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  1. Will DeAndre Hopklns Next Contract have a value Higher, Lower or the Same as OBJ's contract? There are reports that a Chiefs deal with Cardinals was almost complete, and was derailed by the OBJ contract, because DHOP believes he should be paid more. The poll question is not asking is DHOP worth more or less. The question is strictly on where you think DHOPs contract value ends up vs. OBJs.
  2. He was not good last year. The pre-acl sample set may no longer be relevant. It seems almost impossible for him to return to best in the league.
  3. Mahomes far greater than McNab, that is the main difference between Philly Reid and KC Reid.
  4. Reasons for optimism: Bills have the most gifted QB in the NFL Reasons for pessimism: Coaching staff has never figured out how to win a playoff game past the divisional round. Hyde, Miller, Poyer, White all likely have their best seasons in the past. Reasons for neutraility: Rest of Roster: Some good, some bad, in summary NFL Average.
  5. 25 years from now, there is some reason to discuss the Bills under Sean McDermott during the week break between the championship games, and the Super Bowl. What do you think headlines this NATIONAL TV discussion. (This assumes there is still a nation, TVs, the NFL, and the Super Bowl. all of which is questionalble)
  6. At this point it is far and away the most memorable things about either Frazier or McDermotts career. Life is not fair.
  7. People seem to be overthinking the "perennial contender" concept. With a 14 team playoffs, the Bills are perenial contenders as long as Josh Allen is the QB, and he is healthy. You put him on any of about 24 rosters in the league and about the same number of coaches, and it would be shocking if his team didn't make the playoffs. Similarly, you put a Derek Carr clone on the Bills with this exact same roster, and the exact same coaching staff, and no one would expect them to make the playoffs this year (Frankly, many would see them as battling to stay out of the AFC east basement with the patriots). Josh Allen having Dan Marino's career results would be horribly disappointing. Beane needs to figure out how to get Allen to the Super Bowl.
  8. why do the results stay the same year after year then?
  9. Also America in 1823, 1923, 1953, 1973 and all the other years leading up to 2023. This is how life works.
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