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  1. That's what people do when those in charge of enforcing the rules don't. Goodell's handling of the Patriots is a joke. So the Patriots deserve all the ridicule we give them.
  2. Seriously, why give the Pats a pass? The Pats did at least what the Astros did...over 20 years. They deserve scorn
  3. Just look at how many ex-AAF players are in the NFL. Players fall through the cracks and leagues like this are another shot at the golden ticket.
  4. Three years of the same coaching hierarchy in Buffalo? That's unheard of!
  5. Absolutely, if legitimate. But how do you hold the team responsible for an apparently unique event?
  6. Yes, that's Belichick's M.O. Having no clue what happening around the team.
  7. Because he pushed Goodell to do it. They were ready to gently slap his wrist for his deflated balls, but he decided to, literally, make a federal case of it.
  8. Another off-the-wall question is will the NFL come down hard on the Patriots and Belichick after being shamed by MLB's response to the Houston Astros and Alex Cora. It's going to be really hard arguing that the two sign stealing operations are apples and oranges. Will the Hoodie walk gracefully into retirement after knowing he's looking at a year's suspension?
  9. He's on Bills Facebook Live with Maddie Glab right now.
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