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  1. Why is the news article worthy, because she’s a cop? And obviously yes
  2. Looks like I can’t plan out of town games in those weeks. They realize that some people fly or need hotel rooms, right?
  3. I really hope the NFL suspends him for at least 6 games. Then, because why not, I hope Baker wins every single game he starts
  4. That’s just crazy. I honestly wonder if the NFL is involved at all. The Bills started selling single game tix to season ticket holders at market value, not face value. Seems like a joint effort to establish a higher ticket value What happened when you contacted SH? I feel like this should be a bigger deal
  5. I’m an idiot. So, are you saying that people (2nd party) are seeing your tix available on one site, then listing them for $200 more on another site. Then, if someone buys them (3rd party), that person (2nd party) will just buy yours for a flipped profit?
  6. Sorry, I just pictured her in sweats and a hoodie, then spaced out. What did you say?
  7. ***** Irvin and all the cocaine he does
  8. From what I've seen of the next job, it feels like so much less exposure. Isn't exposure the goal? I don't know these things. I just hope the replacement isn't terrible
  9. A couple of things as I watched this, and I'm sure I'm wrong... 1 - Anyone get the vibe that maybe Kyle and her don't really get along? 2 - Unless the money to Amazon was crazy, I don't understand how you leave what is arguably one of the best NFL shows on. Shouldn't the goal be to join this show? I can't say I understand, unless it's just wanting to do something new 6 years later.
  10. Ravens were great last year until Lamar was out, and that was with them missing a ton of starters. Yes, Lamar lost Brown, but that defense and playing in Baltimore is not an easy task. I’m not worried about the other two
  11. My friend got Ravens season tix last year and I helped her get them, so she owe's me. That and the Rams are my targeted away games as of now
  12. Not if he wants that twenty bucks
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