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  1. It goes deeper than just the wife beating. Kelly never has been arrested, Moon has. I also don't like Moon for another reason-he claims he signed with the CFL because he didn't see an opportunity for a black QB in the NFL and signed before the NFL even had their draft that year. That was the same year Doug Williams was drafted in the 1st round of the NFL draft. Moon is playing loose with the truth, otherwise Williams wouldn't have been a 1st round pick. Now there wasn't the acceptance of minority QBs when Moon came out of college like there is today, but Moon's story is an exaggeration of the situation.
  2. There hasn't been a league that considered itself major league since the USFL. Ralph was cheap, scrimping on coaches, GMs, players and scouts. I wouldn't be surprised if he underpaid the waterboy. I don't know how old you are, but we old timers saw Ralph being cheap time after time driving away good coaches (best example Chuck Knox) and hiring inept coaches on the cheap like Kay Stephenson & Hank Bullough, and who among us old timers can forget him forcing Harvey Johnson to coach twice, the 2nd time after the John Rauch debacle in 1971 where he quit after disparaging former players on WBEN 4 days before camp opened and after Ralph said he was going public to defend the 2 former Bills (McDole & Maguire) Rauch quit 5 days after camp opened. There were many seasons where Ralph's Bills were the laughingstock of the NFL mainly due to Ralph's antics. I have no animosity towards Ralph, but he was cheap and at times a control freak whose bad decisions led to many a losing season. I remember the days when the Bills went like this. The team would be good, attendance would be good. Ralph would do something to screw it up, attendance would drop to an embarrassing level. Ralph would then spend money to get people back in the stadium. Ralph would get complacent, again do something to screw it up, and attendance would drop. Rinse & Repeat. I lived a mile & a half from the stadium in 1977. I walked to the 1st 2 games. I didn't go to another one the rest of the season. I was not alone, I would drive past the stadium on Gameday Sundays to go to a laundromat in Hamburg & there were a ton of empty seats I could see from the road as I drove by. After that year he hired Chuck Knox to get people to come back & build a winner. After he alienated Knox & he left the same nonsense happened again in the early-mid 1980s. Finally he lucked out & got a young Bill Polian who brought his mentor Marv Levy to coach & they finally had a powerful team. Eventually he fired Polian, mainly because Polian didn't want advice from Ralph's Daughter & said nasty things about her. You can't lose players to another league if there's no competition, so you have to go back 35-40 years. The CFL gave up on signing top USA college players long ago, gone are the days when they competed. Before Cousineau there was Johnny Rodgers in the early 70s, but only Cousineau was the #1 overall pick to sign with the CFL. One of the few players to jump to the CFL as a veteran was Vince Ferragamo. The CFL competing ended in the 90s with the last major signee from an American college being Rocket Ismail. By 2001 the CFL had stopped competing, so your last sentence wasn't possible anymore. A more recent example of the Bills lowballing a player and him wanting out was Jason Peters. In a league where franchise LTs are like gold, the Bills wouldn't pay him his worth and he forced a trade right when he was entering his prime.
  3. I can think of only 2 other 1st round picks (Gary Anderson & Keith Millard) who signed with the USFL. So 3 players in 3 years the USFL existed is kind of unique. One of the reasons it was so hard to lose a 1st rounder to the USFL was because the draft was in the middle of the USFL season. Of the 3, only Anderson played the same USFL season he was drafted, and he missed half the season, the other 2 lost a full season by having to wait to play the year after they were drafted (Kelly 1983 draft, 1st USFL season 1984; Millard 1984 draft, 1st USFL season 1985)). For the most part, the big name rookies who signed with the USFL signed before the NFL draft & were not 1st round picks due to their contract status. Eventually the NFL had a supplemental draft of USFL players who had signed with the USFL & were not drafted as a result of their USFL commitment. Unfortunately it came at the wrong time for the Bills because it was held in June 1984 after the 1983 season and the Bills hadn't bottomed out, so we were 14th & ended up drafting Dwight Drane , Daryl Hart, & Don Corbin in the 3 round draft. The top 4 picks were Steve Young, Mike Rozier, Gary Zimmerman & Reggie White.
