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  1. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2019/09/who-is-vincent-taylor-buffalo-bills-add-dolphins-most-impactful-dt-per-snap-last-season-to-practice-squad.html Peko was a liability so lets see this other guy, seems reasonably promising.
  2. He has to pass through waivers, no chance we get him. Dolphins would claim him.
  3. Because every once in a while Fitz channels his inner Montana and puts up 450/4 TDs. Regardless, he will be slinging it and it is a different dimension to Rosen.
  4. Honestly Fitz like 30% of the time can play lights out, so yes Id rather play against Rosen.
  5. I think everyone agrees that's what they should do. But pulling him for Fitz then makes no sense.
  6. I think the problem is you cant keep everyone, and sometimes you have to let someone else overpay your mid-tier guys. I suspect we go DE early in the draft in 2020. Id rather pay Milano, Trey, Phillips. Will have to see how his market shakes out.
  7. The "problem" is Feliciano has been play excellently. You don't put him on the bench for Ford. Our best 5 just doesn't include Ford right now, and that's not the worst problem to have.
  8. If not going to be active on gameday tomorrow, might not make sense to call up anybody.
  9. lots with WR talent on Michigan
  10. I use the playstation app and it works great
  11. At some point, you really can tank too much. I don't care how many picks you have, you will ruin the development of your young players if your whole team is JV.
  12. It was originally reported as Strep, which would have been fine. With mono, it is not just symptoms. There is a risk of rupturing his spleen, so he will be out for several weeks now.
  13. Sure you do, he will 100% start Sunday. This is 1 of 16 games, lock it down.
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