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  1. I disagree - Hamburg is the town over and has 60,000 residents, west Seneca 45,000, East Aurora and OP another 10,000. Compared to where gillete stadium is located is it’s a virtual big city
  2. I remember taking 3 escalators after those ramps to get to the oranges
  3. He'll be pricey but I think he's a core piece and will be extended. Especially if he builds off last year. Doesn't hurt that he's Josh's best friend.
  4. This is the Gospel!! So refreshing reading a post about having faith and better yet, it’s occurring before our very eyes
  5. Re-posting for a genuine answer if anyone has one? From what I read anything East of Cross St is fine
  6. My son found a potential 3br house in Pigtown. Guys…how is Pigtown safety wise?
  7. The line that sticks out to me is only giving up 6.5 points at NYJ. Seems low to me
  8. Nope. it's away. 8 home, 9 away games this year
  9. Thanks - yeah - they're looking that route via facebook - some of Hopkins is in shady areas though, I think
  10. Sort of related - My son (College Senior to be) is interning downtown there on E Eager Street from June 7th to Late July. 2 other guys and him are having trouble finding temporary housing for the 2 months, if any of you Baltimorians have any ideas.
  11. Bates is no longer a role player, he’s an integral starter who will probably be even better with the new OL coach’s scheme
  12. This is one of the best articles I've read - wonder how this site got all the insider info that hasn't gone out before??
  13. 3rd round is similar talent as 2nd so maybe loading up to get another pick in the 3rd or 4th
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