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  1. Tipster19

    FA RB Ryan Mathews

    I think is an interesting FA to keep in mind if things don’t work out with McCoy. Mathews is a former 1st rd pick who has always had plenty of ability, the issue with him is if he can stay healthy. He is another 30 year old RB but because of not always staying healthy is actually a benefit to him now at this point of his career due to having less wear and tear on his body compared to some of these other names that are being mentioned as possible replacements for McCoy.
  2. Tipster19

    pancho needs our help- we are the best fans on the planet

    I’m in. It won’t be much only because I don’t have much but every little bit counts, right? This is a great fan base and through the years we have supported many causes, from players to players’ causes. I’m calling out some of the Bills’ players, past and current, to step up as well, their input could really bury the needle in a heartbeat. Pancho Billa represents what a Bills’ fan is and it’s time to rally and pull out all the stops. LET’S GO BUFFALO!
  3. You may not but Goff went on his twitter and posted “wassup”. It doesn’t look like Sammy is endearing himself to too many people in the NFL.
  4. Once again don’t have the time to read all the responses but I believe that McBeane is building a team the right way, dismantled, defense first, potential franchise QB and waiting on the rest of the offense (OL & WR) positions to be fully addressed. I believe that we are in Stage 2 of a 4 5 Stage process. Problem is that this isn’t developing quick for a starving fan base. We all don’t have no choice but to wait and observe. In the mean time this is great fodder for message boards. Patience is a virtue.
  5. Tipster19

    Eagles, Bills, Pederson, McD, and Analytics

    I didn’t read all the responses on this post but analytics sounds like moneyball to me. It probably is but then again I’m not that smart. What I do know is that defenses wins games and franchise QBs win championsips and hopefully that is what is happening in Billsville as we speak. I won’t discount the value of analytics, I believe in progress, but I think that it should be viewed as an additive, not a foundation.
  6. Now that I think about it, could there be anyone worthwhile in the CFL as well. I can’t believe that out of a whole league that there can’t be a prospect or two out of there. WR and OL is what I’m hoping the Bills will scour for.
  7. I see that a couple of secondary players are entering it. I was wondering if either of them could be of help to us or if there is any other player(s) that could be of use, someone like a OL.
  8. I totally agree on your points, especially the one on Shaq. I was going to get into that but I had to cut it short due to being at work. Oops, I hope the boss isn’t a member on the message board.
  9. Our DL has really been improved with the additions of Star and Phillips. Penetrating the pocket is going to be a massive difference for Hughes to getting to the QB. Flacco is under fire to perform and he definitely has a propensity of throwing interceptions. That’s right into the teeth of of our strength on defense and that is our secondary. I would like to see the LB position add a couple more players but the Ravens’ offense is being retooled as well with new WRs and nothing that really scares me at their RB position. I noticed that there’s several names along the DL that I don’t recognize but if we can get any kind of return out of any of them will be an added bonus. What really inspired this this post is that I think that we’re fortunate to be facing Flacco and their new offensive pieces. I would think that Flacco will play the entire game, regardless of his production. This, in my option, definitely should favor us. I don’t want our team to face a new QB that we have no book on, especially as someone as dangerous as Lamar Jackson. I think that if Jackson would enter this game at any point would be a big problem for us, especially if he were to expose, in my opinion, our biggest weakness on defense which is our LBers. Maybe I’m wrong about our LBers but that is what I’m thinking at this time and I definitely don’t want to be proven right about that. On the the other hand what I feel what could give us a chance would be the same thing that would allow the Ravens to beat us and that is our offense against their defense. We need McCoy and that OL to really step up and whoever is in the pocket for us will have to make a few plays as well. Maybe McCaron does give us the best chance simply due to the fact that he actually came from that division and should have plenty of film under his belt. Thoughts?
  10. I just saw it on Twitter.
  11. Tipster19

    Dorian Green-Beckham

    I appreciate the input and I won’t debate people’s opinions but this administration so far hasn’t impressed me too much with their WR decisions. I can understand the Watkins trade but Jordan Matthews, Zay Jones and even Kelvin Benjamin has been underwhelming to say the least. So to say that DGB is not a good fit for the “process” only makes me wonder who exactly is a good fit for the process because Streater and Andre Holmes is not going to get it done.
  12. Tipster19

    Dorian Green-Beckham

    As of now he’s a bust but there is some interesting aspects to him that could be of use to Buffalo. Physical size, speed and a 1 year prove it contract could be an avenue that the Bills might want to consider. With McDermott trying to instill a strong chemistry in the locker room adding someone like DGB could either be a boom or bust experiment. I don’t think that they would have anything to lose and would have everything to gain by at least looking into a prospect like him. If his heart and mind isn’t in it then my be on but if the thing that McDermott is trying to instill this could be a steal of a deal and quite the redemption story.
  13. Tipster19

    05-09: Bills DL Trent Murphy on One Bills Live

    I’d like to see Gronk pull his bs now when Murphy is on the field. I’m pretty sure that the results might be a little different compared to that kitty Preston Brown.
  14. I don’t know enough about the contracts, salary cap, dead money etc etc about who stays and who goes but more importantly I wonder about what additions that will be made before the start of the season. I would venture to say that the OL (Gs?), possibly a WR and a LB or 2. I’m more interested in who’s coming than who’s going.
  15. Tipster19

    I'm liking the defense

    I agree. I was thinking along these lines after we drafted Phillips. On paper we have a pretty solid defense, a couple more additions and we should be able to compete against most teams.