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  1. How many of those STH'ers were there during the playoff drought?
  2. Let's not overlook the Bills get a significant cut from NFL TicketEchange sales.
  3. The talk of the NBA now is where will Giannis play next. Anytime someone good is in a minor market, all they talk about is which elite franchise will get them.
  4. Watch how the Sabres are getting built. Same formula. High character players top to bottom. Play to their strengths instead of fitting into systems. Mistakes are learning moments.
  5. Let's wait until the PSL prices are announced before declaring then unreasonable. The survey was just that, a survey. That said, if you really think that local Bills fans shouldn't pay for PSLs or more expensive tickets, are you saying we can't support an NFL team? Because it sounds that way. Let's be real here. We have a lot of trouble selling out games in winter. Even our freezing cold playoff game was iffy. Which makes me bang my head all the more when the owner insists no dome. I would gladly give up some fancy bells and whistles for a roof that guarantees perfect conditions for every game. We would absolutely sell more tickets.
  6. PSLs offend you but so does getting tax money? PSL are like a user tax on the people who actually will use the stadium and it reduces, a bit, the taxpayer portion. In a perfect world the owner buys his own stadium, but in a perfect world Buffalo would be a high tech hub with a population of over 3 million and home to a dozen Fortune 500 companies.
  7. Letting stuff back in your head is how you let it happen again. Obviously that's what the players have to do, but I think when you have an entire fanbase thinking like that it's bad juju.
  8. I don't think that. I believe they will be awful. They got worse from last year. We'll see, I guess.
  9. Prediction: When Ryan is ready to retire, he'll sign a one-day contract with the Bills
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