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  1. Is it me or do these broadcasters come off a huge Winston apologists? He stumbles around the pocket and takes a bad sack, and yet it’s not his fault because he didn’t have enough time?
  2. Cool! I'll try and check it out this Fall.
  3. Good info! Thanks, man. I’m in Rowayton so not too far. Think I might check out Bradford’s this weekend. What’s the name of the shop you run?
  4. Ha! Had our baby in NYC and within a few weeks of trying that we knew we had to GTFO! Still need to commute into the city almost daily, so CT made sense. I honestly love how quiet our town is, and the proximity to water & hiking trails is a game changer. Found Anna Liffey's in a few search results, but looks like it closed a while back. Too bad as it sounded like it was a good time! Awesome! That's a 10-15 min drive from me. Think I might check it out this Sunday!
  5. I agree! I was surprised to not find anything. Tempted to start something up. I moved here after living in NYC for 11 years, and while I definitely had some great spots there it’s tough to make it in now that I’ve got a baby at home! Fair, but I’d prefer to go somewhere to watch with fellow Bills fans instead of being given a 10” TV in the back of the bar because the good spots are reserved for the millions of Pats fans here.
  6. Hey fellas! Recently moved to the Stamford, CT area and haven’t had any luck locating a Bills Backers bar. The list on the Bills site is outdated and any info I’ve found from old threads on here is filled with bars that have since closed. Any help here would be massively appreciated!
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