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  1. Nonsense! Josh Allen had the worst offense in his rookie year than any of the QBs. No OL, no WR, basically he was a one man show his rookie year miraculously winning 5 games in 11 starts & probably would have won a 6th if Peterman hadn't messed things up in Houston. Josh Allen overcame that offense. That offense brought his stats down where the people who don't watch him play questioned his NFL viability. The Bills who saw him every day never questioned his ability because they understood they gave him nothing to work with as a rookie. If he was a product of his rookie environment, wh
  2. Every time Tyrod thinks he's going to be his team's starter, they yank the ball away like Lucy does to Charlie Brown.
  3. Carson Palmer retired from the Bengals years ago & forced a trade. I doubt Aaron Rodgers has played his last NFL game.
  4. BB saw enough in Brady in camp as a rookie to keep 4 QBs in 2000 when Brady was the 4th stringer. While many teams would have waived him & tried to sneak him on the practice squad, the Pats kept him on the 53 man roster the entire season, so BB gets a lot of credit for taking Brady seriously.
  5. Singletary has been working hard this offseason. Let's see the new Devin before we think about trading him. Now as far as the Rams RB situation, I'd advise Cory Bojorquez to start practicing at RB since he's not beating out their punter.
  6. There's only person I call coach: Chuck Dickerson during his WGR days.😄 If Deion want's to be as respected a coach as Nick Saban he needs to go out & win some NCAA championships.
  7. Yes he did. In fact he hasn't taken off his Bills uniform since the day he was drafted. It gets pretty bulky in the shower but the worst part is he wears it to bed, shoulder pads & all & his girlfriend is getting really annoyed.
  8. Years ago one of my friends had a girlfriend whose brother was selling illegal jerseys. My friend got a Trent Edwards jersey & gave it to me. It's in the style of the ones in the 2000s decade. I wore it to 1 or 2 games & then the Bills cut Edwards, so I cut his name out since it was one of those with extra material for the players name. I still have it in a closet with clothes I never wear anymore. PS: I just looked at it & the funniest part is it has a tag that says "NFL Authentic"
  9. With the exception of #4 John Harbaugh, 4 of the top 5 all had future HOF QBs. The biggest key to longevity as an NFL coach is to have a great QB & don't ever get him so mad at you he wants you to leave or he wants to leave himself (See Rodgers/McCarthy; Rodgers with team management...OK, just see PO'd Rodgers every few years) As long as McDermott rides along with Josh Allen he'll keep movin' on up.
  10. Anyone going to their 1st Bills game has to go to Hammer's to see Ken Johnson (AKA Pinto Ron) get a ketchup & mustard bath. You might also get a bowling ball shot if you're into that stuff.
  11. Now we know the real reason he's the only unsigned draft choice. He signed with Carolina!
  12. In 2018 Dan Orlovsky was one of the guys who thought Josh had too many flaws including being inaccurate and he didn't think he was much of a prospect. He came on WGR a number of times & expressed his skepticism of Josh. As Josh improved he changed his mind. Same thing with Chris Trapasso who also had a low opinion of Josh in 2018 & now raves about how good he is. Orlovsky in 2018 on Josh: When the ball is snapped it's almost like, I don't know what's going on … It seems like he doesn't have a plan and a process, and to get to the NFL level and to not be able to do the l
  13. If you're talking about 1918, there was no vaccine that had already been given to millions of people that winter.
  14. Last September I posed the question whether the opt-outs were regretting their choice to opt out in 2020. Since nobody opted out this year, I wonder how many of last year's opt-outs regret sitting out 2020.
  15. That's what I thought so since you beat me to it, all I have left is the snark I was going to include in my post: Next thing we'll hear about Harry is he running around naked threatening to jump out a window.
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