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  1. Watching Jets opener Sim. Jordan Phillips gets hurt the 3rd play of the game. Sim loves Gabe Davis, hates James Cook.
  2. If he goes on PUP he can come back for Patriots. Sal Capaccio talked about that when the schedule came out.
  3. Watched the Raiders Sim on YouTube. James Cook is nowhere to be found.
  4. He looks bigger than people said, was expecting the guy to look tiny based on the complainers on here.
  5. Ed Oliver, dude disappears way too much to be a top 10 pick.
  6. I'm sure Von had alot of say in this move.
  7. Elam has a pick and a few pass breakups. They will have no answer for Kincaid. Assuming Dorsey knows how to use him since he had some amazing tight ends in college.
  8. Based on the schedule I wouldn't mind him taking the first few games off then unleash him. Have to.be sure he is there for the last part of the season. If he started on PUP ,miss 6 games, come back for Pats, have him fully healthy for the biggest games.
  9. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/bills/why-do-bills-keep-playing-chiefs-in-kansas-city
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