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  1. I do that when I don't know a lot of the music by a band. I'm weird. I'll go see bands I don't know.
  2. Indoor lacrosse is basically "the Purge" of sports. I have no idea what constitutes a penalty because you can do pretty much anything to an opponent with your stick. Bandits also were up 1-0 last year and lost the last two to this same Colorado team. But this year game 3 is back in Buffalo. We barely beat the Mammoth last night.
  3. Hmmmmm...Mac Jones or Josh Allen?
  4. Price reported as seven figures over multiple years.
  5. If you want to see a future Sabres stud make his pro debut tonight at 7pm make sure you're watching MSG. Amerks at Hershey Bears Game 2. Amerks up 1-0 in the series.
  6. The regular season is just the warm up for the playoffs. Panthers learned their lesson. You don't blow your wad on the President's Trophy.
  7. It grew on me. Reminiscent of traditional soccer football names.
  8. It's exactly what it reminded of. "Tom Brady, he ain't that good..." Same with the Dolphins. They already won the AFC East. Haven't you heard? I hope the Bills absorb all the disrespect. I never liked all the happy talk about being Super Bowl favorites. This team plays better when they are overlooked.
  9. Overpaid when he and most of the team was suffering from coaching malpractice, or the last two years? If you are referring to his last two Sabres seasons I don't think you fully recognize his contributions. He's the leader of this team.
  10. Listened to Boston sports radio today and they were taking about 11-6, beating the Bills twice and winning the AFC East. Talk about hopium.
  11. Yeah, I'm part of that group. In fact I got them to settle on Billy's when we were going in circles trying to pick a HQ bar. They give us our own room with the sound up. This year will be hard because the Bills will be on so many national games. Obviously attendance is better when the games aren't on.
  12. Scored 14 seconds into the game. Up 4-0 after 27 minutes. Hershey tried to intimidate Rochester by being physical. Unfortunately the Amerks can skate twice as fast and shoot better.
  13. They need the best they can find since they will be punting a lot this year.
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