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  1. The ref was dumb for treating it as a live ball. There is never a play in the NFL where a runner can toss a ball forward, hit the ground and be a live ball. Unless the toss is backwards the play ends the moment the ball hits the ground. Period.
  2. And what is the plan for gigantic corporations to give up their access to power and control? When in history was there ever a free market where the parties with the most power and money treated anyone equally and without competing for monopolistic control? And just to get this straight, all nations should dissolve their constitutions, all states, counties, cites and towns end their charters in order to usher in the voluntary rule of the market? How do you get them to agree to that?
  3. I still think Dion Dawkins was the blame most for the sack on the intentional grounding, Merciless tapped him on the shoulder as he passed by unblocked. We talked that play to death here:
  4. Let me get this straight, by being for an end to voter suppression, vote manipulation and generally believing that a more informed and civic minded population can bring about a more just world I'm enabling the rape and death of children? You must be fun at parties! So what if you, like the working class in the Holy Grail are right, what do you propose be done to end the inherent evils of the nation state and the horrors of the vote?
  5. Violence is inherent in the system and we're all being repressed! Let me know when and where to show up with my family pitchfork... In any event, everyone should have the right to vote. I'd personally like to be able to look my number up in my state's public ledger and know that my vote wasn't manipulated. There are others who want to ensure dead people can't vote, and there others concerned about large portions of the population being dropped from voting roles. I think everyone should be issued a unique federal voting # matched to your social security # when it comes time to register for Selective Services. Let's make it easier and fairer for everyone who wants to vote to do so, and make it more difficult to manipulate.
  6. Why shouldn't everyone with a Social Security # be issued a unique voter ID at the age of 18?
  7. This was the 2020's Bills 1988 Cleveland game.
  8. Pegs can afford security details sweeping the neighborhood for suspicious vans posing as the telephone company.
  9. Exactly, I'd have my team connected via conference call the old fashion way, on landlines.
  10. I'd have my team all install landlines and have them all on speaker phone continuously. Keep cell phones for calling other teams.
  11. It's called the telephone. Don't GM's phone their pick in from the war room anyways?
  12. I like Perine a lot as a compliment to Motor in the 4th round. I don't see why we can also have a 3rd RB that is a smash mouth downhill short distance power house too.
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