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  1. I was referencing the snap from the center to the QB .. they were off with Josh on multiple occasions having to dig out low snaps
  2. Glad to see Bryant make the roster. With 2 adds and Micah to IR .. I believe theyhave to make another move. Greg Mancz plays center which may mean Morse is definitely at risk. The snaps when Morse was out during the Titans game were rough.
  3. On Thursday, the Miami Dolphins held their second practice of the week in anticipation of their Sunday afternoon battle with the Buffalo Bills. Three players who didn’t participate on Wednesday – offensive tackle Terron Armstead (toe) and tight ends Cethan Carter (concussion) and Hunter Long (ankle) – remained out for practice on Thursday. However, cornerback Xavien Howard (groin) was upgraded to a limited participant. He joined wide receiver Cedrick Wilson Jr. (ribs/toe) and defensive lineman Raekwon Davis (knee) as the only players that were limited. Davis was a full participant on Wednesday. Linebacker Channing Tindall (illness) was upgraded to a full participant on Thursday, joining tight end Tanner Conner (knee) and fullback Alec Ingold (shoulder). Removed from the list completely was linebacker Melvin Ingram, who got his normal veteran rest day on Wednesday. Armstead’s status is probably the most concerning, considering he’s been dealing with this toe injury for over a week now and played through it in Week 2. Hopefully, he didn’t aggravate the injury to the point that he can’t go on Sunday. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/dolphins-injury-report-3-players-with-changed-participation-status/ar-AA128vqp
  4. Dolphins missing Xavien Howard today with a groin injury Other injuries: Offensive tackle Terron Armstead, who played Sunday despite a toe injury, did not practice Wednesday with his injury. Tight ends Hunter Long (ankle) and Cethan Carter (concussion protocol) remained out, and edge rusher Melvin Ingram Jr. took a veteran’s rest day. Receiver Cedrick Wilson Jr. (ribs) and linebacker Channing Tindall (illness) were limited. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/09/21/xavien-howard-misses-practice-with-groin-injury/
  5. Must have got all the info he needed as he has now been cut from the PS. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2022/09/nfl-practice-squad-updates-9-20-22#ref=home
  6. Doug Flutie deserved to be higher on the list .. being exiled to Canada so long really impacted his final numbers. Fun player to watch.
  7. TBD would be a better place if they banned takes from 6 year olds .. seriously your comeback was WWWWAAAAHHH!!! Pathetic.
  8. Yeah a discussion on how great our facilities are was what caused this. You have a VERY warped sense of how much what we say and do on this thread impacts game situations. I am 100% certain that what is posted in this forum has never had a bit of impact on a single NFL snap. I deleted the original post because I didn’t want to deal with the BS. Let it go.
  9. How about a win? Why does it have to be convincing? Are they giving Lombardis for the most impressive win of the week?
  10. It was not his fault .. he couldn’t see the receiver. The receivers have to be in a position where Tua can see them
  11. If you look at it I think he was just trying to get out of the pile and his leg was trapped. It looked worse than what it was imo
  12. It does go to figure if they can sack Daniel Jones 5 times they can get to the much less mobile almost plodding Josh Allen 6 times. It is simple math. Though if I remember correctly Josh defies the laws of math and statistics just by still being in the NFL since coming into the league they have squared off 4 times .. the Titans sack totals 2018 1-3 yds 2019 4-15 yds 2020 1-10 yds 2021 3 - 18 yds Note: in those 4 games they actually had Harold Landry suited up
  13. I suspect Lawson would have been active regardless .. he lacks in pash rushing but is a very strong run defender for a DE. Against The Titans it is all about the run defense.
  14. Nate Davis is starting guard and Kristian Fulton is their #1 CB .. I hope them a speedy recovery for week 3.
  15. There is an Anchor Bar in Frederick Maryland which is close to where I am. Haven’t gone yet but when you alternatives are things like Buffalo Wild Wings and local pizza shops that boil or bread their wings .. it should be a huge step up.
  16. Seems sacrilegious to say this on TBD but while he is a limited quarterback in some ways he also does tend to hit his targets in game situations. I think he could be as good as Dak or Kirk Cousins and they have won their fair share of games. Will he be a top tier QB .. nope, but very likely a 2nd tier, if he continues to put in the work.
  17. Going on IR .. officially can’t come back till the week after the Bills game. Big advantage for Buffalo.
  18. Use the link below to get to YouTube and then slide it 1 he 24 min into the show. You will know you went too far if he already has his angry run shirt on ”https://youtu.be/o0t_nZgiW7g” the emphasis on his smile afterward makes it for me
  19. He was listed as a backup on their depth chart .. so I would say no, but definitely solid depth lost. Same is true of Juwan James
  20. I am glad Josh is our QB. He seems to be taking it to another level, but Mahomes is a definite threat. His performance today was probably a little better than Josh’ performance Thursday. I still think the AFC West will beat itself up giving us a nice path to home field. It was helpful that Tennessee, and Cindy lost and Indy ended up with a tie.
  21. I would definitely go Higgins and Pitt an as 1 and 2. I would likely go St Brown as 3 but Pickens is an unknown in the regular season. I worry Tomlin’s gameplan might be to take the air out of the ball
  22. So glad Beane was smart enough to get a non-conditional draft pick.
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