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  1. Recent strategy. What did the chiefs do with their early picks the last two years
  2. This is essentially the Chiefs strategy. However, the majority of people who post on this board are certain beyond doubt that the only way to build a team properly is by "building through the draft"
  3. You are not following the thread correctly. I never said McDermott was a choir boy or any thing else I was speaking to yours and another posters different takes on Diggs
  4. Not sure intense and competive is synonymous with choir boy and process guy
  5. Is he still a head coach? Did his level of desire change from his first year with the jets to his last year with the Bills?
  6. First, I have no complaints about McDermott's results to date. If we don't win a playoff game this season, I probably will start to fear Marvin Lewis syndrome creeping into the team. But as of now, the aggregate results are acceptable. Next, I want everything in the original post to be true. However, I am not convinced it is true. I have a hard time separating Jordan's competitive nature from his talent. I am short and lack athletic ability, bless me with 1000x Jordan's burning desire to win, and it would mean nothing to an NBA team. My understanding is that the average NFL head coach spends 100 hours a week working during the season. Here the headline from an article written in 2006. "No Sleep Till Touchdown NFL coaches, the hardest-working men in human history." I think the entry point to be a consistent winning NFL coach is to be in the top 0.1% of the general population in terms of competitiveness. Any NFL coach who is not part of that group will likely not be an NFL head coach for long. I believe McDermott is part of the top 0.1% group. I am just not convinced that it provides the team any particular edge vs. the competition. McDermott will put the work in. If he is a really talented coach, his teams will win. If his talent is average, the teams over time will perform at an average level. In terms of competitiveness providing insight to the players for the team, I imagine that there is some effort + desire + talent = production formula that exists even if it can't be easily quantified. I also expect, at the NFL level, the standard deviation for talent is much greater than the standard deviation for effort and desire. I think the teams that win the most consistently are the teams with the best talent (including coaching). If McDermott's coaching talent equal's Michael Jordan's basketball talent, Bills fans are in for a great long ride. If McDermott's coaching talent equal's Michael Jordan's baseball talent, maybe not so much, notwithstanding the burning desire.
  7. A perfect season is one wear the NFL has opening day as scheduled with Stadiums filled with fans who are all safe from illness somehow.
  8. But when can we use datum point?
  9. In most cases, I would say that is true. But in this case, Diggs chances may very well be taken away from Allen runs.
  10. We posters won't be involved at all. Not sure what Beane will do. I think its possible the NFL expands the roster size for several weeks if camp/pre-season needs to be shortened.
  11. I think your lying. And trying to show off you superior fan credentials.
  12. I have not heard the Bill. Belichek is suspected of working with the Chinese to create the Covid-19 virus, but if things unfold this way, he certainly will be on my suspect list.
  13. Last night had an all too vivid nightmare that the 2020 season was cancelled and the NFL decided it would not be fair to have the Bengals draft first again, so they created a lottery system, and the Patriots ended up with the first pick and took Trevor Lawrence. It is imperative the 2020 season kickoff ASAP to prove to this nightmare is a fiction and not a premonition.
  14. Its not necessarily final, maybe Fromm and Bass get traded
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