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  1. We are fans and this is the kind of stuff we get excited about this time of year! We prefer to postpone our likely disappointment until later in the season. However, you can feel free to start feeling disappointed now if you like.
  2. I am glad to hear that the incident is in the past and he seems to have turned it around. However, I find the fact that he made the statement somewhat ominous.
  3. It’s not like the author doesn’t have some credibility to write this article. But, come on, tell us something we don’t know about Josh Allen already.
  4. To me, the biggest falsehood is his claim that a young quarterback needs an offensive head coach. For every cherry picked example of that there is an example that disproves it. For example, big Ben and Tom Brady say hi. On the other hand, any young quarterback at least needs a good coordinator.
  5. I disagree completely! This is a most ringing endorsement. That’s why he took him when he did. Go take a close look at his numbers. He dominated his competition! If he was a running back on a power five team with a good offensive line I’m betting he would be putting up some really good numbers there, too. I didn’t know who he was when you got picked. But I’m liking the pic more and more!
  6. There is no compelling reason to think he will ever be “high performing”. And, in the unlikely event that he becomes high performing in 2019 there is no compelling reason to think he will “blow off” the Bills. This is the smart move.
  7. For me to want him in any capacity beyond his rookie contract he would have to go from being like Chris Kelsay to being like Phil Hansen. You would think he would be able to play at that level, at least.
  8. This, to me, is the crucial unknown variable. This is also, obviously, a pivotal year for him. I am assuming Beane and McD have a good sense of this. I’m leaning toward “yes” as it seems to be a low risk proposition based on what I’ve learned about how all this works thanks to some posters here.
  9. Don’t forget, he was a five-star recruit coming out of high school. He could have gone to any program he wanted. He chose Houston because it was his hometown and wanted to stay.
  10. I’m assuming you do know that these were actual names of defensive front lines in the past. I suppose it dates me but I always liked those monikers
  11. Not even a fan of the “Fearsome Foursome” or “Purple People Eaters”?
  12. I can imagine Beane taking a punter in round 5 once he wins 6 Super Bowls😁
  13. This is a good post. In many ways this is at the heart of the problem on defense . The defense was really not as good as it was in terms of its statistics or ranking. But a lot of that is because they were on the field too much. Also, rarely did they play with the lead. Even more rarely did they play with a comfortable lead which changes everything. The offense does need to improve, which I expect it will, and if it does, the defense could be special
  14. I agree completely! But I am also expecting to be pleasantly surprised.There are a lot of appealing things about this pic despite some limitations. Gotta love his touchdown production in college.
  15. For the fifth round this pick is great! Weaknesses mostly correctable. Upside very high!
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