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  1. Josh can downplay all he wants about the trash talk from Ramsey but when you’re super competitive like Josh, and we all know he is, then you can bet that he hasn’t forgotten. Make him pay Josh. Bills 27 Rams 23. Go Bills!
  2. I finished mine tonight. 12 team PPR league. I got Josh, Motor, Diggs, Moss, Bills‘ D and Knox right in that order. Here’s my reasoning: 1. I’m a huge homer and I don’t care who likes it or not. 2. Due to the pandemic I’m drinking the Kool-Aid on continuity. 3. Last year the Bills were pretty healthy. I attribute it to a few things but the biggest is their training facility. Having a couple of hyperbaric tanks certainly helps the cause as well. Another aspect is the type of athlete that McBeane is assembling. They have bought in and have a great mindset and take their profession very seriously.
  3. I thought I posted This link. https://youtu.be/xXE1WjOEUjg
  4. I was thinking exactly the same thing when they were debating. No doubt, Josh is a dog! Lol!
  5. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they do and they do it in a big way. No matter what you still have to watch it on tv so why not from the parking lot? To me the Bills’ Mafia tailgating isn’t just tailgating, it’s an event. All the activities from Pinto Ron to all the way to just chilling and grilling I have never seen any fan base get so up for a home game. Thoughts?
  6. They’re discussing Cam Newton vs Josh Allen and which you would rather have and Kyle Brandt just slams the door shut Schrager’s choice. I know 1 thing for sure about Josh and that is if there’s a fumble on the ground there’s no doubt in my mind that Allen is going to do his best to try and get it. Go Bills! https://www.buffalobills.com/video/newton-vs-allen-which-afc-east-qb-would-you-want-when-a-play-breaks-down
  7. Point well taken but what I like about the Bills’ offense is the potential of it. Having a big mobile QB like Josh who can sling it down the field to WRs like Diggs and Brown and in addition a couple of pass catching TEs sure can open up the box for a couple of elusive power RBs who can catch out of the backfield make elite speed not quite as important to the Bills as it may be to some other teams’ offenses that are not quite so diverse as the Bills’. Someone earlier mentioned Christian Wade for the “home run” ability. I like that idea the more I think about it because why would the Bills keep such a project on the roster if they aren’t planning on using him?
  8. You make some very valid points. Maybe I misrep, I’m not at all worried about this season or either of these RBs, rather it’s actually the opposite. I’m ecstatic not about a RB but about 2 RBs! I seriously think that the Bills could possibly have a ground game that will be dominate for a few years. When was the last time anyone was able to feel like that about a Bills’ backfield? McCoy was nice but the best of him was mostly in the past and in the end he couldn’t stay healthy and/or played hurt. This is a message board, I like to think about things before they happen rather than talk about them after they happen.
  9. I have a few questions that needs some time for the answers to come to fruition. There’s plenty of speculation that go around about these two but I’ll just streamline to what the Bills would do if both are extremely productive, like I think they will be, when both get close to fulfilling their first contract. Could the Bills afford to pay both of them big contracts? I don’t know if that’s possible, or if it is, would that be too much money to tie up at that position? If all things are equal between those two when that time comes and the Bills could only re-sign one of them, then who would that be? If both are healthy I think what might be the safer bet would be Singletary. Due to the way Moss runs and his college injury I would think that Singletary would stand a good chance of being able to having a longer career. I’m also anxious to see how these 2 perform together as a 1-2 punch. I think that the Bills could have the top rushing yardage in the league. As much as I love the Bills and Singletary I’m excited the most about is watching Moss run this season. Matter of fact as exciting as these last 3 years have been with all the rebuilding process, adding, cutting and trading of players, that tandem of Singletary & Moss, and Moss in particular, this year is going to be the big difference between the Bills having a good team and a great team. I truly believe that between the pandemic affected season, the Bills’ great defense and their powerful running game they are a serious threat for the Super Bowl and at the very least the Bills are in the AFC Championship game. If neither of that comes through it won’t change the way I think and feel about them and where they are at as a team, it’s just an expectation that I think is a real possibility.
  10. Great news. I never feared McDermott thinking of leaving but then again I didn’t know what the Pegulas would do. I’m expecting his new contract will be 30M+ for the next 6 years which to me seems reasonable.
  11. Big difference. The 49’ers are going all in. That’s a lot of pressure in a asterisk season. If they come up short it just might make that a combustible roster/locker room. I like the lower expectation, it takes a lot of pressure off. If the Bills can’t take or seriously threaten for the division title this year then they might have to do some big time reassessments come next off season.
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