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  1. Browns always look great on paper, but there’s something to be said about team chemistry. Pittsburgh handed the playoff game and couldn’t beat Hennepin when the game was there to take. If they would have beaten KC, Buffalo would have beaten them in Buffalo in the AFC championship game and may have matched up to TB better than KC did
  2. If this was the case Beane wouldn’t have just signed his extension through the same year as McDernott’s. They both know they have it good, get along and are here long term. What’s higher up than a GM anyway?
  3. With their current roster, Jacksonville drafting Ettiene was idiotic.
  4. I like the UDFA TE they signed a lot too. A lot of athleticism, good speed and our TE group isn’t exactly elite. It’ll be tough for him to make the roster but certainly a 2021 PS route to a 2022 roster route is plausible
  5. I think the sweet spot for one technique in this draft was rd 4 - the Sheltons of the world. Unfortunately we didn’t have a 4th rounder, courtesy of diggs. Fortunately we have Diggs.
  6. Still think we need a backup 1 technique behind Star. Whether that comes from UFA or UDFA is the question
  7. He may be my favorite value pick. roomed with Oliver, best friends with Tre’s younger brother too
  8. I do too - a lot of skill. I could see if PS this year and making the 53 next year
  9. If you read the Tyler dunne article of Devin you might think a bit differently- seems he’s changing his whole running approach this off-saeason and working on his speed. I still don’t forgive him for that drop but at least he’s trying. I don’t think Ettiene was ever in their plans - think that was a smokescreen
  10. I see Tre walker WR signed. If I was a WR buffalo may be the last place I’d sign
  11. I love the draft, but, seriously, ask me about in in 2024
  12. Ford was starting last year before he got hurt? Drafting a Guard in the 7th round hardly screams Ford is gone...
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