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  1. Some who does wants to make sure they get him might trade for him. Once he is cut, he is a free agent.
  2. So your saying coaching matters
  3. We will see. Surprisingly, the players union (who has a contract) is going to have an opinion on all of this.
  4. I will be surprised if the original decision is not upheld. This new system allows the NFL to strut around all righteous, while at the same time ending up with another revenue drawing star QB playing. Best of both worlds. I expect the appeal is simpy a marketing charade.
  5. In the sense he is an annoying douche yes. Talent wise, no.
  6. Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen are the best roles models behaving like non-racist adults in America.
  7. Mahomes is a good guy too. Burrows seems to be more in the mode of an insufferable prig like Rodgers.
  8. Almost every week there are several clips of Josh Allen going out his way to be a great guy. Here is todays:
  9. https://twitter.com/SharpFootball https://twitter.com/WarrenSapp Live. Learn.
  10. Your left your word salad machine on.
  11. Employers typically fire people. Suspensions are kind of a wierd concept. Kobe and Ben are perfect comps. Kudos.
  12. Are there any employers outside of the entertainment industry that have "suspensions" or "fines" for employees for personal conduct outside of work.. Don't they just typical fire people or stay out of it?
  13. Isn't the whole purpose of the third party process so that the NFL can wash their hands of this stuff.
  14. You make a good observation, and are probably correct. Coaches favorites are not always players favorites though. I have read lots of love from players for Josh. Not sure I have ever really seen players speak about Edmunds in a similar manner.
  15. 12 year Vet @NFL | Super Bowl Champ @giants | Founder & Owner @thewinemvp | Advisor @invintory | Somm @nockingpoint | NFL Analyst @bluewirepods
  16. Allen is bigger and stronger than Vick. That is the separating factor resulting in Allen being the better athlete.
  17. A - winning AFC championship moves to A winning super bowl moves to A+
  18. it does not compare to a hot haberno. you should stop this silly argument.
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