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  1. I don't know if Baker is smart enough to realize the opportunity in front of him. Instead of collecting $18 million & getting a chance to get a big next contract with another team if he lights it up while Watson is suspended, he's whining and asking for a trade to a team where he has to learn a whole new offense.
  2. I was living downstate at the time & videotaped the game on my VCR. It went so long I had to take the tape out & put the end at the beginning of the tape, taping over the pregame show. I don't have any VCRs hooked up to any TV in my house & I haven't watched it in years.
  3. I think Josh got a lot more out of playing in 12 games his rookie year than sitting on the bench. Because of his drive, keeping a healthy Josh on the bench would not have helped him. He had to make his rookie mistakes & learn what not to do. You don't get game experience on the bench.
  4. The best reaction I saw was a letter in the BN sports section the following Sunday that said: Marv to Bills "Win or I'll sing again"
  5. One of the best trades in Bills history. Topped only by the draft day trade up for Josh Allen in 2018 and possibly the Bennett trade in 1987.
  6. The 1st round pick that the Bills got from KC had nothing to do with drafting Josh Allen-It was used to trade up for Edmunds. The picks used in the Allen trade were pick 21 & Glenn to move up to 12, the Bills 2nd round pick and the 2nd round pick from the Rams in the Watkins trade to move up to 7. All that was Beane. As has been stated, rumors are the 2017 draft was McDermott's, not Whaley's. If McDermott had drafted Lattimore instead of White, then the Bills wouldn't have Edmunds, that's it. Remember, the 3rd that they got from KC was wasted on the Zay Jones pick. If they didn't draft Edmunds, then maybe they would have used the 3rd rounder from Cleveland in the 2018 draft to take Fred Warner. No matter what they did or didn't do in April of 2017, it played no factor in the Allen trade, the real biggest win-win trade, a trade that helped Tampa win a Super Bowl & the Bills getting the best player in the 2018 draft. The Mahomes trade turned out to be a big win for KC, since the Bills could have had either Lattimore or White at 10, and the extra picks were used on Edmunds & Z. Jones with the Tyrod pick thrown in to get Edmunds.
  7. Years ago they used to sell out, but now you can get tickets through the week of the game & last season the prices went down closer to the game. I think they're the best place, but I wouldn't put down a deposit since it doesn't appear that the total opening price is even up there yet. Last year they were cheaper than StubHub! . The main problem with buying early is the original asking price is usually higher than the price near the game. The exception was in Arizona for the NE/SEA Super Bowl XLIX where tickets just kept going up & hit over 10 grand and a lot of people got stiffed by smaller brokers. After that I decided it was either NFL On Location or StubHub! only. Fearing that scenario the next year for Super Bowl 50 I bought early (I was committed to going to SB50 since I have family in the Bay area) and paid $4,726 per seat in October from StubHub! and they were around $3,500 by the week of the game.
  8. Some of the Sportsbooks offer signing bonuses for new members. If you shop around you may be able to do a bet at a reduced or minimal risk. Back in January when Caesar's started in NY they were offering a $300 signing bonus & a match of funds up to $3,000. I don't know what they're offering now, but check into all current sportsbooks.
  9. That's exactly what I did online. I put $950 on the Bills to win the AFC at +425 which means I get back $4,987.50. Last year tickets started out over 6 grand but the cheaper seats ended up in the low $4,000s the week of the game. I figured close to $5,000 was what I call "Super Bowl insurance" for $950. The reason I kept the payoff under 5 grand is because Caesar's makes you jump through more hoops if you want to withdraw more than $5,000. Currently the Bills are +360 so "insurance" will cost a little more than what I paid back in February. The odds got lower after KC traded Hill. Buffalo Bills+425 NFL Pro Football Conference Winner Thu 23:38 | 2023 AFC Conference Winner Wager: $950.00 Odds: +425 Return: $4,987.50 Feb 17, 2022 @ 23:38pm
  10. I've seen worse. #1 overall picks who never amounted to anything. Heisman winners who never played a down in the NFL-Charlie Ward chose the NBA over the NFL. Other Heisman winners were busts &/or late round career backups. The Browns did not do Mayfield dirty. They wanted to upgrade from him. Responsible teams upgrade positions. If Watson gets suspended, all Mayfield has to do is grow up & look at what Drew Brees did. Brees' replacement was drafted by the Chargers and Brees sucked it up & played lights out for 2 seasons and then left for NO and had a HOF career. A Watson suspension would be a great opportunity if Mayfield understood the opportunity that he still might have. Instead he's whining about wanting to be on another team instead of looking to prove his value in Cleveland like Brees did in San Diego. His best chance to light it up is in an offense he already knows because if he doesn't go to a new team soon, he'll be behind the learning curve of the other QBs on the new team.
  11. Well his hot wife does and that's probably the real reason he isn't getting much sleep.
  12. Considering the hit rate for 3rd round QBs is 15-20%*, anyone who thinks Willis is a lock to be the Titans next starting QB needs to remember the odds aren't very good. *-based on my 20 year study of drafts in the 21st century where the 3rd round hit rate was 17%.
  13. They're waiting for the new stadium so they can save money on the letters. No need to put them up in a stadium that will be torn down.
  14. I love Bills at 32 & Jets at 2. Odds are if the Jets are bad enough to get that high, they'll be looking for another QB.
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