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  1. Aaand it's duly noted that the Pats* have the worst net differential days (coming off byes) at -15 ... according to Mike Reiss. Oh, how the tables have turned now that Brady* has left the Cheats*.
  2. Except Cover 1 did an analysis at the end of the season on both backs and I think used PFF days to show that Moss was the best blocking back in the NFL by the end of the season. Even Singletary was better than average. There's a lot of hot takes on here about Williams being better but I think you're gonna see Moss and Singletary be a lot better this year.
  3. Ed Oliver has the most upside of anyone on our line. I don't think it would be wise to get rid of him. And you keep Hughes at least one more year to teach these kids the ropes.
  4. Kinda like it from his highlights. Seems more of a hands catcher and definitely not the most polished routes when looking at these highlights but if his job is to be a returner/field stretcher, why not? I'm still hoping for Schwartz with a trade-up into the back of the 4th.
  5. Or it could be that they want Jimmy G back. They definitely have the ammo to pull off a trade with the Niners.
  6. One more tidbit from his school workout ... Former Boise State cornerback Avery Williams could be destined for a position change in the NFL. Williams was one of three Broncos who took full part in the school's pro day Wednesday in Boise State's indoor facility, and he showed what he can do in drills specific to defensive backs, running backs and slot receivers. The two-time Mountain West Special Teams Player of the Year, who made highlight reels with his kickoff and punt returns, said several NFL teams have mentioned to him the possibility of becoming a third-down running back. He started
  7. Listening to the Cover 1 podcast with Joe Marino this evening, he mentioned the corner from Boise State, 2x special teams player of the year in conference, Mountain West Honorable Mention at cornerback, consensus position All American as a special teamer. 5'9", 195. Runs a 4.41 forty. May be tried as a slot receiver in the NFL Top 20 in the nation in both punt and kick returns 6 punt returns for TDs, 3 kick returns for TDs in career Also blocked 4 kicks/punts in career 5 FF, 22 passes defensed Given that it'll be hard to break into the Bills' sta
  8. He's actually better than Roberts at returns and better than Roberts at receiver and he can do jet sweeps plus serve as the third RB. For 5 million AAV, I'd take him to fill all 3 roles. Cover 1 has beating the drum for this move since the off-season started.
  9. Ertz's 5 best years would be the 5 best TE years in Bills history. If he comes here, he's the No. 1. Management loves Knox and they're counting on him to develop but Ertz will affect defensive gameplans this year.
  10. This may be crazy but would you trade Edmunds for Jones and sign Milano?
  11. Well, to be fair that "guy" has been pretty underwhelming in NE thus far. IIRC, he didn't see much of the field as the season went on. I think it's a scheme weakness.
  12. As great as he was, I'm not sure there was ever a year when Andre was considered 2nd best in the NFL. He was usually in the top 5 or 6. Even the two years he made All-Pro, I believe Rice and Sterling Shape were considered the starters. I truly believe that Moulds was the best receiver the bills had. If he had a good qb, his ceiling was definitely Hall of Fame caliber. Diggs is in the conversation for #3 already and given his qb, maybe more.
  13. I'm pleasantly surprised the league is starting on time. I also wonder what might happen if players on a 2-6 or 0-5 team decide it's not worth the quarantine to slog through the full season. I assume their pay would be guaranteed once the season starts?
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