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  1. Go route has touch to it. Cross can be a hard dart into tight window. Diff throw
  2. Yeah cause you cant pick up in passing a rule that 8 year olds understand lol it's funny, its fine but let's not act like another sports rules cuts into a brain cell bank
  3. Dude was In canada lollllll shoulda picked up what icing is 😂😂😂
  4. Went B+ for a few reasons. Timeout and challenge management has been a general weakness. Although he is not the GM, he has been loyal to a fault to some of "his players". Also if I voted A there isnt much room for improvement and hes still a little green and will hopefully improve. Edit: also who the 🤬 voted F lol lingering Pat's fan
  5. Hes quietly gave us some love. Hes had 2 player of the week facetime [whatever that segment's called] with Josh and one with Leodis. But still **** him and the 90s cowboys
  6. Busting feels good, but it feels better if you build up to it, stay there for a long time and win it (maybe even more than once). Dont wanna be the team that wins it....Then has to sit in it's own mess in shame, missing the playoffs after, or generally limping.
  7. % might level off some, but I I expect us to continue to get better here getting Singletary back and having a big threat like Duke
  8. You all really are the worst piling on this dude, but its cracking me up too. I get the OP sentiments. Personally, I love turtles
  9. Yep cant do it. Had a strict Bon Jovi free policy at my wedding. Turn it automatically and shun anyone who doesn't do the same, while I remind them why. If a dude tries to bang your girl unsuccessfully, are you still cool with him?Of course not. 🤬 bon 🤬'ing jovi
  10. Lol even Pegulas daughter hops on to talk some smack on that thread
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