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  1. Scary. The type of darting eyes that make you cross the street when you see him coming at you ....
  2. Barry Sanders was the best RB I ever saw .. playing for a horrible team ... poor guys talents were wasted. His moves were dirty.
  3. This was a nice piece of comparison between Devin and kareem by cbssports https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/why-bills-running-back-devin-singletary-will-have-a-kareem-hunt-type-breakout-on-the-field-in-2020/ Interesting notes: "He became just the 11th first-year ball carrier over the past decade to eclipse 750 yards on the ground at more than 5.0 yards per carry." "forced 36 missed tackles on his 151 attempts for Buffalo a season ago, good for a rate of 23.8%. Hunt forced 61 missed tackles on 272 rookie-season carries with the Chiefs, which equates to a rate of 22.4%" Worth a quick read.
  4. https://twitter.com/CSimmsQB/status/1287862979673952257/photo/1 Reading the comments 90% people shocked by the lack of Poyer / Hyde or as someone in the comments called them Dr. Poyer and Mr. Hyde. Some great comments if bored. Jordan linked to it on his Twitter and tagged Micah .. may not appreciate their lack of placement.
  5. It was great to see in the article that the Bills have been one of the best at watching player safety .. that stuff matters in free agency, not as much as the $$$$, but still matters.
  6. That is an interesting counter point, but I think that is a rare occurrence (I cannot find another like comparison). There was also some belief in the Pats org at the time that he took too many plays off. Tre is a consummate team guy. Now once the player is older.. I agree that it makes sense to move on.
  7. You do this when you are trying to rebuild not when you are trying to win it all. White is entering his prime .. pay the man. BTW as to those who are criticizing White for comtemplating taking the year off .. shut up. It is in the end a game and it is his decision. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/08/06/tredavious-white-reacts-to-fans-criticizing-his-opt-out-deliberations/
  8. Bust for who (not Quincy or his agent :)).. if I were a WR I would have Quincy's agent on speed dial .. and if I were Quincy I would wash the agent's car once per month for free for life .. just to show my appreciation. His game did not warrant that kind of a contract at all.
  9. In a related note pff revisited his performance over the past 3 Years and downgraded him 30 pts from a 64 to a 34 .. they did mention that if he had joined the Chiefs his revised score would have been an 83
  10. People remember that the Redskins won the super Bowl in 1987 .. the fact that they did so in a strike shortened season is rarely noted and nobody implies it diminishes the achievement anymore .. maybe for a year or 2 they may, but then it is just team X won the SuperBowl
  11. The board always complains when it is pundits ranking players and here is actual coaches and we want to critique. Note: this is not a which tier do I think they will be in 2023 article, it is based off of 2019. I think it is fair in general and of course some will prefer QB7 over QB6, but this is not an exact science so let it go. I think it does show that the league feels Josh is progressing (and given that he was a very raw prospect that is what you want to see) and it also shows that he has clearly not arrived. This year is huge for him and the team. he does not need to be a tier 1 quarterback this year, but he does need to climb into the discussion of tier 2. As an aside, 1) Watson plays on a dysfunctional team and has been outstanding .. not certain how you can view him as anything but an upper-echelon QB; and 2) 1 great year is too small a sample size to say that Lamar will be upper echelon for the long-term, but he was clearly that in 2019. =========== For Mr. Weo only since he thinks I am a Josh homer .. this is crazy .. Josh should be behind only Mahomes and Russell Wilson .. this is an outrage
  12. Focus on Diggs and Singletary It is the dog days of summer .. so thought somebody might want to watch.
  13. Actually he was a scout not a soldier ..and he was in general friendly to native americans and felt they were unjustly treated. I actually wish we had a better name, but not because Buffalo Bill did anything wrong. But as someone said riling up the crowd leads to ratings no matter how faulty the info.
  14. I couldn't find a picture of it, but the "Bo don't know snow" sign was classic.
  15. This is really a good interview .. a lot of non-boilerplate info. Thanks to Teef for pointing out that this was here as I created a duplicate ...Thanks for posting Dr.
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