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  1. They were Drew's gummy dildos that AB threw at his Baby mama. You can only push a man so far .... https://www.tmz.com/2020/01/13/antonio-brown-police-hollywood-florida-chelsie-kyriss/
  2. The Dolphins already agreed to host a home game in 2020 in either London or Mexico City along with the Falcons. Since they won't have Miami do 2 International games that means that we will be the away team if we are in fact facing Miami for an International game. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/falcons-will-host-international-game-in-2020-against-one-of-these-eight-teams-dolphins-likely-hosting-too/
  3. Peterman is getting mileage out of the fact that some people (e.g., Jon Gruden really liked him as a QB - I am not thinking Gruden is saying well that boy knows his Our Father) and he has excellent preseasons.Tebow was a pretty fervent Christian and his time did not last very long. If Rosen was a serviceable QB .. he wouldn't be traded or benched .. he just isn't. Can he be? It is possible, but he has shown nothing so far. A team that he could not move that people predicted would go winless .. 89 year old Fitz got 5 wins. This argument just does not hold water .. nor walk on it.
  4. I think he was talking about how Baltimore is always ranked highly in livability. It has been known for a while they have excelled at killing each other, but what is probably a surprise to us but not to Jerry .. they are the city with the highest rate of STDs. I would say we suck, but it appears they beat us at that as well https://www.the-sun.com/news/250900/std-map-us-cities/
  5. The four great predictors.. 1) Lie detectors for detecting truth; 2) IQ tests for measuring how successful someone will be; 3) quarterback rating / QBR for measuring the effectiveness of a quarterback; 4) NFL analysts and fans for detecting who will have a HOF career based on their first 2 seasons. Note: If I was strapped to a lie detector right now it very might well indicate I am telling the truth :).
  6. So does it make sense to pay other people's free agents because they will demand less money than they are worth. Shaq and Jordan like the team, know the system and if they can be had for what the Bills would pay for some other comparable free agent .. fine. I do not want to pile on about Levi but good luck finding a starting or backup CB as good as Levi for that price tag.
  7. Good article that compares Josh's second year to other 2nd year QBs over the past 10 years. There is also a link embedded in the article to his preseason expectations. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/buffalo/sports/2020/01/13/allen-s-second-season-review
  8. Breaking news .. Antonio Brown throws bag of gummy penises at the mother of his child...thinking he is not a fit with the McDermott culture https://www.tmz.com/2020/01/13/antonio-brown-police-hollywood-florida-chelsie-kyriss/ now if he threw them at Tom Brady ......
  9. Seriously? Every GM misses on guys including those that are considered the best in the business. Selecting one obvious miss when they went and cleaned it up early by trading him away is not a strong take.
  10. It is way premature to say this .. he has room for growth, but he is a much better passer than last year .. and is trending up. He is an electric player .. we shall see in a few years if he goes the RG3 route, but I doubt it unless he has a significant injury.
  11. And all we did was beat the Titans in Tennessee .. hmmm. Some would argue (me included) that we got jobbed. I still think KC would have taken us down .. but young core, solid drafting, and money to spend = improvement next year.
  12. Hmm .. I am thinking this is now a safe bet .. congrats!
  13. Oh no .. what will we ever do if we cannot convince you that the house is not on fire. Josh is a QB with a lot of potential who has to get better to be elite. As I posted in another thread .. for a first time playoff game Josh had really solid numbers, in fairness numbers that were skewed on the positive by the really bone-headed plays not being taken advantage of by the Texans and on the negative side hurt by 4 drops (per profootballreference and Fox there were 10 drops by the 8 teams playing last week and the Bills had 4 of them) and some questionable penalties to say the least. Heck he had good numbers compared to the other QBs playing last week including Deshaun Watson. Josh was drafted as a unique prospect and the jury is still out .. the Josh is elite crowd are wrong and the Josh will be a bust crowd are equally wrong. He is neither yet. I think his floor is much higher than most experts (even those that hate him) thought it would be and his ceiling is still sky high. The fact that we made the playoffs, his teammates think he is legit, and he has improved across the board (though with many faults still) should give him at least 2 more years to prove it. I know if we had only drafted those sure things like Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariotta, Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahommes, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Josh Rosen, or Mason Rudolph we would be winning the Super Bowl this year. Clearly 3 have turned out well, but it is still early for all their careers .. we will know a lot more in 2 years .. hopefully by then we will have lofted at least one Lombardi and this irrational love / hate of Josh will be decided one way or another. This is still a team that does not have but a single pro-bowler .. their best players are all young. I would be shocked if we do not have a nice little run of goodness and hopefully that will turn to a run of greatness. Go Bills!
  14. This is a very nice summary .. but aren't you aware that at twobillsdrive rational thoughts are frowned upon .. shame on you for taking us here
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