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  1. He's got a ton of stuff on Russian demographics, and they're ***** appalling. Russia has 144 million people, but only about 8 million of them are males aged 20-29. In comparison to say, the 1941 USSR, which had 180 million people, but 15 million active duty soldiers and reservists.
  2. Right, so back to the topic Peter Zeihan on why May, 2023 will give us a decent idea of who's going to win the war. Zeihan is an analyst of macroeconomics and demographics. He's currently giving talks at major economic forums, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Benning, the US Army War College and a bunch of other places. His big claim to fame is that he predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine down to the year and month. To make a long story short. By May 2023, Ukraine will have had time to repair and refurbish the mountains of weapons it's captured from Russia. Russia will have had time to fortify its positions and flood Ukraine with poorly trained, badly lead, badly equipped cannon meat. So May is when we find out who wins, Ukrainian quality or Russian quantity.
  3. I really hope you're right. Otherwise we're going to see Hong Kong style crackdowns at best. Xinjiang or Tiananmen Square level brutality at worst.
  4. Belichick can't stop Josh Allen. Belichick's best hope for stopping Josh Allen is Josh Allen's own bum elbow. The real wildcard is losing Dabol, a guy that knew the Pat's schemes, concepts, culture and tendencies like the back of his hand.
  5. Hot take. This is all just 4D chess by McDermott to make the squad learn how to gut it out. Even when they ***** up, even when everyone is hurt. I hope.
  6. It does sound familiar, but I'm not quite ready to walk off a cliff yet...
  7. NATO said Poland was hit by a Ukrainian missile that malfunctioned. The real story took 18ish hours to figure out.
  8. I heard a story once about ancient China. Some sherriff out in the sticks had captured a bunch of criminals. He was waiting to turn them over to the emperor's officials. While he was waiting the prisoners escaped. The emperor's officials arrived and were not happy. So the sherriff asks the officials what the punishment for losing the criminals was. The officials said it was death. So he asked them what the punishment was for rebellion. They said it was death. So he started a rebellion.
  9. The D is missing half a dozen starters and forced two goal line stands. The D did enough to win.
  10. Well that's great. Josh went from throwing a red zone int every two years, to throwing 2 a game.
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