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  1. Indy. If Cincy loses and we win we move ahead of Cincy. A Cincy win drops Indy but doesn't move us up ahead of anyone at all.
  2. Steelers loss dropped them from the 5 to the 8 seed. 3 big games this weekend: Bills v. KC Colts v. Bengals Browns v. Jaguars
  3. He's staying. This is a hit piece w/ old news from seasons past. Terry isn't divorcing Sean this year.
  4. Article says: Bills fans have endured "Seven years of torture", is this guy serious? Try 63 years buddy. Our suffering began long before Seany Boy.
  5. Ironic since he & Payton are largely responsible for the beginning of these changes. Can't touch the WRs down field & can't hit the QB low come to mind. He complained about not getting flags a lot when he played.
  6. Bengals beat them pretty bad. Also lost to Minnesota & Cleveland 2 mediocre teams. They're definitely among the top 2-3 teams. But not unbeatably Great. IMO.
  7. Looks like next week we're rooting for: BILLS! Titans Pats Jaguars Jets Chargers & Colts Jumps us to 9 w/ Broncos & Bengals falling to 10 & 11.
  8. The NFL has no clear cut GREAT Team this year. Brady was right, it's pretty mediocre.
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