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  1. I hope the adage Pride before the fall applies here. Pretty smug imo but could they be more accurate than one would think. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one. I guess the only real question is if this Claypool signing really is a joke or is Beane? https://kckingdom.com/posts/bills-make-laughable-free-agent-wr-addition-01hwzg5a664y
  2. I can agree with the best WR class in 10 years to the point of we should have done better in the draft and/or a trade. Beane did allude to having various ways to accumulate players before the start of the season so at this point I have no choice but to give him the benefit of a doubt. Looking back there’s 2 things that stand out to me about Beane. The first one is he has a tendency to shock people with his decisions/moves, whether it be in the positive way or a negative way. It seems like he’s trying to be ultra slick but sometimes it’s just best to play the hand your dealt and just take good players that fall to you. The second thing is outside of Diggs It appears to me that Beane doesn’t value the WR position very highly, with that being said I think the same could be said about the RB position as well. He’s always using later draft picks than one would like on them and/or trading/signing 2nd-3rd tier players at these positions. I think he relies way too much on Josh’s greatness. When is he gonna just go all in at these positions to help #17??! It’s redundant to keep on using most of our 1st and 2nd rd picks for the DL that isn’t really all that special.
  3. I’ve always been interested in Ngakoue when he was available but being available so many times now is making me second guess of that. It would be great if Ngakoue, or somebody else, could help fill Leonard Floyd’s shoes.
  4. I wouldn’t count on anything this regime will do.
  5. I think you’re spot on my friend. Grabbing one of the 49’ers’ WRs (Aiyuk?) makes the most sense. Either trading our 2nd rd pick at #60 this year or one or our 2nd rd picks in next year’s draft would make sense for compensation for me and then taking Dejean with our 1st pick tomorrow night would round out this draft and roster for us quite nicely and then having a couple/few extra better quality picks in this draft and/or next year’s draft would salvage Beane imo for the most part. One thing that I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that Beane just gift wrapped the fastest player ever in the combine’s history to of all people/team Andy Reid/Chiefs! Sheesh, that’s a hard pill to swallow!
  6. I didn’t intend to throw any shade on McConkey, I misspoke there. I was really hoping and looking forward for Beane to find a way to draft Brian Thomas Jr but at this point I’m getting the feeling that is probably just a pipe dream. I wouldn’t be unhappy if Beane does end up just taking McConkey.
  7. I understand but boy oh boy a few years back this guy was making incredible catches. I still think if Beane doesn’t make WR a huge priority in the draft then he better bring in some kind of experienced WRs to add to this group. I saw somebody mention OBJ which would be great but not if he’s looking for big money.
  8. After hearing Old Beane talking in his PC it doesn’t strike me as a guy who is looking to be over aggressive in the draft. If he does seem to settle for a 2nd/3rd tier as he indicates then I would think a veteran would be helpful as a safety net. At one point Robinson had some decent value but has fallen off in the last few years. Is he a product of getting lost in the shuffle and/or landing up with inexperienced/journeymen (Pittsburgh) QBs? I dunno know if any of that is applicable but I do think that if Beane settles for somebody like McConkey then adding a veteran would hold some value for this offense.
  9. Aw man, I liked Phillips, I just wish that could stay healthy. Best of luck #97, it was fun while it lasted!
  10. Actually this draft is suppose to be heavy with OL so this makes a ton of sense. Nice point. I don’t think that if Beane were to trade up it would be just solely just draft pick(s). I could see a player or maybe even 2 used in trading up coupled with pick(s). Thanks for the input.
  11. Here are the 5 worse secondaries from last year ranked. #28 Colts #29 Giants #30 Cardinals #31 Raiders #32 Bears if so it would soften the compensation it would take to move up with any of these teams. How Elam’s value is perceived is something I’d be curious to know.
  12. Size, speed and being a former 1st rd pick. Coming out of college he was suppose to be a AJ Brown clone. Obviously he’s not so far but at one point he was considered to be. Minimal investment is worth a consideration.
  13. One other aspect that could be attractive for Beane, Burks signed a 4 year 14+M contract with half of it already paid (7+M) out. Burks is making just over 3M @ year which would be another benefit for the cash strapped Bills.
  14. The Titans traded for Calvin Ridley which doesn’t bode well for Burks. Having DeAndre Hopkins, Ridley and the #7 pick overall in this year’s draft puts them in the right position to select one of the top 3 WRs. I believe that Beane is going to move up in the draft for either Brian Thomas Jr or Adonai Mitchell but adding another WR is still a real possibility. Being a former 1st rd pick that hasn’t stayed healthy makes Burks expendable. If Beane could get him cheap that would be a low risk high ceiling WR prospect for the Bills imo.
  15. I don’t have time to figure out how to post a picture of Jefferson at Buffalo’s airport but I didn’t think it was him anyways so I confirmed it with my son who is a big LSU fan and he said that it’s definitely not Jefferson so scrap all that, I didn’t even want to say it but some here wanted to know why I thought Beane was ready to explode. With all that said I responded in Virgil’s previous post titled NFL Trade Chart-For Those Who Are Interested. Here’s what I think is very possible. Thanks for posting this! Since the Diggs’ trade I’ve pondering Beane’s rationale and of course a trade up in the draft is almost a guarantee. Under that assumption I came up with some possibilities, 3 as a matter of fact. When Beane gave up his 1st rd pick for Diggs it almost killed him. He was itching so bad during that draft. I remember him stopping just short of saying that he would never give up a 1st rder again unless it was in an extreme circumstance. Well, here we are! What I believe what Beane might be thinking is he can trade next year’s 1st rd pick this year because he has 2 2nd rd picks next year that he can pair up and get back into the 1st rd again. Just food for thought. Scenario #1. Using the above chart Beane goes COMPLETELY all in and makes a trade with the Bears at #9. The Bears only have 4 picks in the entire draft so I could see them moving back to acquire more picks. This serves twofold, it gets them one of the top 3 WRs in the draft and it also leapfrogs the Jets at #10 who very well could be taking one of the top WRs themselves. My guess would be it’s for Rome Odunze. Scenario #2. Once again Beane makes another leapfrog move and trades up with the Saints at #14 just before the Colts at #15. In this scenario it’s for LSU WR Brian Thomas Jr. Based on LSU WRs in the past (Chase & Jefferson) being so pro ready I believe that this is our best option for Diggs’ replacement. Git ‘er done Beanie! Scenario #3. The Bills just stand pat at #28 and draft Georgia WR Ladd McConkey. Under this scenario I would think that the Bills would also make a trade for a veteran like Brandon Aiyuk. I won’t venture what the compensation would be but the Bills but I would imagine that Buffalo will have enough resources left to get a trade like this done. Personally I like Scenario #2 the best and that’s what I’m hoping for.
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