  4. 4 of the 5 are in the top 6 picks. Burns was pick 16. My guess is Burns heard they are scrimmaging against the Bills early on & doesn't want to be embarrassed and will sign as soon as the scrimmages are done. They didn't hold out, they just went to other leagues when Ralph was the owner. Cousineau is still the only #1 pick in the NFL draft to sign with the CFL & we lost Kelly for 3 NFL seasons.
  5. Outside the stadium at Super Bowl XXVII Petrino & I met former Bill Brent Griffith who was on the 1990 AFC champ Bills & got a ring for it. We took a photo with him among the many photos we took that day. Eventually that AFC championship ring got him in a lot of trouble. He once claimed the ring was stolen & cashed a check from his insurance company. After he & his wife split up, his ex ratted him out to the authorities telling them he still had the ring. https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/4339199-ex-professional-football-player-sentenced-insurance-fraud-west-central-minnesota A former professional football player recently pleaded guilty in Swift County District Court to felony insurance fraud involving a championship ring he had allegedly reported as stolen. Brent Dwayne Griffith, 51, of Sartell, formerly of Benson, was sentenced to serve two days in the Swift County Jail, followed by five years of unsupervised probation. He also was ordered by Judge Rodney Hanson to pay $4,805 in restitution to the Swift County court administration, plus fines and fees totaling $590. The judge granted him a stay of adjudication, meaning no conviction will appear on his record if he successfully completes all the terms of his sentence. According to the criminal complaint, Griffith filed an insurance claim in 2013, alleging the theft of an AFC title ring. The ring, which he won in 1990 while playing a season as an offensive lineman with the Buffalo Bills, was covered under his homeowner's policy. The following year, after he and his then-wife had split up, his wife notified the insurer that he in fact still had the ring and that he had cashed a check for a $4,780 insurance settlement without her knowledge. At that point the case was turned over to the Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau for investigation, resulting in the filing of a criminal charge of insurance fraud this past summer.
  6. There's a guy in my town* that thinks Josh Allen will lead the Bills to multiple Super Bowl championships & end up in the Hall of Fame. * Call me a homer-the guy is me.
  7. That's why I can't stand Warren Moon & didn't like him getting elected to the HOF. PS: Be prepared to be sick again because Chapman is going to get another World Series ring.
  8. The Dolphins Super Bowl window is this season. As the host team ownership can look out the window of their box and watch The AFC & NFC Champs playing each other in the Super Bowl with the realization their own team is light years away from being competitive against either one. The author is sucking up to the Dolphins in hopes of getting a good view on Super Bowl Sunday.
  9. There are some sites on the internet that you can find with a search. Here's an example of 1, they charge about $20. https://www.valuemystuff.com/us/home
  10. Memories of last year's offensive line. Rumors are that the 2nd sentence was Jordan Mills' exact words after the 1st Peterman debacle in Los Angeles.
  11. Have you ever checked the value of those tickets? Back then they ripped all the tickets when someone entered at the gate. They're so rare as a full ticket they might be worth a fortune.
  12. Nun of the above. That means neither has a prayer.
  13. Unless Brown, Foster or Roberts goes down with a pretty long term injury, he has virtually no chance of making the team. There's probably a place for him somewhere in the NFL, but not in Buffalo. Otherwise Beane wouldn't have signed 3 free agent WRs, 2 of them directly replacing what McKenzie did last year-speed receiver & return man. Ray-Ray is probably in the same boat, but of the 2 he's less likely to be claimed on waivers & can be put on the practice squad.
  14. Sounds more like it came from patriots.com started by BB trying to get his hands on our best receiver from last season.
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