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  1. Aikmen was horrible his first three years, where he had 14 wins and 24 losses.
  2. No, the offense only scored on 3 drives. Needed to score on 5 drives and we win.
  3. I'm really looking forward to see Zack Moss run up the middle three straight times for 4 yards and a punt.
  4. Horrible. And LB's playing yards behind the line of scrimmage like Dick Jauron is calling plays.
  5. Four downlineman on 4th and inches? What the ***** was that defensive call?
  6. Motorin'

    Hulu Live

    You can watch live on fox.com if you have a cable provider. Or Fubutv
  7. Josh Allen is terrible. Time for him to retire to the cantaloupe farm... In other news, whiney bitchy babies can dial Dr. Phil at 1-800-90210 for telephone therepy and stop spewing garbage in the game day thread.
  8. Having evidence of this is the best part of the Bell saga, imo.
  9. Applesauce works for vegan baking, and yogurt works well to replace eggs also.
  10. He hasn't tweeted since Oct. 13. And never tweeted "Trust the Process."
  11. It seems like people are assuming he'll magically return to his 25 year old self in Pittsburgh... If McBean thinks he's and upgrade, and can handle his drama in the locker room than I guess we shall see if he can actually help the team.
  12. Isn't Bell injured? He's only suited up for 2 games this year. Or is he faking injury? He reminds me a little bit of Antonio Brown.
  13. I can't say that I watched him closely in Jax, but always assumed Fournette was the reason his workload diminished.
  14. He has a career 4.1 yards per carry (same as Bell). He's caught 75% of the targets thrown to him for 7.8 yards per reception. He's never been given the opportunity to bring his production to scale over the course of an entire season.
  15. Yeldon rushed for 52 yards last game on 10 carries. He had a few runs out there in his #22 where I had flashbacks to Freddy Jackson. He deserves more snaps.
  16. Game Day threads are nauseating to read. There's countless Bills fans that seem to need to spill bile whenever there is a bad play or a bad game. It's probably a defense mechanism against gets their hopes dashed, if they trash the team their fragile ego won't be crushed if the Bills don't live up to expectations. I wish there was a Big Boy thread on game day where you were only allowed to post on football, and all other emotional outpourings get moved to a "Dr. Phil gives Bills fans trauma advice" thread.
  17. That's funny, people will bet on anything these days.
  18. If there's a positive tomorrow they can't have 2 days of of negatives and 2 days of practice. So the Bills should be playing KC on Thurs if there's a positive tomorrow.
  19. The Bulls would get killed. 5 on 11, and no helmets! Someone might die on the court!
  20. Can't look past the Titans, but yes, that game felt like late December football.
  21. I've seen that called before. It sounds bull####, but the explanation goes that even if the wr has control of the ball with it breaking the plane, the ball has to break the plane after the completion of the catch. But Brown had two feet and a knee down with the ball breaking the goal line. That was clearly a TD.
  22. I'm pretty sure the blackout policy with Sunday Ticket comes from the networks contracts with the league. They probably demand exclusive broadcast rights for the games they televise. And that's why Sunday Ticket was created, so fans can watch all of the out of market (non-televised) games. I had a similar situation last year, where the first Bills / Pats game was actually on tv up in Wisconsin where I had taken the Misses for the weekend. It was blackout on the Sunday Ticket app... Caught the first half over lunch in a sports bar, and had to download some app that streamed the local CBS broadcast in the car on the way home. That was a stressful drive! Lol
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