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  1. Hes been pretty bad. Jets and Chiefs fans hate him. Maybe he can be that a big nickel/hybrid role. Id guess practice squad?
  2. He popped up on the injury report today. He might make a business decision to have a "knee injury"
  3. " On Oct. 13, they were told the Smiths had accepted the offer. A fully executed contract was completed a day later." I mean, if thats true, pretty straight forward case. The problem they will have is there are almost always ways to get out of a real-estate deal prior to closing. Sounds like the sellers were somewhat shady though.
  4. Kickers are a different breed. sometimes who you are in college won't be the same: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberto_Aguayo Kicking everywhere has been odd this year. Harrison Butker missing extra points, Gostkowski had a horrible week 1 and then missed the game tying kick yesterday. Agree I wish we had a Tucker level kicker but I think we gotta ride with the kid to see what hes got at this point.
  5. My understanding is that punting far isn't the hard part. It is the touch, consistency, finesse parts that are hard. He has had too many touchbacks that were not close. Also, laces out bro....
  6. Next will come the league continuing to bend over backwards for the Titans. Drop the hammer. No way you can play the game Tuesday and I don't think its fair to reschedule it again.
  7. Endoscopy is a generic term used to describe the act of using a flexible high definition scope/camera to look inside you. There are many different endoscopic procedures, the most common in my world are EGD and Colonoscopy. Pulmonologists (lung doctors) do bronchoscopy, ENT does laryngoscopy, etc. All of these are types of endoscopy. EGD is sometimes called "upper" endoscopy, and technically is an esophagogastroduodenscopy. This is a fancy way of saying we make you sleepy, go through the mouth, and look at your esophagus, stomach and duodenum (first part of your small intestine). "Lower" endoscopy is colonoscopy. While the prep is not the best, colonoscopy saves lives and the procedure itself is not a big deal. If you are due for colon cancer screening just get it done
  8. Brian Gaine might have some advice for him on that organization... Let's not all assume he is itching to get out of here. He is from Buffalo, winning, on a stacked offense with a team that will be good for a long time. Head coaching is a pain in the ass grind. Maybe he gets a raise and stays around? If you had a young family would you want to move everyone for a job you could be fired in 2-5 years if you've already got a job you love?
  9. I knew they had changed that for the pylon, didn't know in the regular field of play. thanks
  10. I still am not sure why the play he got hurt on was not a first down? Diggs clearly does not step out and lunges beyond the marker?
  11. He is having so much success from the pocket that it seems unnecessary. They are also probably keeping it off of film now and "saving it" for certain scenarios and games.
  12. It's not so much that he is getting open. To me, its the body control, hands, toe-drag, size, etc. We have not seen that for awhile here.
  13. Im trying to use my Sunday ticket streaming and it says the game is not included?? Edit: Now its showing the logo for the teams, I was probably too early
  14. There are so many better podcasts/content creators out there in the Bills universe that unless you have hours a day to listen to Bills content I don't know why you would bother with this show.
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