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  1. Beasley if PPR. Allen can be my backup. Defense will be taken. I’ll take a late flyer on Brown
  2. I don’t see any surprising cuts as much as we might see some trades
  3. In a preseason game on offense, I look for a QB to march down the field smoothly and take what the defense gives them, as they show a very vanilla scheme. I saw that tonight from Josh and was happy to see it. His first two throws were catchable, but off the mark. After that, he was solid. Oliver was double teamed every play and I was hoping. That would lead to more pressure as Hughes and Murphy got single coverage and was disappointed. We only got pressure when we sent 5. McKenzie had the play of the night for me on that screen pass. To have the patience for his blockers to catch up and let the play develop in front of him was beautiful. WR cuts are going to be very hard and I don’t envy the coaching staff. I see us running with 2 QB’s this year. I too am slightly concerned with Hausch-money
  4. Holy *****. Is this really happening? Http://espn.go.com/schefter82749.rumor928282.billstexans
  5. I'm sorry, but besides drawing the double team, what did he do?
  6. ***** I love your avatar
  7. You’re absolutely right and I’m glad you said it. It takes real courage. We definitely need to go with the QB who shows the best command of the offense. Even in the preseason, against second string players, command is command and it’s where legends are born. That’s why Peterman won the job last season and we moved on from him too soon.
  8. Saw this an refused to post it. I guess you are a communist.
  9. It’s all QB’s under 80. They make you get elites. It’s crap
  10. I think every team should do this and a scrimmage replaces one of the preseason games.
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