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  1. I make it quite clear in my post that the rankings are significant and are for a reason. So I agree with you there. I do disagree that in the scenario that I described in my post that only safety and quarterback or off the board. Let’s see what happens
  2. It seems to me that the BPA factor is overstated by many posters. But need can be just as important at times. A team needs to use a sliding scale and l think most do. Let’s say Williams is available and he is the best player available according to the team rankings. However, the bills are pretty well set in the defensive backfield. So, say there is a stud offensive lineman or wide receiver available who they have ranked a little lower. I say you take that player instead of Williams.
  3. OK. Fine. Don’t think through your thoughts and continue to put out confusing and indecipherable posts. Your call. But when they are plain wrong I will let you know if the impulse strikes me. Have a good night
  4. First of all, I wasn’t telling you what you can or cannot post, I was commenting on your post which I will do freely and as I see necessary. Also, I read your post as defending Taylor. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. But your very first sentence indicated that you were defending him. If that wasn’t the case, write more clearly the next time. Got it! Good
  5. Why oh why does this need constant reminding to some of you Tyrod apologists? But, here it goes. For the last five games of the season last year when the bills made their playoff run Taylor could not lead the team to a 4thquarter touchdown. The defense had to hang on by the skin of its teeth!! Then, throw in the playoff game at Jacksonville when the defense played it ass off and Taylor couldn’t even score a touchdown. The narrative is so ridiculous that he was anything but horrible it’s now an indefensible joke. Please, all of you who are left, stop it now for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. You completely blew your premise with your first sentence as, he did, indeed, get us into the playoffs last year. He did it with smoke and mirrors and a total loser of a quarterback. He’s got his own learning curve to be sure, however, on the balance of it, he has been a good coach and I expect him to get better. I also believe they’re making some good personnel decisions.So many posters cannot seem to hold their wad whether it’s about the coach or Josh. Give it time everyone, give it some time!
  7. Mojo44

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    It’s one thing when the ST’s have s bad game. It’s another thing when they have a bad season.
  8. Mojo44

    First half: Wk 14 Jets at Bills, 1 pm on CBS

    Love it but I cringe every time he gets hit.
  9. Just saying here regarding this controversial issue. My research indicates that passing accuracy specifically from the pocket is absolutely a trainable psycho motor skill. It’s predominantly a matter of footwork and poise i.e., concentration. It seems to be a total myth that accuracy from the pocket cannot be taught and improved. And, in that respect, I have a fair amount of confidence that Josh can do this because he is intelligent and he is a hard worker. I believe he has started to show this already. My research also indicates that passing accuracy while on the move is not particularly trainable and is an inherent skill.However, I would encourage my fellow posters to do their own research on this and post their takes or opinions.
  10. Mojo44

    Josh Allen's progress

    Wrong. Accuracy, at least from the pocket, is an absolutely trainable psycho motor skill. Do some research. Google it for crying out loud! This is one of the biggest myths about quarterbacks that accuracy, at least from the pocket, cannot be trained and improved.It most definitely can.
  11. You have to keep in mind the specific circumstances of that play. Josh was running for his life. When he made the throw he was off-balance. He had to get it off as fast as possible.He had no time to set his feet. Essentially, it got there. All Clay had to do was take a couple steps towards the pass and catch it. Josh made a great play in my opinion. Shame
  12. Mojo44

    Dolphins 21 Bills 17 Postgame Thread

    The truth is, we also need some new running backs. Shady seems over the hill right now. Ivory is just what he is, you put him in when your main guy needs a breather. It’s not all the offense of line when it comes to the running game. There is something wrong when your quarterback is your best runner.
  13. Zay is quickly changing my mind about him
  14. Cro-Magnon. And I am being generous.