-buffalo-in-2020/
  10. You are correct .. that was not sound logic on my part.
  11. That would have moved us from 23rd in the league to 16th https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/points-per-game
  12. https://lastwordonprofootball.com/2020/05/09/the-truth-about-josh-allen/ Not too much new but the author echos my feelings .. we drafted a raw prospect and he has at times shown the raw skillset for good and bad. He needs to take a step forward in 2020 (which I believe he will) in order to avoid competition in 2021.
  13. Virgil .. don't be a pessimist .. we need a 19-0 option
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