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  1. Yeah. Social media is a cancer. Twitter in specific. Get off of social media if you want to keep a clear head. The twitterverse, and the instant-gratification addicted, validation-obsessed echo chambers it spawns are whats actually wrong with this country. No wonder Musk dropped them like a hot potato. Seperating the useful accounts from the bots, trolls, and propaganda is like picking corn out of a dump truck full of *****. And this is just one more example of how too much power is accumulated in the executive branch. I'll start reading my Constitution for where it outlines the duties and privileges of the Office of the Ex-President. I'll let y'all know when I find them.
  2. The FBI served a search warrant on a private citizen. What's everyone bent out of shape about?
  3. I hope so, but I wouldn't bet on it. There's a lot more to North Korea's state ideology and the Kims' personality cult than just communism. North Korean defectors are strange because they frequently miss it there, and return voluntarily. In a nutshell, it's because they're raised to believe tha North Koreans are the gentlest, most generous, most innocent and most moral people on the planet. So they have to obey the Kims without question and live in an armed camp, or they'll all be conquered and murdered. Check this talk out. Its a long talk. The Cleanest Race by BR Myers
  4. Fox news is the most popular media outlet in the country, and its not even close. Has been for years if not decades. So what does it matter if "The Media" skews left, but the overwhelming majority of media consumers chose to consume media that skews right? How can they be victims of this vast liberal media complex if they dont watch it, ever?
  5. Oh come on. Your posts in this subforum are 95% embeds from the Q twittersphere. You spam out tweets from Jack Posobiec, as if he didn't have his security clearance yanked by the Air Force for cause. Give me a break.
  6. DR sees the world entirely in Red vs. Blue glasses. His "side" happens to be Red. You can compare and contrast him to say, Sherpa, who supports Ukraine and wants them to win, but sees clear practical limits to the amount of support we can provide. The limits are based on our military readiness, possible enemies (read, China), and obligations around the globe.
  7. It wouldn't. NATO's mutual defense clause only applies to an attack on a member in North America or Europe. NATO has no obligation to back us up if China attacked Guam or Hawaii. It's also the reason why the UK had to take on Argentina by itself over the Falklands. However, if for whatever reason those North Koreans attacked say Poland or the Baltics, yeah, then the balloon goes up.
  8. Its got to be an equipment thing. We're not at war, and we train pilots for our allies all the time. The Ukrainians dont have to qualify top gun, the just have to be better than the Russians flying against Ukraine.
  9. If the choice is between gradually losing their airforce, or learning to fly planes their benefactors can actually replace...then its a pretty easy choice.
  10. Eh, I wouldn't go that far. But this is the same China who we practically begged to help stop Russia's invasion of Ukraine and avert this war. Which would have been the ideal solution for everyone. And its the same China that pretty much laughed in our face, told the Russians we were on to them, and cheered Russia on from the sidelines. When China thought Russia was going to conquer the country in four days, of course.
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