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  1. so were using the rare exception to the rule (not the standard) as a measuring stick, not even just to QBs, but to any position/prospect now LOL i like this! personally, while people may say hes fat, has a 5second 40, one arm, is 37years old. i think we should trade up into top 5 to take BillsShredder83 ....did i do this right?
  2. herbert.levis might enbd up being aight. russ wilson back in the day. the boogeyman whoms name we dont mention lol
  3. I see you're getting rained down on, but this is a football forum, and one centered around buffalo which has no pro team and no competitive college teams for basketball. That said the SB as a whole, has been mostly trash (as a 35year Olds perspective). There's been some decent games sprinkled, last 2 years have been fun, generally I think afccg/nfccg is the best round. The tournament was a freaking blast. I don't think your opinion is as out of line as the comments here would make it appear
  4. I'm not here to poop on trade idea threads. It's reasonable, trade value looks fair or in ball park of fair.... wouldn't hate it If we did it, but prefer if we just draft our own young cheap guys. That compensation gets us at least in ball park of a top 3 wr. Definitely within top 4. Stay cheap, get the humble, juiced up to perform kinda guy over an expensive veteran. Will admit my approach is more of a gamble, higher ceiling, lower floor potential. If BB finds that too risky or impossible.... stay put and let a stacked draft fall your way. Good scenarios where any of the 3 options improves us
  5. Literally who cares? There's a reason the team keeps in house squabbles under wraps. Think the season gets better or worse if front office let's all this hit open air? Pretty easy to say worse, 1 year of that, what's Diggs already tainted draft value? A 5th? Are we pining for the Russ Brandon days? Lol I'm cool with not hearing soap opera bs if it means better on field production. Wrestlemania is this weekend, maybe that could be your thing! I'll take being a fan of football games instead
  6. solid reasoning here i could be talked into (compensation dependant). still want us to take a WR in draft, basically high (top 3 rds) every year we have Josh CAN ANYONE ANSWER: IF SF IS ON ROOKIE CONTRACT W/ PURDY, WHY ARE THEY UNWILLING TO PAY HIM? I KNOW THEY PAY DEEBO, BUT AGAIN ROOKIE QB CONTRACT
  7. early here, but this is the scenario im liking the most (obv on paper without specifics known). If you win some money you dont immediately blow it out of a cannon as fast as you can to buy a mansion. you pay off your current mortgage, get a nice but reliable car, dont quit your job, stay on the plan. small trade up to grab the #4 guy, unless a top 3 falls farther than youd expect. consider going to WR well again in 2nd/4th. develop shakir, Kink, plug some holes elsewhere. that Minn 2nd is going to be a premium top 10 (maybe 5'ish) pick, so if some team wants to treat it like mid-late rd pick, you walk. if some team acknowledges that team is going to bottom out and theyre looking to trade back to build up a roster, you consider it
  8. might be the3 dumbest thing ive read in a sea of dumb takes in this thread lol was this posted from a HS computer lab
  9. Feels like a break up. I'm like a little hurt it's over, then I realize she got a Lil fat this year.... silent treatment/arguments. Talking s*** about you to her friends U really g2 be an a-hole to stop being friends with Josh tbh. top 2 qb, seemingly one of the most liked dudes in league by fans, executives, teammates, other teams players
  10. lol yall are insane. he didnt kill anyone..... this also isnt pat mcafee falling into the water wasted hes not getting Ruggs treatment, ane hes not getting a stern letter, pretty easy to keep this one out of the extreme ends of spectrum. dude might get a game or two, it isnt changing how KC approaches the draft, unless theyre aware of some Aaron Hernandez type red flags behind the scenes and theyve bailed him out of trouble/hushed them up a few times....... no indication of that, so until then we can all be reasonable
  11. Forget decade(s) of muscle memory, kickers are known to be hardy and very spontaneous. they excel when new scenarios are tossed at them, as all that muscle memory and practice gets boring. toss in their resistance to becoming mental cases and this is great. i think to trick the other team we should move it every time. 8yds, 4, 3.1. Msyne put the OL all the way to the left hash, and line kicker up to the right hash. a diagonal snap would wreak havoc on opposing ST's coordinators.
  12. Hard to see him getting past Philly at #22(ish, 21?)
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