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  1. Being the leader that Josh is, he may have already been vaccinated when he was initially asked about it and said that those conversations were going to be kept in house... I think the Beasley situation exceeded expectations. He reinforced his commitment to the team and dropped his "cut me I'm not going to follow the rules" schtick. When he sticks to the facts and expresses his concerns in a rational matter, there's no problem. He's allowed to have his opinion and bring to light issues that may effect the team.
  2. Of all the things Bease has said, his point on this is right. Vaccinated players need to be tested every day.
  3. The only question it brings up for me, is what does McDermott do to become a better Head Coach? How does he learn from the past, and from the greats? He preaches becoming the best version of yourself, how does that apply to him as a Head Coach moving into a season where the Super Bowl is within sights?
  4. I'd love for him to win that competition, and get more reps in the slot. We shall see. I have a good feeling about Stevenson too.
  5. We signed a Brandon Powell to compete as a returner and drafted Stevenson who can fly. That's going to be a legitimate competition.
  6. Part of me thinks he's going to push his "no restrictions" attitude inside the building when camp starts and will refuse to follow the rules setup for unvaccinated players during Training Camp. I hope not, but it wouldn't shock me.
  7. For sure. Andre was clocked at 4.4 though. Moulds was a 4.52 guy. All of them could take the top off. Loved Reed's crossing passes to the house tho. He could do it all.
  8. Dude needs to take his own advice and get off Twitter and focus on football.
  9. That's a really stupid headline. 25 kids died of Covid in the UK. Before Covid, over 750 kids committed suicide per year.
  10. To me, if you mixed Andre Reed and Eric Moulds you'd get Gabriel Davis. All three are 6'2". Davis is smooth like Reed, not quite as fast but 20 pounds bigger. He's strong like Moulds but not quite as big. Super bright future, and Davis had the best rookie season between the three.
  11. Because we saw Trump's first debate appearance against Biden. I don't care how advanced Biden's dementia may be, he isn't nearly as emotionally disturbed as Trump.
  12. Fauci's culpability is China's long term get out of jail free card. Especially if they released it intentionally.
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