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  1. Now turn that argument around to the other 31 teams. It's only preseason. How do we know for sure those teams are any good? Because of last year? What if all the reasons those teams were good last year changed this year? Football is more than a Madden score. Part of my optimism is schedule based. We do not have a very difficult schedule. Rather than worry about where the Bills rank in the whole NFL, just think about where we rank versus the teams we will play.
  2. It's a great sport to play. Power and finesse. A fantastic workout. It's hard to find local tennis clubs that offer Badminton hours but it's worth trying it.
  3. Because Schopp, like The Bulldog and Howard Simon, are legacy sports talk hosts in Buffalo. They're there because they're always there. (In a word, inertia.)
  4. Preseason throws are the same as regular season and playoff throws. Is Josh making his throws? Don't overthink it.
  5. He's 42 years old. Plus Gronk's replacement is 38.,..and suspended for 4 games. Just saying. #BetTheUnder
  6. What Gunner said, except we are taking one from the Patriots and one of either the Ravens, Steelers or Cowboys. 12-4 and AFC East champs.
  7. Anybody who is willing to generate content "just for the experience and exposure." I stopped at FanDuel Sportsbook (Meadowlands) yesterday and put money on the Bills making the playoffs (+400,) and winning the Super Bowl. (+8000. Why not?) The more crap about Allen and the Bills gets out there, the better the payouts become, so bring it on.
  8. Jeremy has a real gold mine between his legs if he ever decided to market that nuclear manseed.
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