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  1. No scolding other than the one guy who decided to comment after admitting he didn’t read the post
  2. Agreed u don’t .. as stated in the original.. it is a free country .. you can be eeyore if you want. The fact that I choose to see the silver lining and used facts to justify the fact that there is hope .. free country there as well. Best wishes
  3. It was not targeted at anybody.. so no link .. it was a general statement that there is no reason to have a meltdown
  4. Nope was waiting for you to do that detailed analysis.. but then you would have to do that for all games
  5. I do and I said just because it was Bills related .. but Rodgers, Brees, Mahomes, Wilson, Brady are relevant .. that is why you read the whole post before responding
  6. Then why respond at all .. congrats you are simple but like most simple people it does not stop you from expressing an opinion without reading
  7. For starters I wasn’t saying all things were equal.. you on the other hand cherry picked two who got there sooner and ignored the fact that most on the list took longer to get there. Also given Josh was so raw coming out of college (acknowledged by all) his first season minimally was a mulligan. Then throw in the fact that to the best of my knowledge Josh was the only one playing on the road at the defending Super Bowl champ and I think it is clear that we should not be too upset. The progress is evident .. enjoy what was a great season
  8. I am not going to editorialize too much other than to mention that out of all of these great quarterbacks (Kelly and Esiason - were from a Bills perspective .. the rest are active QBs) Josh Allen had the most yards for his team in his first conference championship game and much better stats than most. He was also considered raw and is one of only a few on this list that got there in the first three years of his career. If you want to have a meltdown .. there are really no good arguments for it .. but it is a free country All of the numbers came from profootballreference.com
  9. we are miles from where we were for the past 25 years. Now is not the time to lose heart. Last year they made the play-offs but choked it away. This year they won the division, won 2 play-off games and then laid an egg against the best team in football. It happens. I have said this in other threads, but the best QB in the league St. Patrick Mahomes finished his first AFC championship game with a lose and a 51% completion percentage. It is called a process because it is a process. They will learn and improve. Jim Kelly first AFC championship game was a stellar 14-30 47% for 163 yards 1 TD and 3
  10. In hindsight .. Patrick is the best QB in the NFL. Anybody implying they knew that 100% going into the 2017 draft is lying. If people knew what Mahomes would be they would have traded everything to get up to pick him. Few experts had him as the number 1 quarterback in that draft. Crystal Balls are imaginary .. so since we didn't have one .. we should focus on what we have and how we progress from here rather than dwell on the fact that we and every other team not named Kansas City didn't take or trade to get Mahomes.
  11. Great year .. more work to do .. Mahomes (51% completion) lost his first AFC championship and so did Kelly for that matter. Get home field next year. One thing I guarantee ... they are going to work hard and make fixes
  12. Bass first kicker in NFL history with 3 50+ yard field goals .. last week should not count .. the wind caused Tucker to miss two FG for crying out loud
  13. We have a few things to work on .. 1) Pass rusher 2) Running game 3) another step for Josh. I hate this but truly appreciate where we have come from
  14. Church earlier today. Now monitoring what is going on with my son and daughter-in-law as I wait for my first grandchild to be born .. was due last Saturday (so any time now) .. and sitting with my other son who had never seen the Bills win a play-off game until this year. Life is good
  15. Bienamy and Frazier both expected to get second interviews this week per Adam Schefter https://www.radio.com/wgr550/sports/bills/bieniemy-frazier-to-have-interview-agin-with-texans-report
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