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  1. they made two super bowls with two mediocre QBs. They started that run with nothing. No reason to think McVay can't do it again.
  2. Did he take the system to Tampa Bay?
  3. So you’re saying the Ravens are a tougher playoff team than they the Bills? Because Cincy stomped us.
  4. Why could Sean Mcvay Zac Taylor and Nick Siriani get to skip so many steps to get to the Super Bowl?
  5. The Bills strategy on defense is to be passive and let crappy teams make unforced errors. And it works really well agains those teams. It collapses in the face of teams with talent and aggressive game plans. It seems unlikely to ever work deep into the playoffs.
  6. In real life coaches get to the Super Bowl within a couple of years if getting an elite qb on board. McDermott has had a long chance. He is currently the longest tenured coach without a Super Bowl win for his team. McVay , Taylor and Siriani are examples of recent guys who have gotten to the Super Bowl with a much quicker process.
  7. Reid could not get over the hump without an elite QB. McDermott has not got over the hump with an elite QB.
  8. If the information in this post is accurate, it is compelling, and is something the media should specifically be asking the Bills GM about.
  9. It doesn't make the fired person accountable. It means the person making the change is taking accountability for his own actions and corrective action. The second decision could wrong too. Your statement is just silly.
  10. Actions speak louder than words. And he CHOSE to keep the staff from before. This was HIS decision. He owned up to the mistake, and made a new decision.
  11. Sure for a recent example, Miami's head coach admitted he hired the wrong defensive coordinator, and fired him and replaced him with a new DC. Many many such examples.
  12. Thats my point. He says its starts with him, and doesn't say what he could do different, and then immediately shifts to blaming the talent for not being physical enough. He seems to be the classic passive agressive personality.
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