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  1. As Tomlin said, no one mentioned it in the locker room or on the field. Don't you think the first thing he would say to his coach or teammates on the sideline is that he reacted because of the slur?
  2. Hell yea. Sue this race-bating loser to the ground. NFL absolutely has a recording of everything that was said. If it was true it would have come out. Not a single person backed up Garrett's account.
  3. Agents probably won't let him, but he should file assault charges and sue him for defamation.
  4. Josh was like 80% yesterday. Hard to be more accurate in the NFL.
  5. Shaq is an above average player and we should not overpay. If he wants a process deal Im in.
  6. Woof, 13-10 sounds like a painful Sunday afternoon
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