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  1. After the game, when asked about what happened on the 4th and 1 interception. Murray took full responsibility as you would expect a leader to do. Oh wait no he didn't he blamed the scheme .. which is the responsibility of course of the playcaller .. Kingsbury. Not a leader!
  2. Melvin will sign with Chiefs .. TBD posters handwringing to commence https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/11/28/chiefs-plan-to-sign-melvin-gordon/
  3. For the three you mentioned I think they are clearly past their prime now, but their respective primes i would have said Wilson would have been a franchise qb .. the other two just strike me as Kirk Cousin types. You can win with them … but they are not guys that elevated their teams as I would think a true franchise qb would
  4. That would be amazing Lamar - starter, Baker - 2nd string, Darnold -3rd string .. add in Rosen for the practice squad and you have Hard Knocks gold
  5. My list: Top QB: Mahomes Franchise QBs: Josh, Burrow Potential but need to see more: Hurts, Tua, Herbert, Watson, Jackson Former franchise QBs: Rodgers, Brady So three definite franchise QBs in my opinion which seems light, but I cannot say I trust any others at this point to stay up there .. though Hurts and Tua seemed best positioned.
  6. some key points missing from this 1) Who decided the relative quality of the player missed. 2) Do they count people on IR? I look at the injury reports every week and it has “seemed” that we have in general been missing more starters than our opponents.
  7. I am certain the 49ers would have traded Trent Williams for a conditional 6th round draft pick and a bucket of Buffalo Wings (celery/ carrots included). It is shocking we don’t have at least 4 all-pros as backups ready to move in to position at a moments notice.
  8. Or our pathetic 8-3 record good for second place in the AFC. last year after 13 games we were 7-6 and certainly had less injury issues. Would love to have won the Jets or Vikings games .. but sitting in a very good spot right now
  9. He is a very good special teams player and saved us when Gabe mishandled the onside by knocking it out of bounds.
  10. I was comparing the first three playoff seasons .. the next 4 years for this version are still TBD
  11. 1988 2020 Bills AFC Championship - got beat soundly in both games 1989 2021 Bills Divisional Round - lost a heartbreaker 1990-1994 SBs .. So not seeing a difference so far.
  12. This is true if any team … r.g. Name 4 players in the Chiefs or any other team that are not replaceable. I also think that Groot may get there soon. Losing him for the second half hurt
  13. The problem is you “feel” too much and don’t look at facts. The Jets are middle of the road across the board and have a very weak QB. Could the Bills lose .. sure KC lost to the Colts .. it can happen. Is it likely to happen? No .. no it is not
  14. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/11/05/jets-add-james-robinson-to-injury-report-with-a-knee-problem/ Jets Rb James Robinson late add to the injury report - questionable with knee injury
  15. Per ProFootballTalk this morning the Browns had been looking for a CMC type deal but would now accept a 4th .. which likely means a 5th can get it done https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/10/30/report-browns-now-want-only-a-fourth-round-pick-for-kareem-hunt/
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