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  1. Just jumping on one last time to delete my original post and to apologize to @Mr. WEO. I am drained and my head is all foggy from the treatments and likely too emotional. I will be staying off, but not because of @Mr. WEO and my apologies also for my snarkiness. Go Bills
  2. If you haven’t seen similar statements many times over on this board you are either 1) randomly skipping those posts; 2) suffering from significant memory loss; or 3) just a troll. if 1) congrats; off 2) my condolences; if 3) then I totally get it .. trolls gonna troll
  3. Look 7 posts up in this very thread from Dillinger4 ”Our D is the big question. With Tre as our #1 CB we ain't going anywhere. Don't give me " hopefully he rebounds and gets healthy". The dude is a wimp at 100% strength.” Sorry I corrected the grammar. There are numerous references to fire McDermott / Beane as well as statements about us not being good enough to win. I will not be spending my time finding them for you. If you have not seen those posts good for you .. they are there. Have a great weekend.
  4. Look at any bash McBeane thread … there are so many or just look 4 comments up .. “we are going nowhere”
  5. How would the smart money in Vegas put us closer to the Chiefs than we are from the Jets. I have been reading on TBD tgat we have zero percent chance of winning a title. I am thinking some people on the board should plunk down money on everybody put the Bills.
  6. Let's focus on the latter three years as a good GM improves his team over time. - as a GM you look to keep your team competitive . Last years Chiefs were not as good their team from 3 years ago, but they were competitive and things played out for them in the playoffs. Baltimore is the only one. You're really not going to cite NE with Jones in his rookie season and not a WR to mention on the team, at home for us, are you? I'd hardly call that a feat. - well I also counted Houston and Jacksonville I'm not sure how that is demonstrating how the D didn't show up. We also no-showed, at home, for Cincy before Hamlin got hurt in that game, it's hardly as if we were shutting them down. - now we are talking regular season .. if you want to do that we were 13-3 including beating KC in KC In five of those playoff games we allowed over 32 PPG. That's good? - the D has only given up 32 points in two of those games both to the top offense KC. Maybe your problem is you are getting your data from bad sources. We must have different standards. - Definitely! This past season was a complete debacle and everyone knows it, we can make excuses, but vs. the Bengals in the regular season game - the playoffs were a debacle agreed. Micah Parsons, a guy who plays football at a pretty high level recently stated that the team was understandably emotionally drained for the playoffs. As for the regular season they were 13-3 .. by my standards that is not a debacle but as you pointed out we have different standards. i did not respond to all of your points as this is a message board not a place for essays and I will not respond further because there will be no convincing you and you will not convince me.
  7. 2017 - not a great team that outperformed expectations. D gave up 10 pts 2019 - in it to the end and without the phantom illegal block call probably win it. D only gave up 22 including overtime 2020 - let a mediocre team hang around in the Colts. D allowed 24 pts; D dominated Baltimore allowing only 3 pts; outclassed by the Chiefs 2021 - crushed the Patsies D only gave up 17 and they were playing backups fairly early on; should have won against the Chiefs but the D could not stop Mahomes 2022 - team was out of sorts for both games - I truly believe they were emotionally spent. Barely beat an overmatched Dolphins team and were no-shows against the Bengals. Given this I think it is unfair to say the D does not show up in the playoffs with the exception of the last few minutes of 2021 and this year’s playoffs.
