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  1. 2 hardest stretches are the 4 game stretches: Mia to Texans (week 2-5) and the Mia to San Fran (weeks 9-13). How the Bills do during those 8 games will be a key test this season IMO.
  2. Actually, if you read the entire thing it is what I originally said: "Comp picks are fake. Don't count on them. They reviewed this year's again & still kept us & SF at 4th round but gave Cincy a 3rd round. Totally not worth it. No one seems to really understand the supposed "formula", Beane & the experts said it would be a 3rd & planned accordingly. We'll give up talent & end up with a 7th next year. Until they fix it so the process is transparent & everyone can understand it & know what they'll actually get, it's about as real as the Easter bunny and as reliable as Nathan Peterman in the 1st half of a Bills game. " (Emphasis added) Over the top, overly dramatic? Absolutely. Inartful? Perhaps. But the point is the same, they're hard to forecast & rely on in planning. Obviously, they exist, sure they're certainly useful. My complaint is relying on the predicted round you'll actually get & relying on it to make plans. It's counting your chickens before they're hatched & taking it as certain you're going to get that pick in that round (or 3rd) only to have it turn out that the pick is in a lower round (ie 4th). In that sense the 3rd round pick was a mirage, wasn't real, bc you never had it you only ever had the lower round pick. IMO it's better to treat them like found money then when they come in you won't be disappointed where they come in. But honestly I posted about this originally way back on March 11th & have moved on to our draft picks & the upcoming schedule, so I don't really care. Just hoping the new pieces work out, mesh well & our retooled team can get it done this year. Go Bills!
  3. Not throwing a tantrum, don't really care. But "a handful of fans" "don't understand the system"? Really? The Bills Front Office thought they were getting a 3rd, so did all the pundits/experts & every fan (never heard anyone say different beforehand). If you watched Beane's comments on it, he said he was surprised and pissed about it (as he should have been). He said they checked w/ the league multiple times & were told they were on track for a 3rd. He said it changed some things bc he was relying on having that 3rd rounder when he traded away his 3rd for Rasul Douglas. He also mentioned it again post first round when he said he was glad they could recoup the 3rd in the trade back in the 1st w/ KC. I'm not advocating changing their philosophy. I don't need to, Beane's a smart guy he adapts & isn't going to be taken by surprise again. I'm pointing out the comp pick spots aren't 100% predictable & therefore 100% reliable when planning, that's just a fact.
  4. Noooo! Last time RG3 talked about a Bills WR & they responded, we ended up trading him. Stay away RG3.
  5. & Yet it was 100% wrong when forecast for the Bills. It burned them this year. I wouldn't go relying on it again. Treat it like found money if/when you get it.
  6. I like it. Now it's time for the big guy to take another big step this year.
  7. He'll turn 35 next season. Wheels gonna fall off that bus sooner than Kinkaid, Shakir or Coleman. Remember Travis NFL stands for Not For Long.
  8. Nope. It's a 2 year reload. Step back this year in expectation of a leap forward next year. Terry's keeping them to make this transition.
  9. "Transitioning." They're turning over the roster to get younger & cheaper while building a 2nd group for Allen to lead. It looks like a multi year process, given that they drafted 10 but we're willing to trade back & have 10 more next year. Judging by what they drafted, they wanted solid foundational leadership pieces this year, not necessarily superstars, just solid good football players. It looks like they won't go all in this year, are willing to take a step back this year if necessary (though they'll still fight to compete) so they have the money & picks to really add some pieces next year. At least that's what I take from their moves & Beane's presser.
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