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  1. Miami would trade Rosen in a heartbeat if anyone offered them any pick before the 8th round. Miami isn't afraid of dumping hot garbage on anyone if they offered a pick. Unlike some other posters I have nothing against Rosen, but he's a total bust as a NFL QB.
  2. The only tickets Rosen will help sell is to his family and once he's benched for Tyrod they won't even watch. OC will mold him for the XFL .
  3. It's easy for NE to work around their cap problems. They can either sign him to a long term contract & spread the bonus out, or sign him to a 2 year deal at a low 2020 salary with incentives that include a big roster bonus in March 2021 where if he hits the incentives his contract for 2021, including the March roster bonus, is all guaranteed. Then he can either play on the contract or renegotiate. If Cam is willing to bet on himself, like Sherman did in SF, a deal with NE can be reached.
  4. It looks a lot like the Microsoft Edge logo:
  5. Jags. Minshew goes from hero to zero to hero for getting the Jags the #1 pick. However, it costs Marrone his job.
  6. Just change the face in the middle, same guy.
  7. Clooney was already in Buffalo doing the weather, then he left to host movies.
  8. It had to be Andy Dalton wishing & praying, knowing that's the only way he remains a starter & keeps getting paid the big bucks.
  9. I couldn't believe some of the posts that talked about the late Bob McNair as if he is still alive.
  10. Most of the media is leaving the XFL out when talking about sports closings.
  11. The Golden State Warriors already banned fans from tonight's game in SF vs the Brooklyn Nets. The empty stadiums/arenas has already started in professional sports.
  12. Take the under on the Jags win total. If there's an XFL in 4 years Minshew will be the starting QB for the Tampa Bay Vipers.
  13. Here's why we disagree: You think it's just a crapshoot. I think a competent organization with good scouting can judge players well enough that it's not a crapshoot. The draft becomes a crapshoot the further down you go. Ok, let's look at the QBs traded up for. The jury is still out on most of the 2018 QBs, but of the 2 prior drafts the majority of teams are totally satisfied. The exceptions clearly are Arizona with Rosen & Denver with Lynch. The jury is still out on the Bears choice of Trubisky, but the other 2 QB picks traded up for are their team's franchise QBs. 2016: Goff, Wentz, Lynch. 2017: Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson. 2018: Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Jackson. Of the 10, 7 have led their team to the playoffs, 3 of the teams have already been in the Super Bowl with 1 winning it & another winning it after the QB got hurt and his backup won the game. Note the best organizations traded up for the QBs who have had the best results, while the 2 biggest busts were from questionable organizations (I include Denver since they have failed a few times finding the right QB).
  14. So, what would you have done instead of trading up for Allen, who was the top QB on their board? Keep the picks and end up with Mason Rudolph and be in the QB market this offseason? Don't say draft Jackson, because he wasn't on their board. From 2016 to 2018 all but 1 1st round QB was traded up for, with many satisfied customers. Maybe it's time to admit the GMs around the league know more than you do. I figured that out years ago, but some of you still think you know more than the best GMs in the league.
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