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  1. If you listened to the Bills postgame show yesterday, they ran ads for how wonderful and awesome a new Bills stadium would be for the community. That struck me as curious. Why advertise for something I thought was already in the bag?
  2. So what happens if you run into the end zone but hold the ball outside of the pylon? Where is it spotted if it isn't a touchdown?
  3. But where is the ball spotted? At the receivers feet or at the yard marker the ball was caught at?
  4. It is pure comedy. he's a working comedian.
  5. I just swept my half time and full game points overs.
  6. LOL, Mahomes just stretched for a 1st and got it. Same play Lamar was ruled OOB.
  7. Then explain why a WR stretching for a catch out of bounds is considered inbounds.
  8. Nope. You could run over the goal line while holding the ball out of bounds, outside the pylon, and it's a touchdown.
  9. Believe it or not the O/U on KC points in the first half was 10.5. And the O/U for KC points final is 23.5. I slammed both hard. Thank you, Patrick for settling #1 in two possessions.
  10. Yup. Same here. But it finally worked on my phone. Not on my computer. Have to test the smart TV next.
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