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  1. Virgil

    How many yards will Anderson have Sunday

    Between 180-220
  2. Virgil

    Raiders now Shopping Derek Carr (?)

    If this is real, then I'll make this simple. You give them whatever the ***** they want! You don't hesitate. I don't know how you work it in capwise, but you make it happen. Carr was on the verge of being a top 5 QB IMO before be BROKE HIS BACK. He was rushed back and now plays for a team that is completely checked out. Oh, as for Allen, big deal. If he pans out, trade the worst of the two in a few years. You can solve your QB, maybe even your WR problem immediately. You do this and we are 3-3, and can make the playoffs this year. Do it. Allen doesn't make a dime and if he pans out, you are in a Brees situation with San Diego. You can't have enough starting quality QB's on your roster, especially when you are the Bills
  3. Virgil

    Mike McCoy FIRED!

    I admit that he was a top choice for me as OC. The offense in San Diego was strong with him as HC, but I guess it always will be with a pro bowl QB.
  4. This is my argument for coordinators. Scheme some easy throws, build confidence, everything gets better
  5. Virgil

    Bills Defense is Overrated. They Choked.

    Couldn’t agree more. Who had the pick six in this game? Not the Bills? Who blocked the punt? Not the Bills. They are crap. Should’ve had 10 sacks and pitched the shutout
  6. Virgil

    Allen looked very good today

    I don’t....I mean, he’s a guy after all. He does have dreamy eyes though. No, no...this is wrong. Do you think he likes me too? I can’t. I just.....
  7. As I think about where we are this season, I think about what we could have done differently in the offseason. There weren’t really a plethora of offensive lineman or WR’s we missed on. We could have drafted differently, but I’m not writing off our rookies. To me, with our current situation, I wish we would have signed Teddy Bridgewater. He only threw for 3k yards, but I think he would do well in our current scheme with this defense. I think he wins this game today. Also, he took a one year deal for 5 mil, which was a steal. Yes, hindsight is 20/20, but I think Allen gets his time on the bench to learn and we are somewhat serviceable on the field.
  8. I can see you in the corner of the room. It’s weird. Please stop
  9. I think McCloud probably earned it in practice. They gave him a second chance today and that was all she wrote for him. The formations? I addressed that with the Ref’s
  10. It’s hard for me to dump on Special Teams coaches when the talent simply fails. It wasn’t like there were bad calls.
  11. If ever there were a Bills game..... 1 - Peterman - With a great fake out move to the inside, Zay breaks deep and catches a perfectly thrown pass from Peterman for the go ahead touchdown. And in that moment you may have thought "Is this real life?" Yes, yes it was. Because just like real life, it was followed up by two terrible interceptions that sealed the game for the Houston Texans. I'm not going to dump on the kid as I'm sure it's coming at him from all angles. But Peterman needs to be a free agent come Monday. He's just not long for the NFL. You could see it in his face after the first interception and it would all almost be funny if it weren't so damn sad. 2 - Allen - How fitting is it that Allen gets knocked out of the game after one of his better scripted throws of the season. Why do I say scripted? Because I'm starting to realize more and more that if Allen doesn't deliver the ball quickly, it turns into street ball out there where he looks to run too often. His stat line isn't the end-all, be-all, but how many times is the kid going to be sub-100 yards? He's gotten the quick, short passes down, but has a really hard time letting plays develop and I'm wondering more with each passing game if he's going to turn the corner. I'm not making decisions on him for the season, but I'm seeing maybe one or two plays that give me a glimpse of hope marred by countless other plays that take it away 3 - Refs - The PI call was real. However, I can't remember a game under McDermott where we got hammered with ticky tack calls all game. I was really worried that Tre would get rattled and loosen his coverage after the first quarter. But the amount of calls, and more importantly the non-calls on the Bills were ridiculous. I don't know if these guys aren't getting enough love at home, but this isn't the place to get attention. 4 - You're no daisy! You're no daisy at all. Poor soul, you were just too high strung. 5 - Zay - If there were one big positive takeaway on offense from this game, it might be the performance of Zay Jones. That's right, the kid finally showed up. He had a great move on the TD catch. He should've had close to first down on the first drive, if not for a missed penalty. He had a great catch at the end of the game for a first down. Overall, I think it's time to scheme for him a bit and see what we can get. 6 - Defensive Line - Where do I start here? All of them played amazing ball. Kyle was quick to Watson. Hughes was all over the place. Yarbrough was a tackling machine. Phillips got his first NFL turnover. Watson was under pressure all game. Frazier did a good job of sending an extra guy here and there, but they were a menace all game. The batted ball turned INT was also a thing of beauty. 7 - Offensive Line - This is now two games in a row where these guys have more than held their own. We had rushing lanes, time to throw for the most part. I'm very happy to see this unit come along and it definitely is not the cause for our offensive struggles 8 - Milano - I've called him out a few times so far this season and thought about leaving him out, but I don't know how. He's just a monster to the ball . He's absolutely everywhere on the field and is in contention for our Defensive player of the year vs Hughes and White. It's amazing to see him come along and I can't wait to see his progression continue. 9 - Tre - Yes, Hopkins Mossed him for a TD but I don't know a DB that would have stopped that. For all the penalties called on him in the beginning and clear frustration in his face, he held Hopkins to one catch in the entire second half. Tre shadowed him all over the field and took him out of the game. Amazing play by him. Just amazing. 10 - Coaching - Outside of the timeout used on 4th and short at the end of the game, I thought all the coaches did a great job. I can' t find an area of play calling to blame for this loss. We absolutely could have won this game and probably should have. QB play killed us here, plain and simple. This was a rough environment and these guys came to play. We should probably be 3-3 right now, and that says a lot. Tough loss that has the Bills written all over it. There were a ton of positives to come from this game, but still a lot of questions at quarterback. I wish I could say that I see hope at the position and I recognize that we are only 6 games in, but it's tough right now. Other than that, solid play by the rest of the team. Go Bills!
  12. Any semblance of an offense The whole team not coming out flat
  13. They don’t. They are on small, low paying deals. They are fill in and transition. Kyle is for culture and Lorax isn’t getting paid much. In two years when the rebuild is done, neither will be here