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  1. Matt Barkley replaces AJ McCarron for Bengals

    Barkley was a Bill for about 5 minutes.
  2. Women's NCAA #11 UB vs #3 Florida St. 3/19 6:30PM

    Round of 32 game vs #3 seed Florida State (on their home court) Monday 6:30pm on one of the ESPN channels. (Definitely on WatchESPN.)
  3. Do you think our GM & HC are CRAZY!!!

    I'll tell you who's crazy. That Robert Woods. Dude is crazy!
  4. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    I don't know if anyone is getting by Kentucky.
  5. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    Cut it to 6. Keep it up.
  6. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    That are still in it. UK couldn't shake them fully. Have to get their shot back this half.
  7. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    The football team might be very good this year too.
  8. The Mighty McCarron

    All I will say is you can't be a complete bum if you've won two national titles
  9. Women's NCAA #11 UB vs #3 Florida St. 3/19 6:30PM

    102-79. Bulls advance. Also the first tournament win in program history.
  10. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    Call Mike Ditka to negotiate.
  11. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    Or the Giants were saying F U to their crosstown rivals.
  12. I'm not a draft geek but I know some of you are. So who are the players who won't get drafted who need to come to camp? The small school studs? Who is the next Da'Rick Rogers?
  13. I know. Who cares about women's ball? Still, UB has to two teams dancing. This game starts around 1pm and can be seen on ESPN2 or WatchESPN. If you live in WNY, ESPN2 will have continuous coverage. Outside it will be like RedZone channel with multiple games at once. But WatchESPN will have the individual games. UB women have been as high as 14 in RPI this season and have received some Top 25 votes in polls. #UBHornsUp
  14. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    I don't. In fact I'm happy these elite programs are getting exposed. The ugly truth is there is more parity in college basketball now with the best players heading off to the NBA sooner. It's not like football where Alabama is always going to get the best 44 players. In college basketball even a UMBC can put together a competitive team. That's why the NCAA are loathe to add more smaller schools to its tournament.
  15. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    ESPN reports that all 17.3 million bracket challenge entries have crapped the bed...in just the first 4 days.