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  1. 2 more aspects I would like to emphasize. First OBJ is an elite talent, talent like him comes around once in a great while. The second benefit to him is that if he were to ever come here that statement alone would smash the stigma of FAs wanting to play here. I realize that it would be a trade that got him here but it would still represent if a superstar like him ended up coming here, producing and not being miserable it would blow the top off of this being a place where careers either died or never gotten off the ground. McCoy, although it came later in his career, came here and then OBJ and loved it here, the spin offs could be endless.
  2. Great points Captain, I concur!
  3. Hey Alphadawg7, how ya doing. I appreciate your input, you kind of give this concept credibility so thanks. As far as Brown goes I think he might be as much if not more of a headcase than OBJ. In the last several weeks he has been making some unsavory headlines of off the field kind of behavior. As far as I know OBJ has kept his nose clean when it comes to this regard. And I anticipate others to start making suggestions like A.J. Green but to me the down side to him is he is 30 and is coming off of a pretty big foot (toe) injury. I don’t want a Sammy Part II and I don’t Beane does either. No, there is a few more positives to OBJ vs some of the other big time WRs.
  4. I hear ya on the chemistry and the attitude thing but if this were to ever happen I would pitch the concept to him that he could do something that NOBODY has ever been able to do and that is to bring a championship to Buffalo. Make him realize that he can do something historical and unprecedented. Believe me, that would make a difference to a big ego.
  5. I ask this on the heels of Jay Glazer predicting the Giants trading him. At first one would think no way but after thinking about it it could be a possibility that would make sense for both franchises. I’m gonna list some bullet points. 1. Both GMs have a congenial relationship. 2. The Giants with 2 top ten 1st rd picks would allow them to draft their future franchise b whoever that may be. 3. It’s no secret that the Bills are in need for a big time WR and OBJ just might be the best in the game. 4. The Bills have the resources to cough up a contract of this magnitude. 5. There is plenty of OL in FA, probably our biggest need, available. 6. It’s not uncommon to find good OL in the 2nd rd and after. Matter of fact more times than not OL in the 1st rd usually turn out average at best. 7. Our defense is pretty good as of now but any added pieces can and will be addressed in FA and the draft. 8. OBJ just might be the straw that stirs the drink and makes everything else perform more efficiently. I’m sure that I’m gonna get destroyed over this but Beane has proven that he is not intimidated to make big time decisions.
  6. Tipster19

    OL Erik McCoy

    I started reading about him several days, seems to be a McDermott kind of guy. He was at best to go somewhere in the 3rd rd or later but now I see that one of the pundits is projecting Buffalo to take him with their 2nd rd pick. Funny thing is that I’ve been expecting Buffalo to pick up DT Gerald McCoy in FA if he were to become released. If Buffalo ends up with both players we would be loaded with McCoys! Lol! https://247sports.com/college/texas-am/Article/Texas-AM-Erik-McCoy-2019-NFL-Draft-129047139/Amp/
  7. Tipster19

    Will we see a Tyrod - Roman pairing again?

    This totally makes sense.
  8. Tipster19

    Marcel Dareus’ contract.

    I was looking at some of the teams that might make some signicant cuts to save on the salary cap. Jacksonville looks to be -6M+ if I’m reading it right. Anyways when I looked Dareus’ contract he’s due a 2M roster bonus come 3/15. If they were to release him before it would be zero in dead cap and have a 10.585M in cap savings. If that’s all accurate I wouldn’t be too shocked if Jacksonville did indeed give him the boot. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/jacksonville-jaguars/marcell-dareus-7718/
  9. At minimum we have to secure our C. I expect either Mat Paradis or Mitch Morse to be a Bill. Continuing in upgrading our OL I think that G Ramon Foster and Ja’Wuan James would be great additions for us. Staying on the offensive side of the ball 1 of these 2 WRs would solidify our WR position. They are both former 1st rd picks and eerily share the same jersey number (#11) and were taken in the same draft and hat would be DeVante Parker, if he gets released, or Kevin White. I would to see that come to fruition, I feel that that would make a great WR room, players that need to resurrect their careers. Now on the defensive side of the ball I would be absolutely shocked if DT Gerald McCoy doesn’t become a Bill.
  10. Tipster19

