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  1. At least not the ***** humans with no self control.
  2. Either what he did was against the law or it was not. Cops should not be empowered to make up their own laws and arrest peple for not following the directions.
  3. Lots of bulletin board posters are going to be absolutely shocked that Tom Brady understands football better than they do.
  4. NFL Roster management is simply financial asset management. As an anology imagine you are shopping for a house. One house is very nice and clearly worth $1 million dollars, but has an asking price of $3 million. Another house is not as nice, and is clearly worth $500 thousand dollars, and has an asking price of $500k. Which house would you buy?
  5. Posts like this beg for an "awful take" emoji.
  6. This is an interesting topic. I never met Josh personally. I love his public persona which I believe is a sincere reflection of his real persona. I love watching him play. I love watching Pat Mahomes play. I love watching Tom Brady play. I loved watching Peyton Manning Play. They are all masters of their craft. And their passion for the game is unquestionable. I don’t root for any of them to win though, other than Josh Allen. If Josh were on another note ream I would love watching him Just like the others. Wouldn’t root for him though.
  7. Having a legit backup FG and kickoff kicker is a nice luxury.
  8. It might suggest trading out of those picks. His methodology is sound.
  9. They already have the best QB/Full back combined player in NFL history
  10. Only a little slower than 4.42 James Cook. They present an interesting combo
  11. The main reason RB is a low cost position is because young players can make an immediate impact. But you have to good young players to follow that strategy. Its not crazy to spend even a first on the RB, if that person can be a top 5 to 10 RB immediately.
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