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  1. Reading comprehension is key. In my initial post, I quite clearly said "in no particular order".
  2. NFL is not MLB. Every game really does matter. Last year the Bills lost a number of games they should have won, and lost home field playoff advantage. Even more critical is the bye week only one team earns. And the one seed plays a weaker team than the 4 seed does. And the loss to the dolphins put the division in play. Losing tomorrow is a cause for concern. If the loss is another game like the 13 sec debacle, or last weeks game, were we can't find a way to close, the concern is even greater.
  3. https://rotogrinders.com/weather/nfl
  4. There are a number of posters on this board who would pay 13k for the privilege.
  5. This is my list of my top 9, in no particular order. Not sure if I want to be put Tony Dungy, Marv Levy or John Madden in the last spot. Vince Lombardi Tom Landry Joe Gibbs Bill Parcells Bill Walsh Bill Belichek Paul Brown Chuck Noll Don Shula
  6. Your examples could be used as examples of poor coaching.
  7. It’s as if you don’t understand the concept of “track record”
  8. McDermott has done a brilliant job building a defensive scheme. McDermott has a done a brilliant job at building team chemistry. McDermott seems to come into game with a decent game plan. McDermott generally has the team ready to play. But Coffee is for closers. The teams track record over two seasons in close games, and late in games is not good. This was most puncuated by the 13 second debacle. I am not ready to say McDermott is a choker. But it is crossing my mind.
  9. Bills will be coming into this game with a chip on their shoulder. Last week they scored 42 and sat Allen for the whole fourth quarter. Meanwhile the fish gave up 38 to a much weaker ravens offense. Bills -11.5 is being offered at +200. They play the games for a reason. But this bet should be on all bills fans radars. (I am aware we are banged up on defense, Von Miller will make sure Tua knows we still have 11 guys out there)
  10. This is why hospitals should do away with post-mortems. Nothing could ever possibly be learned.
  11. Herbert is as similar to Allen as I am to George Clooney
  12. great smooth high action HDR picture here.
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