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    Here’s my thinking. Go for the best edge rusher at the #9 spot and here’s why. OL in the early 1st more times than not are just vanilla at best. A good LB can be found as early as the 3rd rd and as late as in the 5th, especially in a heavily loaded defense draft. A CB doesn’t make a lot of sense at #9 with the way our secondary is looking right now. WR? No, right now that would be a luxury pick for us and we are no way in position to be that cocky. Our DL is still a irk in progress and teams aren’t always in such a desirable position to be able to grab a top tier pass rusher. Hughes is still lethal but time stands still for nobody. Beane/McDermott are big believers in the DL, just review their body of work in the last 4 or 5 years. Beane has gone on record as saying that his philosophy is to draft and develops their own and then pay them on their next contract. A big time pass rusher isn’t cheap so it makes sense to pick the right player with the right mindset to develope and make them a franchise player when it’s time. As far as who that will be I have no clue, I don’t know enough about college football.
  11. Tipster19

    Trying to decipher Beane.

    Beane has had 2 seasons under his belt so there is a bit of a body of work to try and figure out. Now that he cleared the books of players that didn’t fit his vision and the culture that he’s trying to create I think that it’s going to be an exciting time to be a Bills’ fan. Other than a couple of big slashes in FA I expect a few other signings that will help solidify the roster and give the upcoming draft with better flexibility. Beane went on record stating that the C position is of great importantence so I fully expect for him to get either Denver’s Matt Paradis or KC’s Mitch Morse.As far as the rest of of the OL it’s going to be based a lot on who they keep and who they replace. Either way I don’t expect the Rams’ G Rodger Saffold to be coming here or even to leave the Rams as far as that goes. There’s another pool of younger player(s) that Beane can choose from. Pittsburgh’ G Ramon Foster comes to mind. I also think that other players like Miami’s RT Ja’Wuan James and New England’s LT Trenton Brown to name a few. I expect that at least 1, possibly 2 will be acquired when FA opens. Staying on the offensive side of the ball there is a couple of former 1st rd WRs that are available. Coincidentally they both wear #11. Chicago’s Kevin White and Miami’s DeVante Parker are interesting prospects to consider. Looking at the defense an acquisition is needed as well. Don’t be too surprised if Beane makes a run at Tampa’s DT Gerald McCoy as well. Now that Kyle is gone McCoy would be a great veteran addition. All of this leads me to believe that if the Bills stay at the #9 slot then Beane will go defense, best avail, the DL could stand an addition or 2. An edge rusher would be my first choice.
  12. Tipster19

    Prospects mocked to Buffalo in R1

    If the Bills stand pat at #9 then I expect Beane to secure an OL or 2 in FA and the Bills take the best defensive player on the board. I don’t think that it will be a CB or S either because our secondary is pretty solid right now and LB can be addressed in the mid rounds as well. I’m thinking that if the Bills were to get Tampa’s DT Gerald McCoy in either FA or in a trade then an edge rusher will be the pick, especially if they dump Trent Murphy as some pundits have speculated. I don’t know much about college football or their players so if any of this comes to fruition then who would you say is one of the better edge rushers that would be available to us at the #9 slot?
  13. I couldn’t agree more! I never could stand the old man and then that loser of a twin. I thought Rex could be different but I’m totally remorseful for being so naive about this clown and that is exactly what he is, a big, loudmouth circus clown! Good riddance!
  14. Tipster19

    My 1st rd pick: OT Greg Little (Ole Miss)

    Mike Williams 2.0??
  15. Tipster19

    My 1st rd pick: OT Greg Little (Ole Miss)

    I’m no expert and I’m wondering what you saw on that video that impressed you but I think that it’s safe to say that he’ll never get mistaken for being a Tony Boselli. What I saw was smaller lighter guys getting inside of him, backing him up. He has no punch and from what was displayed on the video the DEs in the NFL will eat him up.