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  1. Chris Berman is getting old man. Just called Josh "Jared Allen" and messed up his own catch phrase, "Bills circle wagons."
  2. I think he could have just floated it in Motor's direction. It would have been more helpful if he ran a swing route with this head turned towards the QB. But it's that turn your back to the line and roll left move that gets him in so much trouble. Josh could have moved straight back in the pocket and floated it to the flat.
  3. He had Singletary on a check down to the flats. He could have just looped it to the spot where Motor was running and would have picked up 5 yards or been incomplete. I get to call out areas where Josh can get better since I've been defending his potential against nay sayers for the last 2 years.
  4. I'd really like Allen to save these high risk, might get injured plays for the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. Including the freaking option at the goal line.. But, yes, it is really exciting to watch.
  5. That's one way to increase scoring in a pass happy league.
  6. This is a trend that I hope continues! LOL
  7. As horrible of a call as seemed on the field, I understand not being able to overturn a play where you literally can't see who has possession. There has to be a conclusive view that Kroft never lost possession. At the same time, it is at least possible that Kroft did lose possession right before he was down. That angle doesn't exist in replay, the camera would need to be overhead of them to see definitively.
  8. He looked average yesterday. I hope he finds the juice here pretty soon to pull himself out of that 70 million hang over.
  9. I like Yeldon as the #2 back over Moss. Just saying.
  10. It depends if their money can beat the interest of the loan. Right now interest rates are at an all-time low, so there's almost no incentive to pay cash. Pay the minimum amount to get the lowest interest rate and let your money sit in an interest bearing account.
  11. In fairness, the $10 per month gives access to the entire library of game. There's a couple hundred games... Madden and FIFA are the only two I have interest in at this point. And I don't have any other use for buying a PS whatever or X-Box.
  12. EA has a platform that you can play their games on via PC for like $10 per month. You can buy a USB X-Box or PS4 controller. I've been playing Madden for the last 2 years on it (for the first time in maybe 15 years.) and run it to the tv thru HDMI. I do pretty well using the Bills. Some games Josh Allen is on fire, and some games he sucks. It's frustrating, but I like the game play compared to early 2000's.
  13. Exactly. Except that humans are not robots with programming code that have no room for growth and development.
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