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  1. Why not choose a whiskey that’s actually good. Not my favorite but Buffalo Trace would have been a good choice.
  2. Recent polling, for what it’s worth, indicates that 65% of whites, 61% of Hispanics and 55% of African-Americans are in favor of vaccinations. According to the report the numbers continue to go up. Access remains an issue but it does seem to be improving. I do believe time is another major variable. It is also noted that minorities, particularly blacks, are somewhat hesitant because of historical issues and hopefully this will change in time. Interestingly, And for what it’s worth, 30% of white evangelical Christians are against the vaccinations.
  3. I’m glad to hear it. My wife is from West Virginia and I think it is a very cool state. But your strawman attack on me because I might be from New York is misguided. West Virginia seems to be doing pretty well at this time based on my research.Access remains an issue in the deep South and in many areas of the Midwest and West. Also, keep in mind that this is probably the biggest public healthcare endeavor this country has ever had to go through. It will take time before a significant majority of the citizens are vaccinated. By the way, I love New York!!
  4. With respect, the conclusions you draw are wrong. The primary reason why many still remain unvaccinated is access, pure and simple. And to think that a “significant“ portion of those who got vaccinated did so only to avoid enforced restrictions is a real shot from the hip. Beasley is not in the majority to say the least. Access and time are the two most important factors right now. The vaccine has been available only for a few months. Realistically, if you think about it, it will take a year or so to get most citizens vaccinated.
  5. Actually, the point of seatbelt laws and, for that matter, motorcycle helmet laws, it’s not to protect the individual but the rest of us from a financial perspective. If somebody suffers a severe injury because they were not wearing a seatbelt or a motorcycle helmet their medical care has to be paid for. If they don’t have insurance, the rest of us pay for it and insurance rates go up. That is the whole point of these laws. They are not so-called “nanny state“ laws.
  6. I guess I just don’t find it as insulting as the OP seems too.
  7. I’m 6’ 2”, which is relatively tall and my arms are 35”. Then again, my knuckles do drag on the ground.
  8. Beasley’s heir apparent? Perhaps not. Apparently route running not a strength at this time.
  9. After he crosses the goal line he should drop into a fetal position and cover up the ball until the referee comes to get it.
  10. Wow! I mean just wow! One of the most frustrating things in these discussions is when somebody makes a certain point. And if someone else disagrees with it based on the merits of the point that person keeps on saying you don’t get my point. That is a very sloppy and, quite frankly, defensive style of debating something. I’ve read all the posts on this thread. I really don’t care how some rate him. Others don’t have him in their top five edge rushers. When I evaluate a player I prefer as the most important factor is actual production on the field. Absent such production, as in this
  11. Look, I’m not trying to be snarky here. I will say it again. I absolutely get your point. But in the context of an absolute lack of significant production from this player, seeing him maybe beat a good offense of tackle on a single play doesn’t say much. What you don’t seem to understand is I disagree with you that that is a significant take. Why can’t you see that instead of keep saying that I’m not getting your point. I GET IT. I just don’t think it’s a good point. I’m sure Aaron Maybin had some good plays like that too at Penn State. And for an edge rusher I think you overly devalu
  12. I absolutely understood your take on the one play. Just based on what you said, it’s a lazy take. He had one good play. By itself it has no predictive value. I guess that happened on every single time he rushed the passer. Not likely. I agree that quarterback sacks by itself he’s not the only statistic you look at for edge rusher. But it deserves repeating because I think you missed my point, for all of that talent and all of the games he played he didn’t have one. Sorry, that is an area of serious concern. Disagree if you like. But I think that’s pretty clear.
  13. It isn’t common but it does happen. This is particularly the case for seizure disorders that start in childhood or adolescence. His family history of the disorder diminishing and going away over time is a good sign. I’ve actually seen it happen several times working as a psychologist with patients with seizure disorders at the VA medical center and another settings.
  14. Disagree strongly! With all of his off the chart measurables and with all the action he saw he had zero, nil, zilch...not one single sack! This is a serious legit concern. Not lazy in the least. And, on top of that, you saw “a play”? Now that’s a lazy take!
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