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  1. Looks like he definitely said both things, but they were not linked in the conversation. https://news.yahoo.com/ukraine-posts-longer-video-lindsay-085723492.html And it also looks like the Ukrainians edited it that way to basically say F Russians. Meanwhile Graham doesn't appear to be throwing Ukriane under the bus, and has said he takes Putin's arrest warrant as a badge of honor... And yeah, he's always been anti-Putin, and was hoping a Hillary Presidency might mean a Ukrainian offensive to take back Crimea ect.
  2. As someone who edits video for a living, I can pretty much make anyone say whatever I want. I have a pretty strong rule about not altering the context of their words... And I usually make people sound more articulate and impactful... He could very easily have been talking about how effective the missile defenses have been at sheltering kyiv from Russian missiles, and then said "best money we ever spent." Need to view the full unedited video to know if the context is altered.
  3. Lyndsey Graham is a piece of trash. But the there's an obvious cut before he says "best money we ever spent.". Would need to hear exactly what he said in full context to know this isn't extremely manipulated.
  4. They should have went with The Rocks... Cleveland Rocks. Had a theme song built right in.
  5. Let's go to work To the left this time Two hops this time Everybody clap your hands!!!
  6. I don't love that rule, but at least there's some logic to it. If an offense fumbles the ball out of their own end zone it's a safety and the other team gets the ball. I think the dumbest rule that ever existed was the sideline catch rule when a receiver jumped and caught the ball, got hit and landed out of bounds without getting a single foot down. The refs could rule it a catch if he would have come down in bounds had he not been hit... But he was hit! And forced out of bounds before completing the catch. That call was always infuriating.
  7. You always could. That's why kickers bounce the ball off the ground. You can't fair catch a ball that has hit the ground.
  8. They fixed it in the DVR recording quickly, but yeah. Not good... At the same time, digital over the internet is never going to have as rock solid reliability as cable or satellite. That's an unfortunate reality of the technology.
  9. Any chance you have a youngin that got ahold of your remote? Just rewound through it on YTTV and don't see the Little Mermaid glitch anywhere... What was the time left in the game?
  10. Welp, it's almost June. Never too early for some Bills fans to start hoping we lose out for the #1 overall draft pick. 0-17 here we come baby!
  11. Through my investment platform I see a number of the regional banks putting out 1 month cd's for close to 5%. On the one hand, they have to be cash starved and may be close to going under. On the other, it's FDIC insured.
  12. You have to look at the Property Tax tab next to Sale History... Erie county uses a convoluted system where a 570,000 assessment does not mean what you think it means.
  13. I think he meant they were both minors at the time they had sex together... The difference here is that Matt wasn't a minor.
  14. Refin's a much better app than Zillow. It lists actual property taxes paid... I have no idea if that's actually Bean's house, but that property has been paying around 35k per year in taxes. https://redf.in/l1gWqR
  15. At this point, I think you should lead the charge in breaking Araiza out of whatever cell he's been held in all this time. It sucks that he didn't get due process in court, and they just locked him up and threw away the key. Has he even been allowed to eat?!? I'll help you break him out. Let's do this!
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