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  1. I mean id think theres plenty of guys talented enough to airbrush it where you cant really tell? Or some kind of decal that has really thin spots where the creases are. I wouldnt want to have to do it, but that doesnt mean it cant be
  2. I was supposed to read this in Nelsons voice? If so, done correctly
  3. i think thats all theyre doing here. everythings for sale for a price, mind as well fish for the best offer they can, and turn it down if it doesnt make sense
  4. He signed with SEA, although doubtful he ever puts the jersey on
  5. seriously!!!! God this league is full of morons tad different circumstances here, although i generally agree Cant do it, the raiders still have to field a team for that expensive new stadium they got
  6. Doubt they do it, and not the best use of resources...... that said, not my team and dont care if its a loss of better opportunity, but would love to see Pitts join them in a dual TE formation! Would be fun to watch
  7. Just floating this for something to consider, i think it changes the narrative some, and Brisett is a bit of an outlier here because of the year... but qbs have seen sort of an inflation. In the early early 2010's a qb taken that high was somebody who typically was going to sit and be groomed. The Aaron Rodgers type development was big then, and now theres so many qbs taken in round 1, that Garoppolo wouldve been a 1st rd'er. But guys drafted in the first 2 rounds now dont have the luxury of sitting. Theyre expected to come in and play and play at a high level right away. So dra
  8. Wish i was in a busier area, id be all over that. Feel like i missed any chance at mining btc being profitable. The blockchains are getting harder, and theres a chit ton of super computer labs out there soaking everything up
  9. Could you be so kind as to share where? lol i cant find one taking odds on wins yet
  10. id still pick the over with 16, forgot about the 17th! WHERE CAN I PLACE THIS? I WANT IN ON IT, AND TO THROW ONE ON US WINNING IT ALL!
  11. I ate this 5lb lobster today. I wont tell you what it was like or give you a picture. Just want you to know it happened, and you didnt 😆
  12. Wooohooo what a day yesterday! "the best time to plant a tree is 20years ago, the second best time is today"
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