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  1. I thought so at first, but maybe none of them are “their” guy and they are going the Bills route. Year one was the purge. Year two is them building their defense and core line. Year three is offense. They like what Fitz did and think they can get by this year with him. If the reports about Tua tanking his interviews are true, maybe they don’t have a first round grade on anyone else. The rest of them have potential, but also question marks. I think they would still take one of them with one of their many first few round picks, but bailing on Tua early wouldn’t completely shock me. Simmons makes a lot of sense to me in that defense.
  2. Josh Uche, Edge, Michigan Is the pick. Thank you everyone.
  3. POLL - TSW Mock 2.0 - Who would you take with the 3rd round pick?
  4. Anyone want to put together the next best 10 options for me? I'm on a call right now and can't make the poll for 10 min. If you can, just post the names here and I'll make the poll in a minute
  5. The LA Rams @Paulus is on the clock. Nice movement over the past few hours
  6. That's two steals under my belt this draft. This pleases me....
  7. With the 73rd pick in TSW Mock Draft 2.0, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Jacob Eason, QB, Washington GM - We are thrilled to have Eason fall to us in the 3rd round, especially since we had a 2nd round grade on him. With only Minshew under center, Eason brings in competition and can win the job in camp. Eason has all the physical tools to be a successful starter in the NFL and we can hopefully give him time to develop. Hopefully, he has his passport and likes London or Mexico City. The Browns @Just Joshin' are on the clock
  8. Man, I drive home from work, make a few stops, and of course that's when someone breaks the 4 hour rule and this whole thing comes to a standstill...
  9. The more time passes, the more signing him makes sense to me. If he really will take a 15 mil deal plus incentives, I see it as a win win for us with our current window. We have the money and if he can’t put the numbers up in this defense and in this division, he has no one to blame but himself. I see it as mutually beneficial
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