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  1. I just came here to post this. That's pretty awesome and made a fan for life
  2. It's on a Wednesday!? That's worse than it being on Netflix. Short rest games like that, so late in the season, are terrible for the players.
  3. This makes me hope our season opener is on the road, and east coast. Knock out 2 road games and a Thursday night game early while everyone is fresh. Then the Bills have extra rest for week 3.
  4. Does this work for….all sites…..
  5. Wow, did not see this coming at all. Good for him though. I don't know if he's worth that, but seems like a good guy who's been through it.
  6. I don’t think the schedule is getting released this Thursday. With the NFL making a show of the release, we would have heard about it by now. The only thing you can find online is that it’s coming in May
  7. I hope Hyde retires unless the Doctors say he’s 100% healthy. Neck injuries are not something you want to mess around with or grow old with. If cleared, I’d love to have him back on a one year deal. Or, if he does retire, bring him on in some form of coaching capacity.
  8. No. I also would avoid interacting with him unless Josh was right there too
  9. I mean, him and Kelce waving goodbye to the fans after the last playoff game probably didn't help. Not to mention his post game handshake with Josh this season, his obnoxious wife, and sexually assaulting TikTok brother. What's not to like?
  10. McD just requested you be banned from the board
  11. I mean, your statement ended with "He would be an asset to the Bills." So....
  12. I saw the thread title and just knew I'd find you in here 🤣
  13. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I'm spoiled or ungrateful, but I find the whole new stadium thing to be underwhelming and more of a negative. For all the negativity about pricing, PSL's, and the affect on longtime fans, seeing the new stadium just makes me angry. Maybe I was expecting more out of it, but I just feel like it'd rather keep things as they are. I don't see an overwhelming improvement with this new stadium that makes the experience drastically better and worth all the hassle that's come along with it. I know that's naïve and the stadium has structural issues, but this outcome just feels like a step in the wrong direction for the city and the fans. It's soured my opinion on the Pegulas and the NFL, and only reinforces the money grab this stadium has turned out to be
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