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  1. I didn't watch a game on Sunday where Bib Ben was good?? He hit for 56%, had one INT called back on a phantom hold and nearly had two other deflected INTs. He led Pittsburgh to 3 first downs in the first half. He looked shot to me. Pittsburgh didn't win because of Ben
  2. Josh Allen is everything I wanted Jack Eichel to be. If Jack was 50% JA I would have been happy. Alas….we’ll Enjoy JA.
  3. you want a 2nd rounder who had a great game today cut? At least one sack, many pressures and a blocked kick. Guessing you’re joking?
  4. Fromm and Webb will both be cut. Webb will be signed to PS and will eventually be QB coach when Daboll moves on
  5. Can never have too many WRs - we were severely hampered last year in playoffs when diggs, Beasley and Davis were hurt
  6. Yeah but certainly shouldn’t be spotted on 1.5 Kumerow is playing a STs too so they’re looking for reasons to keep him
  7. May be wrong but looks to me that Brown started and played RT whole 1Q??
  8. I could be wrong but I don’t think you draft an olineman 7 overall to sit for a year or two? I’ve never seen that happen. now if he’s a bust and doesn’t start for them then that’s another thing
  9. What’s Mongo’s tweet mean? Translate for the uninformed. ....
  10. Probably will be Power (even though he's a LHD like Dahlin), Beniers (center) is a close 2nd, followed by Eklund (LW), Hughes (D) and Clarke (D). If we trade Eichel I could see us drafting Beniers.
  11. Wasn’t that the DT they cut that missed Murray?
  12. If you can access the Tyler Dunn article on him it’ll give you hope, he’s working with a RB guru (what Palmer is to QBs) and has changed his running style and worked on his speed. His hands....we’ll hit sure that can be improved
  13. Saints make no sense - are the in denial that Brees retired. Pittsburgh could be really average to bad this year and if Rodgers is traded, GB is a rebuild
  14. Bills, and other teams, probably don’t have interest in him at his current cap hit
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