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  1. Ben Shapiro is distraught on his live stream.
  2. I made the mistake of reading the comment section of Ben Shapiro's posts. Tons of people rooting for Chauvin's acquital. Ben has been one of the biggest cheerleaders for Chauvin's innocence, reposting articles claiming he did what any reasonable officer would do... You have to be a sadist to think his sadistic actions were reasonable...
  3. Or he isn't buying the sadistic line of arguments that what Chauvindid was perfectly OK and legally justified. For all of the criticism of protest and potential riots, the right has some sick sick people commenting on why Chauvin is a hero and did nothing wrong. To quote the guy who hand delivered a box of doughnuts to the four officers on the day of the Rodney King beating verdict, they are heros because they are "beating the jungle back." You have to be sick to buy the defense argument that it is OK for police to kneel on the necks of handcuffed citizens
  4. I linked it to the right time, but maybe it didn't work for you. It starts at 9:34.
  5. I think the defense attorney is purposely trying to lose the case now. He keeps plays excruciating moments of Floyd dying for the jury to watch while making heartless arguments about his defendant's innocence.
  6. And the right path is to give the benefit of the doubt to a sadistic argument? I said in this thread that the defense attorney did as good a job as someone in his position could do. But to buy into Chauvin's innocence, you must believe that there is a world where kneeling on someone's neck for 2 minutes after they have no pulse is OK. Everything else is missing the forest for the trees, at best.
  7. Says the biggest cheerleader for the argument that what Chauvin did is perfectly legal.
  8. We played nickel against 2 wr sets a ton, probably bc they thought Klein was a liability in coverage against RB's and TE's. Cox makes his living covering TE's... Plus, what happens if Milano is injured for extended periods? I'm not sold on the backups they brought it. He's going to have a pro day on the 26th, I guess we'll see if he's got the speed to play Big Nickel / SS.
  9. I really think a number of the most notorious mass shooters, without access to guns via the internet, would have had to keep living out their violent fantasies in their head and through their video games. Certainly not all, but a significant number.
  10. I do think there is a certain profile for mass shootings, the ones with poor social skills who literally live in their parents basement, who would never have been able to aquire guns had it not been for the internet. Certainly not all of these events, but a number of them, would have been prevented if it weren't possible to go online and order guns and ammo.
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