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  1. I'm sure he's a much better QB when the threat of being hit isn't real. I have no doubt he suffered a head injury when he got hit against the Cardinals and he was never the same on the field.
  2. I remember games when the refs would stop play, and threaten the Bills with penalties if the crowd didn't quiet down. 80,000 maniacs pounding those metal seats and screaming their heads off! But I also think there's something to the idea that there's more pressure on the home team in high stress games, particularly with a fan base like ours that lives and ides on every play. We really know how to panic while watching a football game.
  3. We're undefeated at home in the playoffs in the last 24 years! But seriously, I don't buy into the idea that having that big outdoor stadium in the dead of Buffalo winter is an advantage to the Bills. Like yeah, Kelly was special. But that window is closed, and every Bills QB since has struggled in those conditions. I don't really see freezing, swirling winds as a positive to QB growth and development.
  4. This is pretty cool. Demone Harris went to Timon, and Jody Fortson went to South Park.
  5. I saw enough from what Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan could do against their D to know that Mahomes will have success... There's no way they are going to take Hill out of the game. How many times did you see him or Hardiman running crazy motion at the snap of the ball yesterday? They are deadly.
  6. Wishful thinking all the way around my friend.... we shall see...
  7. So the 9er's have to commit pass interference on Hill every play. All righty then. Sure, if they can hold him and interfere with him all game and not get called for it then I agree, they have a shot at shutting them down.
  8. Johnny Manziel and Geno Smith... Those were the QB's that many experts worried that Mahomes would follow.
  9. Mahomes can kill you if you blitz frequently. You need to be able to rush 4 and get home while playing blanket coverage. How many teams can do that all game? The 9er's can't take Kelce, Hill, Watkins and Hardiman all away on every single play. They have to pick their poison. Teams can be successful early with schemes to limit Hill or Kelce, but the Chiefs are great at adjusting and punishing the opponent because they have 4 solid play makers in the passing attack. They can also go on huge runs at any point in the game. Getting shut down early has almost no baring on what they will be able to exploit later in the game.
  10. Well if you say so. I guess the Chiefs only have two drives to win then... What?
  11. And what exactly about Mahomes ability to lead that offense on back to back to back quick strike, soul crushing TD drives makes that the case?
  12. This is like blaming yourself for not winning the lottery... Nobody knew Mahomes was going to be this good. There were recent QB's with his level of production in college that didn't pan out, Johnny Manziel and Geno Smith come to mind. You can't blame an organization for not winning the lottery on a pick that was surrounded in uncertainty, but that isn't going to stop Sully. The guy is a creature who feeds off of negative emotions, looks for excuses to revel in them. I kind of feel sorry for the guy, I couldn't imagine having a career were the highlight of my craft was rooted in being a mean spirited prick.
  13. No way they shut down Mahomes and crew like that.
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