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  1. Chinese spy balloon reported to be flying over Kansas City. Sirianni more devious than Belichick. 😉
  2. In the world outside of Howard Simon's fantasies, the odds are pretty good that if Brady wanted to go with either of those 2 teams, the agent had already asked the "Do you want Tom" question BEFORE he retired. He wouldn't have gone through with his latest retirement announcement unless 1) He decided to retire, and he had no desire to play anymore & will head over to his $375 million payday at Fox, or 2) His agent was already told no by SF & Miami and then he announced his retirement. Brady is retired. End of story.
  3. If, when we needed a QB, we traded a 1st rounder for a 39 year old QB, coming off a bad season with Rodgers off field personality, most of us would have been against it. Especially if we had team history of a similar trade years ago that had bad results (Brett Favre's 1 year as a Jet) Most likely scenario: Jets trade high pick (1 or 2) for Rodgers, he plays one year, 1st round exit in the playoffs, retires.
  4. I wouldn't even offer him a contract. Go into next season with Cook, Hines & a bigger sized rookie and don't ever consider bringing him back. If he comes back, it will be similar to this year when we brought back McKenzie who for the most part was disappointing.
  5. Maybe the new guy has a doctor in the family & the Bills want to be extra vigilant with their safeties.
  6. Today on the WFAN the hosts are all hopped up over reports the Jets are rumored to be ready to go all in to get Rodgers. They love the idea & are even giving Joe Douglas credit for leaking it to the press in order to let Rodgers & the other teams that might be interested in trading for Rodgers that the Jets are willing to be a high bidder. I think this is lunacy. I can't believe the Jets are willing to give up high draft choices to acquire a 39 year old QB coming off his worst season who has a huge contract & who could play 1 season & be done. We've seen the Jets do something similar before: They traded for Brett Favre, didn't get the desired results & traded him to Minnesota a year later. Maybe history will repeat itself & Rodgers will be a Jet this year & a Viking in 2024. Or he'll just suck in NJ & retire.
  7. Back when masks were mandatory on planes he wouldn't put one on & he got kicked off the plane before it took off.
  8. They put up the Chiefs colors after the Chiefs won the AFC later that night, but hardly anybody was upset by that. The whining was all about the Eagles on WFAN.
  9. I wanted the Bills to draft J.P. Losman, whoops.
  10. A lot of people. The show lasted a long time on NBC & now they're doing a remake on Paramount +.
  11. If anyone doubts what a joke the Pro bowl is, the fact that Tyler Huntley has been named to replace Josh should remove all doubt. I guess they wanted a mobile QB knowing anyone lining up behind Saffold will need to run for his life.
  12. Beane didn't have to mention it. All anyone had to do was look at him play. Mayock mentioned it on draft day. If you think Beane didn't know that Josh had exceptional athleticism after watching hours & hours of tape because you didn't hear him say anything (which could mean anything, maybe he said something & you just flat out missed it. Do you hear everything he says 24/7? ) you have a pretty poor take.
  13. That's not true. It took Andy Reid 7 years to win a Super Bowl in KC. So, I guess you would have fired Reid after 6 years of no Super Bowls in KC. It also took him 6 years to get to and lose a Super Bowl in Philadelphia. It took Reid 21 seasons as an NFL coach before he won a Super Bowl-what a bum.
  14. Josh actually averaged more rushes per game in college than he has in the NFL. In his 2016 season he rushed 142 times in 14 games for 523 yards scoring 7 rushing TDs and also caught a pass for a TD, scoring a total of 8 TDs that season. His rushing stats were down his final year, as were most of his stats, but he still averaged over 8 rushes per game. In the NFL his yards per attempt are much higher but so are all his stats compared to his college days.
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