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  1. Mojo44

    Bills Defense is Overrated. They Choked.

    The defense only gave up 13 points! By any standard that is an awesome performance. You would take that in any game. This closes the case on this very bad take!!!!!
  2. Mojo44

    London Jaguars? Cheerio!

    It swung like a pendulum do.
  3. I’m on. Anyone who claims that Josh Allen is already a genuine “bust” has questionable judgment. I am wary of anybody in all aspects of my life who professes to know the unknowable. Why should it be any different in this case?
  4. Such a great song and what a great artist. He did leave us way too soon. To this day when I pick up my Gibson or Taylor I will play “you don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’! I can also do “the city of New Orleans” but don’t do it so often. I need to teach myself “talking backwards” which is such a great song. Amazing lyrics and amazing humor.’ And, the obituary was awesome even if it wasn’t original. Well done and rest in peace bills fan.
  5. Mojo44

    Keeping three quarterbacks

    To me it’s more like Lyle Lovett marrying Julia Roberts. I can get the Billy Bob/Angelina hookup.
  6. Mojo44

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    It could all come down to who has the better back up quarterback. If it’s Nate for us, we’re in trouble.
  7. If I understand you correctly. And I think I do, you are saying that Josh Allen is a bust already! This is the reality of the situation with regard to your post: Your post says nothing whatsoever about Josh Allen. Yes, it is absolutely way too early to make any such pronouncements such as his being a bust. And, by the way, when you’re saying the bills should draft a quarterback next year you’re actually calling him a bust. This is 100% ridiculous! Maybe it is my own scientific training but there is absolutely no adequate empirical evidence to make such a judgment at this point. All your post does is say a lot about you and your judgement and credibility. Right now, your credibility is hanging by a thread just based on this post. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but this one is, quite frankly, is really bad!
  8. Mojo44

    Bills 13 Titans 12 Postgame Thread

    When you hold a team to no touchdowns, by definition, the front seven played well.
  9. Mojo44

    Bills 13 Titans 12 Postgame Thread

    This is a truism!
  10. Mojo44

    Titans at Bills, 1 pm on CBS - 2nd half thread

    A 100% catchable pass that should have been caught!
  11. Mojo44

    Titans at Bills, 1 pm on CBS - 2nd half thread

    Catch the damned ball!
  12. Mojo44

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    Nice work if you can get it.
  13. Mojo44

    Browns are going to the playoffs

    You just knew that somebody was going to start a thread anointing Mayfield as the next great thing. Let’s give the NFL a chance to catch up to this kid before we crown him.Could be a genuine flash in the pan. Amazing!Could be a genuine flash in the pan. Amazing!
  14. Mojo44

    Maroon 5 to play Super Bowl halftime

    Great, another bland pop group. I was hoping they would get Those Darned Accordians.
  15. Somebody help me here, please. I don’t even know if the OP is being serious or sarcastic. If he’s being serious 🤯