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  1. $600 in sales is the threshold that TM or SH have to send you a 1099, which they also send to the IRS. What determines whether your Season Ticket purchase counts as a business is whether if you're buying them for business purposes. That's to say, to primarily sell.
  2. Except for the poor... fans? ... who got stuck sitting behind a small house with only a brick wall to look at lol
  3. An interesting thing is purchasing for the purpose of reselling makes your Season Ticket purchase a business deduction. If you end up making more than you spent you'll owe taxes, but if you lose money it's a write off against your taxable income.
  4. It is not a stipulation of the Bills STH agreement.
  5. The FBI data set notes that it is based on self reporting from police departments. They don't actively track this. Whereas the total number of police shootings as tracked by the Washington Post are 4-5 times higher. The fact that the FBI only started asking police departments to report shootings to them in 2018, and that as few as 1 in 5 police shootings get reported is a bit revealing. As to your data analysis, I'd say your conclusions are probably inaccurate.
  6. I have that happening after the first punt of the season. Unless Arazia hits one 80 yards. In which case I have that happening after the first turnover of the season.
  7. I think you should head to Russia and set up a burger stand on a corner in Moscow. It will be a good experience for you. Trust me!
  8. Thanks for bringing this bay to the topic of the thread. I just donated to the Thurman Thomas Family Foundation. And wish there was more that I could do.
  9. I'm guessing they'd replace them with similar tix of equal value, but you'll be out the extra fees both when you by and then try to resell the new tix.
  10. There's something fundamentally different about a mass shooting when it happens in your hometown. At least in the sense that it's more personal. I think all reasonable people should agree that any mass shooting is horrific and deporable. And no matter the motivation, be it Islamic extremism, white supremacy, black supremacy, greed, revenge, gang turf war, drug induced psychosis, pro-life extremism, anti-Christian or anti-semetic hate, we need to focus on the root causes. There was a lot of love expressed by the people who survived the shooting in Buffalo. One man interviewed on ABC said he actually had a conversation with the shooter the day before at the same location. He could tell something was wrong and he was out of place, and that what he lacked in his life was a fundamental sense of love. He said the man came there to kill people, and what he really needed was someone to love him.
  11. I don't think TickPick takes fees from the seller. So you can list your tix at a lower price than on TE and still get more from the sale. And TickPick lists the "all-in" price for the buyer. Just tested a few options, after adding the TE/TM buyer fees the total price was higher on TE/TM than on TickPick even though the sale price was less (prior to added fees).
  12. Something new, like stricter policies that take guns and gun buying rights away from people threatening to shoot up schools or commit hate crimes? Or same old same old, like feeding into Q'Anon fueled conspiracies that taking guns away from violent people is some commie conspiracy?
  13. More from this article, "The young man posted a 180-page manifesto online before the shooting espousing the paranoid white supremacist views that whites were being replaced in American by people of color. In the screed, he says that he was radicalize by 4Chan, the same online chat group that launched Qanon. He claims that critical race theory is a Jewish plot to undermine white which he argues is a reason to kill Jews... Gendron also espoused the 'great replacement theory', which claims Democrats are deliberately importing illegal migrants into the US wholesale to achieve electoral dominance while driving whites to extinction." I'd blame the democrats and Coivd policy for this shooting too if I had lived in the Q'Anon world of paranoia.
  14. Bernard is about 10 pounds of NFL muscle from comping to Devin White. They both put of the same bench press. White's 4.42 beats the 4.59, but Bernard edged White in 20yd shuttle and 3 cone drill. So he has the short area quickness of an elite NFL MIC. If he plays at 230, I think he can play MIC. But the plan seems for him to be the #3 LB and backup both Edmonds and Milano. An interesting question, when a true 4-3 is called for, would they move Edmunds to SAM to take advantage of his size?
  15. Interesting, either way SH and/or TM are taking fees on all ends. If your tix sell on TM, TM takes a chunk out of your sale prices and add fees onto the buyers price. SH listing goes away if the buyer doesn't place them for resale. If your tix sell on SH, SH does the same... They take a chunk out of your sale price and add fees onto the purchase price. Here's an interesting situation if in fact it is SH doing the shadow listing... What if the shadow listing on SH sells first, they probably automate a purchase of your listing on TM or SH. I wonder what would happen if you place your tix only on TM and they sell first via SH's shadow listing, and you were able to pull the TM listing before they bought your tix. Could you then list your tix on SH at 4 times the price, 10 times the price? And would SH have to buy to fulfill their sale?
  16. Of course he lines up for a 47 yard fg on the right hash and drains it.
  17. FYI, I'm seeing final prices significantly cheaper on Vividseats than TM or SH right now. Wonder if there's a catch?
  18. They charge you the cost of the ticket listing (or the replacement cost for similar tickets) if you pull out and can't provide them. I think the OP is alluding to SH itself listing tickets they don't own through an automated buy sell process.
  19. I'll always remember Kay going to bat for Josh Allen at the end of his rookie season when this place was still filled with nay sayers convinced he was doomed to fail.
  20. Wow, she seems to happy to be leaving.
  21. When Josh Allen's on the field it's a 4 point conversion!
  22. Doesn't matter. The Bills aren't kicking any field goals this year. All TD's all the time.
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