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    Someone should be fired. Simple

    It’s disgusting on how this franchise does not learn anything from it’s past. The 2 examples that really stick out to me is the coaching changes to the defense under Schwartz and the OL under Kromer and how they have regressed. I realize that in 2 years we have had 2 OCs but what is overlooked is McDermott’s committee to OL coach Juan Castillo. He’s been here both years and the OL getting worse with each season. I know that the OL has went through some unexpected changes (Wood & Incognito) but it also appears that Beane is hellbent on cleaning out the roster with trades and such (Cordy for example). I get it and wouldn’t have a problem with it if they had SOME Kind of plan or solution to providing some decent production out of that unit. They didn’t and I have a problem with that. There should be some level of production or level that should be demanded from these administrators/coaches. They are stealing money by putting that kind of crap on the field, either by arrogance or by ineptness. If I were the Pegulas and spent my money on these boys and their great process I’d be demanding some kind of return on the money or some kind of refund. McBeane wants to demand accountability, while they better practice what they preach then and start showing some kind of life out of that unit and the offense. They are doing nothing but feeding us dog food.
  2. I looked but didn’t see it posted that Brady went to Instagram right after the Bears’ game and posted something to the effect of “Woo, Bills Mafia here we come!”. Traditionally throughout the years the Bills, no matter how bad the team was, would fight on courage for the most part. After the way we got throttled against the Colts, where even McDermott wondered about the confidence of the team, I’m just sick with anticipation of what might unfold on MNF. I never expected for for us to win and I’m almost alright with that but it will make me puke if the Bills go out there and just lay down and take a beating from these blank blank blanks. No matter what the outcome is all I want from the Bills is to stand up to them and punch them in the mouth throughout the game. I will realize that they are heavily overmatched but I’ll really be sick if they just go out there and quit at any part of this game. I’m calling the Bills out! This is about pride, either you got it or you don’t. Let’s see what they are really made of.
  3. I for one would be all for us to trade Benjamin and retain something for him. Replace him with Kevin White, who I think a change of scenery would do him good. While we’re at it cash out Shady. I don’t see any benefit in retaining him. I would hate to see Jerry Hughes go but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bills moved on from him. The Raiders would be a logical trade partner, maybe in some kind of deal for Amari Cooper. Needless to say that if there is playsr(s) that would upgrade our OL would have to be a top priority but I can’t conjure up who that could be as far as availability goes. I also expect some coaching changes as well but that will happen in the off season but is also a need. I’m tired of seeing these B and C tier bargain basement acquisitions that the McBeane has been loading up on aka Taiwan Jones, Andre Holmes, Cadet formerly etc etc. I don’t know if the Bills can get out from underneath Charles Clay before the year ends but there’s another player that they need to move on from. It’s getting harder and harder to stay optimistic with this franchise but they need to start putting it all on the line from here on out. The McBeane had no problem with cutting a swath through a lot of our former players, now they need to start replacing them with better quality of players.
  4. Teams usually get about 12 possessions @ game. We need to score on at least 3 of them and 1 of them needs to be a TD for us to have any kind of chance of winning. Btw, who was the midget??
  5. What are we doing?? It’s time to do the right thing. Let the guy go and get paid, it’s a no brainer. Shady has been a good soldier for us, give him a chance to go out on top. This in some ways kind of reminds me of OJ. At the end of his career he was willing to go back home to California in a trade and let Buffalo reap some benefit from yesteryear’s talent, a real win-win situation for everyone involved. I say Free Shady and let the future begin now.
  6. Tipster19

    Chill with the Bills - Barber Shop

    That’s the main barber, I believe that they have 2 shops, 1 @ the stadium and another in the community. Long story short a few weeks ago several of them were in Orlando playing some pick basketball. My son (33 years old) joined them in 3 games with 3 on 3. They shut them out in all 3 games. The main guy is Kenny and he was pretty impressed with my son, they even became Face Book friends. My son said that Kenny was pretty cool and is awfully nice guy fwiw.
  7. I get the whole change the culture thing and putting your own thumbprint on an organization but this is ridiculous. It’s a business and production is what counts. Last year we had some success but I wouldn’t say it was because it was McDermott, we had talent on the team, even after they gutted it with some of our best players. It’s no secret that when a new boss comes in the employees are a little bit more motivated. I think that the best thing about them is their drafting abilities and that has blemishes (Zay Jones in particular) as well. As far as I’m concerned their trading prowlness sucks, especially when it comes to WRs. I have ave been a hardcore fan for over 4 decades but this is getting to be tiresome. I’ll always watch them and I’ll always will be rooting for them but I must admit, I think that I have finally have stopped believing in them. What an embarrassing organization.
  8. Tipster19

