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  1. Well there is a push for 18 games, knocking off two preseason. Not sure that's a good idea, player wear and tear and all. They could just add a second be week.
  2. I thought it was great Thailand got one goal against Sweden.
  3. Now they have to beat Sweden to clinch a high seed (likely top seed) in the knockout rounds.
  4. Walter White. He bought his son a souped up Dodge Challenger for his birthday.
  5. Even if the Bills get good? It's not like the Browns, Giants or Jets will swoop in with their own camp. You'll get over it. I thought Southern Ontario was a significant portion, like 15%. https://theathletic.com/1028478/2019/06/14/why-the-buffalo-bills-are-once-again-scaling-back-their-training-camp-time-in-rochester/ The trend is moving away from outside training camps. "The Bills are one of nine teams in the NFL that still go away for training camp. What was once the norm is now the exception."
  6. I think you're right. What's the Barrie station? EDIT: Looked it up: CKVR Ch.3 is Barrie.
  7. Every now and then, if the winds were blowing right, we'd get CHEX Ch.3 out of Barrie in Buffalo.
  8. It took me all game to figure out what that was on their helmet. An M? A bird? Both?
  9. It's football, sort of. But any puddle in a dessert. Hey, Andre Reed is at the EDM/MTL game on ESPN2! A reason to watch!
  10. No dorms. My guess they might add some for rookies but the vets all can stay at home during camp.
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