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  1. Do you realize the success rate of QB's in the NFL overall, let alone guys who come out of small schools with huge accuracy issues? Allen was the definition of a project QB. For every Josh Allen, you have way more guys who didn't eventually pull it all together.
  2. How dare you?! But to be fair, I was in a very unique mental state in the 4th quarter. I stopped taking notes and decided to just glare at the TV
  3. I saw a tweet where someone was saying Winters was terrible and this was game was an example of why the Jets let him go. I didn’t see it, but maybe something the All22 will reveal. Unless he was somehow single handed my responsible for the pressure they got on Allen in those two drives, I don’t get what the comment was about.
  4. How hard is it to sneak girls into your bedroom without waking your parents?
  5. I could be wrong, but if you watch it all the way through, he pulls him down by the collar or spends a few seconds holding onto it.
  6. But don’t they also look at who was initiating contact? I may have been raged out by that point, but it looked like Davis was trying to run through the defender and was equally initiating the contact. I haven’t really watched a replay yet And that was my fault as well. But like I said, I wasn’t watching as anything more than a scared child by that point
  7. This was talked about on the morning show a lot where people called that the momentum swinging play. I agree with you, but also feel like it’s hard for one play to swing momentum in a 29 point comeback. So many things have to happen and people keep pointing out that one turnover. I’d challenge that Allen’s fumble and 15 yard penalty was bigger as they were almost close enough to put points on the board and it was a potential 10-14 point swing
  8. If you think I could hear what the announcer was saying over my hyperventilating, you’re crazy. Maybe I was on a different broadcast, but the announcers were iffy on the call as it happened too. As Shaw said, if that’s the rule, okay. I just feel like it gets ignored way more than it’s called and if it went the other way, people would be losing their minds here
  9. Kroft looked like a solid, traditional TE yesterday. Know looks like a deep threat with Jeremy Shockey like power. His upside potential is going to give him some extra time to get it together.
  10. Three things made this play 1 - Diggs drew two defenders with him away from Beasley 2 - The 3rd defender was watching Allen's eyes follow Diggs and drifted with them 3 - Allen's illegal in 49 states Rocket Arm
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