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  1. Dorsey might have been a scapegoat, but Brady is a lot better
  2. https://www.audacy.com/stations/wgr550 You can listen as long as you are on computer. Not a phone.
  3. What's his legacy now? People are screaming he should sell. He might not move the teams but he could cash out. If I heard what a s####y owner I was every day and how I ought to sell the team, I'd think about it.
  4. The $850MM repayment clause isn't the massive obstacle it's touted to be. Also do you think that clause will hold in court? The NFL has the ultimate say where its franchises play. They can revoke the Bills franchise and create a new expansion team if they wanted to.
  5. Perfect example here. The insinuation is Terry Pegula personally hired Ralph Krueger, when it was his GM Jason Boterill who brought him in. Yes, Terry probably had to bless the hire, but no doubt he put his trust in his GM when he did. What do we all say? We don't want a meddling owner, right? If you can cite specific example of how Terry Pegula interfered with team operations, other than to sign off on his manager's decisions, then we have something to talk about. If you're case is "well he's the owner and he's ultimately responsible" then please STFU. And never forget the only reason you have either team still in Buffalo to B word about is Terry.
  6. Article or not, I have to imagine McDermott will be judged how this last stretch plays out.
  7. Name a major sports franchise that tolerates anyone making the team look bad? This isn't a government body where access is a right.
  8. The $850 million penalty is not that much of an obstacle to anyone wanting to buy the Bills and move them. What are the Bills worth now? $4 billion? An NFL franchise in Toronto is probably worth $6-7 billion. You buy for $4B and pay $1B in penalty. $5B will seem like a bargain.
  9. Looks wet in there. So when is the virtual reality seat choosing extravaganza they promised would happen this year?
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