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  1. Wow, I don’t ever remember seeing so many emojis on one post! With that being said I just came to a realization that maybe people are looking at these 1 score losses the wrong way. Either you win a game or you lose it so when the Bills do lose a game it isn’t by much because they are a very good team and they don’t get blown out and when they do win a game it is more times than not a convincing win by a large margin because of the same reason as when they lose, it’s once again because they are a very good team.
  2. I hated that the Bills were so heavily favored going into the season, it was designed for failure from jump street. It’s pathetic how disrespected the Bills have been traditionally and then go to the greatest team on earth, no balance whatsoever. once again I’ll say that the Ravens and Chiefs’ games holds great importance to the Bills’ goals. Win them and we’ll be right where we want to be. I will say that although I greatly appreciate Kyle Brandt beating the drum for us the last couple of seasons but he innocently actually put more pressure on the Bills. I also agree wholeheartedly in what he said about Bills Mafia, stating don’t make be crybabies and hide behind excuses. I believe that the majority of fans out there know about the Bills being decimated with injuries and they were playing in extreme weather conditions. It’s a good way to alienate people, nobody wants to hear excuses.
  3. We’re 0-1 in that kind of game this year. Chin up, at least we’re consistent!
  4. The 13 seconds, the 4th and 1 against Tennessee, the blunder in Jacksonville and the loss in the title game the season before! Actually that’s 3 costly games last year but winning one of those 3 losses last year would of made a huge dig fence in the post seeding that may have very well have costed us a Super Bowl. No need to pull the scab off the wound but man it’s starting to be something that’s starting to happen annually, I hope this latest loss isn’t one of them! With all that being said give Miami their due, complaining only cheapens us. I live in SW Florida and was actually going to the game but at 8:00 am yesterday I was outside smoking and by the time I was done I was soaked. I ended up not going despite having free tickets, it was way too hot for me and I knew it. Last year I actually went to the game and left mid 3rd quarter because of the heat and that is SO unlike me but keep this in mind that EVERYBODY played in that heat, meaning BOTH teams. Folks, we’re gonna be find but the Ravens and The Chiefs’ games are starting to loom larger than ever before. As for Miami, I’m anxiously waiting for the rematch!
  5. No, I’m not being sarcastic at all. I knew that Josh Carrie’s some weight, as in the Dorsey endorsement, but I never saw or heard about the Knox situation specifically. I was just wondering if there was an actual article or interview where Josh or anyone else directly stated that. If not that’s cool. Hey, I just blasted Florio for taking the Colts over the Bills in the play offs. This team/franchise is like family to me so I want to know everything I can about them and who is saying what. Go Bills!
  6. Did Josh really do that?? If so could you be kind enough to post a link to it so I can read about it? Thanks!
  7. I hope not, I want Diggs to go one on one with him and hand him his lunch. Don’t think Josh has forgotten and I’m pretty sure Diggs would love to help his buddy #17 out in punishing the Ram Ham Jalen Ramsey for all the trash talking he did about Josh a few years back.
  8. What a background! My heart breaks for some of these kids that have to grow up in environments like that, it’s just not fair. Seymour’s story is gonna stay with me for a while. I’m a big football fan but right now I’m a bigger Kevon fan.
  9. I’ve been there a couple of times. Great atmosphere, decent wings and a good beef on weck. Seems like there’s just as much Bills’ fans at the game as there’s Panthers’ fans.
  10. Truthfully, I don’t know, something like that would be over my head. Senators and Congress have delved into the NFL in the past but we’re pretty much shut out. I love football but it’s a dirty business ran by a very wealthy closed fraternity. If it weren’t for the Bills I probably wouldn’t watch football because of that but I’ve been a fan of the Bills since I was a little kid. To me the Bills are what’s good with the NFL so I guess I’m addicted to them and I can’t quit them. That’s about as honest of an assessment of me that I could be.
  11. I don’t want to get into an argument with you or anyone else, you have the right to have your opinion and I’ll respect that but you don’t know me so don’t come back about me having fake outrage. I’ll say this, if I were to witness sexual assault on a woman I wouldn’t stand there and look the other way, I can promise you that.
  12. Well spoken,.very eloquent. I admit that I did not take last year into consideration which should credited towards the punishment. Very classy response, thanks.
  13. Watson is not the only one, just the latest. It did go to court and was ruled sexual assault. Goodell went on record earlier this month and condemned it and had a strong opinion on the act and the punishment. So what changed since then? https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/roger-goodell-evidence-warrants-year-long-ban-deshaun-watson?amp
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