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  1. No one is paying those $44M prices, that is just the way his contract with the Raiders was structured. That is why there are so many rumors about trading Adams. If the Raiders don't move D Adams now then after this season they will get nothing for him. A team that trades for D Adams would give him a new contract that would include a signing bonus and guaranteed money. But I agree in that I don't see how the Jets could do it, they already have pre-spent into the future with several deals, most notably Rodgers.
  2. I thought Beane had said it was the other way around, that need became more of a factor in the later rounds. Beane says a lot, so both could have been said. In any event, what a coincidence that all their highest ranking players fit needs for the team - WR/S/DT/RB/C/LB/DE/OT/CB. Wow, got lucky there.
  3. It shouldn't just be for this season, that is one of the problems that is catching up to this FO. A double dip on the WR was to help the future state of the WR room - along with solidifying their bet that they hit on one for this year - kind of like the Elam then Benford double dip The "fix" is a huge portion of the Claypool problem. And they could of double dipped and picked up the dumpster dive priced Claypool. Yes, the FO thought drafting the DT/RB and others over a WR was a good idea. It is this low prioritization of the WR room that I (and many others) are having problems with. And lets not forget they ended the draft with extra capital that they convert to carrying over to next year, in an extra 4th.
  4. Claypool is still a resurrection project, he has been with multiple teams and has not stuck. A draft pick would offer a much greater level of optimism and signify more of a commitment to supplying offensive weapons than the dumpster diving that they did. A late 3rd or 4th round pick would IMO be much more exciting than MVS/Claypool/Hamler. If the FO knew an upgrade this season was not realistic it would have been much better to double dip - see SF (and they have a much better WR room).
  5. Claypool + Hamler are nowhere near the same as double dipping. They are players that were drafted that did not materialize into the players the team that drafted them had hoped for. They are resurrection projects, not lotto ticket types. Brady's structure of offense is handicapped by the personnel he is given. It doesn't seem like there is much choice but to continue the dink and dunk, conservative complementary style. While this may be Brady's preferred style, we won't be able to make a good determination of that based on what he has to work with.
  6. I agree, the other offensive pieces are exciting - several young improving rooms - the TE room is excellent, and the RBs being headlined with an improving Cook makes for a bright future. But the OP specifically mentioned WRs. And that particular area is a hot topic. Part of the reason IMO, it's a hot topic is because of the improvement of the other areas, and if the WR room was up to the prior years standards this would be the most exciting offensive potential we've had in years.
  7. The OP subject thread is headlined with "I'm starting to love the WR room. We quietly got better". The topic is WR room.
  8. They're all Divas. Hard to really like any of them. St Brown is the closest you can get to for anyone to root for. It seems WRs as a group have lost the common decency of keeping their selfish thoughts to themselves. As it pertains to the Bills, I can see getting one of these top tier WRs as a problem to the spreading out of the ball philosophy. D Adams couldn't keep his mouth shut and complained about targets during a win.
  9. I don't think the Claypool problem comes from Hollis, IMO, Hollis should be easy to overtake. The problem I can see is with K Coleman getting reps over Claypool when Claypool is outplaying Coleman. But the FO wants Coleman in there instead. The lineup/reps would be going to Shakir/C Samuel/and K Coleman. Coleman is the first pick in the draft and the FO is going to want to get him experience even if it comes at the expense of Claypool. That can be tough to take. And Claypool doesn't have a history of handling situations well.
  10. I think Digg's problem with the coaching staff was not McDermott but J Brady. The taking himself out on key 3rd downs when he wasn't injured is unacceptable. I think it was a Diggs or J Brady situation and the FO/team chose J Brady.
  11. You're doing one thing to one element of the data set and then not doing the same thing to the others. A lot of teams have games where their run game is working and they don't rely on the pass, yet you keep those games in for them. What you are doing is not providing an accurate picture.
  12. If you're taking out Josh's worst statistical game you should take out the others worst game. And since you are using just a half year for Josh and extrapolating it, you would need to take out the 2 worst games for the others. You're trying to play games with the numbers to make it look better.
  13. I was at the same point, thru episode 2 and had the same thoughts. After episode 3 and starting episode 4 the enthusiasm has gone down dramatically. D Adams would want targets, that championship angle really waned when times got tough.. Not the type of distributing to the open man guy. I'd much rather have Metcalf now (although I know he's not available now). Would like DHop over the two (Adams + Aiyuk) too.
  14. Adams would want a new deal, and the acquiring team would want to give him a new deal - Adams is scheduled to make $35M the next two years. That is the motivation for the Raiders to move him. They never intended to pay him his inflated 2025 salary. D Adams would be amenable to being traded because his new deal would get more upfront guaranteed money. And the Bills should be a great candidate because we have no WR1 and Josh Allen as the QB.- Great spot for him on his quest for the HOF.
  15. Could depend on the contract and how much the Raiders take in. We have 2 second round picks, maybe give up ours. Getting Adams for 2-3 years at the $20M range might be easier for the FO to take.
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