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  1. That looks an awful lot like his finger contortion against the Bengals. It just didn't happen for as long. But the idea that the doctor cleared him when this happened to his fingers right before he collapsed is gross incompetence.
  2. Bro, there's no world in which the ability to win or lose a Super Bowl can be predicted from a week 4 game.
  3. Oh I'm sure you'll find reasons to worry. I'm not sure why, but expending energy on expressing worry is a fan favorite.
  4. The game itself tells me very little about the Bills season. What is going it be telling is how healthy they can get later in the year when it matters most.
  5. The Bills were exposed. If you can get them to the point of heat exhaustion and make them play with half of their staters out of the game you will have a good shot of beating them.
  6. The failure was the Bills Red Zone offense. Not the inability to solve Miami's Cover 2. They dominated the Cover 2 all day. They couldn't put it into the end zone when they got to the door step. And yes, the Bills would take 5 red zone trips to 3 red zone trips any day.
  7. He clutched for his head immediately after he smack d his head off the ground. Must be his back if he says it's his back...
  8. With 500 yards of offense and 5 red zone trips, I'd think the Bills would take that any given Sunday. Especially when they dominated time of possession and kept the other team to 200 yards of offense.
  9. That's a lot of faith in authority without realizing that the onset of diagnosable signs and symptoms of a concussion can be delayed for hours or days. Given that concussed players may not present immediately diagnosable symptoms on examination, I'm not suprised the Dolphins are lawyering up in light of the fact that they ignored clear physical evidence of a concussion that everyone else saw with their own two eyes.
  10. Yes we did, all day long. We couldn't score TD's once in the red zone. Thay was the difference between a two point loss and a two score blowout.
  11. I get where you are coming from. And in lieu of any evidence at all of a concussion, I'd agree. But concussion specialists have weighed in, and claim that was clear and obvious evidence of a concussion when Tua went down. Not only did he not reach for his back, but he shook his head, a sign of a concussed person trying to "clear the cobwebs" and then reached for his head and adjusted his helmet. At this point, we have to keep in mind that a person can have serious physical brain trauma and still be able to pass testing. Similar to a drunk person being able to pass field sobriety tests... And the neurologists don't appear to have anything akin to a breathalizer to know for sure... That's why the list of no-go symptoms were out in place, and Tua exhibited several.
  12. He also said Tua told him the reason he collapsed was bc his "back felt like Gumby" which sounds an awful lot like something a concussed person would say.
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