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  1. you would think they would want to keep their only NFL client happy
  2. Hope we got it for free, should have a 12 year warranty: https://www.aturf.com/turf-titan-first-proven-12-year-turf-warranty/
  3. Put Derrick Dockery and Langston Walker up there together as a package.
  4. Don't need him. I feel really good about our corner depth this year. Wallace/Johnson/Gaines can hold it down
  5. I follow the team pretty aggressively and have never heard of this guy so there's that. ByeBye
  6. If it was easy and legal to do in my state I would. Probably in a few years.
  7. I would see Knoxx as the upgrade over Croom for the athletic/move TE. You then have Lee/Fisher as the blockers, and Kroft/Sweeney as the balanced. If you are going to keep a 4th its probably the more balanced Sweeney but have to see how it plays out.
  8. https://titansized.com/2019/05/06/will-the-tennessee-titans-finally-add-a-tight-end/#
  9. There goes Croom and Fisher probably. Kroft/Lee/Knoxx. Sweeney/Fisher/Croom maybe for a last spot.
  10. The Cardinals posted their version and it was super boring, no behind the scenes juice!
  11. IMO Waddle has more value as a swing tackle than feliciano. Also don't see 5 Rbs.
  12. Id rather see what Knox, Croom, Sweeney, etc can do than sign a 1 year guy who's 38/39. Makes more sense for the Pats than for us.
  13. I think with the way free agency and the draft played out, they are going to give one of the many fringe guys a change to win the 6th spot on the roster. Bean was looking ahead to next years draft which is much stronger in the WR department.
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