    Official MNF Thread: Stillers vs Bucs

    Maybe he should change his name to asphalt.
  9. I guess AJ had value to the Raiders after all.
  10. The last preseason game is usually the last rehearsal for players trying to make a club. It seems to me that the Bills wanted to protect their investments in both Peterman and Allen. My question is we’re the Bills highlighting McCaron so they can trade him? It’s been rumored that Gruden doesn’t feel like they have a good enough back up QB on their roster. I’m wondering if a trade of McCaron, Shaq and next year’s 1st rd pick could get a deal done with the Raiders for Mack. If not a trade for Mack then I still definitely think the Bills are thinking that AJ is expendable and he won’t be on the roster come the opener next week. If so I would think that if they do indeed trade him he will be involved in some kind of package for a player rather than a draft pick. Could an offensive lineman be in play here? It just seemed strange that they only played McCaron in this last game, especially since he was coming back from being injured. I may be wrong on both scenarios but I definitely feel like he will be traded for something or someone.
  11. Yikes, we just might be! After that Cincy game my confidence in this team was shook pretty good. If it’s not us it might be someone in our division.
  12. You know this makes too much sense. I don’t know what the draft compensation would be but I definitely think that either of those players would be involved, maybe both? On one hand Lawson would be the hands on favorite, especially because of his age and contract but he has been coming on and might be changing the staff’s mind a bit about him. Hughes on the other hand could be an attractive carrot for the Raiders as well. I watched the embedded program last night and one thing that struck me kind of weird was when the staff was discussing the DL they talked about Kyle, Yarborough and Trent. Not a word about Hughes and also nothing about Lawson but Hughes seemed like he should have been mentioned simply because he has been on the roster for quite some time and Trent just got here and is not even 100%. I think that there is more to all of this than I initially thought. I would LOVE to see Mack become a Bill. The defense would be elevated a couple of tiers because of him. Now if we could only amp up the LB position...
  13. It has been well chronicled about the Bills being weak at the WR position but they are quietly assembling quite a collection of quality WRs imo. 2 former 1st riders, a high 2nd rder and a nice blend of veterans with a sprinkle of some young, unproven players as well. The Panthers weren’t enarmored with Benjamin and dealt him quite reasonably to us while the Browns just about gave us Coleman. I don’t have a lot of trust and belief in Zay but he was a high 2nd rd pick for us and he has a lot to prove this year. Streater and Holmes were once Raiders and are now once again teammates againon the complete opposite side of the country. Kerley is a well seasoned vet as well. None of them, other than Zay, were wanted enough by their original team(s) and were relinquished. All of them resemble the misfit toys, not really wanted by the masses and having no place to go. I hope that fortifies them as a group and that they play with a chip on their shoulders and they feel like they have something to prove. Reilly reminds me of a more tougher Hogan and there has got to be at least 1 player out of the Dupre, Proehl, McCloud, Phillips and Foster mix as well. Anyways, what has been perceived as a weakness for us could very well be a pleasant surprise to many.
  14. I was thinking about this yesterday and was going to post something but got too lazy. Now I ran across this article just now and it starts confirming a bit what I was thinking. I don’t believe the Rams were ever planning on locking up Donald hence the signing of Suh. I believe that they signed Suh as insurance, bracing themselves for another hold out by Donald. Furthermore I really believe that they are going to trade him before it’s all said and done. Now I would love for the Bills to trade for him but that will never happen, especially after they just got out from under Dareus’ monster contract. I wonder that if indeed that the Rams trade him what team will step up for him. Green Bay? Dallas? Input will be appreciated. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/02/rams-coo-aaron-donalds-side-sees-his-value-one-way-we-see-it-differently/