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  1. I'm going to have to pick this book up! I think part of the dangers of early college football was that it was a continuous game like rugy, there was no down or distance. But even worse there were no limits to the amount of players. So the home school was at a huge advantage, and could literally have hundreds of players on the field at once. The modern rules of down and distance, and # of players on the field only came into effect after Teddy Roosevelt threatened to cancel college football following the several seasons that saw 20-25 students die each year.
  2. The defendor was past the sticks on the previous play, and was moving laterally. Duke was at the line of scrimmage, not a few yards behind it.
  3. I had to look it up, but that dude had 4 winning seasons and 16 losing seasons in his career. Literally one good year out of 20.
  4. Why does this feel like the "the Bills never have injuries" thread?
  5. After smoking the Pats the next three games, you can look back at those comments and say that took a lot of balls.
  6. During their Live Pre-Game broadcast, NBC Boston was talking about potential qb's for the Patriots to go after next season. They talk Brady and then Carr, as Diggs makes an unscheduled appearance live on Boston TV. 🤣 That look Diggs gives all of Boston says it all! (I love this so much, I think it deserves it's own thread...)
  7. NBC Boston Post-Game Reaction: Lowest Point in Post Brady Era (LOLOLOL)
  8. Like striking the Heisman pose? Sorry, I'll never understand what is and what isn't a football move. Taking a knee is a football move that ends a play. But not when the guy caught the ball and goes to the ground?
  9. The Poyer play shows the rule needs to be changed. He caught the ball, got two feet in bounds. Then his knee went down out of bounds and he still has possession of the ball. The play should be over at that point, because the play is over at that point.
  10. Davis is at 68% catch percentage over the last 3 games. I think this bolds well for the remainder of the season.
  11. I'm worried for him, I don't think he can live without the 3 cents he put on the line.
  12. How is hoping the Bills win out a bad thing? I'm picture a bumbling response from Schopp and Bulldog. You, you, you, you're not going to fool me! Go knit a sweater.
  13. I'll bet you 10k that the Bills win out if you bet me 10k that the Bills lose out. Deal?
  14. Well, since you asked for a little more realism. You're on a Bills fan site. This isn't a general football realist site. Maybe join NFL.com message boards if you're turned off by... Bills fans expressing hope for their beloved team? Do you have any clue what lengths the OP has gone to watch and support the Bills? To quote the pre-match song of probably the indominable fans in all of sport, "Walk on, with hope in your heart. And you'll never walk alone, you'll never walk alone."
  15. I think we really need to focus on stopping the run, and hope there's no hurricane force winds.
  16. For sure, I just think the team, and Josh, plays better in prime time.
  17. I don't, those are the only game we seem to lose. Josh just plays better in prime time.
  18. Nobody prefers reading insistance that pervasive negativity is "realism" outside of those who are emotionally damaged and suffer from PTSD. For them, assuming failure gives them a sense of control and a quick dopamine hit.
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