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  1. Virgil

    Tremaine Edmunds

    He seems to watch everyone else making tackles. Timid to attack. Hopefully he’s just taking it in
  2. Virgil

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Except for the last sack, Browns sending pressure in a preseason game. Typical Greggo trying to prove what a man he is. KB not showing great effort so far
  3. Virgil

    What are you watching for tonight?

    I knew I was forgetting something. Yes, I’m definitely looking for a glimpse from this kid. Looked a little lost last week. Thank you
  4. I have to say, this is the most I've looked forward to a preseason game in a long time. I really like a lot of the guys on the Browns and it's hard to not root for a fellow perennial loser. With that being said, what are you all looking for tonight? Allen with the 2nd team - This is probably first for most of us. McCarron looked pretty good with the 2nd's and I hope to see Allen do as well. If not, then okay, but I can hope. I really want to see him hit on a deep ball and make some good reads. Starting defensive front 4 get some pressure. Our front 4 only played one series in the last game and are expected to play more. McD doesn't like to blitz in the regular season so I want to see these guys get some push Center Competition - I really want the starting front 5 to be solidified so they have more time to gel. We need to be solid in our rushing attack. McCarron with the 1's - Peterman looked great last week and I want to see more of the same from McCarron. Our entire offense is a big question mark going into the season and I want to build on the confidence in knowing that we aren't completely lost Daboll - Passing offense looked good last week and want to see that continue. Like how they spread the field and got the ball out quick. TT and the Browns - I'm always going to support TT and am glad this is only a preseason game. I also had Mayfield as my top rookie QB, so I'm curious to see him and Allen on the same field. Coleman/Zay - Hopefully these guys are able to get some rust off and show something on the field. Benjamin showed why he's the number one. If either of these guys can step up, I'm going to feel a lot better about this upcoming season. RB Depth - I'm hoping to see more guys contribute in this game because I don't like us resting our bets on a 30 year old RB, no matter how great he's been.
  5. Virgil

    How Many Preseason Games Should There Be?

    2 and a local team scrimmage
  6. Virgil

    Who is the frontrunner?

    Based off snaps and performances, Peterman should start. However, for the process, I think McCarron gets the nod. McDermott has already said he wants to make the decision quick. I expect a starter be named between games 2-3. Then the starter will start in game 3 with Allen as the back up. Then Allen also getting most of game 4
  7. Virgil

    Are coolers allowed in training camp ?

    No. It’s like a real game. Just those small plastic purses
  8. Virgil

    Chad Kelly jumps Paxton Lynch on Broncos' depth chart

    Because, like EJ, everyone knew it was a reach at the time by a team desperate for a QB
  9. Virgil

    Training Camp Experience

    I get it. I’m annoyed because none of these things were issues before. The shirt thing didn’t even cross my mind as a potential issue.
  10. Virgil

    Training Camp Experience

    I know, I left the airport for this and probably missed Mack. I’m sorry
  11. Virgil

    Training Camp Experience

    Yeah, there were two large groups that wouldn't let anyone past them. I wasn't going to try shove my 5 year old daughter in there. It was ridiculous And 6 under 4'
  12. Took the daughter and some friends to training camp on Sunday, which was my first trip in probably 6-8 years. Some of this is going to come off like a "Get of my Lawn!" post, but I was really disappointed with the changes that have occurred. Let me just start with the VIP guests because that's my biggest overall gripe. First off, the places I used to park and get the quickest shuttle in is now a VIP parking lot. They can park and walk right in without a shuttle. Then, when you get to the field, you can't be right up on the fence on the home side, because again, it's been blocked off for the VIP members. Then you also have the tent areas, which were like gold on a hot day, only for the VIP areas. In fact, there was almost no areas of shade for regular visitors. Then we have player access. They did have their normal tent with 2 players signing and another note about which positions would visit the fence for autographs, so good for them. But overall, they've now completely blocked off access to the players from the facility to the field. I don't know why this matters to me, but it just felt strange to me. The only place you could see a player up close was if you happened to sit on the overlook on the bleachers where they walked out on the field. Kudos to Tre White for stopping to sign autographs, but that area maybe fit 10 total people and they obviously weren't going to move. So these people just locked themselves to the fence right there and didn't let any kids get close. Judging the amount of stuff they had to sign, I believe they knew what they were doing and were sellers. The kids area was weaker than I remember. They had a large beer pong setup where the balls kept deflecting off the cups and hitting the kids around them. They got rid of the field goal kick and the going out for a pass experience. It's also all on pavement now. Overall, just a weaker experience and the kids were disappointed. Lastly, and this pissed me off the most in the moment but it's probably from me having a kid. The whole point in me wanting to go was to have my daughter meet some players, get some signatures, and start her fandom off right. She was all excited. All I wanted was a White Bills Shirt or Jersey. Just something she could get signed. Do you know what they don't sell there? White Bills apparel for kids. No hats, no visors, no shirts, no jerseys. I about lost it. Not only had I shopped the Rochester area for the past few days at no less than 10 stores, but even they didn't have anything. Am I crazy for thinking a generic white Bills jersey for kids would be a basic item at training camp? I mean, c'mon? They had mini-helmets for $32, seriously? Oh yeah, and they didn't even collect the tickets you supposedly needed to get into the practice. So that was a wasted trip by my friends to get them. Sorry for the rant. I feel like a grumpy old man, but it all pissed me off. Actual Practice Notes: We have some tiny WR's out there. Shaq is slow All of the QB's showed some solid accuracy and made me even better about the position after the preseason game. If I had to pick a starter right now, and I'll change my mind the minute he's in a game and sees any real pressure, it would be Peterman McCoy still looks fast and versatile as ever This offense is all about quick release, spreading the field, and placing the ball all over the field. Lot's of wheel routes too.
  13. When can you get in? Want to hit the Bills store and kids want to use the play area. Also, do we know who is signing?
  14. Virgil

    Anyone going to practice today?

    The sad thing is, I actually looked and didn’t see it.
  15. First practice in a while, anyone know the signing schedule or if the shuttle options have changed?