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  1. Maybe a phrased the question poorly. I meant could become a solid NFL player? He strikes me as a late bloomer.
  2. He's not blowing people away like Khalil did his senior year but he shows signs of being a disruptive player. Right now he's at most a low round pick if not a UDFA. Think the Bills should roll the dice on lil' Mack?
  3. Long range weather outlook for Sunday: Partly cloudy and mid-50's, winds 10 mph. Chance of precip 20%.
  4. So if you just ignore where you lose, that makes you a winner?
  5. Already informed him so I should be good. See you Sunday.
  6. I thought Flores had a brilliant game plan against the Bills.
  7. Wrong forum, Bucko. And you think Allen is dumb?
  8. Are you starting the Eagles game list? Put me down for one parking spot.
  9. THIS!! Dabol is saving plays for games we need a curve ball.
  10. Blaming the coaches more right now. https://www.nj.com/giants/2019/10/wfans-mike-francesa-trashes-pat-shurmur-giants-for-sickening-loss-to-cardinals-they-are-complete-losers.html I know that Jones is young may still pan out. I'm really just mocking the breathless talking heads on ESPN who declared Jones the real deal after one win.
  11. Official Bills Backers bars: In DC it's Deco Bar, 717 6th St. NW. In Herndon, VA it's Jimmy's Old Town Tavern.
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