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  1. Big difference. The 49’ers are going all in. That’s a lot of pressure in a asterisk season. If they come up short it just might make that a combustible roster/locker room. I like the lower expectation, it takes a lot of pressure off. If the Bills can’t take or seriously threaten for the division title this year then they might have to do some big time reassessments come next off season.
  2. I can’t speak for Belichick but I would venture to think that there is absolutely no way Belichick would take on Kaepernick. Steve Belichick, Bill’s father, served in WWII and was a scout for over 3 decades at United States Naval Academy. I would be shocked if that were to happen. Kaepernick represents everything opposite of what Belichick was raised to believe in.
  3. “20K of ice.” That was Shaw’s response after he left the locker room the day he had that dust up with Fournet. Also several of the players, including Shaq, matter of fact he spearheaded it, went to a jeweler’s almost immediately when the Bills went to Houston for the play-offs. Jordan Phillips was 1 of the several. The Bills lost and neither Lawson or Phillips are on the team anymore. I wonder if they weren’t a cultural fit despite their production during the season and if that had as much as anything else for not retaining either of them. Everybody has priorities and I wonder if theirs’ weren’t matching up with Beane/McDermott’s.
  4. Let me share a bit of what I recently been going through. I really want a Zack Moss Elite Jersey, sewn name and letters etc etc, and I can’t find one... nowhere! Apparently where these sport shops get their merchandise is from vendors who happen to be shut down at the moment due to the Corona virus. I’m led to believe that hopefully things will be up and running in about 4 weeks, I just found this out yesterday from the Buffalo Bills’ store. They are all waiting for it to go from Stage 2 to Stage 1 if I’m saying that right.
  5. I didn’t see any of this posted yet but thought it might be of interest due to the potential state of the Bills’. Lawson tweeted about Fromm couldn’t be his teammate and that he had to check Josh Allen when he first came to Buffalo because of some of Allen’s earlier comments while he was still in college. I wonder how many other Bills’ players share Lawson’s sentiments. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/06/former-buffalo-bills-de-shaq-lawson-tells-jake-fromm-you-couldnt-be-a-teammate-of-mine.html?outputType=amp https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/06/06/shaq-lawson-check-josh-allen-buffalo-bills-jake-fromm-drafted/amp/
  6. I’m jumping on The Pain Train right here, right now! Zach Moss is a hammer, RBs like him only come around once in a while. Moss no doubt will make everybody else around him on offense better because of what he brings to the table. No predictions on his personal stats but there is no doubt in my mind that he is a rare intangible to this offense. I’m getting an authentic jersey of his when I get my wash out next month. I already looked but I can’t find one. If anybody knows where I can get one it will be greatly appreciated. I’m prepared to drop $350.00 on one if I have to.
  7. Le’Veon Bell running behind a huge OL is a intimidating concept. Are the Bills heavy enough up front? Having Josh Allen racking up fast points would most definitely offset some of that grind it out philosophy. Scoring 17+ points in the first quarter and a half would also allow us to run behind our young tandem of Singletary and Moss. Bottom line is the Bills’ offense needs to control the tempo of the game, especially against a team like the Jets are gathering.
  8. Thank you for posting this. It should be easy to remember and hard to forget the bravery of the all the American men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom but in today’s world I’m afraid that maybe at times we get that ass backwards. Thank you for serving Mr Kalsu May you Rest In Peace. A true American hero.
  9. Take a ride on The Freight Train, he wears #20.
  10. Moss is the hammer For us, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. The guy is violent and I love it!
  11. As long as the NFL does have a full season it would not surprise me one bit if Singletary and Moss are the top rushing tandem this year. Singletary in between the 20s and Moss primarily in the red zone.
  12. Great respect to me our greatest rival. RIP Coach, today you are in remembrance throughout the league. I tip my hat to you.
  13. Ok, I appreciate your input, I really do, but I never even alluded to Brady being afraid of Buffalo, never. Also I’m not talking about our’s or anyone else’s offense, that has no bearing whatsoever for Brady because as far as weapons go Brady has plenty at his disposal down there in Tampa. I’m talking about the lack of weapons that he would have up in New England against our division, especially against us who has a much better defense than any one of those 3 teams down there in the NFC South. Does anyone think that if Brady stayed in New England this year that him and the Patriots would win the division? Me personally I don’t think so. Matter of fact I think that if they split the head to head with us that would be the ceiling. Never say never but at this point of what is currently going on between these 2 teams I’d be pretty surprised if they were able to sweep us this year. Once again, I’m not the only one expecting that, there’s plenty of national “experts” saying and thinking the same thing.
  14. The reading comprehension around here never ceases to amaze me, it’s unbelievable! At what point does it confuse anyone around here by me saying “any influence”?? How does anyone draw the conclusion of Brady being afraid or that the rise of the Bills is THE main reason for him leaving the division??! The majority of the national pundits are predicting the Bills to win the division. They are saying it, not me. Furthermore early last season, especially after they played, Brady was apologetic in that they had to rely on their great defense to pull out those early games. I will say that from this point forward Brady would not be enjoying the success against the Bills like previously in his career. He would not be able to accomplish anything more or better against the Bills. He would be diminishing and at this stage of his career why in the world would he risk looking worse, only to strengthen the perception that he is over the hill. Playing for New England at this stage against ANYBODY would not bode well for him or his legacy. The Patriots have plenty of their own woes with or without Brady. A defense that was ravaged in free agency, an unsettled OL, lack of quality WRs and playmakers and a franchise that has some serious salary cap issues that is not able to afford Brady the kind of help that he, or anyone else, would need to succeed there. Compound that with a doormat that they, he, were able to slap around at will that suddenly has a very talented and deep DL. Don’t believe me, then go read the numerous threads that are posted on this message board stating how great and deep our DL is. Ha, most of you make me laugh. Yeah, it doesn’t serve Brady well to stay in this division, regardless of the Bills. Criticize me for what I write, not what you comprehend. Maybe I shouldn’t of said that, it might be too deep for some of you.
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