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  1. Wow, Brady looks frail! If I didn’t know any better I would say that he looks sickly.
  2. I guess Zay prayed with Duke Williams before the game. Much respect to Zay, that was very unselfish. No, I got no problem with Zay, hopefully a change of scenery will do him good.
  3. It’s a business, a big business so unpopular decisions sometimes has to be made but I like the way they did it. I could be naive but I believe that McDermott still cares about Zay as a person.
  4. At the end of the press conference a reporter asked about Zay. I must say if that is any kind of example of how this organization treats the players, and I believe it is, then we are in good shape. Treat the players like men, with class and dignity, and I believe that this will serve us well for years to come. Bills Mobile: Sean McDermott: "We've got to be disciplined" https://www.buffalobills.com/video/sean-mcdermott-we-ve-got-to-be-disciplined
  5. 18 hours ago Diggs tweeted that there’s power in prayer. Regardless of who and where I think that he may have gotten his wish and that a trade is going to be announced.
  6. None taken but they do stand directly in our path for success. I’m only mentioning it because we just played them, and lost again. Otherwise I’m just concerned with whoever is currently on our agenda.
  7. I’m late to this party and there is way too much to read here from an IPhone. There is much more good than bad with Josh but I have to agree that he is doing the same stupid mistakes in each game this year and it’s really starting to becoming disturbing. In the first half I saw something that I wasn’t prepared for and that is Josh looked different from any other time in any other game this year. I don’t know how to say it but for the lack of a better term he looked like he was either scared or intimidated or just overwhelmed, like the game was too big for him. I don’t get it because I’ve seen him so many times being brazen and in that first half yesterday he looked timid. When have you ever see him go down like a sack of potatoes like he did in that first series or 2? I’m anxious to see how he is going to respond when he gets back in the field. I have no idea what to expect but his and this team’s success is going to depend on how he responds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he comes back from this injury better and smarter than before, like he did from last year’s injury.
  8. There’s bad coaches and there’s good coaches and every once in awhile there is thee coach. Enter Bill Belichick. Like many here I fully expected Belichick to take away the Bills’ strengths and for the most part he wasn’t able to do that but he found a flaw and exposed it. The ST play where they blocked the punt and scored off of it was just enough to make a difference in this game. He found a weakness/flaw and exploited it. Our rookie ST coach wasn’t prepared and it showed the difference between the grasshopper and the grandmaster. Time out should have been called but it wasn’t and the Patriots made the Bills pay the price. Somewhere I read that if the tables were turned the Patriots’ punter is instructed to throw the ball to the open receiver for an easy 1st down and in some cases maybe even be able to score. Like I said, there’s good coaches and then there’s a coach or 2 that out thinks the rest. Like it or not Belichick is probably the greatest coach of all time and unfortunately for us he’s in our division.
  9. Appreciate the input from the other side. Can’t dispute anything you said, the dominance your team has had on the Bills is downright unbelievable (and sickening). Hopefully our teams’ elevators are starting to go in opposite directions but that has to be proven first. The Bills are starting to take steps in the right direction this season, facing the Patriots is a whole other level though. If and when the Bills can start beating them on a consistent basis will be when the Bills can feel like they have arrived. Until then everything else is just conjure and speculation. Here’s to a good game this week. 🍺 Go Bills!
  10. Is this where we see a bigger dose of Foster? I was thinking along the same line as you, unleash Foster and let the ball fly.
  11. I’m sure that plenty can be said but I expect some kind of trick play on offense from the Bills. My bet would be that Dawson Knox throws for a TD. Once upon a time he use to play QB and it won’t surprise me one bit if they design a play where he throws the football.
  12. Must win, for the lack of a better term, this franchise needs to step forward and make some new history. To me this game is a big step forward for the Bills if they play the way I envision them playing. They are facing a high octane passing team that can’t protect their QB and haven’t discover their running game yet. We got the much better defense and we have a pretty fast guy ourselves, his name is John Brown and he has a route tree to boot. It’s the Bills’ home opener with a pretty dangerous QB in his own rite who is ready to break out. Throw in a HOFer (Gore) who will most certainly benefit from Allen and his smart passing attack. This should be a borderline blow out imo. Anything short of that will only cause disappointment. There is no reason why Buffalo can’t step forward as a franchise, they have all the chips in their corner so there will be no valid excuse if they lose. I’m not saying that it would be the end all, I’m just saying that this game can and will be the difference in this administration’s future. I want more for this team, please no more .500 or less football. It’s time that they change their stars and be the dominate team in this division. I believe they can, they will be what most of us expect them to be. It starts tomorrow.
  13. 2-0 and now the home opener with the Patriots on the horizon. Matter of fact forget the Patriots, this is a must win gam me period. After having the first 2 games under their belts without a loss the Bills have a great opportunity to spring forward and start putting a bit of separation between them and most of the other AFC teams. Losing this game would be a big oops. Regardless what happens with the Patriots the Bills need to prove that they can win games that they are suppose to and not shoot themselves in the foot otherwise they will be playing to being the same old Bills. Winning this game, regardless what happens in the Patriot game and then beating the Titans on the road would propel and advance the Bills to a level that they haven’t been to in decades. On top of all that having to play the Dolphins twice and ending the season at home against the Jets would just about solidify the play-offs. Any other games that they win, especially against AFC teams would start to give the Bills the idea that they can almost threaten for the division but make no mistake about, it all starts right here right now against the Bengals. Go Bills!
  14. I begrudgingly respect Belichick, can barely stomach Brady but can’t stand Kraft, especially paired up with Bon Jovi. He’s a 78 year old geezer trying to act like he’s 28. Lobbying for an imprisoned rapper, hitting on massage hoes to standing bewildered on stage with Bon Jovi, feebly clapping his hands to an ancient song. What a fool. I thought that when his wife was alive that he was a somewhat a respectable old billionaire but since she has been gone this guy has gone off the cliff. I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing that outdated blue dress shirt with the white collar for the millionth time. I can barely wait for that whole New England thing over there goes down the tubes. It shouldn’t be too much longer now! Oops, I forgot the link.
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