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  1. Take a screen shot so you can show everyone how right your hot take was.
  2. He has competition in Vancouver for that honor. I worry about the Sabres long term prospects if attendance doesn't pick up. Economic hardship is a real factor but there are half a dozen cities an NHL team could thrive in. I never take either the Bills or Sabres for granted staying in WNY. What's it like for Canadians crossing the border for games these days? The Sabres rely on that Canadian fanbase even more than the Bills. They need fans from the Niagara Peninsula to cross and go to games, especially midweek.
  3. I can't get into arena ball. Too much like shooting fish in a barrel. TDs come like buckets in the NBA. The sport just doesn't translate well to a hockey rink. At least with the XFL and USFL it's still four-down football and a handful of players get a shot at the NFL. I could see a spring outdoor team in Buffalo. People love to tailgate. Keep ticket prices reasonable and I could see 15-20K attendance, which would be terrific for spring ball.
  4. I'd rather have a USFL/XFL spring team than an Arena franchise. That said I don't think Buffalo can handle any more sports teams. We barely support what we have.
  5. Honestly he should have hung it up 25 years ago. I saw him live then and he was dreadful. Just dragging himself around the stage.
  6. 2023 football schedule release although conference game dates and times still TBA. Also UB adds a new home/home series with the U of Louisiana. Except the return home date is in 2030!
  7. Coach Mo gets guys with stars next to their names.
  8. I guess the Niners win clean house now, seeing how unprepared and poorly put togethertheir team looked today.
  9. How much did you put on the game? Curious
  10. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-buffalo-well-regarded-maurice-linguist-adding-defensive-staffer-from-pitt
  11. USFL will play in 4 locations this year, with two teams based at each location: Birmingham Stallions and New Orleans Breakers - Birmingham Memphis Showboats and Houston Gamblers - Memphis Pittsburgh Maulers and New Jersey Generals - Canton, OH Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars - no official location yet (Rumor is Detroit) https://www.theusfl.com/the-usfl/canton-ohio-to-host-usfl-games-during-2023-regular-season
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