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  1. I don't think you should assume the Eagles are holding Ertz hostage. It easily could be that a contract with Ertz is the sticking point. What would you accept if you were Ertz/agent? J Smith just got $12.5M. What do you think the Bills would offer Ertz? I don't think the Bills want to give Ertz that amount, and if not, it might be hard to get a deal done. I could easily see Ertz wanting to go to free agency instead of taking what many here want to pay him.
  2. Quit digging your hole here Chandler. The Bills were in the deciding game to get into the Superbowl (and it wasn't called the Superbowl then). The deciding game is called the Conference Championship (doesn't matter what it was called then, that's what we call it now). If you're counting how many Superbowls a team won, Green Bay counts that first one. If you're counting how many Conference Championships a team has been in, you count the games that got you there. It's important for you youngsters to know and recognize Bills history.
  3. This title is just wrong "Bills 1st Ever AFC Title Game. Jan. 89" What? How quickly we forget 1966! The very first AFC title game. Bills lost to KC for the right to get into the first Superbowl. C'mon two pages in and people are letting this slide.
  4. I disagree. IMO, the Dolphins made a huge mistake staying with Tua. It makes their bold move of replacing Fitz with Tua, when Fitz was better, a mistake. I thought Miami was discarding their fluke possibility at the playoffs for the long term. The early look and decision of whether Tua was the long term answer. They got to see what they had, and somehow came to the exact opposite conclusion that I had. Miami should have gone the AZ route and reloaded at QB with a do over while they had the chance (the #3 pick). Huge blunder. And I'm enjoying every s
  5. I'm with you, pretty safe, smart, pick to me. They don't really define bust. For Rousseau he says he didn't see him being a top 30 player, that's not a bust. And Boogie seems very safe to not only make the team but be a solid rotational player in his first year. If these two become rotational players that allow the Bills to jettison Addison and Butler next year, they are producing a financial benefit to the Bills. To me the odds are strongly in their favor to do at least that.
  6. I think salary opinion is a big issue. Pegging the market value of Ertz is no easy task. $8.5M seems reasonable to me. J Smith just got $12.5 and Pitts $8. I'm afraid if they cut Ertz the Bills won't survive the bidding war (see JJ Watt). AZ and TN have dogmeat for TEs and money to spend. Best case scenario for me is, Ertz to the Bills for a 7th and either Addison or Butler (then the Bills can go after Nelson).
  7. I agree with you. I'd add that people are also selling Allen short if they think he can't improve (scary thought for our competition). The improvement to Allen's game in using the TE, and game management, would be greatly facilitated if he has the right weapons. Adding Ertz would be for TEs in the middle of the range between Diggs - J Brown was in the WR category.
  8. Maybe the Bills told Nelson to hang on until after Ertz has been moved. A clue might come in the trade details. If the Bills can move a DL player like Addison/Butler IMO it increases the odds of adding Nelson.
  9. Bring in Ertz! We all want Josh to continue his development. The next step is taking what the defense gives him. Well he needs the tools for that. Josh needs the confidence that the 5-7 yard dump off that is wide open will be caught. Daboll can use the weapon so that defenses won't cheat, as KC did, to take away the midrange game.
  10. I find it weird that people could watch many Fin games last year and think Tua was better than Fitz. If Tua hadn’t been a 1st round pick, Fitz would have led Miami into the playoffs (would have beat either Den or the Bills backups). Tua stinks, Mac is average at best, and Zach is in a real loser situation. The Bills need to rule this division.
  11. There are two things that make it tough for the Bills in regards to Home field. One, that they cut it down to only 1 team gets the bye. That's already hurt once. And second is KC, they're tough. And the Bills have to play them in KC. One thing going for the Bills, to me, the AFC East looks like a cake walk, especially when one looks at the QBs. The Bills swept the division last year and 2 out of the 3 (NY +Miami) have downgraded their QBs (Fitz/Darnold > Tua/Zach). And NE's QB not only stunk last year but looked to be on the decline and they picked up a mediocre QB.
  12. What a pro NFLPA piece that was. Somehow thinking by saying the "agreement was negotiated in a simple and straightforward way" implies it was a good deal. Not necessarily the case, often times complex issues aren't straightforward. The second point on about how the negotiations weren't to create two classes of players, well they failed there. The authors contention that football players are split in a way that's not different than the way the rest of the US is split is backed up by nothing. And he estimates that the football players are 25% for vaccination, 25% totally aga
  13. Not so fast. Could be coverage for moving Butler in the Ertz trade. 😀
  14. Seems like you may need to educate yourself on the political bias of Twitter. Not being cognizant of the leanings is a problem. Look at the owner, or the fact checking, or the blocking. It is a left leaning institution. As for Beas, I think he is obviously frustrated. I can see how he could feel the NFLPA let him down. Maybe by sounding off he can get the NFLPA to review its stance and be more player friendly
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