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  1. Joe B did say it may be time to move on from him. Cosell said the O was vanilla, didn't scheme guys open & didn't adjust, also said needed upgrades at weapon & O-line. Cover 1 pointed out deficiencies in play calling for several weeks, though they didn't explicitly call for a change. But I prefer how they actually talk about the play on the field, the play calls and look at the all 22 & let you know what's happening weekly with specifics, instead of general flowery platitudes Tim's offering.
  2. How about some actual factual analysis to go with the poetic prose there Tim. Many of us aren't saying McD should go, it's the coordinators that should at least be looked at for an upgrade, Dorsey in particular. And it's not based on just the last game. The offense struggled the 2nd half of the season, even before the adversity set in. It was clear to anyone who watched from halftime of the GB game on, the offense had way more difficulty performing consistently than they did prior to that (with the lowly Bears being the lone exception). While it also happened last season they snapped out of it starting with the second half at Tampa, this year the adjustment and bounce back never materialized. That should at least draw some scrutiny by the brass (though it sounds like that's not happening as Beane was quick to defend everyone). Tim's argument that adversity should grant everyone a pass is a bit too simplistic and to say it was just one game is just willful blindness on his part. Heck the Phins nearly beat them with a backup QB the week before, it took 2 kick returns to beat the Pats and the Jets second game was closer than it should have been. Tim's prose are nice but I'd rather have analysis, like Greg Cosell or Joe Bascaglia or Cover 1.
  3. Glad he's done. Stayed 2 years too long. Hated him when he played. But can't deny he was the greatest to do it, the Jordan of the sport.
  4. Interesting points & I don't disagree that we need a talent upgrade in the WR room. However, Diggs, Beas & Brown all had career years when they upgraded to Allen as their QB. They were established players prior to being here. What exactly did Hall change about their games that brought that out or was it simply a product of the upgrade to Allen as QB? Davis was expected by the Bills to be the #2 this year, he wasn't, (was Hall consulted on that decision? maybe), he had the second lowest catch % in the entire NFL this year and has a 55.3% career catch %, that's not my opinion, it's just facts. Davis may have been a 4 round pick but Diggs was a 5th. I'm sure Hall is a fine coach, but the WR unit underperformed expectations. (Tied for 2nd in the league in drops). I'm curious who he's really developed? Do we really think he's developed Davis, McKenzie, Shakir, Hodgins into consistent WRs for us? It seems like all our talent over his tenure has come from imports of established guys. So what drafted players has he brought along to being a consistent top 3 WR on our team? In the end I'm not saying he's a bad coach or that we shouldn't keep him, I'm just not sure that if he gets the OC gig, we're going to notice a big drop off in play. https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/who-has-the-lowest-catch-percentage-among-wide-receivers https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/what-is-gabriel-davis-catch-percentage-career#:~:text=Gabe Davis has caught 55.3 percent of targets in his career. https://scores.nbcsports.com/fb/tmleaders.asp?type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=232
  5. Who has he developed that wasn't already great? Diggs, Beasley, Brown, Sanders were already established players prior to his coaching them. Davis is a 54% career catch rate who can only run 3 routes per several CBs we've played & clearly was not the WR2. McKenzie really hasn't progressed. Shakir didn't do much this year. Isaiah Hodgins never really played. Saying all the WR are crap but the WR Coach is awesome seems like saying "he's the best leader of a failed unit". We fired our Safeties coach & his group was so decimated by injuries he had to play 5th stringers. So who has he developed? What WR2, slot WR has he produced for us? Are you satisfied with the WR group? What makes everyone think he's so good other than the players like him (Josh likes Dorsey, & I'm not convinced he's very good)?
  6. We'll, Payton's off to Denver, so it's all academic anyway. (Not that he was ever coming here since we aren't moving on from McD). Let's hope we fix the issues on the roster.
  7. That's why I said he's a top 5 all time coach, never said he was "mediocre". I agree his constant switching spots may have contributed, but the point is everyone thought bringing him in would equal SB win (much like some seem to think w/ Payton) & it didn't. & The fact that Payton isn't as good only makes my argument that bringing him in will not automatically equate to a SB ring that much more compelling.
  8. This might be the most entertaining Pro Bowl ever, in a car crash kind of way, it's awful but you can't pull your eyes away.
  9. He never won a Superbowl after he left the Giants. Sure, he improved teams & got them to the post season, but McD does that now. We're talking about upgrading not to reach the SB, but to win it, which Parcells (who's a top 5 all time great) never did. That's what I believe you'll get w/ Sean Payton, a great coach who won't get us a ring.
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