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  1. The big play we've been waiting for, thank you AJ
  2. Every Dorsey play call seemingly plays directly into the Jax defensive play call. At the very least josh hasn't forced anything stupid....yet
  3. Color me confused. I'd understand if it was a discount, but that's top dollar.
  4. Lol, does Beane trade back? Don't see much of value on the board now. Go crazy and double down on OG with Zavala? Or go OT with Jones still on the board?
  5. Completely ignorant and random question (I have not checked weather forecasts for any neighboring areas), any reason the game wouldn't/couldn't be moved to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse? Mostly just curious and think it would be cool to see the Bills play there.
  6. What I find personally disappointing is not the picks themselves, rather how it seems, at least at first glance, that they're prioritizing needs over BPA. I could be wrong, but just how i see it. I thought this draft would be a great opportunity to just go after BPA, especially after yesterdays CB pick. Hopefully allow the BPA to develop behind whoever is the starter if they're not ready yet
  7. I've found it, more than once. The problem is, it's revolving 🤣
  8. Bold move Beane, took a 3rd round RB for the third time as GM, except he took this 3rd rounder in the 2nd, that should work
  9. You think Tua would've thrived in that situation? Lol, seem to miss the fact that Josh Allen is just a bit different as a QB than he. You may also notice that the only left of those 3 is Cody Ford, who may be on the bench if Bates is brought back.
  10. A mismanaged team with an unbalanced owner who's been trying to make a splash for years. The Chiefs did not go undefeated with Patrick Mahomes throwing the ball to Tyreek Hill, you think you should be worried about Tua? They have a lot of speed, I give them that, but they hired a new offensive minded coach who's philosophy is to run run run and set up play action, contain the run and watch for screens. Not much else for them passed that. Did I mention, their QB is Tua?
  11. Grossly overestimated? You didn't catch that Bills-Jags game last year huh 🙄
  12. As a fan, I was all aboard the Jones train. If I was the GM, he'd be lucky to sniff anything near a 1-2 year deal at AAV of ~$10M , and honestly that's stretching it. That being said, Mahome-boy will be facing crosby/Jones, bosa/mack, bradley chubb and maybe another DE they sign 6 times a year, that may help soften him up a bit for playoffs on a yearly basis.
  13. The allen moves were made because the decision after Beane was hired was, clear the books and get a QB. He had to make the moves, no brainer there. The Diggs trade I agree was a big time trade. But then again, I was referring specifically to the DE position. Guess I could've been more specific about that , but that's what I'm talking about man. 2020 Championship Bucs - JPP, Vita Vea, Shaq barrett signed that preseason, Ndamukong Suh signed that pre-season 2019 Championship Chiefs - Chris Jones , traded for Frank clark that preseason It's a more recent trend that has lead to sucess. But it's unlikely that trend will be broken this season either with Hendrickson helping push the Bengals over the top today and if the Rams win I'm sure Von Miller will have made an impact. I'm not a fan of trading assets or major cap space for singular players, but winning super bowls are hard, and coaching up the Boogie Bashmans and AJ Epenesas of the world make for a much more difficult path to glory than just signing an already proven veteran. That being said, winning with our home grown guys would be far more enjoyable, though less likely. I also don't take cap concerns as an excuse, the chiefs finished last year in bad shape and brought in big time players like Ronnie Stanley and Melvin Ingram. The Rams seem to be able to do bring on whoever they please (yes I'm aware some are discounts).
  14. How many times do we need to see a high level veteran free agent/trade deadline pick up at the DE position make the difference and take over a playoff game when it matters before Beane finally makes the move on one? How many times did you see Trey Hendrickson make a big play down the stretch of the 4th quarter and over time? How many times will we see Von Miller make an impact tonight? Take note. #DifferenceMakers
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