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  1. What a disaster the 2021 QB class has been after Trevor Lawrence went off the board at #1. The 1st round has 3 potential busts including Trey Lance who was jettisoned for a 4th & for SF he's officially a bust already. Mac Jones is JAG. The 3rd rounders & beyond are backups or practice squad players. No. 1: Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars No. 2: Zach Wilson, New York Jets No. 3: Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers No. 11: Justin Fields, Chicago Bears No. 15: Mac Jones, New England Patriots No. 64: Kyle Trask, Tampa Bay Buccaneers No. 66: Kellen Mond, Minnesota Vikings No. 67: Davis Mills, Houston Texans No 133 Ian Book New Orleans No 218 Sam Ehlinger Indianapolis
  2. A better solution is never start a physical confrontation because you have no idea who he has as reinforcements. If some guy came over & grabbed me I'd hope someone with a better angle would come & knock the guy out. There's no such thing as mano y mano when the guy comes over & physically attacks another person no matter what the other guy said.
  3. Back in the late 1980s in the old stadium I had Patriot fans throwing beer cans at me. I yelled to security who could see what was going on & they ignored me. Now I guess it's what I yelled to security**, but they had no right to do nothing. I had to move away from the friends I went with to an all Bills fans section. **Full disclosure: I yelled "Security, they're throwing beer cans at me. If one of them hits me I'll sue your f'n stadium"
  4. The guy who died started the physical confrontation. Looks like what you're calling a sucker punch was an attempt to stop someone who was harming another person. The lawyers will sort it out, but I bet the guy who threw the punch will say he feared for the life of the person Mooney was assaulting. Video Kilmartin recorded shows Dale Mooney as he approaches a group of fans on the 300-level of the stadium. "He basically grabbed another fan," Kilmartin said. "They started tussling around for a few minutes. At one point, another fan walked over. He punched him ... and the man just went out. It was pretty hard to watch."
  5. I'm in a pool with 379 entries. We've already lost 147 after 2 weeks. I have 2 entries. Week 1 I picked Jacksonville & Baltimore. Week 2 Bills & Dallas. This week I'm on SF & KC but it looks like a lot of games that look 1 sided, so I don't think we'll lose many entries this week.
  6. I put the vomit emogi up because I almost did when I watched it.
  7. You can tell who bet the Browns by the demands for PI
  8. No PI when it's that far out of bounds. Go look up what an uncatchable ball is and get back to us.
  9. Uncatchable, far out of bounds. If he catches it it's incomplete.
  10. Watson throws it out of bounds and Watson wants PI.
  11. He's broken. He'll never be a top QB again. Cincy might as well tank for Caleb.
  12. The commercial isn't How I Met Your Mother.
  13. I expect Jason Whitlock to say Burrow isn't working hard enough and Ja'Marr Chase is tired of his laziness and that Burrow needs a good strip joint to go to.
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