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  1. QBs always pushed up the board. If we don't get Oliver I hope our phones are ringing to get ahead of Denver for a nice haul.
  2. The short answer is no, we don't. Both might be gone by 9. You probably already would have to trade up just to get Oliver alone. Zero chance to get both.
  3. Draft coverage in general is confirmation bias. Whether it is any of the major networks, Walter grades, etc. You basically plug the pick into their "board" and if it matches up good pick, higher grade "Steal" lower grade "huge reach!"
  4. If you stay at 9 I just think the value is in the D or O-line. Darkhorse is CB. Trade back to 13-15 then sure Fant or TJ is fine. Id like to see WR/TE with pick 2. I wouldn't be surprised to see a trade back at pick 9 and a zay jones style day 2 trade up if our TE/WR target is there.
  5. As a Michigan fan, Gary. Reminds me of Funchess. Was supposed to dominate and by all accounts should have, but never really put it together.
  6. yup! I was hoping the team would pick me up to be the team GI when Seantrel Henderson was here.
  7. MD here. Greatly depends on what it is. If its hypertrophic cardiomyopathy? Hard pass and he should retire. If its WPW or afib or something? Sure not a big deal.
  8. https://www.patspulpit.com/2019/3/9/18257308/new-england-patriots-2019-free-agency-profile-laadrian-waddle-offensive-tackle-trent-brown?_ga=2.155740284.652237250.1551688263-502209576.1548154531
  9. https://www.patspulpit.com/2019/3/9/18257308/new-england-patriots-2019-free-agency-profile-laadrian-waddle-offensive-tackle-trent-brown?_ga=2.155740284.652237250.1551688263-502209576.1548154531
  10. Hah mistaken identity for the Pats o-line LaAdrian?
  11. "Bills deal for Tyler Kroft: $18.75M, $2.4M signing bonus, $8.3M gtd, salaries $1.8M (gtd), $4.45M (gtd inj at signing, skill-cap if on roster fifth day 2020, $4.7M Due a $2.1M roster bonus third day 2019, $750K roster bonus fifth day 2020, $750K roster bonus fifth day 2021"
  12. I am firmly I the camp that outside of a handful of players that RBs are a dime a dozen. Draft someone in the 4-6th round.
  13. same, Firefox and safari show nothing
  14. I have tried to listen to him a few times, I just can't. It boggles my mind that he is a broadcaster as well and not just a radio guy. My main issues are that he often stutters, and asks very long meandering questions with long lead-ins. Guy is a legend just not my cup of tea on the radio. I didn't love Donald Jones but Id take him any day.
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