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  1. I could. If bpa in their minds. The WR position is expensive. Even if the player moves into a secondary starting role - either Beas or Sanders. Thats a $6 million plus worry free piece for multiple years - and a possible 5th year value extension. Also secures some continuity for Josh. Economically, it makes a lot of sense to go WR. The WR only needs to become top three on your team and you won't have struck out (unlike RB, where you can pick up a vet like Breida/Bell/Fourtaine for 2-3 mill).
  2. I love that the interest is being reported. I hope this serves as a negotiation tool to Philly. Could send a signal that the Bills are standing firm in their valuation of Ertz's trade value (no 3rd). If Philly doesn't move Ertz for the right price, Jesse would work.
  3. I like Pitts but he is not realistic at 30. And I am still holding out hope that Ertz can be brought in for a 5th. I like bpa in an area of high cost for the long term team building aspects. That means a DE/DL, OL, or WR (it's true that CB is in this category but I do not like it when they are drafted). These positions are less risky because even if the player only makes it to rotational status they still are a bargain. The Q Jeffersons, Addison, Murphies over $5m apiece. A vet RB like Fournette or Bell was only $2m. And we have two 3rd round RBs already on the ro
  4. I think while the path may have gotten somewhat tougher, in that some of the other teams in the division made bigger gains, I think the odds of the AFCE title are actually greater this year than last. I think that because of the QB position. I feel the Bills currently have the #1 and #2 ranked QBs in the division. Last years achilles heal has been addressed. If J Allen gets dinged for a few games, the Bills will probably still be favored.
  5. Don't forget Miami went backwards in the QB dept - they lost Fitz. They now have a QB that on the Bills would be fighting it out w Fromm and Davis to make our practice squad.
  6. That was my original thought but now I'm panicking. I think a vet TE1 would be the biggest, easiest way to improve last years squad (which was already good). Ertz is pretty much all I see left (Rudolf/Henry/JSmith/Gronk - all gone). Bad year not to have a 4th. Maybe Beane can figure a way to meet them half way and get this done. There is still competition out there - Colts/Carolina. I'd like to see Beane just compromise and wrap this up quickly.
  7. I think people need to get over their sticker shock and realize a veteran TE will be expensive. Rudolf at $8 mill should have been expected. Everett was at 6, Jonnu at 12. If the Bills could get Ertz at $8 to $10 million that would be a bargain.
  8. What I'm saying is that WR is an option at 30 now still. Whereas if they had Samuel there they would be a lot less likely to take one. WRs can be expensive in the open market, it's great if you can have them home grown. If a value falls you want to be able to take it. IMO, it leaves Toney as an option if he falls.
  9. I'll add one additional comment to this divergent offshoot. Having Sanders instead of Samuals makes it easier for the Bills to go WR at 30 if that is deemed bpa. If Toney is there and they like him, they can easily fit him into the plans. Not so much if they already have Diggs/Samual/Davis.
  10. Yes, a 1 or 2 is too much. Bad year not to have our 4th. But lets not say its for the right to overpay Ertz. $8 mill is a bargain, Jonnu got $12, Everett got $6 and Kroft was at $5. Part of the benefit of trading for Ertz is you get a great salary. And hopefully restructure into a 2 year thing.
  11. I hope the Bills are not done in FA too. In particular I'm hoping they get a TE. As many have said it usually takes 2-3 years for a TE to grow into the job, so a rookie work. Rudolph or Ertz would good to me.
  12. Not for a second. The problem with Ertz is I want Beane to hold firm and not give up a third for him. 3rd round picks are too important now. Need to develop the first three rounds of picks into at least rotational status for the length of their rookie contracts. Our mid to long term success is dependent upon it.
  13. I think you are way off in your pricing. Everett just got $6 mill and he's never sniffed being a pro-bowler. Kroft got $5 mill. Rudolph is better than both. I think it would be a deal to get Rudolph in for $8mill a year. Part of the lure of trading for Ertz is that you would him for only $8 mill his first year (Philly picks up the rest). Jonnu just got $12 mill per.
  14. Now the trick is to flip this pick for Ertz
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