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  1. Jeepers that article and last line gets me fired up! “I want to go all the way. And I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.” Pretty excited to see some more Gabe this year. Go Bills!
  2. You're speaking my language! "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" err.... I mean Git'r done Beane. Go Bills!
  3. It appears Tom ran himself aground last week * He's like 10 seconds into the vid.
  4. I love it! I remember Mr. Touchdown buying drinks for me and some friends @ Mannequins back in the day. He was sooper nice and engaging back then. Cool story bro!
  5. My family still makes this reference regularly. My mother thought it was the greatest call ever lol.
  6. He obviously loves football and has a chance to get some snaps, good for him. He's keeping the dream alive! 🏈
  7. I'm a guy that knows better than to throw that kind of opportunity away 3 times. I'll try not to laugh the next time i read his name in the news. (It's inevitable) 😆
  8. Well... he had the golden goose and couldn't get out of his own way to get the egg. He was more interested in getting stoned and stuffing his face than maximizing his potential. When given a 2nd and 3rd chance he blew those too. Given his propensity for poor decisions and lack of seriousness in his career, I'd say it's a pretty good guess. I'd wager this clown is next to broke now, the CFL is not exactly a cash cow and money goes fast. He signed with us the Steelers and the Argo's none of which were big money deals. Yeah he's about broke by now I'd wager. I've never heard of or seen anything i
  9. The lack of a combine doesn't help much. Watching the position groups compete, specifically the skill positions help my armchair GM'ing considerably
  10. Good stuff, how can you not love the Shnow man! ⛄
  11. We're making the best of it, and I'm not hating on him. He'll need a couple of solid seasons for us to pick up his 5th year though. I think we'll draft Edge this year and likely a DT. So without complaining, I think Beane already has his radar on this and a plan of action.
  12. What other player gets the luxury of saying "if he had a better player next to him" he'd shine. This is the NFL, players move around and get asked to play out of position at times. I don't remember saying this about KW. If you're selected #9 overall, you need to find a way to contribute more. On and off the stat sheet. I'm not hating on Ed, but saying I'm disappointed doesn't quite cut it either. We need more from Ed or he won't be around much longer.
  13. Beane has definitely put us in a position to do whatever he wants. He can easily take the BPA without any glaring holes, and it looks like we could land someone worthwhile at Edge or CB. With our core in tact and under contract he could move up and grab someone if he really covets them (not likely). Or he could move back a few places and find a value pick(s). Depending on where Beane see's our needs and mostly how the draft unfolds. I can't remember having this kind of flexibility in the draft in a long while. (ever?) Go Bills! '
  14. I feel like there's more potential with Breida. There's definitely not room for both.
  15. There likely won't be any top tier rushers when we pick. I would not trade up for anybody in this draft and I'm not sure Ossai or anyone else makes it down to us. Would you draft 2nd or 3rd round talent with your 1st pick? That's likely the situation we'll be in. We'll probably take a corner with our 1st pick but id up for trading back for Friermuth.
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