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  1. Ahh thanks. I guess Theoretically whatever he makes on the PS is a wash from whomever is released It’s the PS what’s the risk? Nothing
  2. Here’s a way to look at it. Gentry was called up from the PS last game and played a handful of plays on offense. I don’t EVER need to see that again - JB has to be an upgrade
  3. Btw I don’t think PS counts toward the cap?
  4. If he still has his 4.4 speed he could still be a sneaky deep threat that we don’t have. I know Gabe catches the occasional deep ball but …
  5. I think unrelated - OBJ is visiting Dec 6 (scheduled anyway)
  6. Glass half full - if anything, his inconsistency "should" make OBJ know there would be a big role for him here.
  7. Nope he wasn't. You stop the clock with 7 seconds left in case of a bad snap or a bobbled hold on the FG attempt. Holder, if trained properly, can throw the ball into the ground near the back lineup behind the LOS and re-kick. Kick was attempted on 1st down.
  8. Any disappointed/diacouraged "fans" can go the fck away. Spoiled brats. 8-3 while fighting through a lot. 3 losses by a combined 8 points. Go back to your 2003-2017 Bills and enjoy that
  9. I have no issues with the TO with 7 seconds. Bad snap and you can throw it away and try again. Of course this takes into account Martin knows what to do if a bad snap happens. Josh is hurt and probably pretty exhausted. he's still a warrior and I bet back to normal for NE Embarrassing is ridiculous. Allowed 22 points on the road which isn't hideous while missing Rousseau, Von, Tre (most of the game) and Edmunds, arguably 4 of our top 5 defenders. Oliver was a beast and Milano was average per his standards
  10. This is great writing as always, please let it continue
  11. absolutely agree with this. Benford, especially with his size, has real potential. Dane was a starter from a big program (pittsburgh) and almost wasn't drafted - that says a lot. I think he has a lot of talen but seriously lacks basic DB instincts....and....I think oyu either have that or you don't. He was terrible the last 2 weeks and was burned for a last second TD yesterday (3rd and 1 with 32 seconds left) if Goff didn't badly misthrow a pretty routine QB throw. Elam wasn't shown much yesterday because Detroit saw no reason to throw in his direction. A top 4 of White, Elam, Rhodes and Johnson sounds great to me
  12. I'm a runner where meniscus tears are the most common runner knee injury (other than your normal runner's knee/IT band issues which are issues with inflammation). Now running on a meniscus tear (pounding affect), vs sharp cuts in football are very different, but for runners a meniscus tear has 2 outcomes: 1. surgery to remove the torn flap that is hindering movement. FOR A RUNNER this keeps them from running for about a month. 2. more commonly, no surgery is needed (this has happened this year to both my wife an myself) and running can resume as soon as it settles down. Football movement is a lot different than running, but, hopefully it's the same timeframe if Von "only" has a meniscus tear.
  13. Dane is 5'11", Tre is 5'11"; which is the normal height for a DB. Dane's issue is talent and technique...7th rounder for a reason. Beane even said when we picked him, "well we really needed a CB there, so we chose him." Not exactly a ringing endorsement
  14. Who's this Dane Jockson you reference? All aplogies and sorry for disrupting your day....I read the first 10-15 threads on the site and the "Dane was toast" one was way down the list and I didn't see it
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