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  1. There is no problem with the offense the last five years as far as advancing in the playoffs that would be solved by Reallocating regular season passing yards to focus more on two players. This would not have fixed any of the weird defensive collapses or odd coaching decisions in the playoffs.
  2. Some coaches are better at coaching a wide range of personalities than other coaches. Bills have chosen for better or worse to reduce the eligible talent pool to “process guys”. It has worked with some success.
  3. Mob rule is a bad governance system.
  4. Do you mean like demanding term limits to cripple the Supreme Court, allowing the president to be like a dictator?
  5. USSS statement on why Cheatle won't resign “Continuity of operations is paramount during a critical incident" . This sounds a lot like NFL fans supporting retaining losing coaching staffs.
  6. Hopefully this translates into good results in the Battle Box.
  7. Coupled with a defense that seems to frequently give up first downs on third and long, and the games are a roller coaster ride.
  8. These robots might be less expensive than Trevor Lawrence
  9. Bills have suceeded in lowering the bar of expectations heading into the season. Another divisional round exit will be viewed by most fans as a successful season.
  10. A certain irony to this emotional outburst.
  11. There are 8 billion people in the world. They could select almost anyone they want.
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