  8. A GM is supposed to get players to get to the playoffs and position a team for a run. The best team does not always win in the playoffs as they are one and done games. When the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots the Giants weren’t the better team they just happened to get hot and a bit lucky. The Bills management has built a team that will compete for a while and hopefully they will go on one of those runs by avoiding key injuries, playing well, and getting a few lucky bounces along the way. I do agree with @GunnerBill that they have been lacking in the 2nd and 3 rd rounds but overall compared to their peers McBeane has done admirably in the drafting of players
  9. McBeane take a lot of garbage around here but in a league where more guys fail than succeed the Bills have not had a flop of a first rounder (would like more out of Ed but when he is a free agent he will get a big contract from someone. Tre, Allen, Tremaine have all landed huge contracts and Ed and Greg will as well. Maybe if you look at success rates one should compare to how other front offices are doing. In the case of 2020 first rounders that is 37.5%. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/05/03/only-12-first-round-picks-from-2020-had-their-fifth-year-option-exercised/
  10. PFF has a fuller list BUFFALO BILLS RB Jordan Mims, Fresno State WR Tyrell Shavers, San Diego State WR Jalen Wayne, South Alabama OT Richard Gouraige, Florida OT Noah Henderson, East Carolina DI DJ Dale, Alabama Minicamp RB Isaiah Bowser, UCF OG Josh Donovan, Arizona DI KD Hill, Ole Miss DI Taron Vincent, Ohio State LB James Patterson, Buffalo S Joe Foucha, LSU S Javon Scruggs, Liberty S Morgan Vest, Northern Arizona LS Aaron Bolinsky, Syracuse https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2023-udfa-tracker-undrafted-free-agent-signings-all-32-teams
  11. Woo Governor did not declare for the draft and therefore is not able to sign a free agent deal .. source is Woo Governor’s twitter account
  12. From the Buffalo News quoting Terry ““Kim and our family have entered a new season in our lives,” Terry Pegula said in the video shown to a crowd of 300-plus at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church. Another 300-350 people joined a livestream of the event, which was co-organized by Kim’s alma mater, Houghton University. “The beginning of this season has been difficult,” Terry Pegula continued. “But we ask, with God’s help, that Kim’s recovery continues. We also ask, with God’s help, that Kim has a full recovery. We ask humbly, but we pray boldly.”’
  13. Per Chris Murray's twitter page .. he is going to the Bucs. He is dead to me.
  14. Seriously every year talented players get drafted high despite a short-term injury that causes them to miss the combine. As a hypothetical.. if Peyton Manning had injured his rotator cuff in a manner that did not make him a risk to miss significant playing time but would cause him to miss the combine .. should he have been the top pick the year he came out .. of course!!! You are trying to draft the best player for your team not who is healthiest at the combine. They can measure your speed on the field from game tape .. the combine is just a data point. As for getting him later, he was believed to be likely to go with the next pick and therefore couldn’t wait .. you can’t trade down or even stay put and get the guy the Bills felt matched what we are trying to do on offense. The 4.5 speed, great hands, route running, few drops were things the Bills must have liked. in the end you can’t just compare player A to Player B based on stats alone. Michael Jordan only averaged 19.6 pts a game in college. The system NC played in limited his ability to put up bigger numbers … but he was worlds better than any other player in that draft.
  15. Of course we are .. players get injured you don’t not draft someone just because they missed the combine. That would be weak scouting. The combine is a piece of the puzzle not the whole picture. other pieces include: Per Cbssports “Good-hands man. Terrific at snaring passes away from his body with his big mitts. Just two drops over 93 targets in 2022 with zero drops in 2021 (45 targets).” Kincaid was either first or second among 53 FBS-level TEs with at least 40 targets in targets, catches (first with 70), yards, yards per game (first with 74.2), yards per route run, and touchdowns. He was third-best in the nation in tackles avoided (16). 50% contested catch rate in 2022 according to PFF. Also had a 50% catch rate on 10 targets inside the 10-yard line with each of his five catches going for a touchdown. Had a 48% catch rate on 25 targets that traveled 11 or more Air Yards.
  16. He was injured and couldn’t participate at the combine. Why would he say he runs 4.5 when asked at his post draft presser. What benefit does he have in deceiving .. he was already picked.
  17. In his presser (after the draft so no need to spin) Kincaid stated he runs a 4.5
  18. Kent Hull Trophy winner as best Olineman in Mississippi .. kind of cool
  19. From SI “Shorter originally signed with nearby Penn State as a consensus five-star recruit. He was considered the No. 1 wide receiver in the country by 247Sports at the time, the second-highest-rated member of the Nittany Lions' signing class that year behind now-Dallas Cowboys All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons.” great pedigree but did not put it together in college. Boom or bust guy
  20. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/04/28/falcons-titans-raiders-were-trying-to-get-back-into-round-one/
  21. Skip is an idiot .. but nice to see him whining. Shannon as a fellow TE really liked the pick.
  22. Steve Smith Sr breaking down Kincaid before the draft
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