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  1. Daboll is great in games where we completely overmatch the competition. everything seems so smart and fun. but when other teams have our number, there are never adjustments. After our last two games (KC and today) I am afraid we have been figured out and won't be able to adjust enough to be what we were.
  2. Ok. They either did this purposely, knowing the rep of the Bills Mafia, so they could get a little notoriety, or they had somebody who is completely clueless put it together. An intern who doesn't really understand the entire national scene perhaps. Who knows. But it was pathetically done.
  3. McCoy was part of a huge transition here and if he really was a problem in Philly, as written up, it shows a lot that he came to Buffalo and GREW UP. Something most people don't pull off until it's too late. only fond memories of Shady from this guy.
  4. this is not true. our passing game never had a chance to get started with that "breeze." if we are going to stay open air in OP, shouldn't we just renovate and save the tax payers several hundred millions of dollars?
  5. I'm glad he came out. It's something that needed to happen just to get it over with. that said, this barely even registers with me at this point, and that's a good thing, right? It's probably a bigger deal to people who actually play football. especially closeted gays who actually play football. But I don't think society really cares. obviously there are always gonna be haters out there. let's not try to pretend they are a representation of society as a whole. The next step is to get a mega star to come out as gay, and then we can be done with this and never have to do the coming out thing again. good post.
  6. why does his former stance matter when this is a completely different situation
  7. the difference between this year and last year is that last year the football players were basically following the same rules as the rest of the country. This year, it appears that most of the country is very close to being back to normal, while football players are still living under the same rules as last year.
  8. the nfl has changed dramatically since 1993. Build a stadium around current strengths? i say yes when you are talking about a franchise qb-- a position that guys play very well to 40+. That could be half the life of the stadium. And it's about January. Not 500 yard games from Sept to Nov.
  9. if it's closed enough to kill the wind, great. but no, a strong armed qb has a passing game built around them. a passing game doesn't work in garbage weather. it doesn't work for anybody. you run the risk of giving an advantage to teams built like the ravens, if they have an even slightly competent passing game.
  10. I think this is where I stand, but I am 39 years old, so watched them as a pre teen and teen. Marino definitely seems to have the edge in skills. But I didn't know what I was watching enough to look at different intangibles, decision making, leadership, etc.
  11. ok got it. I'm not around enough to sniff out some of the troublemakers here. I thought it was an interesting topic with some thoughtful posts. would be nice to just freeze or ban posters who are not contributing with good intentions, while also deleting posts that do not further the conversation.
  12. Why is the Kelly vs Marino thread closed? I'm just trying to grasp the rules around here. Thanks.
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