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  1. I've been hard on AJ. He may never live up to expectations, but he's contributing. Hopefully he can remain consistent and maybe add a splash play or two.
  2. Mitch did not look great yesterday. Fans were already calling for Picket. My guess says he'll be in by week 5 immediately after they lose to the Bills
  3. Bill is within 40 total wins of Don. I expect him to beat that before he retires (They've coached about the same amount of seasons). As for SB wins, there's no contest. It would be hard to overstate the winningest Superbowl coach of all time. While Don is a good try, his perfect season pales in comparison to BB's rings. I think you'll find yourself in the minority on this one, but we can agree to disagree. Bill >> Don.
  4. Bill will still go down as the greatest coach in NFL history. In a league where only wins and losses matter, he reins supreme among all NFL coaches. The only question that remains is; who was more integral to that success him, or Brady. I'd challenge anyone to name a coach more knowledgeable than Bill of the NFL rule book. How many times have we seen him gain some small but influencing advantage due to his knowledge of the rules? I don't love Bill, and I remember his days with the Browns and the Jets, and his GM moves have been questionable, but to say that he's anything less than the greatest coach ever is just silly. He's not infallible, and it's still a team sport coaches included, but let's be honest here.
  5. If you were Chris Spielman, you'd just play through it, and not tell anyone! “I know I’m gonna suffer. I don’t mind. Not one bit. That’s how I play the game. It’s pain and it’s punishment. Part of the deal.” Chris Spielman Man, i loved that guy!
  6. Jordan definitely brought the juice last night. Was great to see him back. Good stuff, go Bills!
  7. Ozzy loves to perform live, dare I say it's what he lives for. He'll perform well, much like Mick does after all these years. He'll perform well, he'll be surrounded by uber talented musicians, he'll play the melody of his classics, it'll be worth a watch. 🤘 I saw Ozzy and Crew @ the Aud around 87' or 88', so it's been a while.
  8. For whatever it's worth. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/sports/football/nfl/bills/2022/08/30/buffalo-bills-roster-cuts-todays-releases-include-oj-howard/65463763007/
  9. He has already stained this team and season enough and he needs to go. Just being present or bearing witness to acts of moral depravity such as this without intervening is enough. Honestly I'm more disappointed in OBD for allowing this to happen at such a momentous stage of our franchise. They knew, and someone still signed off on this anyhow. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. Alternatively, they did not know which is just unfathomable given the public nature of the reports dating back pre-draft. Either way -1 OBD
  10. OMG those are clips from just one game. Wow...
  11. Is Shaq even going to make the team? He's probably #1 on the list, him or Crowder.
  12. He looked pretty good in those clips and his post game interview was pretty good too. His excitement and enthusiasm is pretty infectious, I'm a fan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkCvsnfYu9w&ab_channel=BuffaloBills
  13. I agree, what was the point of investing time and effort into rehabbing and holding onto him if not to keep him. I'm not sure how much more we could expect out of a guy in camp and preseason (thus far). He's exceeded expectations and has risen to the top of the competition. I'm not sure what Kumerow offers @ this point (yes he plays ST's). If it's between him and Crowder, he's outshined him and he's home grown. Maybe Hodgins isn't the slot replacement but, Shakir has shown enough to back up Mackenzie in the slot and make Crowder expendable. I'm with the OP on this, he needs to stay imo.
  14. The dead cap hit is brutal. I still like Tommy Sweeney, I hope we don't have to let him go as a result. Also, 3.2 mil is like 1/2 way to OBJ isn't it?
  15. Maybe his new Wajer 77 Yacht was just delivered. (Already owns a Wajer 55s). https://985thesportshub.com/2021/05/06/tom-brady-yacht-photos/
  16. I also think McBeane like having a guy experienced in the Bills system to run the scout team and help with preparation. I can see Barkley sticking with the team in the Davis Webb role for another year or two even. I think it's a good system that helps the young players get the most out of it and helps the coaches as well.
  17. They praised AJ last year too. They said he was a beast and made big improvements etc. Its all smoke, the guy is slow, hes not a power rusher, has no moves and is stiff as a board. Im sure hes a nice guy, but hes not an NFL caliber starting DE.
  18. AJ is just not NFL caliber, he may stick for another year due to his rookie contract and draft position though. Moss will probably stick for another year as well. Ford probably wont make the cut
  19. I dont remember Ritchie as a penalty magnet. As for Trevor, it looked like they were swinging at him. Thats a 1st down imho.
  20. IDK, it looked like he was dominating those guys. I like it. I also liked Ritchie, It was sad to see him struggle off the field.
  21. Eddie once presented me a trophy for little league football (1980..ish). 😄 Good natured affable guy. 👍
  22. There are mediocre to bad teams that will be willing to throw the bank @ Edmunds next year. No chance he remains a Bill for that reason alone. (Unless he accepts a Bills contract that is grossly under his market value).
  23. Sleep is for the weak. There are always things needing to be accomplished, and none of it happens in bed.
  24. Bruce was an amazing talent and player for sure, worthy of all the football accolades one can throw at him. He's also a total douche off the field. If I cared more, id look up some of the old press about him. I've run into Bruce several times during his playing days and I don't ever recall being a part of one or witnessing a positive interaction with Bruce. That said, I'm not hating on him, but i think people need to remember who he has always been. Don't be blinded by his blazing stats.
  25. I don't know what our level of interest in AB was, but it seemed like we were pretty interested at one point. That would have been a deal breaker for me, as would Watson. The older I get the less tolerance I have for this.
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