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  1. Synopsis: The contracts they offered Tunsil and Ramsey will raise the price to resign Dion and Tre.
  2. He's young and apparently fired up to be on the Bills, I love it!. We don't have to like his choice of music or content, just remember what it was like to be young Good for him, and hopefully good for us! Go Bills!
  3. I was telling my wife how mad I'll be if they pull the plug on this season, This is our year, right??? Id go without batting an eye. I'm just wondering how I'll make it to the following game after I get it... 14 day quarantine and all. One game at a time I guess
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/bills-talking-dion-dawkins-matt-194739422.html
  5. I've seen Waters a handful of times of the years, his last appearance in Buffalo was great, except for his 15 minute rant against the Donald. The light and stage show was second to none (and Ive seen em all). Oops was supposed to be a multi quote...whatever lol
  6. I'm pretty sure Jay has a vast network of contacts. I know he's been brought in to train with teams, and he currently co-owns a MMA gym w/ B. Urlacher. Their focus is training NFL players. I know this article is a few years old now, but he's been actively doing this for for several years now. No clue what his breaking news is, but he's been pretty reliable and again he has a vast network of connections. https://www.si.com/nfl/2015/07/24/jay-glazer-mma-training-nfl "Glazer says he has had 30 players in-house for workouts. Some, such as Eagles tackle Lane Johnson, are trying go from starter to Pro Bowler. Some, such as veteran 49ers running back Reggie Bush, are trying to prove they still have it. Some, such as burgeoning Giants star Odell Beckham Jr., are working on very specific skills. " "This offseason, the regulars include a mix of established stars (Eagles RB DeMarco Murray, Cardinals DE Calais Campbell), veterans looking to break through (Lions RB Joique Bell, Falcons DE Tyson Jackson, Washington S Dashon Goldson), young players hoping to build Pro Bowl futures (Eagles TE Zach Ertz, Giants OT Justin Pugh, Falcons DT Ra’Shede Hageman) and role players aiming to climb a depth chart (Giants DT Markus Kuhn, Washington S Jeron Johnson, Jaguars LB LaRoy Reynolds)."
  7. It's totally out of the realm of reality that it doesn't deserve a thoughtful response on it's merits. It does however make me question my decision to click on this thread. You're right, though, I'm over it. 🚶‍♂️
  8. Whats wrong with people? We have the best Front office, Coach, and Team we've had in decades. We've made the playoffs 2 out of 3 years under the new regime. By all accounts we're poised to have another playoff season and more. We've dug ourselves out of salary cap hell. We are one of the bright spots across the NFL and are generating some real buzz. We have a team of young and up and coming stars. We have a draft coming up pretty soon, etc. etc. etc. and THIS is what you come up with? It's F'n mind boggling.
  9. I find it hard to root for self absorbed knuckleheads, even if they're suiting up for our beloved Bills. Conversely, Dion's the type of guy that keeps me around and cheering wildly, year after year. I really do love this team as much, or more than any that have come before them. They're building something special here and I wouldn't trade them for any other group in the league. Go Bills!
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