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  1. Nobody knows what Belichick thinks about drafting QBs because for 20 years he was only drafting for backup QBs.
  2. It drives me crazy when I see someone on TV or on the radio say that after his 1st 2 seasons Josh was headed towards the bust column (Cowherd is among the worst of them) because they looked at stats totally out of context. Those of us who rely on watching games without a stat sheet could see the special things he is capable of doing. Now in all fairness to those skeptics, he did have a rough 2nd season throwing the (low % for just about every NFL QB) deep passes but that was in part due to the fact he kept throwing the low % throws. I remember before Diggs arrived I'd be watching some of th
  3. I think the Raiders get him for free. Gruden seems to like ex-Bills as much as McDermott & Beane like ex-Panthers.
  4. Every fan should go to at least 1 draft. Mine was in 1997 the 1st day in NYC (Bills drafted Antowain Smith) Now the reason I went was because I had to be at my parents house in Long Island that weekend & they didn't have cable, so I either had to go or not see it. My father drove me to the railroad station at 4:30 AM, I got to Penn Station where the draft was around the corner & went to the line to get a wrist band since it was 1st come 1st served. Once I got my wristband with a number I had some time to kill, so I went back to Penn station. At one time during my wait I
  5. I've had a problem with the draft since it was moved to the final Thursday of April. It used to be a week earlier and I'd watch every round. Now it's the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby and Derby day is all horse racing for me. I used to have the draft & then the next week the Derby. I hate that the 2 are now in conflict. I'll still watch Thursday & Friday, but the draft just isn't the same for me on Derby weekend since I'll still be handicapping the horses the days of the draft. Last year it didn't matter because they moved the Derby to later in the year &a
  6. I think the Chargers over is the best bet of the bunch. I can't see them worse than 10-7 & they'll end up winning 11 or 12 games. No Anthony Lynn, who may have been the worst gameday coach in the league and forward career movement of their potential franchise QB in his 2nd year. I didn't play any over/unders last year but in 2019 I was all over the Bills. At the casino in Schenectady you could bet over up to 9 games & whether they would make the playoffs. The odds got better the higher I went. I tiered my bets so the break even point was 8 wins. I swept all my bets.
  7. What's interesting is I got my Excelsior Pass & it expires on 9/22. I guess they're waiting to see if a booster shot will be needed. I also have my CDC card. After the DMV rejected my birth certificate for my enhanced license because I taped it because it was falling apart, I'm not laminating anything from the government unless they instruct us to do so. (Fortunately I had another copy that I had sent away for so I was able to get my enhanced license)
  8. Back in 2018 I was one of those people who thought the Jets had outmaneuvered us when they moved from #6 to #3. My 1st reaction was the Jets were going to screw us out of getting the QB we wanted. It sure didn't work out that way. One season of Darnold & Mike Maccagnan, the GM who I thought pulled off the draft coup, was fired by the Jets.
  9. Give Buddy Nix a call & he'll know. He knew not to draft Russell Wilson before the 4th round & made a great move up for TJ Graham because he knew he wouldn't last & Wilson would definitely be there in the 4th round. Sarcasm aside, you never wait for another round to draft a player you want because you think you can get away with letting him slip a round. NEVER!
  10. You want your top pick to play. Thinking like that is what PO'd Aaron Rodgers last year when GB picked a QB when he wanted another piece to get to the Super Bowl. Result: Rodgers lost at home in the NFC championship game while GBs #1 pick sat.
  11. The team is in win now mode. Don't draft a WR high when the room is already packed. CB, RB, DL. WR is a waste of a pick this year. Only a team with a win in the next 2-3 years & not win now with the WRs we have would draft a WR.
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