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  1. Why is a guy who's barely played for years expected to be high-reward?
  2. Apparently Dak forgot CeeDee is on his team.
  3. I don't think Ceedee is going to get to 28.
  4. I was told by my ticket rep that the original card, the Clear app or "any government-issued" vaccine record, will be accepted. I bring the last one up because your original vax card is next to impossible to replace if lost. I just set up my Clear app so I don't need to bring my card. (Though I do carry an actual-size Xerox copy with me just in case.) My buddy lost his card at a Blue Jays game at Sahlen Field. He couldn't replace the card but does have a State of Massachusetts-issued vaccine record. That supposedly will be accepted. I hope all the card-checkers get the same memo from the Bills so there's no confusion.
  5. Pump the breaks on Trevor. Urban Meyer is going to ruin him. The morning guys at Sport Hub 98.5 Boston said this morning that Urban was speaking to Kliff Kingsbury before the Jags-Cards game and said "The NFL is like playing Alabama every week."
  6. When the media were acting like the Pats were all set for a playoff run with Mac Jones, based on a couple of preseason games, all I could do was laugh. The Patriots are a hot mess right now. There will be no wild cards in the AFC East.
  7. The TV networks can add snow, rain and wind like how Zoom can make you look like your on a tropical island. Problem solved.
  8. Or...have pedals at every seat and fans have to generate the electricity for each game!
  9. Sounds like my experience at Sunday Night Football, November 18, 2007. Relentless freezing rain really was big advantage against the Patriots. We only lost by 46 points.
  10. So you are against Buffalo having a nice stadium where fans can be comfortable. You want fans getting pneumonia because you believe it gives us an some kind of advantage?
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