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  1. Do you think Knox is going to simply take less money without getting cut and becoming a free agent? Or do you think the bills will restructure and guarantee the rest of his contract.
  2. So nine seasons with a coach (Reeves) who could not get it done, replaced by a coach (Shanahan) who gets it done in year 2?
  3. The tre white and Von miller contracts were unlucky. The Knox contract was arguably bad judgment on Beanes part.
  4. Hopefully someone on the committee will explain to him when to throw challenge flags
  5. if the standard is guaranteeing a Super Bowl, are you saying McDermott is a failure, or are you saying he guarantees us a Super Bowl or are all other coaches held to a higher standard than McDermott?
  6. We have a QB who gets us to the playoffs every year. That is clear. It is less clear who else is contributing, holding us back or simply along for the ride.
  7. This is the reason for the end of the fail. Full stop. Everything is else is the reason we have leveled off at current levels. It is reasonable to be happy with current levels. It is reasonable to think that maybe the breaks will fall the Bills way and they will break out of current levels. It is also reasonable to think that there is not going to be a breakout from the current level without making some major change. Its part of what makes sports interesting.
  8. Drafting a QB and signing mayfield are not mutually exclusive concepts.
  9. I meant riveria being moved on from by the panthers. But the panthers did not actually win the Super Bowl so a mistake. Carrol fits.
  10. We can all agree that your level of patience is of no relevance. Others like to share their opinions with each other.
  11. There really is no right or wrong answers here. Different people have different risk/reward profiles. Personally, I think the past lack of success for coach/QB after a certain point exists for a reason. Extremely few coaches seem to be able to adapt and modify what they are doing to the point of winning multiple championships. In my best estimation, this is due to familiarity of the systems. I think McDermott has become too familar (which can happen without actually winnning a championship). He seems like a truly stubborn person for better or worse. I don't see him ever being less familar. Maybe the familiar system gets some injuries, or poor seasons from key opponents, but I think McDermott will need a lot of help from other teams failing, in order to get further than he has. I will give a similiar current example, which will be less emotional for Bills fans. The McDaniels and Tua combo. This past season was likely their best opportunity to take the league by storm and play through to a championship. They started out with pretty interesting and different offensive attack. Even put up 70 points. But it got more figured out as the season progressed, and if they run back the same stuff next year, its hard to see it doing any better. Given Tua's limitations and the quality assets he had around him this year, I don't think McDaniels/Tua has anywhere to go. The difference is if I was the Dolphin's and I wanted to win championships, I would look to move on from Tua (maybe McDaniels too, but I think McDaniels got the most of Tua anyone ever will).
  12. its possible the original contained a mild amount of sarcasm. possibly.
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