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  1. Because if it’s a done deal, what’s it matter? You only worry about showing your hand if you have something else on your mind. But yes, there’s no reason either besides letting the player know early he’s going to be the #1 pick
  2. When jobs and franchises are on the line, I just don’t know how anyone can afford to play chicken. You have a 3 year window or less. Especially when next years class seems to be really thin.
  3. As we are less than a week out from the draft, I can't help but find it strange how calm everything seems to be from a trade front. Not just from the Bills, but from other teams as well. Now watch, I'll post this and trades will happen immediately, but I'm starting to think that this class is either really even from a talent level or the GM's don't think the talent is as strong as everyone is making it out to be. My reasons are as follows: 1 - Everyone can pretty much agree that playoff success revolves around the QB. We had a few anomalies this past season, but it's usually how it goes. With that being said, the only team who has really jumped the gun in positioning themselves for a QB is the Jets. The Broncos only gave Keenum 2 years, the Cardinals can't possibly see a long term future in Bradford, and the Dolphins have made the weakest commitment to Tanehill I've seen since us with TT. The Colts are open for business again as well as the Giants. Yet no one is jumping up? If you're any of these teams, how are you not scared out of your mind that another team is going to trade up to 2, 4, or 5 and take your guy? 2 - I know that it doesn't occur every year, but unless the first pick is open for trade, we usually have a strong idea of who will go first. In fact, some teams come right out an say it. The fact that it could be Darnold or Allen, maybe even a non-QB, is strange to me with only 5 days left. If they are entertaining trade offers, that also says a lot. But what's the point of keeping it close to the vest? If you KNOW your guy is Darnold, then why hasn't it come out like in previous drafts. 3 - We keep hearing about these blueprints for trades between us and the Giants. Unless the Giants have 1 guy they know they want and are waiting on the Browns, why has this trade not happened? Why aren't the Bills making it happen unless they also want to see who drops? And ultimately, that's my point. I think that all of the top 4 guys may have the same grade, and that grade may not be that far off from the Tier 2 guys. We hear rumors about Lamar and Mason as early as 12. If that's true, I'm starting to think that the GM's are being patient because they just don't see the different in talent and are actually waiting on non-QB's to see where they fall. I'm wrong a lot. But if franchise QB's are what we know them to be, then this is strange how patient people are being. Who knows?
  4. Greg Cosell Breaks Down Baker Mayfield

    1 - Mayfield 2/3 - Darnold/Rosen
  5. He was the consensus #1 before he decided to go back to school for another year. It was all downhill from here
  6. Schedule Leaks Thread

    Personally, I don’t want a lot of primetime games. We suck in them and it just adds to the stygma of the Bills being crap. I liked last year and staying under the radar
  7. Schedule Leaks Thread

    Works for me. 15 min from that stadium.
  8. I think some of you forget about much different he was with Sammy out there. If they get any semblance of a running game, with Landry and Gordon, I expect to see a better TT there. He won’t light the world on fire, but he’ll make some plays that will make you miss him a little.
  9. Just one of the draft pick value charts
  10. What is your #1 QB performance metric?

    3rd and long completion percentage for 1st downs. It's the one thing I've seen that really seems to separate the known greats
  11. It’s strange to me when they say that Rosen is the best QB in the class, but will also be there at 12.
  12. The points to jump from 12 to 6 isn’t that dramatic
  13. The Colts would get roughly 40 points above value. In each case, the team trading back is getting the best value, but it doesn’t line up with the overpay that teams have gotten previously. So its its overall a fair trade, but a bargain compared to what other teams have done
  14. Two 1sts are better than 3 2nds. And one of those 2nds are next year, which is equal to a 3rd. We would be giving up both 1sts, a 2nd, and a 4th We’d be overpaying by 50 points to jump to #2 overall, which isn’t bad at all. Then Giants can still get a quality pick, and the Colts rebuild. We’d be out of the race for a MLB, but plenty of WR and offensive line talent left for us with our 2nd and 3rd round pick. Oh yeah, and we’d be done looking for QB’s