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  1. This is hard and I’m going to cheat Offensive play I get most excited to watch when he has the ball in his hands - Knox Offensive players that make me the most excited when they show big plays - Allen and Singletary Favorite Defensive player to watch - Milano Defensive player I most wanted to see breakout this season - Harrison Phillips If I have to pick one jersey to wear to a game....Milano with Allen as a close 2nd
  2. IF McD were available and had a choice, I still think he would stay here. 1 - His level of control and influence within this organization is pretty high. I don’t think he gets much pushback on anything. 2 - He got to pick his GM and that relationship is solid. That’s not always a sure thing where you go 3 - Charlotte was only his home while he worked there. I think he’s entrenched himself way more into this community already 4 - If Allen and his picks work out, this team is built for the next decade and possibly AFC East dominance with Brady falling off. He’d be a God here.
  3. Draft, draft, draft/FA, maybe FA, draft, FA, Draft/FA
  4. Please explain what those things are that would prohibit us from also taking a look at him?
  5. Why don’t you grab some of that process and join us
  6. Damn. Didn’t see him as the first to go. Personally, I don’t want him here in any capacity. We have a good thing going and don’t need another voice in the clog. I’m sure he’ll be an assistant somewhere after all the turnover that’s going to happen this offseason
  7. Apparently you can have two. The Hooper/Knox matchup could be a think of nightmares for other teams. Could be just like the Gronk/Hernandez tandem, but with less....casualties
  8. That the next big monkey on our back. Aren’t we something horrible when we honor someone at halftime?
  9. He’s never put a full season together. If he can’t light it up with Mahomes in that offense or with the Rams, something is just plain missing. All the talent and potential in the world, just doesn’t translate
  10. Hmmm, let’s see.... Ravens 38 Bills 17. This game reminds us why Edmunds is hit or miss, Shaq and Oliver come back down to earth, and all the Lamar lovers get their “I told you so’s” in. Bills/Steelers game gets flexed to 9am in Mexico and we are back to being pretenders
  11. I apologize for the music, but just a sample. Comparing him to anyone on our roster is insane to me. Knox could get there, but having two of them....my god.
  12. I think this speaks more to Hoopers talent and mismatch than QBs looking to him. He’s a genuine mismatch and almost Gronk like. He’s that level of TE talent to me. He’s arguable the best in the league, young, and getting better. I think he would demand targets and defensive attention I really think you are underestimating Hooper
  13. I want both. Then the draft is DE, WR, and depth. This team is a mismatch and setup I would gladly pay Hooper 8-10 a year. Put the money from cutting Kroft towards him. i disagree on Allen not looking towards them
  14. Agreed on Clemson being out with a loss. If LSU loses, that’s when things get real. I agree that they should still be a top 4 team based off record and who their loss came against. But from other schools perspectives, they didn’t win their conference championship so what‘a the point of those games then? If I win my conference championship and a major conference, I want in over someone who didn’t. That’s what’s championships and playoffs are for. I would argue that Ohio St, Georgia, LSU, Clemson and Oklahoma are the best teams. Someone’s going to be left out and so are major conference champions
  15. Tight End in Atlanta whose gotten better every year. Big performer and about to be an unrestricted free agent. Falcons have big salary cap issues. I know we have Knox and just signed Kroft, but this guy is big, fast, and has hands. He can pull down high point passes and would be a legit end zone threat. He lines up at receiver a lot. I’d love to see us cut Kroft and go after him. He’d be highly utilized in Daboll’s offense and I think he could be a go to guy for Allen that would draw attention from everyone else. I’d as much want him as a big bodied number one. Brown, Beasley; Hooper, Singletary, and Knox on the field all at once sounds pretty good to me. He’s gonna cost money, but probably only 4-5 mil more than Kroft. That’s a worthy upgrade to me.
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