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  1. haha. pretty disingenuous to refer to that as a replay. the pre-color light bright must have been a sight to behold. really enjoyed that video
  2. I don't think I'd trade him for anybody. If I read that we traded him for Mahomes, I would be sad. and then I'd get over it.
  3. Good post. I believe this is the majority of how athletes pray in sports.
  4. yes. can't believe you are the first to mention this. He can't pin inside the 20 to save his life. never mind trying to get it inside the 10.
  5. can we talk about our punter for a minute? that guy is a terrible. huge leg, but the worse I have ever seen at pinning the ball inside the 20. and that 12 yard punt? the guy just has no control of his leg. hopefully this is something that can be fixed over an offseason.
  6. It is great that allen does what he does at the end of games. that said, our offense looked as hopeless as I've seen it look in all 3 of allen's years during most of the 2nd half today. combine that with AZs running game looking almost unstoppable for a quarter and a half, it was tough to watch. this was easily the toughest game for me to watch all season.
  7. that's just not the same as 4 guys going 2 to 3 feet in the air and coming down on top of each other. it's not a coordination or athleticism thing.
  8. No possible way i put allen in their. he is a good enough athlete to make a play, but he is not used to making plays on balls against guys who do that day in and day out. The chances of making an awkward move because he is not used to that combination and specific type of physicality and body awareness are just too high. it has disaster written all over it. He comes down funny on a guys foot and he is done.
  9. McD is flawed but overall the right guy. he needs to recognize his weaknesses and put guys around him to fill in the holes. A level coaches hire A level assistants. B level coaches hire C level assistants. Hopefully he does the right thing
  10. hopkins might be the number 1 wideout in the NFL. what is most frustrating is that he has no business being in AZ. O'Brien gave him away and should have been fired the night that trade was made.
  11. our defense did not play a good overall game, but they made some huge plays (a lot of luck) and big stops in the 4th qtr. but there were long stretches where we couldn't stop Murray or their backs. If not for turnovers (again, a lot of luck involved), AZ scores mid 30s to 40 without needing the hail mary.
  12. he never learned how to play football with a good system. Both high school and college set him way behind. no system. no supporting cast. The most important thing is the leadership qualities. Listening to hi talk and seeing him with other people, it couldn't be more obvious what a great leader he is. He just has every intangible. You can't teach this stuff. It would be impossible for a person with his athletic ability and personality to not be successful. They won't always be as successful as he is at this moment, but his floor has always been a lot higher than he was given credit for.
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