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  1. So if Rodger confirms the 6 game suspension or lowers it, does the NFL appeal? If so wouldn't that be Rodger appealing himself? 🤔 (Academic question of course)
  2. Poyer taken to the locker room. https://twitter.com/SalSports/status/1554489180696215552?s=20&t=t6SNPwOOj8Wks1xvPoqnig
  3. Jaguars win the South Chargers win the West Tampa looses 1st round playoffs Frank Reich doesn't last to end of season Davis makes the pro bowl Tre returns week 7 Bills go 3-4 to start season Bills end up 12-5 to end season (don't get 1 seed)
  4. He's missing his target. Media has been hyping the Bills as SB favorites more than the fans. Sorry Jerry but true Bills fans have suffered way too much PTSD over the seasons to over hype anything. We're more cautiously optimistic, or hopefully longing, or neurotically nervous, even excitably superstitious. I get it, there's other scary teams out there, Bengals, Chargers, KC, even Denver Oakland, Baltimore to name a few. There's certainty unanswered questions at positions on this team & Nothing is guaranteed. But stop peeing on the parade before the games are even played.
  5. Since the thread question was who's the Babe Ruth of Football, consider: Ruth played 22 seasons, Brady has played 20 & is about to play his 21st. In that time: Ruth is 13th batting avg all time (Ty Cobb is 1st) https://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/batting_avg_career.shtml Ruth is 3rd in home runs. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/HR_career.shtml Ruth is tied for 7th w/ 5 other players for most Championships (w/ 7). https://sportsweeksportslist.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/major-league-baeball-top-20-players-with-the-most-world-series-rings/ Brady is #1 in TDs in a career (53 more than #2 Brees & counting). http://www.espn.com/nfl/history/leaders/_/stat/tdpasses Brady is #1 in yards in a career. http://www.espn.com/nfl/history/leaders/_/stat/passyards Brady is 20th in completion percentage. https://www.footballdb.com/leaders/career-passing-completionpct And Brady is #1 in most championships won (w/ 7). https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/nfl-player-with-most-championships As much as I hate it, kind of hard to argue it's not Brady.
  6. Good to know Tyreek's made a football and not a business decision to ditch KC for Miami. He was just upgrading at QB it had nothing to do w/ that $120 million Miami is giving him. Ok, sure Tyreek. 🙄
  7. Good luck Jerry. Thanks for 9 great seasons & helping be a foundation piece for McBeane's culture change.
  8. Texans & Jets? Yikes! Only missing the Jags. Don't do it Beane!!!! Run away!!
  9. Ok Beanie Baby, let's put on your big boy pants & make a pick already!
  10. The $ spent on Miller, Diggs etc.. says all in this year. Especially looking at our salary cap in the future.
  11. Either make the pick or trade back for your 4th back. Supposed to be all in this year. Seems more indecisive than bold. Not a fan.
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