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  1. No it's not. Ralph was cheap and to deny it is revisionist history-class has nothing to do with stating historical facts. You really need to get that copy of Relentless to see the many things he did that resulted in many losing seasons.
  2. Come on man! Sure you can be grateful to Ralph for keeping the team in Buffalo, but to deny he was a little tight with his money and did some very strange things as owner is just selective memory. For most of the Bills 1st 30 years Ralph was cheap and the typical cycle was the team was bad, attendance suffered, Ralph saw all the empty seats and decided he had to spend money, the team got to be pretty good, Ralph alienated the person most responsible for the team being good, the alienated guy left, the team got bad again and attendance suffered, Ralph realized he had to spend $ and hired new people, the team got good again-rinse & repeat. These are some of the things Ralph did in those 1st 30 years and then some afterwards: In the 1960s there was the whole debacle where Ralph neutered John Rauch to the point Rauch quit in preseason. OJ held out before signing that rich contract. Ralph had little choice but to pay OJ, who was the face of the franchise. The Bills became the 1st & only team in NFL history to lose a bidding war for the services of the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft to the CFL when Tom Cousineau signed with Montreal. This led to Chuck Knox being pretty angry and was the 1st thing that led to Knox's leaving after the 1982 season. Ralph never had success with head coaches in their 1st head coaching job. That's because he was too cheap and for years had coaches at the bottom of the NFL's coaching pay scale. Either the coach was a retread in need of a job or was a guy he could get away paying peanuts to. The exceptions were when the team got really bad and nobody was going to the games, then he'd spend $ for a guy like Chuck Knox. He had a lot of cheap coaches over the years. He got lucky when he hired Polian who was close to Levy, but even Levy originally came at a discounted price. When the USFL was around, he lost his starting RB Joe Cribbs and Jim Kelly because he was outbid. He only made Kelly the highest paid QB because he had to either sign Kelly or stare at 40,000 empty seats on Sundays. The Bills lost 3 years of Kelly's career because of Ralphs miserly ways. Even after the success that the 1990s Bills had, he fired Bill Polian, the unquestioned greatest GM in Bills history, because Polian didn't want to have to listen to "scout" Linda Bogdan, Ralph's daughter. Hiring Marv Levy & Buddy Nix as GMs: come on man! Yes Ralph did a lot of good, but his cheap & meddling ways led to a lot of seasons where the Bills were the NFL's laughingstock, especially in the 1st 30 years of the franchise. I'm sure if I wanted to go through the Bills history I could find a lot more examples than the few I listed. If you have the time get a copy of Relentless and read through it & then come back and tell us that Ralph wasn't cheap & didn't meddle far too much.
  3. I have great neighbors. When I was away Thanksgiving week we had almost 2 feet of snow and my next door neighbor cleared my driveway & walkway. He also had done that when I was sick in the winter of 2017-18 and couldn't clean my driveway until March 2018. My mother told that story the rest of her life and laughed about it, although at the time she was pretty mad at me for not getting their friend's name.
  4. I've got a great story about the original Mad Bomber. I grew up in the NYC metro area. Even though the Mad Bomber was caught in 1957 a lot of people in the area were still afraid of bombs years later. One of them was my mother. In 1959 my parents bought their 1st house, moving from an apt. in the Bronx to a house in Long Island. I was a 5 year old kid & was home one morning after we 1st moved in and one of their friends was on his way to work and in a hurry. He rang the bell, I answered & handed me a little gift wrapped box & said "give this to your mother" and left. I went to my mother & told her some man dropped the box off and told her what he said. I didn't recognize him as one of their friends. My mother's 1st thoughts went to the mad bomber (I don't know if she knew he was captured in 1957) and she called the police & they came over to check out the box. When they opened it they found a little figurine with a note congratulating them on their new homeownership. If you never heard of the Mad Bomber who terrorized NY, here's a link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Metesky
  5. I've been to 6 Super Bowls. Here's data from my spreadsheet updated to 2019 costs. For Super Bowl 50, I bought too soon after the prices went crazy for XLIX and if I had timed the market I could have saved $1,000-$1,500 per ticket-I bought 2 that year. All amounts are costs for 1 person/1 ticket. Year Transportation Car Rental Ticket Lodging Misc Parking Total Inflation Adj to early 2016 $ ADJ to 2019 Notes 1991 $158.00 $83.73 $1,165.00 $60.00 $50.00 $0.00 $1,516.73 1.75 $2,654.28 $2,783.81 Lodging is for 2 motel nights in Orlando, ticket is Disney Package 1992 $919.00 $0.00 $150.00 $0.00 $50.00 $0.00 $1,119.00 1.7 $1,902.30 $1,995.13 Transportation and lodging grouped, includes $779 for flight/motel 1993 $344.50 $52.08 $175.00 $64.42 $100.00 $10.00 $736.00 1.65 $1,214.40 $1,273.66 Lodging & Car Rental represents half total cost. 1994 $60.00 $0.00 $1,248.00 $0.00 $150.00 $0.00 $1,458.00 1.61 $2,347.38 $2,461.93 Ticket includes lodging & flight, transportation includes est. railroad cost to Buffalo 2014 $60.00 $0.00 $1,857.50 $114.99 $125.00 $105.00 $2,157.49 1.02 $2,200.64 $2,308.03 Transportation is for gas & tolls to drive to game 2016 $395.00 $0.00 $4,726.20 $0.00 $125.00 $20.00 $5,246.20 1 $5,246.20 $5,502.21 Parking is shuttle to & from Fremont $15,565.20 $16,324.78 Average cost $3,113.04 $3,264.96
  6. I keep track every year of Super Bowl ticket prices and in a typical year the best time to buy tickets at the lowest price is the Sunday before the game through Monday morning. After that the prices rise slightly from their low point. The one exception in recent years was Super Bowl XLVII in Arizona when the marker went crazy for the Seattle/NE game and the get in prices reached around $10,000. The tickets just kept going up all week and a lot of people who bought through "ticket brokers" never got their tickets at the promised price. That also happened in Atlanta for the Bills last Super Bowl (at much lower prices in 1994) where many Bills fans never got their tickets. Still, if the Bills make the Super Bowl I'll be looking to buy my tickets the Sunday before the game. When I checked prices earlier today, the lowest prices were down around $500 to $700 from before the championship games.
