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  1. Still think Kelly Holcomb was the unsung hero back in the drought days!😏
  2. I chose Mailman because I was a fan of Karl Malone and John Stockton back in the day. My Maple Leaf avatar is the flag for Hornell, my hometown. Been on board a long time, more observational than anything else.
  3. Been to Schobels to eat and shared the same comments to my wife. The Shobel brothers both have memorabilia on the walls inside. Unfortunately food was good, not great. Somehow fitting...
  4. Keyshawn is a clown! Who cares about his hot takes? He is annoying and really uninformed when it comes to our Bills...
  5. I go there for work. They're right next to each other, just separated by state lines.
  6. 3. Getting out of Reid's ACTUAL shadow must be difficult. Period.
  7. I would do the same. I have inherent GM leadership skills. My fantasy football success translates seamlessly...right?😏
  8. Love Tre as much as anyone else. However, I think the Bills still lose that game with Tre. It was the coaching decisions and the defensive formation on the last play before the FG in regulation that sealed it. Just my take.
  9. McDermott with his non answer about 13 seconds last night made me furious! You don't get to answer that way! You $#!+ the bed, and so did your D coordinator! Be accountable! Just sick about it...
  10. Hopefully Bates shows out and Mongo doesn't see the field.
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