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  1. He got a C grade in the Athletic, 26th of the 31 grades. He had the lowest grade of the defense. The final 5 lower grades were all on the O-line.
  2. It said they were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. That's not the same as OK. They didn't just walk out of the car & call an Uber and go home.
  3. Posted speed limit is 45 MPH, he was probably close to double that to flip a car over multiple times.
  4. Ok, lets trade McDermott to Denver for Nate Hackett so all the whiners can see what a bad coach is really like.
  5. I'm not betting the game, but if I was I'd stay away from any point spread & just bet the over 54.5.
  6. Try this: https://mytuner-radio.com/radio/wgr-550-sports-radio-404063/
  7. This was Diggs after the game looking at Josh while Josh & Cousins were meeting
  8. Some of you seem to have forgotten the original question which was referring to people who stand THE ENTIRE GAME. Nobody is saying you have to be seated for 3 hours straight. Nothing-read my reply above
  9. The player isn't at bat if he just hit a homerun, he's running around the bases & no one is in the batter's box.
  10. Considering New Era dropped its naming rights & the stadium is now called Highmark, why would anyone care?
  11. I was so sold on Josh after that game I went to the mall & bought his jersey. I had to buy it in a small store because Dick's didn't have any Bills stuff back in 2018 in Albany. The main thing I look for in a rookie QB is flashes of brilliance. I saw that in Josh that game & went all in.
  12. I've been to SF Giants baseball games & you can't even return to your seat and obstruct the other fans views going back to your seat when a player is at bat. They have no problem enforcing it.
  13. I'm too old to stand for a whole game (except for time outs when I was able to sit for a couple of minutes) like I had to do on opening day last season. As a result, I'm only going to go to future Bills home games if I can get 1st row seats in the club level endzone or upper deck. I'm going to 2 Bills road games this year & no home games. If the Bills can have a family section, they should also consider a no standing section too.
  14. The only stat I care about for Diggs is that he is credited with scoring the TD that seals the Super Bowl win. Catches, yards & TDs won't mean a lot without a championship in February.
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