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  1. So far I've only watched Brian Thomas Jr., Adonai Mitchell and Xavier Legette on tape. I hate the fact that Legette looks the best to me out of those 3. Haven't gone in depth yet but he seems to be able to do everything Mitchell and Thomas can do, but far more physical, reminds me of Deebo. Time will tell
  2. The question is: do you draft potential future #1 to replace diggs (do it all prospect) or do you draft a deep threat? The deep threat would seem like a "need" with davis likely departing in free agency, but with the way teams play vs Allen, the deep shot is rarely there, if ever. I'm stuck on prospects myself, will be doing more digging in future weeks!
  3. Rewatched the bills/steelers game yesterday and the chiefs/fins game today. I was a lot more pessimistic about this upcoming game prior to watching these again. The chiefs are super vulnerable, specifically: 1. The chiefs o line didn't look all that great. Fins missing their top DEs and the chiefs had to stick to the short game because pressure even with just 4 rushers was getting home. Also, a noticeable amount of balls batted down at the line on mahomes passes. 2. They didn't run the ball as well as you'd think. Pacheco had a few longer runs, mostly On their first drive/first half, but not a great running team and minus a run or two in the second half, they were held in check. Chiefs scored 7 points in the beginning of the 4th quarter due to field position they obtained in the end of the 3rd. 3. Chiefs struggled getting the ball in the endzone, kelce seems slightly old and unless he finds a soft spot in zone coverage, he's not really getting open. 4. Mahomes is human, especially if you hit him a few times, it doesn't have to be sack, just remind him that you're coming for him every snap. He missed quite a few wide open easy throws and receivers (including kelce) dropped others. 5. The chiefs defense is simply not all it's being hyped up to be. The dolphins game was easy for them because all the dolphins could do was try to run the ball or throw screens because Tua simply doesn't have a good enough arms for the game conditions. I truly believe if the bills don't beat themselves with silly errors/penalties and the refs don't screw them , they can win by even double digits. All that being said, I could be completely wrong and we get killed by mahomes/kelce/rice. Either way, Go Bills!!
  4. Every Dorsey play call seemingly plays directly into the Jax defensive play call. At the very least josh hasn't forced anything stupid....yet
  5. Color me confused. I'd understand if it was a discount, but that's top dollar.
  6. Lol, does Beane trade back? Don't see much of value on the board now. Go crazy and double down on OG with Zavala? Or go OT with Jones still on the board?
  7. Completely ignorant and random question (I have not checked weather forecasts for any neighboring areas), any reason the game wouldn't/couldn't be moved to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse? Mostly just curious and think it would be cool to see the Bills play there.
  8. What I find personally disappointing is not the picks themselves, rather how it seems, at least at first glance, that they're prioritizing needs over BPA. I could be wrong, but just how i see it. I thought this draft would be a great opportunity to just go after BPA, especially after yesterdays CB pick. Hopefully allow the BPA to develop behind whoever is the starter if they're not ready yet
  9. I've found it, more than once. The problem is, it's revolving 🤣
  10. Bold move Beane, took a 3rd round RB for the third time as GM, except he took this 3rd rounder in the 2nd, that should work
  11. You think Tua would've thrived in that situation? Lol, seem to miss the fact that Josh Allen is just a bit different as a QB than he. You may also notice that the only left of those 3 is Cody Ford, who may be on the bench if Bates is brought back.
  12. A mismanaged team with an unbalanced owner who's been trying to make a splash for years. The Chiefs did not go undefeated with Patrick Mahomes throwing the ball to Tyreek Hill, you think you should be worried about Tua? They have a lot of speed, I give them that, but they hired a new offensive minded coach who's philosophy is to run run run and set up play action, contain the run and watch for screens. Not much else for them passed that. Did I mention, their QB is Tua?
  13. Grossly overestimated? You didn't catch that Bills-Jags game last year huh 🙄
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