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  1. I was specifically replying to your @end if career “ assertion. Reading comprehension is important.
  2. If, at the end of his career, Josh is viewed as the better QB that means Josh was the better QB.
  3. Allen is better. It is not even close. When their careers are complete everyone will know.
  4. I think you wrong. The cadence of the game was dictated by the tampa bay tds on four straight drives, putting the chiefs on their heels. TB defense played great. They were put in a position to succeed.
  5. The offense was a critical part of the defense yesterday 1)zero turnovers 2) Time of possession control keeping defense rested 3)scoring 31 points in three quarters. If you put Jamies Winston at QB yesterday, the Bucs likely get blown out.
  6. How could that work given the saints cap situation?
  7. From a pure PR standpoint taking back TUA or Darnold seems to be a disaster. I think the most logical trade partner is Cleveland. Mayfield is a legit QB. Him plus a Couple of draft picks gives the Texans real credibility. And Cleveland boosts its chances.
  8. Brandon Beane has many positive attributes. By far his best attribute is that he is not Doug Whaley.
  9. Josh will be paid more than Watson. Not even a small question about it.
  10. is this sarcastic or the stupidest thing posted on the internet today?
  11. $160 mm per year or $160 total for 8 years?
  12. What piece have the Saints been missing since they added Kamara?
  13. having three injured WR's is hardly the same as lack of preparation.
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