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  1. I agree except for one factor: If Houston hires an unqualified white guy Stephen A Smith's head will explode and he'll go ballistic on the air. It might be worth the trouble just to see Smith's reaction. A few years ago he was going nuts because Jeff Fisher kept getting retained as a head coach in the NFL while qualified black candidates were overlooked. I am biased against Smith because he once snubbed my nephew at a Warriors game when they were sitting in the same row and my nephew said hello to him. Like we were when Buddy Nix was GM & the best he could do was get Chan Gailey
  2. They can't fake a kick & have Bass throw a TD. It was going to be the Bills secret play this week & now it's out the window.
  3. You're living in a world about 20 years ago. In a lot of places you can't get a decent seat for $100. You make Ralph look like a free spender.
  4. I believe he & Josh Rosen are both a total waste of a team's time. When a 1st round QB is waived before his 3rd season there's no way he turns it around. These guys get cut for a reason. You can even extend this to 2nd round QBs. Recent examples are Christian Hackenberg who the Jets wouldn't allow on the field his 2 seasons there and Brian Brohm who was waved before his 2nd season & Russ Brandon picked him off the Packers practice squad, wasting the time of Bills coaches, players & fans.
  5. I don't know what they are now but the most recent Super Bowls I went to were XLVIII & 50. For SB 50 I was in the cheapest seats & the face value was $850. For XLVIII I was in the 2nd cheapest seat & face was $1,000.
  6. I checked the link and was able to dummy in an order to see their service fee. It turned out to be 18%, so the tickets listed for $5,950 have a $1,071 service fee for a total price of $7,021 per seat.
  7. We're both wrong. We traded up not the Rams. Pick 91 was traded to the Rams for us to move up for Zay Jones but as part of the deal we got pick 149 which was part of the Dawkins trade up.
  8. Dion Dawkins had nothing to do with the Mahomes trade. The pick they used from the trade to move up in the 2nd round was used to select Zay Jones. So the trade really looks like this: Bills trade pick 10 of 2017 draft (Mahomes) to KC & 2018 3rd rounder Bills for got Tyrod Taylor to Baltimore for White, pick used to trade up for Zay Jones who was traded for pick 145 of the 2021 draft, Edmunds & Neal. Basically: Bills trade Mahomes & Taylor Bills get White, Edmunds, Neal & pick 145 of this year's draft.
  9. I think it's a great idea. Since Cuomo will likely nix any parade in Buffalo, KC is letting us have the parade there. The best part should be the peaceful transfer of power from Patrick Mahomes to Josh Allen as the face of the NFL. They may even bring in Jake from State Farm.
  10. Stubhub is around $10,000 a ticket after fees. NFL On Location is $5,950 before fees. Typical fees can range from 15% to 25%, so even at 15% the NFL On Location is close to $7,000. The unknown variable is the amount of tickets for sale. Both Stubhub & NFL On Location will refund your $ if they limit the number of seats below what is anticipated & they can't sell you a ticket. Beware of less reputable sellers. I can't get my 1st Covid shot until March, so I won't be going. If this was a Covid free year in a full stadium I'd go. I went to all 4 Bills SBs in the 1990s
  11. I went to 3 of the 4 AFC Championship games (the January 1993 game was the only one not at our stadium) and the 4 Super Bowls. I expected us to win the AFC every time, but before & after the 4th straight I figured the run was over. I remember going to the game & telling my friend who I went to the game with to savor it because it's probably the last one. I never expected that 27 years later there still hasn't been another AFC championship game in OP and it would take this long to get back to the AFC championship game. Highlights of confidence: For the 1st one vs the Rai
  12. He's not eligible to play until next season: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/19/mark-ingram-robert-griffin-iii-wont-be-eligible-to-play-for-another-team-until-2021-season/ With the Ravens waiving running back Mark Ingram on Tuesday and quarterback Robert Griffin III on Monday, some have wondered whether either player could be claimed by one of the remaining playoff teams. The answer is no. Teams can waive players now. However, the waiver claims aren’t processed until after the Super Bowl.
  13. Per a report out of KC that was just reported on WGR. So if this report is correct Mahomes will be playing on Sunday. No links yet.
  14. I've never liked QB stats of any kind. There are just too many variables that take place on the field to properly judge a QB by any type of rating. I'll just give one example: Two teams, one has a bruiser RB, the other has a great TE. Team 1 drives down the field and in goal to go situations gives it to the RB to score TDs. Team 2 passes to their TE for their goal to go TDs. Both teams score a lot, but team 2's QB has a better rating because he throws a lot more TD passes than team 1's QB even though they may be equal in driving the ball down the field and both give their team an equal ch
  15. If it's against KC next week someone has to dust off the sign that was at the Rockpile for the AFL championship before the 1st Super Bowl "Bills in Super Bowl, Chiefs in Soup Bowl". Hopefully with a different ending this time.
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