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  1. You are all ridiculous and it’s embarrassing. I think it’s best that you all send her my way so that I can protect her from the likes of you
  2. Eh, Gugny doesn’t cuddle me after
  3. I actually turned down the chance to go. Just didn't feel right
  4. Chiefs 24 Bills 10 Bills offense continues to take a step back and our lack of rushing attack allows their defense to drop 7 in coverage. Henne starts, but it makes no difference.
  5. ***** all of them. I don’t want that trash anywhere near us
  6. NFLPA won’t let him. Expect a top 5 deal within 5 mil per of the max
  7. Oh yeah, they are salty here. I'm in a FFL with all Ravens fans and that group chat has been beautifully silent
  8. Agreed on Tre. He doesn’t get enough credit. There really isn’t much of a process as I’m not even a Dead Head
  9. Ah, so they scheduled when you could enter the stadium. That makes sense.
  10. Good for him. Walk away before the next injury makes you. Great guy and a great career.
  11. Why? I’d make that trade in a heartbeat. And 5, 4, 3......
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