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  1. How dare you?! You really don’t think every single poster on here isn’t an expert on this man and followed him from pee wee to the NFL? We are the collective and geniuses behind these keyboards!!!! You have some balls on you
  2. Love it. Still would want an OT in the top 3 rounds. Make them fight for their jobs
  3. TE being third most drafted in the first round was surprising to me. O-Line being lumped together is a bit misleading, because I would thing Centers vs Tackles would be a vastly different number.
  4. I just don’t think we are a team that works like that anymore. We have our prioritized positions that we pay, and then the rest of the team will be rookies and one year deal guys. RBs are a dime a dozen to us based on this regime. With needing to upgrade MLB and offensive line (Beane’s words), I can’t imagine them not prioritizing them in the first 3 rounds. If Beane doesn’t put high picks into those positions, takes a chance on high potential guys, and they fail to contribute, then I think that’s a really bad look.
  5. Offensive line isn’t done being upgraded. Still no definitive #2 receiver. And MLB is up for grabs.
  6. At least we know Robinson is off their draft board.
  7. Where are you seeing this? And I hate having an ex Pat on our team
  8. I hope he doesn't go to NFL purgatory where he will be a backup to Pierce. I like Motor, but understand we have to move on
  9. I tried to include defensive lineman, but I kept vomiting and having a stroke as I wrote them in
  10. I would use one of the OTs as a guard to start, knowing he can kick out if Brown doesn’t step up. OTs can typically kick inside a lot easier than a guard can kick outside
  11. I very much agree with taking an OT with the first pick and I’d be okay with two in the first 3 rounds. Giving Josh an extra second to throw is the best off-season we can hope for. If Brown or Morse fall off in production or injury, we can’t afford a drop off with backups. This alone will allow for better production from our current receivers For me, it’s OT, OT, MLB. After that, depth at Safety and a WR.
  12. In talking to a Philly fan, they drafted his replacement when he had two years of injuries. He had a solid bounce back year, and they just had to make a decision. They’ve lost so many other pieces due to cap space. They still have to give Hurts his 50 mil this summer
  13. https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/football/nfl/player/11132/isaac-seumalo 3 for 24!!! Nailed it. Sucks the Bills weren’t in on it
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