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  1. Rodgers talent level is exceeded only by his arrogance level.
  2. At some point one of the NFL teams should rename itself the Sheep. They will instantly be the most popular team in the USA. Merchandise sales would soar.
  3. If Allen was a baller he would play both ways. As it is, he isn't even a factor on 50% of the Bills plays.
  4. Its not likely Brady is responsible for publishing the injury reports. If he told the team, its out of his hands.
  5. They should put this slogan in the End Zones "End Lying On Injury Reports"
  6. Because no one is ever in a building or hurt in a fire. arson is a very violent crime.
  7. Read the note written on the football. Then contact Jim Kelly directly and treat him to this insight.
  8. Seems like a trade could be provisional to account for the legal mess.
  9. What is Trubisky's trade value at the moment?
  10. People that get paid money to evaluate these things selected Edmunds to the pro bowl. I personally do not think he is excellent at football. It seems more likely I am wrong than the pros. But it is how I see it.
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