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  1. Of course winning is big and right or wrong that’s how they are going to be judged because that’s the nature of the beast. Looking past that though I see something different about them. When I pulled up a link from the Bills’ app I noticed something collectively about them. Every one of them are wearing some of the best smiles. There’s something to be said about this culture thing. These guys are out there in the community doing positive things. I know that our teams in the past and other teams’ do as well but our guys appear to be genuinely having a blast. The children looked thrilled as well. Players impacting young lives and making fantastic memories for these kids, honing their imaginations, reinforcing great self esteem in themselves. Yeah, I’m proud of them. Results are never fast enough but I do believe that the Bills are doing it the right way and hopefully in the very near future (1 or 2 seasons) they will be very competitive year after year, sustaining all the teaching and training that has poured into them these last few years. I think that I see in a change in them and I just wanted to recognize it/them. Kudos to Beane and McDermott for all the invested time that they spent in trying to make a difference in a franchise, team, players, fans and in general the whole community. We’re fortunate to have them. I think that the Bills have finally got it right. 👍🏻👏👏👏 Check out how the players and children interacted. Looks like that they all had a great time. Bills Mobile: Bills Play 60 Field Day at Hillview Elementary https://www.buffalobills.com/photos/bills-play-60-field-day-at-hillview-elementary
  2. “Let’s git it Buffalo!” should be their banner this year.
  3. RIP PanchoBilla, you’ll always will be tied to the Bills. He wasn’t just a fan, he was THE FAN!
  4. Well, Tampa does play a 3-4 and former Jets’ coach Todd Bowles is the DC. I guess if the exposure of Shaq playing the Jets twice a year impressed Bowles then maybe something could be worked out but if not then nothing will becomes of it at all. Thanks for your input, I would hate to see us let the #19 pick overall just walk after this year and receive nothing for him. I believe that Shaq is good as gone after his year so I do hope that we sign Ansah and find some compensation for Lawson.
  5. Thanks for your input. True, Tampa can just waive McCoy and not have to pay him and they won’t receive any compensation. The reasoning behind my thought is that if JPP doesn’t come back this year than they have a big need at DE that is going to be hard to fill with a good replacement at affordable dollars. There might be a little extortion going on with this kind of thinking. Tampa also gets to shed McCoy’s contract while still receiving some sort of compensation. Saving face as a franchise doesn’t hurt either, instead of just riding themselves a former 1st rder who still has some gas in the tank. Your point about trading Shaq before we know if we can land Ansah is more than valid and accurate. I guess patience really is a virtue.
  6. I would think that getting good compensation for a player that we may just let walk after the season would be motivation but also having depth and versatility along the DL would be a victory as well. I forgot to add this link in the initial post. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/05/07/what-now-bucs-seek-answers-after-learning-jason-pierre-paul-may-miss-season/
  7. If so the Bucs will be in need for another DE. They are also hard pressed against the salary cap so finding a suitable replacement only makes it more difficult. Add in Gerald McCoy and what they are going to do with him leads me to think that there could be a great opportunity for the Bills to utilize. Seeing that the Bills are still far under the salary cap they could absorb McCoy’s salary (13+M) if they wanted to. That in itself would be appealing to the Bucs. Seeing that the Bills declined the 5th year option on Shaq Lawson only makes me believe that they are prepared to just let him walk after this year. If so then I say cash him out now, especially if we can land Ziggy. Here’s a proposal that I would be willing to offer Tampa if I were the Bills. Lawson and our 2020 6th rd pick for McCoy and their 2020 2nd rd pick. My pitch would be that: a. They got something for McCoy which they didn’t do during the draft and they shed his contract so they can sign their rookies and have a bit of salary cap relief. b. They get a young decent replacement for JPP at a very reasonable money amount for this year. They won’t be able to find as much talent as Lawson’s for that low of money. Now that we got Oliver we can use Ed’s speed in different packages all along the DL while still being solid up the middle. If we can add Ziggy that would put us over the top imo.
  8. I like the comparison, I agree. Could we be so lucky??
  9. I loved what I saw from that Combine video, he used his hands to catch and didn’t let the ball get in on him. I don’t know how good Fisher’s hands are but I would think that these 2 are the same type of TEs. If so I would think Fisher would be the odd man out because I expect the Bills to keep 4 TEs this year. Btw, I like Croom for what he is, he’s a pass catching TE and I think that he does a good job of that.
  10. Oliver just shot to the top of the charts in my book. #PanchoPower
  11. I can throw darts while drinking one.
  12. Hahaha, when you said Zay looked ripped I expected to see some bloodshot eyes. Hey, he looks good, I just hope that he has a better year. I call him Fry Pan Jones to my kids but hey, I’ve been wrong before.
  13. I’ve always respected Reed’s play but after hearing his thoughts and mindset my respect for him period is immense. Great interview, talks about working with Jaquan Johnson (4:20 mark) and what he believes is a steal for the Bills. He continues after with some very revealing comments and insights on his time in Buffalo. Although he never mentioned Rex Ryan by name I got the impression that he wasn’t too thrilled with Ryan & Co. matter of fact you can tell he felt disrespected. Bills Mobile: Ed Reed: "Ultimately, in a team sport, it takes a team" https://www.buffalobills.com/audio/ed-reed-ultimately-in-a-team-sport-it-takes-a-team I also want to mention that after looking at the current roster, especially the OL position, there is finally some great competition going on for a roster spot. Seeing how many FA OL Beane accumulated and the draft was more of a defensive draft, do you think that Beane could trade 1 or 2 of our OL? I’d hate to see them just outright waive some of these players and receive no compensation for them because they are under contract to us. One last thing, everyone knows that whenever a new player comes in that there’s a “great debate” whether bleau cheese or ranch for the chicken wings. Everyone knows that the right answer is bleau cheese and the thought occurred to me that Blue Cheese would be kind of a cool nickname for the Bills or for the secondary because nothing covers better.
  14. Why couldn’t you just end it after that first paragraph??!!!
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