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  1. Thoughts and condolences to you and your family.
  2. You may be right but I was under the impression that it had more to do with the cost, they didn’t have enough capital to trade for Diggs, or didn’t want to pay that much for him. That’s what.’s puzzling, it seems that Hopkins was going for a whole bunch less. I’m not buying that O’Brien would only trade him outside of the conference either. I haven’t heard or read anything about that.
  3. It just seems strange that the Patriots couldn’t work out a deal with the Texans for Hopkins. I’ll pose several questions about this and maybe someone will have a take on it because I can’t figure it out. 1. The cost for Hopkins obviously was a lot less than it was for Diggs but the Patriots made an attempt for Diggs but the Bills beat them out. Is Diggs the better WR? 2. If there is any truth to Brady leaving because of the lack of quality WRs, then why didn’t the Patriots secure somebody to help Brady? Hmm, puzzling. 3. When the Patriots blocked Bill O’Brien and the Texans from hiring Nick Caserio as their GM did that make a difference in O’Brien and Belichick’s relationship? It sure seems that way. 4. Here’s another question as a side note. Does anybody know if the Bills ever have any interest in Hopkins? If so were the Bills excluded as well because of the Brian Gaines connection? Something just doesn’t add up here, there’s something fishy going on and as far as I know I haven’t or read anything that at least wonders to any great depth of what is really going between Houston, New England and the Hopkins trade. I really don’t know what went on with all of that and hopefully somebody has more light to shed on it. I ran across this article that just makes me even more suspicious of it. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2876036-patriots-rumors-nick-caserio-agrees-to-new-contract-after-texans-gm-buzz.amp.html
  4. Btw, I would still like the Bills to draft a RB this year but it wouldn’t have to be such a high priority. Singletary and Yeldon to start the season, Penny exempt for the first 6 weeks and have a rookie Waiting in the wings until the pecking order clears up.
  5. tIf Murphy is not entrenched on this roster, warranted or not, then my thinking is acquire an asset that would grow in value. Taking on Penny’s acontract would be no big deal and needing him isn’t the same as using him. We don’t need him but if he is going to be anywhere near the player that he is projected to be than we could most certainly could use him, if not this year than next. If this is flawed thinking than why do we still have a 29 year old player that has never played NFL football before still on our roster like we do with Christian Wade? The guy is from another country and doesn’t even know the rules of the game. I’ll tell you why, it’s because he has ability and is viewed as an asset, that’s why. Sitting on Penny is like sitting on a stock. The better he performs then the higher his value goes. If Murphy isn’t in the Bills’ future plans, and I don’t think he is, then this is a low risk investment. A part of the success that the Patriots and even the Eagles under Andy Reid’s watch were to buy low and sell high. They would do that by trading off players a year or 2 before they were done and obtaining veterans cheaply with a year or 2 left in the tank. I don’t see Murphy being much more than what he is right now. I’d rather have a former 1st rd 24 year old with a very high ceiling than a soon to be 31 year old that pretty much has maxed out. The McBeane’s are here for the long haul and it’s calculated moves like this that maximizes your opportunities.
  6. It looks like Penny will start the season on the PUP list but should be ready after that. If the Bills are willing to sit and wait then they may be ending up with a stud RB to pair with Singletary.
  7. Especially for defensive players. It seems the last couple/few years they have been signing more than their share of 1 and 2 year contracts to players who are looking to rehabilitate themselves due to either injury or fading/unknown abilities. There’s plenty to choose from, Murphy, Norman, Alexander, Johnson, Wallace, Phillips etc etc. Whether they stay or go the Bills are leaving a good impression on these players for the most part. In addition it’s a great way to keep the cost down on potential big money players.
  8. I would have to think that that would be something very historical in the NFL and anybody associated with it would be known as legendary. I would say outside of the Pegulas hiring the right personnel Beane would be the biggest recipient for it and rightfully so. To take it a step further if he continued with great success before and especially after the Super Bowl victory I would think that he would be considered as a top 10 GM of all time. McDermott would also be elevated to a great historic status as well. I’m curious of the ramifications that would result from such a monumental accomplishment.
  9. Tyrod replaces Rivers??!!! Hahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!! Oh man, I gotta wipe the tears outta my eyes over this one!!! LOL!!!!
  10. Well, now that Chicago is out of the Andy Dalton Sweepstakes I fully expect the Patriots to be making a move for him.
  11. Could this be some kind of residual leftover from when Bob McNair stated that the league can’t have the inmates run the prison? DHop was one of the Texans that was most angered by that comment, maybe his fate was already decided way back then. I’m just surprised that Hopkins didn’t end up in New England, especially that the Patriots were reported to be in on Stephon Diggs. Even if the Bills were interested in Hopkins maybe the small mindedness of O’Brien excluded us from consideration because of the power struggle with Brian Gaines. Who knows though but I wouldn’t put nothing pass that idiot O’Brien or that “organization”.
  12. I’ll make a guess that it will be DT D.J. Reader and before the FA frenzy quiets down RB Jordan Howard will be a Bill as well. Any and all predictions are welcomed so take a shot of who will be the 1st FA signing for the Bills.
  13. If so I would love to see the Bills land him. I believe he would flourish under McDermott’s defense.
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