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  1. I begrudgingly respect Belichick, can barely stomach Brady but can’t stand Kraft, especially paired up with Bon Jovi. He’s a 78 year old geezer trying to act like he’s 28. Lobbying for an imprisoned rapper, hitting on massage hoes to standing bewildered on stage with Bon Jovi, feebly clapping his hands to an ancient song. What a fool. I thought that when his wife was alive that he was a somewhat a respectable old billionaire but since she has been gone this guy has gone off the cliff. I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing that outdated blue dress shirt with the white collar for the millionth time. I can barely wait for that whole New England thing over there goes down the tubes. It shouldn’t be too much longer now! Oops, I forgot the link.
  2. Wow, so much to relate to here. I work for Fuccillo Kia of Cape Coral. Yes, Billy is still doing the Huuuuuggge thing and his son is gathering more and more Nissan dealerships himself. I’ve lived in Fort Myers for the last 26+ years and that is where the Henry Ford home is. I’m born and bred in Rochester and of course that’s where the George Eastman house is. Ford and Eastman we’re friends and have visited each other. I guess I was destined to live here with all these coincidences.
  3. I read this article today and it gave me the feeling that McCoy could be cashed out if Gore/Yeldon/Singletary can work out. It could make sense, Gore for leadership, Yeldon for a reserve and Singletary for similar running style. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/27/t-j-yeldon-expects-heated-competition-between-bills-running-backs/amp/
  4. Has anyone listen to his latest interview on the Bills’ app. Legendary person and legendary play(s). That works for me.
  5. God bless Shaq for his heart. What a terrible tragedy. The picture of that child’s bright beautiful face just breaks my heart thinking of her last few moments of her life. It’s just not right, being in a suppose safe haven like your own home and then being under attack like that! In this last year, year and a half Shaq has more than demonstrated everything and more of what this administration has professed. His heart, compassion, determination and integrity has been sterling and makes me proud that he’s a Bill and I personally think that he should remain one for a very long time. I hope Beane comes at him with a long term contract now instead of waiting until the season end and/or just letting this guy walk. May God give this family comfort during this time of need and have Mercy on this child.
  6. I don’t like him because of that cheap shot on Tre’Davious but I respect his play outside of that and do understand his attitude on his hometown passing on him in the draft. If it were me I would want to punish Buffalo for doing that. As far as the donation goes he’s got my respect and I feel that it’s wrong for anybody to criticize or minimize it. The guy didn’t have to do it but he did so kudos to him.
  7. Of course winning is big and right or wrong that’s how they are going to be judged because that’s the nature of the beast. Looking past that though I see something different about them. When I pulled up a link from the Bills’ app I noticed something collectively about them. Every one of them are wearing some of the best smiles. There’s something to be said about this culture thing. These guys are out there in the community doing positive things. I know that our teams in the past and other teams’ do as well but our guys appear to be genuinely having a blast. The children looked thrilled as well. Players impacting young lives and making fantastic memories for these kids, honing their imaginations, reinforcing great self esteem in themselves. Yeah, I’m proud of them. Results are never fast enough but I do believe that the Bills are doing it the right way and hopefully in the very near future (1 or 2 seasons) they will be very competitive year after year, sustaining all the teaching and training that has poured into them these last few years. I think that I see in a change in them and I just wanted to recognize it/them. Kudos to Beane and McDermott for all the invested time that they spent in trying to make a difference in a franchise, team, players, fans and in general the whole community. We’re fortunate to have them. I think that the Bills have finally got it right. 👍🏻👏👏👏 Check out how the players and children interacted. Looks like that they all had a great time. Bills Mobile: Bills Play 60 Field Day at Hillview Elementary https://www.buffalobills.com/photos/bills-play-60-field-day-at-hillview-elementary
  8. “Let’s git it Buffalo!” should be their banner this year.
  9. RIP PanchoBilla, you’ll always will be tied to the Bills. He wasn’t just a fan, he was THE FAN!
  10. If so I would love to see the Bills get him. It would be 1 more position reinforced before the draft. https://www.bucsnation.com/platform/amp/2018/12/30/18161938/gerald-mccoy-says-goodbye-to-buccaneers-fans
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