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  1. Child: Dad, I'm hungry! Dad: Hi Hungry, I'm Dad
  2. Tag was fantastic. Just fun from beginning to end.
  3. Heading to training camp this year with my daughter and some friends. My friend's have twin boys who plan to get Allen jerseys. Does anyone know how autographs work at training camp now? When I went almost a decade ago, they did night practices where all the players lined up at a fence at the end and you waited in line. I got a lot of players this way. I've been told they've done tents with certain players on certain practices. As it stands right now, we are going to the Panthers preseason game and practice on either Sunday or Tuesday. Any hints or insight on the best way to get the kids jersey's signed?
  4. Virgil

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    Oh no and stuff
  5. All comes down to who he would've hired as defensive coordinator. You also have to ask why he hasn't become a head coach since leaving here, considering how well his defense has continued to perform. Ultimately, I think we would be search for a head coach next year because I think he would have stayed with TT and we wouldn't have made up the ground on offense to offset the defense. But hey, I'm wrong a lot.
  6. A little itchy. But I hear there are some good creams out there
  7. Virgil

    2018 Slogan Contest

    It won’t be another 17 years, we promise
  8. Virgil

    Hot for Teacher: New Jersey style

    Oh, if my pure awe and appreciation for these didn’t translate, I apologize. I was more marveling at the consistency of them
  9. Virgil

    Hot for Teacher: New Jersey style

    Do you have a news alert feed for these things? I feel like there are multiple of these a week. I'd be curious to know the total number of incidents like this a year. I'd google, but....
  10. Virgil

    TBD podcast by TBD for TBD!

    He was. But he was also the guy standing next to the pile, watching the ball carrier get tackled. Drove me nuts. Him, Kelsay, Schoebel, WIley are probably my 4 most overrated Bills defensive players. I’m sure there’s more, but my brain is fried
  11. Virgil

    Make 3 predictions for the 2018 Bills.

    1) Shady misses at least 3 games 2) Zay doesn't finish the season on the active roster 3) McCarron pulls a Tyrod. Does just enough where it turns into a huge debate of whether or not to bench him
  12. Virgil

    TBD podcast by TBD for TBD!

    Still couldn't make a tackle, even with that helmet covering 80% of the field
  13. Virgil

    TBD podcast by TBD for TBD!

    It is weird hearing your own voice...
  14. Virgil

    TBD podcast by TBD for TBD!

    Did I miss it?