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  1. Didn’t you already write a post just like this a month or so ago? Just stop talking about it and post like a normal fan
  2. Yeah, to know I’d be retiring as a QB or any other position 6 years ago.... It’s a weird feeling
  3. Wait a sec, has no one said it yet? Can I really be the first?! Okay, okay. Calm down, you can do this..... RALPH IS CHEAP!
  4. In one of the articles I read, the Bengals weren't happy with Glenn's production at LT last year and was a liability at times. Hence part of the reasoning for the move and draft pick. Sounds like a great example of Beane getting ahead of something again
  5. I think the vets also do a good job of shaming the people who try to make in-game threads. They are the most INteresting
  6. Hopefully it’ll only be rare occasions like the Saints game with NCR, and not watching for push offs on jump balls during Hail Marys
  7. Maybe, but also feels like we’d lose some personality that way. Seems robotic
  8. I can’t quote all the people who said it, but the combing through a massive thread to follow a specific idea is what would bother me the most. If there’s a play, player, or instance, but now i have to look through pages of a thread to see maybe 1 or 2 comments about what I’m looking to discuss per thread, would probably make me stop looking. Multiple threads about the exact same thing or topics made during the game, I agree is obnoxious. But Josh Allen jumping over Barr deserved it’s own thread. Just thoughts
  9. I’d be curious to see what a vision of good is for another forum of a team. I haven’t see much better than we have it here
  10. In fairness, who’s our #2 DB? I know we have solid options, but it’s not even in writing yet
  11. I don't know if there's a lot that can be done about it nor do I think it's that bad. No matter what the original thread is called, someone's going to a have a point that they feel deserves it's own thread and try anyways. I can't possibly speak to all the work the MODS have to do to keep it maintained like they do, but I think a certain level of chaos on game days in a NFL team forum is to be expected.
  12. Is this what it felt like for other fans to watch the Bills organization over the years?
  13. I think he’s the key to Allen’s development and coaches evaluation. Beasley is a guy who finds gaps in the zone. However, if you don’t have a QB who can get through his progressions and hit those short throws with accuracy, it won’t matter. If Allen can check his first two deep reads, then find Beasley in whatever adjustments he made, then yes. But not all QB’s get there
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