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  1. Wow! Just wow! I respect all the opinions and statements but this thread needs its title changed to “for irrational catastrophic thinking bills fans only“ it was a tough loss, it happens. And, would the majority of you rather not be 6-3. I think that’s a fair question
  2. The game concerns me too. So many are saying that Cleveland is due to play a good game. That may be. But so are the bills! I do believe that if the bills play one entire game at a high level they beat the best of game of the Browns
  3. To me, the whole point of a discussion is to air varying viewpoints, negative, positive and anything in between. I also think in this context some good-natured debate and even some good-natured “trash talking“ is OK. This can make it fun sometimes. Maintaining some sense of decency and mutual respect is all that I would ask for.
  4. I agree with this. For weeks now all of the chicken Littles on this board who focus on everything but the bills actually winning games is getting tiresome. However, if they do come out flat against Cleveland I might be nudged in their direction.
  5. Yeah! That’s right. Fret all you want. By the way, the brownies run defense is number 30. The bills defense will rebound. But you go ahead and keep worrying about it. So, what’s your brilliant prediction
  6. The run defense got fixed in the second half of the Washington game. It will stay fixed. Singleterry will be the running star of this game along with the bills defense. They will make Baker beat them. He can’t. 27-14 Bills
  7. I prefer to save my dread and angst about that game starting Thanksgiving week. This is too soon for me. Besides, the Jets beat them for chrissakes!
  8. Alan only passed for 160 yards because for 2 quarters of the game they were going against a strong wind. Same for the Skins.
  9. I’m sharing it all the good feeling right now. But, yes, this is Wayne not over.
  10. And my guess is they will figure out Jackson in due time. He’s flashing right now on national TV. But sooner or later, and my guess is sooner, they figure him out.
  11. They tried a tight end screen pass to him in the first half. As far as I can remember, that was his only target. Oh, and it didn’t work
  12. At least the rush defense figured it out for the second half. I hope this is a good omenAt least the rush defense figured it out for the second half. I hope this is a good omen
  13. Missed pass interference call followed by an atrocious punt. Damn!
  14. OK, I suppose there is something to that. But ultimately, wins is an outcome measure that you are trying to predict with metrics. To me that is fundamental to this discussion. The metrics are the many variables that may or may not predict the only important statistic which is wins. So it may be a matter of semantics. To me the metrics are the variables and wins is the outcome measure.
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