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  1. 80K more IRS agents incoming! Expect alot more of this across other platforms too. I forgot who said it (paraphrasing) "We don't need a KGB, we have the IRS". *Thanks from across the aisle*
  2. I also think McBeane like having a guy experienced in the Bills system to run the scout team and help with preparation. I can see Barkley sticking with the team in the Davis Webb role for another year or two even. I think it's a good system that helps the young players get the most out of it and helps the coaches as well.
  3. They praised AJ last year too. They said he was a beast and made big improvements etc. Its all smoke, the guy is slow, hes not a power rusher, has no moves and is stiff as a board. Im sure hes a nice guy, but hes not an NFL caliber starting DE.
  4. AJ is just not NFL caliber, he may stick for another year due to his rookie contract and draft position though. Moss will probably stick for another year as well. Ford probably wont make the cut
  5. I dont remember Ritchie as a penalty magnet. As for Trevor, it looked like they were swinging at him. Thats a 1st down imho.
  6. IDK, it looked like he was dominating those guys. I like it. I also liked Ritchie, It was sad to see him struggle off the field.
  7. Eddie once presented me a trophy for little league football (1980..ish). 😄 Good natured affable guy. 👍
  8. There are mediocre to bad teams that will be willing to throw the bank @ Edmunds next year. No chance he remains a Bill for that reason alone. (Unless he accepts a Bills contract that is grossly under his market value).
  9. Sleep is for the weak. There are always things needing to be accomplished, and none of it happens in bed.
  10. Bruce was an amazing talent and player for sure, worthy of all the football accolades one can throw at him. He's also a total douche off the field. If I cared more, id look up some of the old press about him. I've run into Bruce several times during his playing days and I don't ever recall being a part of one or witnessing a positive interaction with Bruce. That said, I'm not hating on him, but i think people need to remember who he has always been. Don't be blinded by his blazing stats.
  11. I don't know what our level of interest in AB was, but it seemed like we were pretty interested at one point. That would have been a deal breaker for me, as would Watson. The older I get the less tolerance I have for this.
  12. Great interview. Another pretty likeable guy and local too. Let's hope he balls! Go Bills!
  13. He's pretty charismatic, I like him and I'm rooting for him. Go Bills!
  14. I heard Eric Wood say he has a hard time finding a house big enough for his giant family every time he moves! What a nightmare that must have been for him. Love me some Fitzy though! *salute*
  15. I like this signing. It certainly doesn't hurt us and we could use a good return man. If his wheels still spin up to speed then come be the best version of himself and earn a spot! I like it.
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