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  1. Why isn't Schatz in NFL management? Clearly if he knows more than the NFL GMs someone would have offered him a job by now. I doubt he's making anything close to the $1 million to $3 million going rate a GM in the NFL makes. Either he hates money, likes spending all day on the computer in his mother's basement or he just isn't good enough to have a team trust his judgement.
  2. Toronto is not Buffalo's NBA team. The Buffalo Braves are. Sure they've been gone for 41 years now, vacationing in SoCal, but like many Buffalonians, eventually they will come home.
  3. Eli shouldn't get in, even with 2 rings. Phil Simms has 1 ring & another where he was the starter most of the season before his injury and he'll never get in. So it's not automatic just because he played in NY. If Eli gets in it will be because of his last name-I hope the voters aren't that swayed by his name. For most of his career Eli has been mediocre. The only thing he's got going for him is he's unflappable and may be one of the best clutch players of his era (obviously Brady dwarfs everyone else, although Eli beat him twice with the SB on the line). The problem is that there were too many times when he was too far behind in the 4th quarter for his best attribute to matter.
  4. Every QB who has started 3 or more Super Bowls is either in the HOF or will be a 1st ballot HOFer (P.Manning & Brady). The most important thing for a QB is being a consistent winner & a champion, not some stats that some people could use to say Rob Johnson was better than Jim Kelly. Absolutely-screw QB stats! A lot of mediocre QBs have 1 Super Bowl, but the greats play in multiple Super Bowls & the GOATS of their time won multiple Supers (post 1966).
  5. Please elaborate. I have no idea what you're referring to.
  6. For better or worse, it's the QB who gets the credit or blame for wins & losses. It doesn't mean you have to agree with it, but that's how the HOF voters view it.
  7. It means 3 Super Bowl wins by a QB punch an automatic ticket to the HOF.
  8. That was more a case of not playing Tyrod Taylor because he had a clause that guaranteed his next season's salary if he got injured at a time when the team wasn't sure if they were going to keep him for 2017.
  9. The answer to why he failed when out of Philadelphia is pretty obvious-he was done. Players fall off the face of the earth at different ages. McNabb just stayed too long after his physical abilities left him. We've seen this before with players a lot better than McNabb: Namath in Los Angeles, Unitas in San Diego, Archie Manning with Houson & Minnesota. I can even cite a lesser QB who won a Super Bowl, Jim McMahon who bounced around a few seasons after leaving the Bears and our own Joe Ferguson, who had to have his uniform torn off his back playing 6 more years as a backup with 3 teams well after his prime. Fergy even tried a stint as a backup 5 years after he left the NFL with San Antonio's CFL Texans coached by Kay Stephenson. These old QBs just don't know when it's time to hang it up.
  10. Even with a SB win you don't get in by just for being above average. Phil Simms was SB XXI MVP and played most of the season on another champion and will never get in. It does.
  11. Troy Aikman Super Bowl wins 3, Donovan McNabb Super Bowl wins 0 Another reason to never use QB stats when comparing careers.
  12. I don't see the Raiders tanking at all. They have 3 #1 picks & Antonio Brown added with a QB who had quite a streak of games with no INTs in the middle of the season. If anything they want to be seen as an up & coming team and come into Vegas as a contender, not starting some unproven rookie. I think that Gruden likes Carr a lot more after seeing him play a year than the out of step national media is reporting. I don't see any team thinking of tanking right now. Look at Miami. They took out a cheap lottery ticket on Rosen & if he plays like a top 10 drafted QB with 2nd year improvement they could be very solid for years to come. As far as the worst teams doing it naturally, I still see Arizona with an undersized rookie QB & still a pretty bad O-line being the NFL's worst along with one NFC east team, either the Giants if Eli doesn't show some "back class" or Washington if either or both have to start their rookie QBs by mid season or earlier. It's amazing the different approaches Arizona & the Bills took. They both had rookie QBs & horrible OLs. Arizona signed 1 decent free agent (G Sweezy), and threw only late rounders at the O line: waiting until the 6th & 7th rounds to draft rookie OL help & trading a 6th to Pittsburgh for an OT the Steelers didn't want. Then they bailed on their now 2nd year QB, because they saw something shiny & new. The Bills signed 6 veteran free agent OL men & spent a #2 on a 7th new man. They also signed/drafted offensive skill positions in order to go all in on their now 2nd year QB. That's why Arizona will be drafting #1 while the Bills are in the playoffs even though there was only a 3 win difference between the teams in 2018.
  13. I don't know where it will be, just look out for one on this & other Bills message boards. Make sure you buy parking ahead of time, you can't pay at the gate. It's going to be between $40-50 after fees.
  14. I'm driving to the Giants game since I'm going with Petrino & I have to pick him up in Beacon. I already bought my tickets through Ticket Exchange & they're in my phone via a text. I bought parking through Stubhub because I wanted something I can print. If I can get out of Beacon early enough, I'm going to try to find the Bills fans tailgate party.
  15. I haven't listened to him in a while. I went to the same high school (South Side High Rockville Centre NY) as him. I was class of 1971, he was class of 1972. I never saw him, not even in the hallways. Another famous graduate of South Side is Amy Schumer, who was there many years later.
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