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  1. I think this is where I stand, but I am 39 years old, so watched them as a pre teen and teen. Marino definitely seems to have the edge in skills. But I didn't know what I was watching enough to look at different intangibles, decision making, leadership, etc.
  2. ok got it. I'm not around enough to sniff out some of the troublemakers here. I thought it was an interesting topic with some thoughtful posts. would be nice to just freeze or ban posters who are not contributing with good intentions, while also deleting posts that do not further the conversation.
  3. Why is the Kelly vs Marino thread closed? I'm just trying to grasp the rules around here. Thanks.
  4. if we play our cards right and allen turns out, we have him another 15 years. stadium should be up in 5. obviously, it's imperative that we move on it as quickly as possible.
  5. football wise, a dome makes sense. forget about allen's strong arm. if we are trying to build something akin to peyton manning's colts offense, we are putting ourselves at a huge disadvantage, relatively speaking, when a running team like baltimore comes to our home stadium.
  6. THanks for the memories. THanks for the big plays.
  7. He is saying that McCoy is not afraid to answer, so he is not deferring for the sake of being polite to josh or pat. He is deferring because it is so close that he really doesn't know.
  8. McCoy was a really pleasant surprise when we had him. Will always be a fan.
  9. I remember feeling like that was one of our worst offensive games of the year, in the moment. huge chunks of time where we couldn't move the ball at all. I don't remember specifics, but remember being frustrated and thinking their defense was handling us better than we had been. Maybe we were trying to force it to those 3? I don't know, the yards per catch were certainly not great. I almost wonder if KC took some intelligence from that game.
  10. no big deal. this is life. and still, the cream will always rise.
  11. we got our qb a lot quicker than them. we are not working on the same timeline.
  12. yup. this call is Andy Reid believing his own hype a bit too much.
  13. he can do it without him if he finds another top 5 qb. only took us 25 years to find one. hopefully the same for them.
  14. I liked him. he was a good player and teammate for us. a pleasant surprise. almost perfect if you take away the he said she said story that happened with his ex. i can only be happy for the guy. unlike my steeler fan buddy who was tortured tonight seeing AB and Bell on opposite sidelines.
  15. Safety first! seeing this pic gives me a great feeling of serenity.
  16. the bills made a lot of mistakes. the offensive scheme was terrible. but as far as D goes, TB is just a far better defensive team than us. they have been top level all year long. but back to the offense, it's the kind of game that makes it hard to be really sold on Daboll.
  17. rodgers is not a demon. he is just missing a leadership quality that has kept the most talented qb of the past 15 years from winning more than 1 SB. WE know it's a team game, but the QB is a huge part of molding what the team is.
  18. mahomes didn't even have to play well agaisnt the bills. everything was free for the taking. no pressure. huge wide open spaces for receivers. they walked over us.
  19. im not sure rodgers is the worst guy in the world, but he is not a natural born leader. you can just see his demeanor on the sideline with the defense, or his guys when things aren't going well. He's a bit of a baby. I think it was in the game against the Bucs, after the offense put some points on the board to make a game, Rodgers was communicating with the defense and it basically looked like he was saying in a very condescending demeanor to them that they better not screw up. The words don't really matter. You could just see that his tone and gestures were not those of a supportive teammate.
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