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  1. A purge due to the cap will see a lot of changes, unfortunately. I would like to see Milano, McKenzie,and Feliciano (at center) resigned. I would move on from Morse. He is a finesse player and doesn't hold up well against game wrecking DTs. We need some big uglies up front. I think Roberts is done, and D Williams will cost too much to keep.
  2. Nope. But it is accurate. We were outcoached and out performed and we appeared ill prepared. As someone old enough to have watched their old SB teams, it sure did feel the same.
  3. So suggesting we stop comparing this team to the 90s Bills, and then immediately comparing them to the 90s Bills...ok.
  4. They didn't elevate Stills, so won't happen...this week. Possible that Dane Jackson or Antonio Williams could be activated.
  5. Totally agree! Listening to Florio and Simms predicting the score, both picking the Ravens to win. Florio said his faith was shaken after the Colts game. Simms said the Ravens are the complete team while the Bills are JA and a few other good players. Thats fine. Go with those predictions. Nothing would make me happier to see Josh and the boys shred this defense and wake these clowns up again!
  6. Just thinking, after reading the Diggs OPOW write up...if Beasley is out for the first playoff game, who plays slot? I know Mckenzie is kind of the designated backup but he is better utilized with motions and sweeps, etc. If Smoke is good to go, do we let Diggs play the slot, with Gabe and Smoke outside? Diggs lines up all over normally, so I would imagine he is a mismatch no matter where he plays. Thoughts?
  7. Im torn. I agree that letting the Fins in with some momentum by resting starters may have an impact. However Tua is so bad that I actually think our backups can beat him. Does Flores repeat the benching again next week if they are losing? It can't be good for the culture. I am also concerned about the Ravens. We are a much better team this year but Lamar is a wild card and has something to prove after 2 years of choking in the playoffs.
  8. When you have something of substance to add, feel free. Otherwise...
  9. Not about anyone. This was more about Bruschi and his bias. Years if this a#$ clown. He lectured Hasselbeck for daring to say that Allen has recently played as well as Mahomes. Its a fact, not conjecture. No need to be baffled here. Pretty straightforward and Bills fans that suffered through decades of mediocrity and disappointment know full well about these Patriot players who have gone into broadcasting and still hate the Bills.
  10. Ok ok. Maybe anyone else...except Nick Wright.
  11. I dont think its insecurity. My point was that Brushi has been terribly biased and anti Bills his entire broadcasting career. He is a card carrying Patriots homer and shows literally zero objective views on our Bills. It actually looks like it physically pains him to speak positively about the Bills. Give me any other commentator but that clown.
  12. Amen! These games are still critical! The 2 seed is there for the taking if we handle our business. I just dont see Pittsburgh beating both the Colts and Browns. I also dont see the 1 seed as likely. KC losing 2 more games just doesn't seem realistic.
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