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  1. They have been pretty good, though the last Rangers game was their worst effort of the year. Ullmark single-handedly stole that point. The most disappointing player so far has been Eichel. Could be lingering injury or not having a full camp. But he's been very meh this year. I'm hoping the good play isn't another early season mirage like the last few seasons.
  2. I'm say this. No other elite QB has to put up with this nonsense more than Josh.
  3. These signings don't really mean much in the end but it's nice that C-Wade is going to be at camp next year.
  4. Agree. KC took away everything the Bills did well. Utter domination on both sides.
  5. What I took was the Chiefs figured out the Bills game plan so well McDermott was afraid to leave points on the field. He didn't trust anything the Bills could have done on 4th down. Mahomes and company scoring was not a surprise. KC's defense essentially erasing the Bills offense was.
  6. The problem is his blocking. I get no one like those big sacks but I'm not clear on what Josh is supposed to do once he's wrapped up? Throw it away? That's a grounding call.
  7. Working. I have two high school hockey game broadcasts to call today and Sunday. Luckily will be done by 6pm tomorrow.
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