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  1. I guess AJ had value to the Raiders after all.
  2. The last preseason game is usually the last rehearsal for players trying to make a club. It seems to me that the Bills wanted to protect their investments in both Peterman and Allen. My question is we’re the Bills highlighting McCaron so they can trade him? It’s been rumored that Gruden doesn’t feel like they have a good enough back up QB on their roster. I’m wondering if a trade of McCaron, Shaq and next year’s 1st rd pick could get a deal done with the Raiders for Mack. If not a trade for Mack then I still definitely think the Bills are thinking that AJ is expendable and he won’t be on the roster come the opener next week. If so I would think that if they do indeed trade him he will be involved in some kind of package for a player rather than a draft pick. Could an offensive lineman be in play here? It just seemed strange that they only played McCaron in this last game, especially since he was coming back from being injured. I may be wrong on both scenarios but I definitely feel like he will be traded for something or someone.
  3. Yikes, we just might be! After that Cincy game my confidence in this team was shook pretty good. If it’s not us it might be someone in our division.
  4. You know this makes too much sense. I don’t know what the draft compensation would be but I definitely think that either of those players would be involved, maybe both? On one hand Lawson would be the hands on favorite, especially because of his age and contract but he has been coming on and might be changing the staff’s mind a bit about him. Hughes on the other hand could be an attractive carrot for the Raiders as well. I watched the embedded program last night and one thing that struck me kind of weird was when the staff was discussing the DL they talked about Kyle, Yarborough and Trent. Not a word about Hughes and also nothing about Lawson but Hughes seemed like he should have been mentioned simply because he has been on the roster for quite some time and Trent just got here and is not even 100%. I think that there is more to all of this than I initially thought. I would LOVE to see Mack become a Bill. The defense would be elevated a couple of tiers because of him. Now if we could only amp up the LB position...
  5. It has been well chronicled about the Bills being weak at the WR position but they are quietly assembling quite a collection of quality WRs imo. 2 former 1st riders, a high 2nd rder and a nice blend of veterans with a sprinkle of some young, unproven players as well. The Panthers weren’t enarmored with Benjamin and dealt him quite reasonably to us while the Browns just about gave us Coleman. I don’t have a lot of trust and belief in Zay but he was a high 2nd rd pick for us and he has a lot to prove this year. Streater and Holmes were once Raiders and are now once again teammates againon the complete opposite side of the country. Kerley is a well seasoned vet as well. None of them, other than Zay, were wanted enough by their original team(s) and were relinquished. All of them resemble the misfit toys, not really wanted by the masses and having no place to go. I hope that fortifies them as a group and that they play with a chip on their shoulders and they feel like they have something to prove. Reilly reminds me of a more tougher Hogan and there has got to be at least 1 player out of the Dupre, Proehl, McCloud, Phillips and Foster mix as well. Anyways, what has been perceived as a weakness for us could very well be a pleasant surprise to many.
  6. Tipster19

    What Was The Deal With Gale Gilbert?

    Wow, great topic! I loved Gale Gilbert and thought that he would be a great QB but it never materialized. Strictly by memory now but if I’m not mistaken we got him from Seattle,I think in a trade. He was on the rise over there but couldn’t turn the corner for whatever reason. His days came to an end over there in some kind of sex scandal. I think he had a girlfriend or something along those lines, maybe she got pregnant or something. I don’t think that it was anything hoffific though but it was enough to get him shipped out of Seattle.
  7. I don’t know the specifics but it was either rumored that there be a significant savings on their cap or that there was 160M guarantee that the Bucs would be liable for in between now and sometime next year. If any of this is accurate then cutting him would be more about the money and responsibility than anything else. It’s kind of like what McBeane did with Dareus. When all things are equal and the money is heavy then the player has got to go. Again, I’m only suggesting that a move like this could be about the money/contract as well.
  8. If there is any accuracy to Astro’s tweet about Van Nuys than I hope that it’s for Donald.
  9. The guy is an embarrassment. There’s not always a starting QB available and the Bucs have an opportunity to get out from under that idiot while they can.
  10. I was thinking about this yesterday and was going to post something but got too lazy. Now I ran across this article just now and it starts confirming a bit what I was thinking. I don’t believe the Rams were ever planning on locking up Donald hence the signing of Suh. I believe that they signed Suh as insurance, bracing themselves for another hold out by Donald. Furthermore I really believe that they are going to trade him before it’s all said and done. Now I would love for the Bills to trade for him but that will never happen, especially after they just got out from under Dareus’ monster contract. I wonder that if indeed that the Rams trade him what team will step up for him. Green Bay? Dallas? Input will be appreciated. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/02/rams-coo-aaron-donalds-side-sees-his-value-one-way-we-see-it-differently/
  11. Tipster19

    RIP Tony Sparano

    Truly sad. Thoughts and prayers are with the Sparanos. Rest In Peace Paisan.
  12. Tipster19

    Bold NFL Predictions for 2018

    Tyrod wins MVP.
  13. Tipster19

    Eeriely quiet @ OneBills Drive

    I agree that it’s been awfully quiet and something is about to break. As far as the Bowman thing, I don’t see it happening.
  14. Tipster19

    Could a multi QB offense work?

    The game continues to evolve and so does the athlete. Yesteryear’s athlete could not sustain in today’s game, they went the same way as the dinosaur. There is another topic in it’s own right, today’s athlete vs yesteryear’s athlete. How would they stack up in today’s game.
  15. Tipster19

    Could a multi QB offense work?

    I just want to clarify a bit. I was not suggesting that Buffalo should or would incorporate multiple QBs or any other team other than the Ravens, which if you read the following link then maybe you could understand why they could be a template this season. I was only suggesting that maybe in the near future we might witness a different type of offensive strategy, one where 2 QBs are in on the same play but moreso where they are in at different times during the same game, based on the flow of that particular game. Some of you refer to the past with this approach and imo that has nothing to do with the future and/or of what I’m referring to. This game changes all the time, the NFL is always trying to keep it fresh and exciting. For those who think that this innovation holds no merit I think that you might be in for a surprise. If I had to pick a coach who would be a good candidate to use different QBs at different times in the same game not due to injury I would suggest Gruden as a good possibility. He loves to glom QBs and it wouldn’t surprise me if he used “relief pitchers” if he didn’t like what he is seeing on the field. I don’t believe that he would as long as he has a healthy Carr playing but if that were to ever change then I could see him doing something like that. I think that the time for something like this offensive concept isn’t too far off or away simply due to the lack of marquis QBs in the league. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/20/ravens-practicing-plays-where-multiple-quarterbacks-touch-the-ball/