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  1. I think there are way more "low-information" NFL fans that only know the biggest stars and "root" for them accordingly. The Chargers have a message board?
  2. I missed all that because I decided to sync the Murph & Tasker call to my TV.
  3. The worst I do now is startle my sleeping dogs.
  4. Kaare Vedvik would be the ideal PS kicker since he can place kick AND punt. Poorly, but he does both.
  5. Announcers are aware of who fans tune in for. They are not going to take a dump on an NFL marquee attraction, even when deserved.
  6. https://buffalonews.com/sports/college/lebron-james-barry-sanders-take-note-of-jaret-pattersons-eight-touchdown-game-for-ub/article_75f237c6-325c-11eb-9545-8bb291cf8b07.html
  7. They did. They matched right down the field and punched it in. 5 minutes later I'm seeing tweets about the Bills 3Q issues.
  8. Funny how high expectations have become. We're only three years removed the Drought.
  9. UB up to #27 in the AP Poll. https://collegepolltracker.com/football/2020/week-13
  10. Brady actually shook Mahomes hand after losing. We have a breakthrough.
  11. And fortunately we didn't hear his name tied to some blown coverage resulting in a big gain.
  12. How does a team with that much talent win only 3 games? Head coach suck?
  13. When your team essentially gives up a hail Mary in back to back games, you need to work on something.
  14. If UB defeats Ohio next Saturday (3:30pm on CBSSN) they will clinch the MAC East and a berth in the MAC Championship. The likely West winner appears to be Western Michigan.
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