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  1. Albany will be even better next year with their new prospects joining the team
  2. I expect Josh, Shakir, Cook and Kincaid to be good. I hope Dawson Knox rebounds. And I hope the O-line plays well. I hope Keon and Bishop show something.
  3. Terry is cheap. All those smart moves happened when Scott Pioli was the Patriots GM. When Bill and his dog were in charge, his draft record wasn't good.
  4. It doesn't help when your TV partner ESPN chooses to air a regular season UFL game instead of your league championship. They have 4 channels. They couldn't get the game on one of them?
  5. The Bandits are the most successful indoor lacrosse franchise. No other team comes close in attendance. Is it just because they have always been good? Is WNY, that includes several tribal areas, just a natural for the game? Albany is a very good team but only draws 4,000 average per game. I'm sure the NLL would love to figure out how to duplicate this level of success.
  6. This play was the dagger. Hidden ball trick. Fooled everyone. Albany was cooked at that point. In fact the Bandits used all sorts of Harlem Globetrotters-style moves all night. Stuff I'm sure they were saving for last night.
  7. He was a TV host on WBFL. The show used actual shots of WGRZ Ch.2 to depict the station. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Bill_(TV_series) https://web.archive.org/web/20071017204853/http://www.jumptheshark.com/topic/Buffalo/Buffalo-General-Comments/295
  8. There are 15 teams in the National Lacrosse League. https://www.nll.com/
  9. I started watching last year. Took a while to pick up the rules. If you love hitting this is your sport. It's nice that a Buffalo team is dominant in their sport.
  10. That's an old wives tale. I only have to shave my palm every other month.
  11. You're charging people an arm and a leg for PSLs. Maybe if the entire stadium was comfortable instead of just a few thousand club seats it would feel like your getting something for your money.
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