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  1. And yet you’re still here. Amazing. Why would you subject yourself multiple times in a stupid post. Maybe the post isn’t the only thing that is stupid?
  2. You shouldn’t be swearing, you can get penalized for that. If Josh is a relative of yours then I apologize, if not too bad.
  3. Then why do you read them? Is it so you can just flap your negative mouth?
  4. Thanks for your participation Beck Water. Look, I don’t want to be enemies with anyone, it boils down to this, the couple of pictures I posted Josh’s poses look ridiculous to me. Period. Anybody who has a problem with that is simply their problem, not mine. Everybody has a right to their opinion, if people don’t like or agree with mine that’s fine but what gives the people the right to personally attack somebody? That’s wrong. I know that the majority of posters here wouldn’t have the guts to say half the stuff they say to and about somebody to their face. Hiding behind a keyboard is pretty gutless. I just don’t get it when people here get so riled up over a post or thread. If it’s that disturbing to them then why don’t they just not read it? I don’t ever insult anyone here, regardless of what I think of them or their opinions. Once in a while I may respond and laugh at some when their mouth gets too big but even that is rarely. Such hate around here, it’s really pathetic. The more that they pile on only fuels me to feed the animals at the zoo all the more. If I said a fraction of what people say to and about me I’d get banned or penalized. This is a message board, people are suppose to post their opinion regardless if others dislike or disagree with it as long as they act proper.
  5. I thought that you promised that you would go away? What happened? It absolutely amazes me that the people who hate me and/or hate what I post just keep on coming back. Lol! Why would someone do that to themselves??
  6. Jauronimo, currently you’re correct except for me back tracking. This has been my opinion right from the beginning of this post. I’m going to ask you directly, do you think Josh is starting to act out of character from his previous 5 years with the Bills? I’ll respect your opinion either way you answer this. Apparently so. There is nobody that wants me to be wrong more than me. I can promise you that.
  7. No. I don’t care what other people think or say, it’s their right to have their own opinion. I don’t allow others to influence my thinking for me. If I provide an outlet for others to berate me and flex their internet muscles then I’m ok with that because none of you matter in the grand scheme of things. What I find hysterical is how bent out of shape people get with what I say. People should really get a better life because being vile and mean spirited is a terrible way to live one’s life. To each their own I guess.
  8. Let me clarify myself a little more. As my “friend” Jauronimo kindly pointed out the title of this thread was misrepresented, kudos to him. I’m all for Josh having a great exciting life, charity softball, Kentucky Derby’s, prestigious golf tournaments, etc etc. I’m all FOR it! Josh has earned every bit of it and I’m EXTREMELY happy for him, he deserves and earned every bit of it. What I’m referring to is the stark change to his perceived image, right, wrong or indifferent. All of a sudden he’s in a break up with his childhood beau, rumored that he plowed a Buffalo barmaid and got her pregnant and the sudden modeling in popsicle suits. Sorry, I don’t like the direction that he appears to be heading, it just seems out of character for him. Furthermore I don’t doubt that when the football flies he’ll still be physical but I want his image to stay intact. Call me whatever you want because I think that I more than proven that I don’t care what any of you think and your opinion of me. I’ve been on this message board a long time and what I have witnessed is that they’re far too many of you that think that they can say and do anything they want towards others. I guarantee that you won’t find too many times where I have totally came out and insulted others. In the few times that I have acted negative towards others was in response, I NEVER initiated it. Do you know why? It’s because I’m a staunch believer in that if I’m not man enough to say it to your face then I’m not going to be a weasel enough to hide behind a keyboard. My only wish is that I would like to see more people follow this philosophy but then again I’ve always been accused of being a dreamer…
  9. I’m just hoping that Josh doesn’t go this far! https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2020/9/15/21437221/cam-newtons-outfits-nfl-patriots-2020 https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2019/09/13/cam-newton-postgame-outfit-scarf-twitter-reaction-carolina-panthers
  10. Omg, I’m crying over here! 🤣🤣🤣 Blah, blah, blah. Shoo fly.
  11. Hit that edit button gobills 1212! Lol!
  12. No, I was just responding to your ramble without calling you names.
  13. This is one time I have to agree with you sir.
  14. No. Josh is the toughest QB I have ever seen in my life. I just think he looks ridiculous posing like the way he does.
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