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  1. When Woody Johnson returns he's going to fire everyone, starting with his brother.
  2. He was a no-hit wonder. He was popular while he was sitting on the bench, but once he got in there he played his way out of the league, setting records for futility that still stand to this day. Now in his defense, Marangi has stated that the season he came in after Joe Ferguson had a season ending injury, Marangi had an arm injury that limited his ability to throw.
  3. If you scroll down the linked article you'll find another ex-Bill: QB Rob Johnson for Jacksonville. Terry Miller had a short stint in the USFL after his NFL days and eventually ended up in prison, sentenced to 2 years. I couldn't find anything about what he is currently doing, he's 63 now. https://oklahoman.com/article/2667607/terry-miller-sentenced-for-bank-fraud
  4. That's what I've got, although there may be some hope for the December 8th game. That week the Jets play the Dolphins & in past years in December when the Jets are really bad & they're playing a meaningless game against a bad or worse team than themselves, CBS has chosen to air the Bills when we play a much better matchup. If we win the next 2 of 3 to be 8-4 Ch 6 may lobby hard for the Bills game since the Ravens are among the league's top teams and a ratings draw over Jets/Dolphins.
  5. If you actually believe that bet Miami on the money line. Personally I think the Bills -5.5, which is the current line is a gift. I'll be heading to the casino this week.
  6. After seeing this question, I'm ready to label Bills Daily a bust.
  7. The Jets @ Washington, which ordinarily would be a CBS game, is on Fox & the Giants have a bye, so we're getting the Bills @ Miami game on Ch 6 in Albany. When I looked at my schedule in the NFL Record and Fact Book, it said the Jets were on CBS, but both my cable guide and the Albany Times Union has the Jets on Fox & the Bills on CBS this Sunday. So we're getting another game at home that I wasn't counting on.
  8. When I used to go to a lot of games & brought a radio with me WGR550 was on a delay to match the TV broadcast and WWKB1520 had the game live so that fans in the stands could listen. Since the game is in Cleveland, I don't know if the game will be on 1520 since there will be no fans in the stands at New Era who need to hear what they are seeing live.
  9. If you went through the archives you'll find the most unpopular guy in Buffalo is the OC . Then when they go elsewhere, they become the it guy in the league. Remember all the anti Greg Roman posts when he was here?. Now he's the genius behind Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. In Buffalo they called Kevin Gilbride "Kevin Killdrive". Then he went to the NYG and got a Super Bow ring . Amazing how they are always bums i Buffalo and heroes at their next stop. Maybe it's not the OC but what he's got to work with. If you told anyone the Bills would be 6-2 halfway through the season the fear would be Daboll would leave for a head coaching job at season's end. Yet now 6-2 isn't good enough for the Run the OC out of town crowd.
  10. So if they only beat losing teams they'll go 10-6 and make the playoffs with another year of growth and experience for Allen's development heading to an off-season with lots of cap space. Works for me.
  11. I guess the NFL already informed the Jets & Dolphins that their 12/8 game won't be getting flexed. 🤣 One area of confusion about the week 16 game is the NFL has been all over the place when the deadline for the decision is. The Bills schedule that I printed before the season says after week 8 the decision will be made & we're already past that.
  12. That statement about my higher opinion was the pre-season opinion that I need to change as I need to change my preseason opinion of Baltimore. Overestimated the Jets, underestimated Baltimore.
  13. 14/20 for 160 yards gets it done on a very windy day. Everyone seems to forget that the winds can change a gameplan. More running, less throwing. If anything the game shows that the team learned that on a windy day they need to run the ball more than. The Bills had almost double the running plays they tried vs the Eagles and threw 41% fewer times vs Washington as they did the prior week vs Philadelphia. So anyone who quotes a stat line on a windy day & claims it won't work down the line needs to understand weather conditions better & be glad the Bills learned from the Eagles game to run more on a windy day.
  14. When I was out in California, we drove through Albany California and I was looking for a portal that could save me a full day of flying, but unfortunately I never found it.
  15. Teams always lose games they should win. Remember the 1992 Bills? They lost games to the Colts & Jets they had no business losing & it cost them home field. I remember the only road AFC championship game in the Super Bowl era was that year in Miami because of the 2 losses vs what at the time were bad teams.
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