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  1. I think it’s clear that I am not trolling. If you disagree, just say so and state your case.
  2. Tyrod stinks to the core. He is a full-fledged chronic loser. The bills made the playoffs in 2017 in spite of him, not because of him. What was it, the last five or six games of the season he could not lead the team to a fourth quarter TD when we needed one. And then there was the playoff game against Jacksonville. Same exact thing! The defense played it’s ass off. If Tyrod just made a play or two and we win. i’ll never understand why bills fans who watched him play all those years thinks he is anything but a crap quarterback. On top of that, he’s an arrogant little s#%*t who thinks he’s talented. When will this false narrative ever end?
  3. Oh he’s explosive all right! I watched him play quite a bit and there’s no doubt that he is explosive. What he is not is a gamebreaker. He won’t make long touchdown runs. He’s also very athletic. I’m curious to see how he does at the combine. Given how he does there, I’d be just fine getting him in the fourth round but preferably later.
  4. Understand. My response was to a post saying that it was a FACT that the bills were historically bad at drafting wide receivers. My response noted that in terms of the current administration you can’t say that at this point. They had one fail. Not a large enough sample size. It’s a supposition at this point. And, if I understand what you are asking, and no I don’t count it at all. There’s only have to do with wide receivers that they drafted. It has nothing to do with wide receivers that they didn’t draft whether they passed on them or not. I call that the “Mahomes Whine Position”. So, again, all I am saying is that it is yet to be determined how good the current administration is at drafting wide receivers.So, again, all I am saying is that it is yet to be determined how good the current administration is at drafting wide receivers.
  5. The only one that counts is Jones. The others are late round flyers. Regardless of position they typically don’t make it and that was the case. So, you have a sample of one. Consequently stating that the current administration is bad at drafting wide receivers is not a fact in the least. It is a stochastic, shot from the hip supposition. Let’s call it a fact when it actually is one. Given the relatively terrific drafts, I think the current administration get a pass on drafting Jones. He was not a reach, he just didn’t work out. Happens to all teams and I think everyone on the board knows it.
  6. The problem is he just doesn’t do it all the time and he didn’t want to do it all the time in Buffalo. Despite everything since, Good riddance!
  7. He is who we thought he was. What else is there to say? Nothing to see here
  8. Precisely. Even in states where it is legal or decriminalized it is illegal to drive while under the influence.
  9. My guess is he is right as much as anyone else is. But there may be some good data out there proving otherwise. I’ll say this much for him, he has become a bit of a joke over the past few years but this guy essentially invented the whole “draft pundit“ Industry.
  10. I understand what you’re saying and don’t disagree. However, I believe most if not all posters get the gist of what the OP was talking about.
  11. Come on. Anybody here knows that there is a large number of posters who repeatedly bring this “issue“ up. The OP is correct. It is not just the press. personally, I find these posts tiresome and whiny. So many living in a nonexistent past. You would think that we were the only team that passed on him. on the other hand, if it’s any posters right and privilege to continue to talk about this. I would propose an ongoing thread for those posters who just can’t let go of this. But no such posts in any other threads. Just my opinion
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