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  1. You're probably not living paycheck-to-paycheck. It's for people who don't have good enough credit. You buy something but the store keeps it and you pay installments until it's paid in full. Then you get it. The poor man's credit card.
  2. And now that they are in decline, they need that extra edge. Glad they got caught this week instead of next. They are repeat offenders and Goodell should drop the hammer on them for once, but he won't. That's how far they have fallen.
  3. Wasn't the play clock at zero before they snapped it?
  4. He knows all the cool magic tricks, like making a Super Bowl ring disappear.
  5. Ten bucks says that he-who-shall-go-unnamed will publicly state how unfair this is for Russia.
  6. Not football, but congrats to the UB men's basketball team for their big win over DePaul Sunday.
  7. I wasn't aware Allen had a poor performance. He looked like a QB that had no blocking at all.
  8. Yes. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with your screen name
  9. Seriously? I thought there Ravens were the best we've played. To my eye.
  10. Children denied their candy.
  11. So now what. Do the Bills control their destiny?
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