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  1. When the job is one of 32 in the whole world, there are a lot of assistant coaches around the league & HC's in the NCAA who would jump at the chance of coaching the Redskins. It's like the time we were a wasteland of the NFL with a dying owner and a GM who should have been retired, Chan Gailey raised his hand when someone asked "Who will coach the Buffalo Bills?" Sure, no hot coaching candidates will go there, but there will always be plenty of candidates to coach any NFL team.
  2. Albany,n.y.

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    I have my share of criticism for the WGR guys, but I doubt it has anything to do with their athletic background. More likely, it's the fact that they can't get into a bigger media market due to their limited abilities in their current profession so we're not getting the best of the best. Just the other day, Chris Brown was taking Tasker's place on One Bills Live and said something that showed he didn't understand the rules of a restricted free agent tender. Even Murphy didn't correct him. The bottom line is these guys aren't very good. It gets worse on Saturdays and the post-post game shows where guys who are barely making above minimum wage are WGR's on air personalities. You get what you pay for, and except for the headliners, I'm sure WGR isn't paying much. It reminds me of the backup weather people on TV in Albany. Most of them give up and move on to other professions because they can't afford to support themselves and/or their families on a backup weather person's salary. One time I was in a real estate class and a former TV weatherman was in there having moved on to the real estate profession.
  3. Albany,n.y.

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    I get your point, Al Bundy. It was stupid the 1st time you tried it out & your defense is just as stupid. You think because you scored the winning TD at Polk High you have a lifetime pass that says you know more about sports than the people who weren't once star athletes. Now go throw the ball around in your back yard after you get home from the shoe store.
  4. Albany,n.y.

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    Following you logic, Beane will never be a great GM like John Elway is.
  5. Albany,n.y.

    Chad Kelly is 350 bucks richer...

    That won't even cover his St Patrick's Day bar tab tonight. Outside of Buffalo Chad Kelly is truly Mr. Irrelevant.
  6. You may be right, but that won't stop the Giants from taking him at 17. Over the years, plenty of 1st round QBs with red flags all over their resumes have been taken due to a team's desperation. With Eli Manning on the last year of his contract, the Giants are almost as backed into a corner the same way Buddy Nix drove us into the EJ Manuel dead end. The last 2 seasons the Giants have tried to get their QB of the future on the cheap, 1st drafting Davis Webb in the 3rd round, only to waive him after 1 season, and Kyle Lauletta in the 4th round. So far there is no indication that Lauletta can become a starter in the league. Years from now the consensus will be the Giants should have taken either Darnold or Allen with the 2nd pick of the 2018 draft. They may have picked a future HOF RB, but as the WGR parody song from years ago said "With no quarterbackin' get those bags a packin.'"
  7. I'm not surprised they're not interested in Haskins at 6, the QB of the Giants future is Daniel Jones at pick 17.
  8. Albany,n.y.

    Allen seems to want to lead this team

    Just think back to all the people who wanted him to sit the whole season. Imagine what would be the response of free agents who you were trying to sell on playing with a QB who never played a down in his rookie year. Look at what Brown said about why he didn't sign with Buffalo last year because he didn't have an idea who would be his QB in Buffalo. As Beasley said, he looked at the tape of Allen from last season. Would the free agents be taking Allen seriously as he called each up if he'd never played a down yet?
  9. Albany,n.y.

    Cole Beasley: Watch the film before bashing Josh Allen

    Allen's biggest struggles came with accuracy and touch on short-to-intermediate passes to lazy bums with hands of stone like Charles Clay and Kelvin Benjamin. Those are the types of routes where Beasley excels. The slot receiver won't be a bum this upcoming season.
  10. Albany,n.y.

    A trade down is now off the table.

    The most likely reason there won't be a trade down is because by #9 the guys that the trade up people are speculating the Bills will trade down to a team that wants them will have already been traded up for. Anyone who really wants their guy at QB and are picking below us will be trying to jump up earlier than 9th. The main reason: there are at least 5 teams ahead of us set at QB and the QB hungry teams won't be waiting until pick 9 to make their move. It's too bad the draft isn't in NYC, because I'd love to see the Giants fans reactions when they don't pick a QB at 6. They'll sit back and wait for their QB at 17-Daniel Jones.
  11. Albany,n.y.

    Golden Tate to NYG 4 yrs $37.5 Million

    It's an ORIGINAL ROUND TENDER which is a $2.025 million tender no matter what round the player was drafted. Since Coleman was a 1st rounder the tender is at 1st round compensation if signed by another team, but it's not for $4.4 million which is the 1st round tender for someone not drafted in the 1st round. Now I can forgive a fan like you on a message board not knowing this, but I got really incensed today listening to One Bills Live & hearing Chris Brown saying the tender was for $4.4 & Murphy not knowing enough to correct him.
  12. Albany,n.y.

    AJ McCarron cut by Raiders

    No surprise. He had a $3 million bonus due tomorrow & another $1.1 in guarantees that kicked in on 3/17, and a total salary after bonuses of $5 million for 2019. He was always going to be a 1 year rental for whatever team he was on in 2018. Amazing that Beane got a 3rd from Cleveland for a year of Tyrod & a 5th from Oakland for a year of McCarron.
  13. Albany,n.y.

    McCloud and Miller not feeling too happy right now

    Miller is visiting the Bengals. Meanwhile I'm totally shocked that Mills is still out there without a big free agent contract🤣
  14. Albany,n.y.

    McCloud and Miller not feeling too happy right now

    Ray Ray is lucky he can tell his grandchildren that he was once in the NFL for a whole year.
  15. Albany,n.y.

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    Nope, $2.025 million: https://www.newsday.com/sports/football/giants/corey-coleman-rfa-tender-1.28188464 Corey Coleman spent time with four different teams in 2018, but he may have found a steady home for this year. The Giants used an original-round tender on the wide receiver as a restricted free agent, a source confirmed. That lines him up for a non-guaranteed salary of $2.025 million in the 2019 season. It’s a pretty good value for the Giants, considering Coleman’s pedigree. He’s still free to negotiate with other teams as an RFA, but the Giants will have the option to match any contract offer he receives. That move is highly unlikely, given that they would receive a pick from the original round in which Coleman was selected if he signs elsewhere. In this case, that would be a first-rounder because Coleman initially was selected there by the Browns. This virtually ensures that no other team will try to sign him away and that he will be with the Giants. The price tag for a first-round tender is $4.407 million, so the Giants essentially get the same protection on Coleman for half the cost.