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  1. Wow, I guess you’re right! It’s kind of eerie how similiar those highlights were to Mould’s. Metcalf has some great hands.
  2. I’ve been hoping for that since February. We already got the speed on the outside, now we need that tough WR and Harry is the man for it. He’s a bigger version of Anquan Bolden. I think it was Mel Kiper with Todd McShay doing a live mock draft and he took Harry for us at the #40 pick. If that guy could ever be right then let it be this time! Go Bills!
  3. Man, how I loved watching that guy play! He’s one of my all time favorite Bill. I never got tired of hearing “What a catch by Moulds!”. The guy had a nose for the end zone.
  4. I bet that they want to slide down, grab some extra pick(s) and then take 1 of them OL. Remember, they spent a boatload of money on Bell, I’m sure that they want to make him effective.
  5. I sure hope not and I don’t think so. Based on Shady’’s and him and Gore’s age I’d like to think that this is an insurance addition.
  6. Read EXACTLY what I said. Whaley publicly saying that he didn’t or doesn’t know should be embarrassing for him. He is SUPPOSE to know and if he doesn’t then at least shut your mouth about it, don’t confess that you didn’t know!
  7. I’m not even going to bemoan that he passed on Mahomes but it never ceases to amaze when I hear him say publicly that he didn’t know. It’s almost comical. http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2019/story/_/id/26561055/drafting-patrick-mahomes-how-chiefs-outmaneuvered-nfl?platform=amp
  8. If the Bills’ were to trade for Gerald McCoy then draft Williams at #9 then that wouldn’t be too hateful, filling/strengthening 2 areas of DL/OL.
  9. I guess I was wrong, I thought Jawaan Taylor was the OL to get in this draft. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/21/jonah-williams-takes-preparation-to-the-next-level/
  10. I’m a huge J Hughes fan, my sons as well. No doubt the guy is a beast but there could be a few things not in his favor as of now. Beane inherited Hughes and Shaq for better or for worse, Hughes for the better, Shaq, hmm, it kind of seems that Beane hasn’t committed enough to him yet for my liking. Keep in mind that Jerry is coming up for a new contract.
  11. Seems like that’s McBeane’s philosophy as well. Tre’Davious, Edmunds but nothing on the DL. I think that a trade up could very well be in play here for the Bills. Tampa’s area code is 727, Beane better get on the phone.
  12. Oakland and Detroit swap QBs, Carr to Detroit, Stafford to Oakland, proper compensation to be negotiated. Gruden inherited Carr but Stafford is a better fit for Gruden’s offense, the long ball, AB etc etc. The Raiders draft RB Josh Jacobs with the 24th pick overall. Carr on the other hand is better suited for the short game, the kind that the Patriots like to run. The Lions draft Andy Isabella and groom him to be Amendola’s eventual replacement. This trade of QBs puts the top of the draft in a tailspin, unexpected trades unfold because of it.
  13. Who would want this guy, all he does is catch TDs. https://youtu.be/PCoi5mhwCzY
  14. Here’s an interesting article on the escalation of compensation for QBs. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/16/quarterback-market-has-exploded-in-less-than-two-years/
  15. I’m not but maybe you or someone else could start a post and elaborate on this point a bit more. A team should consider drafting a starting QB regardless if they already currently have a franchise QB. Baltimore came the closest to doing this just last year only they traded Flacco instead of grooming Jackson for a year. Another example was the drafting of Aaron Rodgers who eventually replaced Farve. I think that Baltimore should have kept Flacco for anther year and then traded him. Having your replacement already in place would only motivate an incumbent player to play at a higher level, hence driving up his trade value in the following year. Staying with the Baltimore scenario for a moment to emphasize the point they should now still be receptive to drafting a high projected QB in the next 2 to 3 drafts. Keep this perpetual motion going at the most highly profiled and paid position in the NFL. Obtain and start grooming Jackson’s potential replacement so when Jackson’s rookie contract expires the team will have options. Another concept that was similiar philosophy was when Mike Shanahan was with Washington and they drafted RGIII and Cousins in the same draft. Teams and their administrators are going to have to come up with better leverage because these monster contracts are going to gut teams. With all that being Wilson deserves that contract, he consistently elevates that team.
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