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  1. Does PFF or anyone else evaluate drops on critical situation basis. For example the pain of a drop 12 yards up the field on third and 12 is far more painful, than dropping a checkdown behind the line of scrimmage on first and 10?
  2. What is the point of comparison? Other teams, other Bills years? The wind?
  3. Bart Starr 1966 Passing Bart Starr 1967 Passing Bart Starr HOF induction: Eli will make the HOF. QB involves much more than passing stats. 16 years in the league without missing a start and 2 super bowl wins are plenty enough for induction> Saying the Super Bow wins are a "team achievement" means no head coach should ever be put into the hall for coaching, because its a team achievement. The QBs role is to "quarterback the team", a virtual coach on the field. Eli was exceptional with field generalship, particularly when it mattered. If his position was "passer" maybe he should not be in. But his position was quarterback and he was great at it.
  4. Team building is 100% situational analysis. The Chiefs have made a lot of correct decisions for key situations. There is no one formula. The key is the accurate decision making. The Bills seemed to think that EJ Manuel was a Franchise QB and went all out with draft capital to surround him with Sammy Watkins and Shady McCoy while EJ was on the rookie contract. (Irony). The horrible judgment was that Manuel was a player to build around. If he had been Mahomes, the Watkins and McCoy picks may have turned out brilliant. Since the first horrible judgement on Manuel was made though those two decisions ultimately created holes for the Bills. Now the Bills seem to not making any particular efforts to surround Josh Allen with high end free agent talent while he is on his rookie contract. That avoids the prior mistakes, but maybe misses out on the kind of upside the Chiefs are witnessing.
  5. The look of the original posit is that teams can get cap space via trading draft picks. So the packers could trade 1 and 2 for 2020 in exchange for additional cap used to sign two key free agents for more immediate help
  6. Nick Chubb. OBJ. Jarvis Landry. All better playmakers than Hunt. Horrible Horrible Horrible coaching. Hun'ts talent is the same.
  7. To your first question. Apparently the person who did the survey. To your additional observation. It seems like the response of a simple minded child.
  8. He would be. Not because he is great. Because we have no one else who is better. Singletary is not better. No one else is in the discussion.
  9. Kareem Hunt would immediately be our best playmaker, other than Josh Allen, the moment we signed him. So there is that.
  10. "Football Season" is not the same thing as NFL season as it includes youth, high school and college football. So football season is not going to change.
  11. Football players stay in hotels and eat out. The best hotels in NY, Philly, and Boston blow away the best hotels in Buffalo. The best restaurants in those cities blow away the best restaurants in Buffalo. The best night clubs in NY blow away the best clubs in Buffalo. Its not what they have. Its the top end quality of what they have.
  12. Lose a point, move the goal post.
  13. I think you would end up with a barbell effect of teams going all in and teams selling off all their cap for future picks. For example, maybe the Packers would be have the incentive to trade off several years of their future, to acquire a whole bunch of players for a last hurrah, figuring they will be horrible when Rodgers retires anyway. And a team without a good QB decides to trade all of their cap space for draft capital in hopes of finding a franchise QB and tooling up from there. Allow cap to be traded, sort of defeats the parity purpose it was, in part, created for.
  14. Losing a third round pick for 5 million of cap space as the OP suggests is actually getting dinged pretty hard for a mistake.
  15. Once we have let go the Lamonica trade, we can start thinking about letting the Mahomes deal go.
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