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  1. I really thought Quinn would be the first to go. Some team will gain a great coordinator
  2. I used to feel that way, but I’m seeing how the focus on containment, but for the run and keeping the QB in the pocket has an affect on the offenses. I’m sure there’s an in-between, but I believe the pass rush is close to how they want it.
  3. Brady had one of the worst games of his career against this defense. Mahomes does most of his damage outside of the pocket. Our defense plays amazing contain, and will then sack you if you try to escape. Just ask Mariota
  4. I’m sorry, why does our defense need more help? But good job not completely falling into the Trent Williams and Diggs/Green trap
  5. I’m “positive” we are going to see some truly bye week type threads as we have all week
  6. Can we get 4 more Pats threads, 2 about Antonio Brown, 6 about why this is the year, 3 about trading for WR’s, and I’ll say 1 about Mahomes being out biggest miss
  7. Doesn't surprise me at all. The chemistry with Baker isn't there, Landry is the go-to. Also, there was an article out today about him getting a little frustrated with his lack of targets. Mayfield said the same thing. It was meant to be about how they want to get things going, but you know it's only a matter of time. I called this a few weeks ago. Putting all of those egos in the same locker room is great when you win. But when you don't.....things get weird
  8. He's a big dude, watching him line up next to other players. I would like to see them line him up close to the line, almost as TE to create some mismatches. Run is a few times and let him engulf a DB.
  9. I was wonder when this thread was going to get dug up. Do you get paid when they get to 6 wins or do you have to wait for the season to end?
  10. They are going to get a 3rd round comp pick by releasing him. Smart move.
  11. I hate both autocorrect and you
  12. Many have speculated his return to playing, which would impact the AFC East
  13. I really wish we had a Pats thread so we could dump all this crap in one spot. It makes me want to throw up posting about these guys. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1181584075213160448?s=20
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