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  1. Josh Allen is the best QB of the class of 2018
  2. Orlovsky was one of the most vocal anti-Allen analysts when Josh was drafted. The smart ones are all admitting they were wrong. Orlovsky has slowly been coming along as Josh has progressed and his conversion now appears to be complete.
  3. The Jags regular PK, Josh Lambo, is on IR with a hip injury. Hauschka's time in Jacksonville is as long as Lambo is still on IR. Too bad he didn't sign with a team without a viable kicker, but if he performs well in Jacksonville he'll get a job somewhere.
  4. What Sherman said about every sports media member simply isn't true. Among those who had Josh Allen as the top QB prospect in the 2018 draft were Mel Kiper Jr & my favorite draft guru Dave Te Thomas.
  5. This week it's even better: https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2020/9/28/21459431/winners-losers-nfl-week-3-josh-allen-sam-darnold-falcons Loser: Josh Allen Takes In some fields, it’s considered good to intake new information and adjust one’s opinions. In sports media, this is a mark of deep shame. Every time one of my tweets ends up on Old Takes Exposed, I have to pay The Ringer back $5,000 of my salary and draft a handwritten apology note to Bill Simmons and each of my editors. Last year I predicted Freddie Kitchens would win the NFL’s Coach of the Year award; when he was instead fired after one season, my girlfriend of six years dumped me for a guy who correctly projected that the 49ers would win the NFC West. This is a big problem, because every single sports media member universally agreed that the Bills made a huge mistake drafting Josh Allen seventh overall in 2018. “He does not seem especially good at playing football,” I wrote ahead of the draft. Bills fans remember this. I was not alone. Unfortunately for me, and untold dozens of other media members, Allen seems good at football. Early in his career, the Bills won despite brutal performances from Allen due to their top-notch defense; Sunday, Allen threw for 311 yards and accounted for all five touchdowns, including the last-minute game-winner in a 35-32 win over the Rams: Worst of all for those like me: Allen seems to be singling out his former doubters. In 2018, Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey called Allen “trash” in a freewheeling GQ interview where he set out to diss half the quarterbacks in the league. Sunday, Allen targeted Ramsey on his most impressive touchdown pass: After seeing what Allen did to Ramsey, I know my time is due. I also defamed Allen. I will spend the rest of my days in fear, knowing that I, too, am on Allen’s list.
  6. Two worst teams are in NY, the Giants & Jets. Lawrence should be looking at condos in Manhattan.
  7. The prize for the biggest loser goes to Rodger Sherman of The Ringer. Here's what he wrote after we drafted Allen & a recent check indicates he still hasn't learned anything in 2.5 years https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/4/27/17289496/2018-draft-winners-losers-buffalo-bills-josh-allen-lamar-jackson-baltimore-ravens Loser: The Buffalo Bills I would consider any team that used a first-round pick on Josh Allen to be the biggest loser of the first round. No good NFL quarterback has ever had statistics as bad as Allen’s college stats; his best-case statistical comparables include Brian Griese and Josh McCown. There are just so many videos of him missing easy passes so badly. Sure, his arm is strong enough that teams should value his potential, but “extremely strong quarterback who may never learn how to throw to receivers” seems to me like a Day 3 pick, not a first-rounder. I remain baffled that he was treated like a top prospect throughout the entire draft process. But the Bills didn’t just draft Allen. They traded up to get him, giving up two second-round picks to move up five spots. That’s a massive overpay on any draft value chart. And then the Bills also traded a third-rounder to the Ravens to move up from the 22nd pick to the 16th to select Tremaine Edmunds. Trading up is the move of a team in win-now mode. The Bills did so—but they selected a quarterback whose supporters even consider him a project. That doesn’t jibe. I’m so happy that the Bills got to the playoffs last year, and so confused about their future. Winner: All the Teams That Didn’t Draft Josh Allen Congrats to the Browns for listening to me and drafting Baker Mayfield instead of Josh Allen! Baker Mayfield was historically efficient at passing in college, setting the record for yards per passing attempt as a senior. Meanwhile, Allen averaged fewer yards per passing attempt than Rashaad Penny averaged per rushing attempt against the same competition in the Mountain West Conference. Congrats to the Bears, who picked eighth, one slot behind where Allen was taken. Since the pick ahead of theirs was used on a quarterback who struggles to throw a football to his teammates, the Bears got to draft Roquan Smith, who, in my opinion, was the best defender in college football last year. Congrats to the Cardinals, who picked 10th, and got to take Josh Rosen, because one of the teams ahead of them took the other Josh! Congrats to the Chargers, who got Derwin James—a projected top-10 pick—at no. 17! Congrats to the Ravens, who got Lamar Jackson—potentially the best quarterback in the draft!—with the 32nd and final pick in the first round! For the most part, life was really good for the 31 teams who didn’t take Josh Allen.
  8. That doesn't work. Whoever would trade for Darnold would be trading with the intention of either a 1 year tryout or making him their starter. The elephant in the room is the 5th year option. If a team trades for Darnold, they almost immediately have to decide to accept or decline his 5th year option. If they accept, they'll be on the hook for at least around $11 million. So unless a team's intention is for Darnold to be their undisputed QB of the future they are declining the 5th year, making Darnold a free agent 1 year after they traded for him. There's no way Darnold stays anywhere where he has no chance of starting. Therefore, there's no way he ends up on the Bills.
  9. If the Giants are bad enough to get the 1st pick they will take Lawrence & Danny Dimes can be had for a dime. No way they can lose enough to have the NFL's worst record & pick Daniel Jones over Trevor Lawrence. The only team that wouldn't take Lawrence is Cincinnati.
  10. I don't want Lawrence in the AFC. I'm rooting for him to land somewhere in the NFC. That's why I didn't include any AFC teams.
  11. Time to start rooting for the Giants, Lions & Panthers to out-tank the Jets,
  12. You can rewind it. It starts a few seconds before 1:12
  13. Why the confusion? I think my 1st sentence covers your confusion. They don't know what the heck they're watching. If they don't understand what they are watching, their grading system is meaningless. It's like if I watch a film in another language, I'm not going to understand what's going on. It's like viewing football is a foreign language to them. They don't understand what they're watching. To be honest, I have no idea how they come up with their grades, hence my mentioning stats, but it's obvious they don't know how to watch a football game.
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