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  1. That "dropped INTs" video is pretty much the Golden Calf of Dolphins fans. It's been doing the rounds on Finheaven for weeks now, and they're all desperate for proof that last year was a fluke. There's a few clear heads over there, but oh Lord do they want to believe 2021 JA will go back to being 2018 JA.
  2. Until the rest of the division has a comeback for "Who's your quarterback though?", It's our division to lose.
  3. I'd be shocked if they get him. Dealing your 20-something franchise QB for anything less than the sun and the moon is a bad career move for a GM. Dealing him to your old boss as the marquee move of your first ever season in the job is career suicide.
  4. Let's take a minute and hold a quick funeral for "The Patriot Way". Instead of a unique system of team building and cap management that made your franchise into a machine of selfless cogs that always wins...well that was all Tom Brady too. And the moment he left, Belichick didn't even pretend, he starting shoveling cash into the free agent market while pinning his hopes on a rookie or FA QB. And paying not quite Travis Kelce money for...Jonnu Smith? Yeah. Good luck sir.
  5. As long as they've got Bill, they're only 1 piece away!* *As long as that one piece is the greatest QB ever, who plays like the greatest QB ever for 19 years, in a division with no other franchise QBs, at about 1/3 the salary he would make on the free agent market.
  6. Flores is known as a leader or men, and to have Van Noy chuck him under the bus will get players' attention. Not in a good way either. FA is going to be weird, and I'm thinking that a few players are going make a killing early on. Then once the teams with cap to burn have spent it, all the remaining players will be available at bargain basement rates. I don't see anybody else paying him 10 mil/yr this offseason, so that will probably include Van Noy if they want to kick the tires.
  7. The word after the game was that Vita Vea ripping up KCs offensive interior let their MLBs "see everything". DT play has to improve, and for god sake stop wasting Ed Oliver at zero or 1 technique and get a real nose.
  8. The team needs size and speed. Not full blown "bully ball" type defense or "3 yards and a cloud of dust" type offense, but something. Say a D-Line in the old Jets style, with three guys in the 310-315 range that are interchangeable at the 1, 3 and 5 techs with a floating Pass Rush specialist/blitzer. On offense we need bad, bad men at OG, and a one-cut sledgehammer of an RB that punishes Dime and Nickel looks. Josh, coupled with the sort of running game that says you can put LBs on the field to cover, or you can keep DBs on the field to tackle, would be a nightmare. And if McD
  9. It's the level of "analysis" you're fed from your producer scouting box scores a half hour before the show. Pure Hackery. Just like if Allen wins, they'll make a galaxy of excuses for "How the chiefs lost", before they start running SB clips from 30 years ago as introduction Brady's/Roger's inevitable Lombardi.
  10. It's starting to look like Rex Ryan's in charge over there. Hell, I'll take a six figure make-work job if Bill's giving them away.
  11. Tweet this at literally any Bills player, Poyer, Dion Dawkins, Jerry Hughes, any one of them.
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