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  1. One play but do you remember kinkaids down the field block vs NYJ on Shakir’s 81 yd td. He took out 3 jets with one block. He didn’t come into the league with a reputation as a blocker but was beyond able and competent last year
  2. 91 training camp spots goes to 53 active and 16 practice squad spots. He'll be cut and offered a PS spot. what's not to understand.? Freak athlete, see what he can do.
  3. He's a ridiculous athlete just like the English 7th round pick tackle. Both are no risk and both are probably 99% headed to PS. same height as Oliver I believe. His lack of weight is probably the bigger issues, not to mention lack of experience.
  4. So other top sacking teams don’t pile up sacks too on the Washington’s of the world? Interesting
  5. I’m not ashmed to say that I shed a tear that first year when we won the championship in Philly 11-10 as an expansion team on Tavares’s behind the back shot in ot. inwas expecting them to lose as buffalo teams tend to do
  6. bad in regular season, good in postseason at 1.5m guaranteed, doesn’t really matter does it?
  7. Washed up at 27 years old, or so? Interesting. He may suck but it isn’t because he’s washed up. KC probably doesn’t win the SB last year without him btw.
  8. Diggs was #1 receiver, Claypool will be #4 t the very most. Very different. If he's an asshat he'll see his ass gone
  9. people on this board are so negative it's funny - no risk signing - think about things before posting
  10. Disagree - I think Smoot and Jones (Klein playing in playoffs last year) have a really good chance. Claypool would be a pure X receiver (something we don't have) if he comes in and isn't an assclown.
  11. QB's he's played with have been garbage. No risk signing
  12. He has ridiculous ability and if he gets his head straight could be the one pure X receiver on the roster. Look at his rookie year. Hopefully he realizes this may be his last shot and cuts the drama out. Josh and McBeane, as shown with Diggs, doesn't put up with Drama
  13. Moran is a moron. He’s probably signed to a vet minimum 1 yet contract, not even counting to top 51/53. We have 90 spots to fill and are at about 75.
  14. Yes thanks!! It took a while to load on my phone and didn’t wait long enough - appreciate it!! I think gore, bills (guard) and the punter all have a chance. Gore could stick with an injury or could be Ps at least and bills nd the punter can make the team outright. I had 6th/ 7th round picks on all of them
  15. Yep and fastest 10 come drill of my wr t combine. Beane wanted him, Josh wanted him, I don’t give fck if a lot of 2billsmdrive bitc*es about him
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