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  1. Ridiculous position for a guy who just signed a massive extension. Leslie Frasier could smooth this over. The kids not going to sit this out. He has some leverage but not a ton.
  2. I dont see Taysom Hill working out, will see
  3. Steve Wilks would be a likely candidate I would think
  4. For what it is I think it is really well done. I would like to see an HBO broadcast with R-rated commentary for adults! "That call is bull%*^"
  5. Their cameras/picture quality are far superior. If you stream direct from their Fox App you can get 4k as well. Im gonna watch the Nickelodeon broadcast today because why not???
  6. Ahhh... So Cleveland beats Steelers AND Chiefs, and we beat Ravens/Titans.... Hell of sequence!
  7. We cant play Cleveland. Either Steelers or winners of Titans/Ravens if Steelers lose.
  8. https://www.sbnation.com/2019/4/4/18277669/gary-jennings-wvu-receiver-scouting-draft
  9. A negative test or proof of vaccination seems like it would be reasonable if they want to be very conservative.
  10. Even 10k fans in the stadium I think would make a huge difference. Really hoping they can work something out here.
  11. https://13wham.com/buffalo-plus/bills-latest-news/cuomo-bills-working-on-possible-plan-for-in-person-attendance-for-playoffs Would make a huge difference I think, lets go Cuomo get it done.
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