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  1. I'd take Tyrod over Tua to hold down the fort. Tyrod should be getting close to returning.
  2. Would you take Tua if you were Houston's GM? I wouldn't. If Houston takes Tua, their GM is worse than O'Brien
  3. There's no such thing as a perfect drafting GM. HOFer Bill Polian, who was GM from 1986-1992 had the following high draft choices during his time as Bills GM: 1st round: Ronnie Harmon 2nd round: Roland Mitchell, James Patton 3rd round: Leonard Burton, David Brandon, Bernard Ford, Darryl Wren
  4. It's one play in a game the Ravens won by 34-6 & controlled the entire 60 minutes. You are so clueless there's no point in responding to any of your stupid posts after this response.
  5. Then you are clueless. The gameplan was to run against the Chargers weak run defense, Baltimore ran for 187 yards including 51 by Lamar Jackson. He had no need to throw for big yardage. He hit 70% of his passes. They scored 34 points. Go take your lame use of stats to try to prove a ridiculous point because you don't like Jackson for whatever lame reason you have and learn how to watch football because it's pretty obvious you have no clue what you're watching.
  6. This post is what happens when someone looks at stats instead of watching the game. Stats are for losers! Anyone who watched the games Lamar Jackson played in knows that the above post is ridiculously stupid.
  7. Taking the wrong QB in the 1st round is extremely costly. It usually means the coach loses his job. The team that makes the right choice usually goes on to be a Super Bowl contender while the team making the wrong choice ends up in contention for a top 10 draft choice. There are a lot of examples where a team picked a QB in the 1st round & the team that picked the next available QB got the franchise QB while the 1st team drafted a mediocrity or a bust. The two you mentioned are prime examples. The LAC are way ahead of Miami & the Bills are on a different planet than the grounded Jets. Add Chicago to the scrap heap (the team owned by Aaron Rodgers) who picked our own Mitch Trubisky & the next QB taken in that draft was KC's Mahomes.
  8. McDermott's 2nd season was all about developing Josh Allen. The record was irrelevant. Flores isn't developing anyone & the owner wants Watson, not Tua if Watson remains a free man in 2022. If Miami wins 4 or fewer games he & the GM will be out on the street.
  9. That was after he padded his stats on the game tying drive. Going into that drive his completion % was in the 30s. That's Gary Marangi territory. Baker is nowhere near that. Right now Josh & Lamar are pretty close as the top guys with Baker way behind & Darnold in a different time zone. When I was watching Carolina on the bonus coverage on Fox after the Giants game ended all I could think of is with every down Carolina is regretting giving Darnold that 5th year option which is guaranteed & will hurt their cap next year. Basically they're stuck with a bad QB. The only good thing about Darnold is he's not Josh Rosen level of bad.
  10. Combine that with tossing water on someone earlier this season. It seems like every week he's doing something stupid that says "Look at me!"
  11. I think the kid's problem is a massive inferiority complex. His father is a former MLB player. His brother is one of the NFLs top players & he's JAG. I wouldn't be surprised if Patrick has constantly put him down & he is acting out. One of my college roomates ended up being a big TV executive. He would always put down his brother calling him No Personality among other put downs. I lost track of him before he became semi-famous so I don't know how his brother handled his success, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of animosity between them.
  12. Jacksonville sports headline: Wright On The Money
  13. The best line I heard this morning on the radio regarding the Jaguars game: They only time I've heard the name Josh Allen this morning is in a preview of the Bills/Titans game tomorrow night.
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