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  1. Reminds me of the old joke about the Beatles ... McCartney was the brains, Lennon the soul, Harrison the heart of the band ... and Ringo? He was the drummer.
  2. Does that put Teller on the wrong side of the bubble again?
  3. Sal Maiorana and the D&C cats have been quite negative about Allen since the middle of last week. Leo Roth and Fairburn and Sal think the offense has been pretty poor since the OL started going down and need to start showing a bit more.
  4. I think the OP is a Russian troll bot trying to see what issues matter to upstate New Yorkers and weave that into their next electoral attack. Just sayin' ....
  5. If you remember, Old Timer, we were trading our bust for theirs - but most everyone on this board was pretty upbeat about Hughes' potential at the time. Especially because he was backing up a couple stars on the Colts D-line. I'm not fully sold on Yeldon but his prowess is supposed to be catching and protecting on 3rd down so he still has a shot.
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