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  1. The city of Buffalo's property tax is 4 times less than the rest of Erie County.
  2. Without the All 22, it's hard to know if Bease came open just bc Josh took off. By the time Bease was open, Josh was over the line of scrimmage... In any case, the game was not lost until the 4th and 1 failed. Nothing that happened until that point prevented the Bills from winning. The W was 10 feet away. Like I said before, the game should have been out of reach with a 2 score Bills victory.
  3. That drive and poor RedZone offense in the first half are why the Bills didn't run away with the game. The Bills should have run away with the game, but didn't. But the turning point was the last play of the game. It really all came down to that.
  4. Idk man, I wore the same Bills shirt as when they lost the season opener. It must be my fault!
  5. Me too, but on replay it was pretty clear he was down short of the first down.
  6. That was actually a much cooler play design than the original. The blocker that he threw the ball too was on the opposite side of the field and just sprinted straight to his spot while the gunner he was covering ran across the field to the direction of the kick. There was no reason anyone should have even noticed him do that. Good thing their returner can't freaking throw. I would not be surprised to see other teams adopt this. Even if they don't throw the ball, the gunner could pull a trailing player out of the return lane. And if he doesn't, he's got a whole lane open to him if the ball gets to him.
  7. I wore the wrong shirt today, so ther s at least some responsibility to share.
  8. He probably had the edge if he went outside to the left. Sweeney could have sealed Landry... But this game should have never come down to a 4th &1. Should have been up two scores by that point.
  9. Exactly, much better for them to score with 3 mins left than 30 seconds.
  10. Except we already scored 31 points. And only scored 16 last year.
  11. I'm sure there's an analytics reason. Probably a combination of low return yards and high percentage of holding penalties by the Titans. The percentages probably say it's the right strategy.
  12. That meeting can't last more than an hour. Dvr the game. You'll catch-up to real time by the second half by fast forwarding through the commercials.
  13. Beautiful morning boys. Woke up in Hawaii, and completely enjoying watching the Chiefs struggle over breakfast while a Chiefs fan at the bar laments their collapse.
  14. I'm suing for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars! But we can settle out of court right now for a 40 and a pack of envelops.
  15. He did say "having hand Covid", but in the context he may not have meant himself. He may have meant 'having had to deal with Covid during the season.' Josh isn't always precise with his words and mixes things up from time to time.
  16. Not true at all. People were making chicken wings way before the Anchor Bar.
  17. Maybe just a little, when it's a stadium full of people traumatized with BFS who excuse fear and panic on every play.
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