  7. Why would Brady go to the Chargers? He'd have to be Tyrod's back-up. 🤣
  8. OK, he's as qualified to play in the NFL as all the other recent 1st round busts who got to hang on a few years past their expiration dates because at one time they were good in college. He was traded for pennies on the dollar because the other NFL teams realized the odds are he's a bust after watching film of him as a rookie. The closest thing in terms of QB devaluation in recent years was GB cutting 2nd rounder Brian Brohm after 1 season & the Bills eventually signing him off GB's practice squad months after he cleared waivers. Back when the Bills signed Brohm there were plenty of guys like you who said "I saw him play in college" and others saying "he was projected as a high 1st rounder" and proclaimed him to be a steal for the Bills. I warned them that QBs are treated like gold among GMs and for any prospect to flame out that quickly where you're getting him for pennies on the dollar is a very bad sign. They all know now they were wrong about Brohm as you are about Rosen. Face it, once they have NFL film on these QBs, NFL GMs by their actions know more than any of us on a message board. You haven't faced the fact that no matter how he was treated, Rosen was always going to bust. Almost every GM has that figured out by now.
  9. You lost me at the stat thing. When you watch Rosen & Allen play there's a world of difference that stats don't reflect. Keep relying on stats & you'll never understand a game that needs to be seen to be understood. That's why the coaches & players review film instead of burying their heads in a bunch of stat sheets. After seeing film of Rosen vs NFL talent, there was very little demand for Rosen in the trade market, reflected by the fact Miami traded down before trading for Rosen knowing that they were getting back a similar pick, one year removed, to the pick they were giving up for Rosen, making the trade low-risk. Rosen has pocketed money for a job he is not qualified to have. If getting millions for lack of production is getting the shaft, you & I have a different opinion on what that means.
  10. If you read the post you commented on you would know I stated that his teammates in Arizona, who do know him, never said he had a me me me attitude. Since none of the posters, you & I included know what he is like with teammates, the most reliable sources are the guys he actually played with.
  11. I don't buy the attitude stuff. When he was drafted he said the 9 prior teams in the draft were wrong. That wasn't a me me me attitude-there were never any teammates in Arizona who said that about him. Successful athletes are pretty confident in their abilities. Nobody said Brady had a me me me attitude when as a 6th round rookie he told the owner of the team that drafting him was the best decision NE ever made (or words to that effect) He probably will be out of football soon-not because of attitude, just lacked the talent.
  12. There are countless posts in the ashes of message boards where the poster says "I saw him play in college" & "he was screwed" when the true reason the guy flamed out in the NFL is simply he isn't good enough to perform at the next level. Most of the guys he's playing against in college will only get in a NFL game with a ticket. Heisman trophy winners like Leinart, #1 picks like Tim Couch, etc they all couldn't cut it at the next level because they lacked the talent to advance at the next level. Rosen is in the same boat. He wasn't screwed. Arizona spotted that he lacked the goods and was able to get something back, but the lack of interest as pointed out in an earlier post that mentioned Miami was able to trade down & still get him shows the league was on to him. Miami will get little or nothing when they drop him. 1)He lacks the talent to play in the NFL, it's that simple 2) He definitely wasn't screwed-he made millions while lacking the ability to be a NFL QB.
  13. The Mets should fire Beltran today. The Red Sox should fire Cora today. These bums have no business being MLB managers.
  14. Of the under the radar Bills free agents, I'd give Waddle another 1 or 2 year deal at a similar salary as he was paid in 2019. Reasonably priced competition at RT.
  15. Go watch his 60 Minutes interview and then I dare you to question his intelligence.
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