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  1. McDermott’s best decision of the night, putting Barclay in
  2. “Willingly” should not be the point. Whether you knew what you were doing or not, if you violated protocol there should be a penalty. And regarding Covid, this should be a severe penalty. Damn
  3. Wow! Just get this out of your system, bills! Horrible. Horrible. I refuse to believe they are this bad. I hope I am wrong.
  4. Once again it comes down to “eye discipline”I just wish I knew this when I was young.
  5. Riding high in April, shot down in May!
  6. I am actually watching this game but I would just like to complement you on that reference. Otherwise, I’m just waiting for tomorrow night, drinking a little whiskey, and mildly bemused by tonight’s game
  7. If this is really true, then I’m all for the Titans forfeiting until they’re clean enough to play. I was on the fence before that.
  8. If that is pass interference then the call against the Rams absolutely was without a doubt!
  9. Could this be the final nail in the coffin please?
  10. If there was a pre-season Tyrol never would’ve beat Herbert out
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