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  1. Shaw's title simply reflects the media hype around Lamar. In the MNF pre-games show they compared Mahomes- Jackson to Kelly-Marino and Brady-Manning. Mahomes actually qualifies for this. Including Jackson in anyway in this stratosphere at this point is laughable. Discussing Jacksons 2019 regular season as one of the great personnel regular seasons in NFL history is fair and fine.
  2. The elephant in the room is that Jackson would seem to have no game if his legs are even slightly dinged up. No variety.
  3. LJ is not King. Shaw did not miss. He was dead on.
  4. Josh Allen is as equally valuable as Russell Wilson is to his team. Or Patrick Mahones is the o his team. All three teams would be awful if you replaced them with say Kirk Cousins. In comparison you could probably put cousins on the Steelers or Browns and expect those teams to perform at the same win/ loss level.
  5. In tHe movie version of Seabiscuit movie goers were told the horse could not win from the front and that he had to give up the lead and win from behind at the end. Darth Bellichek is Secretariat, perfectly happy to get out in front and stomp the crap out of the field. My heart health requires more secretariat and less Seabiscuit from coach McDermott
  6. It has everything to do with the NFL allowing offensive holding for all teams not just the Patriots this year.
  7. Don't get to disturbed by the lack of reading comprehension by others.
  8. People will blme Josh for leving too much time on the clock.
  9. Kyler Murray is overrated Deandre Hopkins is underrated
  10. Burrows? Hebert? do they factor in?
  11. Bills coaches seem to disagree with you. Neither last year or this year have the coaches used him extensively.
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