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  1. I've been told many times that we can't focus on one play to win or lose us the game
  2. Agreed in a blitzing situation or plays targeted behind the line. I’m referring to runs where the blocker comes at Edmunds 3-5 yards after the line of scrimmage
  3. So many Bills fans at the game had no idea who Ricardo was and were shocked at how big he is
  4. I'd be thrilled with 3-1. Right now, I'm more worried about the long term effects. I fear that the injuries to Gabe and Oliver will linger all year, and we really need them to be elite. We need that interior push to compliment Groot and Von. Josh needs a viable number 2 option. It can't always be the Diggs show
  5. Really? Have you ever found it in writing? Now I have to look. I wasn't aware that was changed
  6. Don't mind me. I'm just here for the comments
  7. You're right, I'm sorry. With the comeback and tale of two halves, I couldn't help myself I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's different for the goal line. The goal line extends infinitely, so it doesn't matter which side of the pylon the balls breaks the plain, so long as your last contact with the field was inbounds I mentally had this chalked up as a loss because of how well the Ravens play at home, especially against us. I was at the Dolphins game there too. Maybe I'm the Jinx Yeah, this was all day and total bull####. We could see it 30 rows back, but not the ref right next to it
  8. It's so hard to call out DB's sometimes because when they do their jobs, you don't notice them. While they don't have a lot of all-stars, the Ravens receivers have been a pleasant surprise this season. They were non-existent this game. When I saw Dane was playing, I felt comfortable with Elam, Dane, and TJ out there. However, not to knock any of them, we saw a great performance without them against the Dolphins, minus that deep play to Waddle. This scheme is incredibly DB friendly to the point where I'm starting to wonder how plug and play these guys are. As in, will we ever really pay a DB like Tre again?
  9. I feel incredibly spoiler to be annoyed at 3-1. I expected us to be 2-2, or 3-1, but how we lost to the Dolphins sticks with me. I fully expect to beat the brakes next time. Besides that... Pros -Josh is still a dog -Defensive scheme is next level. Considering the injuries, to only give up 7 points in the second half through 4 games AND be able to completely remove the opposing teams top weapon is unreal -Von is as advertised -Groot is looking to be a great 1st round pick -Diggs is on pace for another great season -3-1 while have 3 road games -Gugny is pregnant and I'm pretty sure it's mine -Edmunds might not be complete trash Cons -Injuries -***** the Dolphins -Run game (playcalling and offensive line push) -Red Zone conversion -Chiefs are still legit, even without Hill Around the league -Denver has to be the biggest disappointment -Lions can score! -Jaguars might not fully suck -JT with two non-existent games -Weirdest start to a NFL season for runningbacks - Fantasy wise -Eagles are the NFC favorites and it's not even close
  10. I kept forgetting what number Hamlin was, so I was consistently confused as to who this little guy was running all over the field. Dude was pure energy out there making the most of his opportunity
  11. Yes, I play Madden too. People get the gist of what’s being said. That’s not what I do here. If you a better picture, watch the game
  12. Was Lamar’s first pick to Poyer tipped? It looked like Lamar threw it into the back of one of his own lineman
  13. I mean, what don’t you understand. Would RPO out of the shotgun paint a better pic for you? Shotgun, 12 personnel, run handoff up the middle….
  14. Probably not. I didn’t realize he just got extended
  15. I understand freeing up space, assuming protections, and possum blocks enough to know that you don't run directly into a blocker who is clearly coming to the next level for you. He overall did great, but still had a few plays where he allowed himself to disappear from the play completely. That's why I said it felt that way, even though they didn't do anything. The time of possession for the Ravens really threw me off. Made it feel different than it was
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