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  1. Given that Moss was rated as the best pass blocking back in the NFL by the end of the year, I think he has to be a part of the gameplan.
  2. Not sure this was posted elsewhere but ran across the article in my news feed. Edmunds ranked #48. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2021/09/23/pro-football-focus-buffalo-bills-matt-milano-nfl-best-linebacker/amp/
  3. My two biggest concerns this week are turnovers and temperature. If we stay even on mistakes against a ball hawking team and Devin and Josh take care of the football, I like our chances. I feel pretty good that coach will get the guys mostly ready to play in the heat and humidity but that's where our depth better hold up.
  4. To those of you on Twitter, a really good follow is John Burn Murdoch of the Financial Times. He does a great job analyzing the latest results coming out of both the UK and Israel. Some general conclusions: The Pfizer vaccine appears more effective for longer than the AZ. England's choice of spreading the two shots by 8 weeks instead of 3 appears to be beneficial. Booster shots would primarily help those with co-morbidities the most but will be rolled out to everyone eventually. https://amp.ft.com/content/cf83b3a1-fe06-4c9f-999c-7500090aee7c?__twitter_impression=true
  5. I don't know who the officials are but pretty sure they'll be wearing zebra stripes for this game.
  6. Happy birthday, fearless leader. Thank you for giving us this outlet for fandom oh these last 20 years.
  7. With apologies to YOLO, go Ducks!!!
  8. Nice work overall. I agree with you that Freiermuth is going to be where Ben focuses in the red zone - he made a couple of amazing grabs in tight spaces in the endzone during the preseason and I know they'll be targeting him. We better shade our coverage toward him as they get close. "Edmunds is known for some big hits and some timely takeaways, but he is one of a few weak links in that secondary especially if you can isolate him in coverage. " Not sure I agree with this statement - they are an absolute cluster in that secondary after Fitzpatrick. Hayden used to be outstanding but is closer to just serviceable at the moment. The rest of their secondary is mostly stop gap level. While their front seven, when healthy, is among the best in the league, their back end will not hold up to 4 and 5 wide attacks, which happens to be our strong suit.
  9. I see that one of the Steelers beat reporter's sons is a Bills fan - gotta love it. https://twitter.com/AKinkhabwala/status/1435651545840881670
  10. Pitt Tribune writer thinks Bills will lose to Steelers because they are "disheveled" due to Covid. A couple other tidbits about problems along their offensive line and their linebackers. https://triblive.com/sports/mark-madden-steelers-will-beat-disheveled-bills-in-week-1/ The Steelers will beat host Buffalo in the opener. The constant covid debate surrounding the Bills has them disheveled. The Steelers are all football. Steelers win. You heard it here. I like when our opponent's media feels confident. I get more relaxed.
  11. Ya, that doesn't make sense. If Cody was playing tackle, the numbers would be off. I think he played guard.
  12. Addison will be critical to the rotation this year. You gain almost no cap space by cutting him. If you want to cut one of the vets, I think it has to be Butler. That brings back about 3 million, even with the renegotiated contact.
  13. Grootzilla solves that issue. Groot's arms longer than God's (ducks under table to avoid lightning strike).
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