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  1. PromoTheRobot

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    Next year make our draft picks wear styrofoam chicken wings on their heads.
  2. PromoTheRobot

    It's Wings vs Plates in June

  3. PromoTheRobot

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Well I'm sure you must be proud of how the current administration is doing fighting graft and corruption. Also, as a reminder, that former first lady was also a senator and a secretary of state. I know, it's not much. Certainly nothing like being a game show host and crooked developer. One last thing, just so I'm clear. Is it only mob rule when the side you support loses?
  4. PromoTheRobot

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Nice try. Actually the Electoral College was supposed to be a stop gap against the public voting for someone who was entirely unqualified for the presidency. Obviously that failed.
  5. PromoTheRobot

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Hey, I'm not the one crying about it. Just pointing out the fact. If anyone is still crying about it, it's the Orange Emporer.
  6. PromoTheRobot

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Lol! Effin' brilliant. Yes, elections won by the majority are tantamount to tyranny!
  7. PromoTheRobot

    Incognito's Retirement?

    Mostly drama-free, anyway.
  8. 2025....BUFFALO! (Well at least the Draft, maybe.)
  9. PromoTheRobot

    Incognito's Retirement?

    Depends. If I work for Joe's Garage, then probably. Anything larger, unlikely.
  10. PromoTheRobot

    Incognito's Retirement?

    How would he get their personal phone number?
  11. PromoTheRobot

    Incognito's Retirement?

    Agreed. I don't get why we just cut him loose? Are there cap ramifications?
  12. PromoTheRobot

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Well, for one thing, that's where 80% of Americans live. Urban areas. What do you have against majority rule?
  13. PromoTheRobot

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Well she did get 3 million more votes.
  14. PromoTheRobot

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    Yeah, NOW it's a team sport. But it was Tyrod's fault when the Bills were top 7 in scoring and the defense couldn't stop a nosebleed in 2016. Actually two games over .500, a.k.a. a winning record.
  15. PromoTheRobot

    COMEBACKSZN Manziel is back!

    https://www.thespec.com/opinion-story/8620420-to-succeed-johnny-manziel-must-fully-embrace-his-cfl-reality/ Column from the Hamilton Spectator. Manziel's success depends on how seriously he embraces the CFL. Frankly, I'm betting the under.