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  1. No player should take up 25% of a team cap.
  2. I love the internet. Sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself as I’m wrong all the time too
  3. I hope Trump steps in and names them. ...grabs popcorn
  4. I wonder if he makes the team. Cam doesn’t have the capacity for that team or system. At best, I give it one full season and the Pats go full power run game
  5. I expected That to be number one honestly. The QB sneak was also a very him moment and on prime time, so I can respect that
  6. I agree with the top 4, just not in that order. The Jax TD pass is number one for me
  7. You’re only a 16 year old girl once
  8. I like the placement. I think I’d go traditional logo, but I know I’ll just get fatter with age and it’ll look like a blob
  9. It’s all internal for me as I usually have my daughter with me for games. I look forward to snapping Michael Douglas style one day from all the repressed feelings.
  10. I never saw this as an 8 page thread. It’s amazing what no live sports can do
  11. This should be interesting to watch this play out. He's clearly looking to be paid more like a WR. I know a few TE's have gone down this path and lost before. Hooper got top TE money and it's not even in the same stratosphere as top 30 WR money. While I appreciate the honesty, it's interesting when guys make the money the priority so publicly https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29244331/49ers-kittle-wants-more-top-te-money
  12. Thurman was a few years back. They have to pay for the likeness. Some players don’t allow it. That’s why they have the same boring legends every year
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