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  1. 505 yards offense, 34 points, 420 yards by josh alone and you're focusing on one throw that was a nice play by Bradford? Move on.....find a new target
  2. Explain how a perfectly schemed wheel route for an easy touchdown to Cooke (dropped) was Brady's fault? Of two missed FG's. Players execute those 3 routine plays and we're winning 30-7 at halftime. I don't even think McChoke and lose that lead??
  3. Same offense? really? 505 yards and 34 points in that weather (with first half garbage officiating)? Brady also put them in position for at least 17 additional points - he's not responsible for a dropped Cooke TD, 2 missed FG's (both of which were a ton shorter than 59 yards) and a wrong route run by Davis. If you count a missed obvious horse collar tackle by the officials, then you can add more points. McDermott finds ways to lose, this is not on the offense
  4. Sherfield ran the wrong route twice today and has been a callosus failure this year. Perhaps instead of throwing to Sherfield, plays should go to Kinkaid??
  5. Sort of off the topic but, to me, (2) Bills went unnoticed today; Von Miller (very bad) and Benford (very good). I think we have two great CB's for next year in Douglas and Benford. Unfortunately, i think Father time has caught up to Hyde, and to a lesser extent, Poyer. Though, I'm not sure about Poyer.
  6. Yep - it was the same exact play as the KC playoff game TD (4th one by Davis) with 13 seconds left. Middle of field was left open and he should have broken that way. Just another play out of about 10 that we messed up on that would have won it for us. Teams takes on the personality of it's HC and loses these types of games, unfortunately.
  7. MCD isn't the problem? You watching the same game and defense that I am? Bradbury made a nice play on the INT, PHI is a goods team that makes plays too.
  8. In that weather and we have 500+ yards 0f offense, 320+ passing, and 80+ rushing by josh alone and we lose. Crazy - only McTimid can accomplish that. Those stats and he's too scared to try with 20 seconds left.....absolutely pathetic
  9. Should have lost the NYG game too except for a stupid Tyrod audible at the end of the 2nd and #7 getting away with a hold on the last play of the game
  10. I think it was a gutless decision. Throw a couple quick outs and if doesn't work, then kneel all the ball. Ty[pical McDermott - comes up small in the biggest moments. He plays not to lose - you have Josh F*cking Allen. play to win the GD f*cking game
  11. It was an option route, either go to the corner or the middle depending on where the CB is playing you. Corner is playing him to the outside so he should have went to the middle for an easy touchdown. Hard to be hard on Gabe with the game he had, but, he clearly made the wrong route decision there.
  12. In the biggest moments, McDermott comes up small. It's not a trend any longer is every game and a fact. Kneeling on the ball with 20 seconds left is f*cking gutless. He's the best 1st half D coach and the worst 2nd half coach. He simply has to go, though we all know it aint happening. HIS d allows last minute scores to lose games in NE, DEN, PHI. Inexcusable. I'm not even going to get into his clock management comical ability
  13. I think it may be Mr. 13 seconds who’s the problem. Micromanaging the offense where he has no expertise? Does anybody believe we’ll win a SB with McD. Mr. 13 seconds comes up small in big spots.
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