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  1. Pursue what is meaningful, not expedient. Its like the drug dealer vs medical student. Baltimore got fast results immediately, while the student hit the books and learned valuable info he can carry for life consequence free. PAGING DR. ALLEN!!!!!!!!!! Allen will have the meaningful career, Lamar will be a trivia question.
  2. Theres maybe one snow game a year now and nobodies throwing it. Its some weird buffalo arrogance to think our players have some magic juju that makes them snow proof. If my daughter can put on extra layers to go to school, I doubt millionaires with crazy amenities are gunna fold cause they switched to UnderArmor cold gear 😆
  3. Hadn't thought of this. While I don't think home town discounts exist (Brady was getting a brinks truck delivered to some garage).... I didn't consider this. Thats gotta mean something, I mean damn what a legacy! Let's hope
  4. I feel like in the standings its closer to both teams losing... not the case
  5. If you watched it and didn't feel emotional, than your stronger than me. That wasn't empty coach speak, that was 100% sincere!
  6. Damn betting is so interesting i wish i knew what the hell slme of this meant. Teaser? Moneyline? I get parlay sort of.
  7. I realize this was a joke but I literally do things like that all the time to myself. Man 2020 was rough. What a relief to have football back during such a tough year
  8. That throw running to the left was classic josh getting too amped up. He escaped pressure, had more time than he realized and over rushed his throw. Adrenaline flying and the ball went a mile over receivers head. While inaccurate, it wasn't like a mechanics issue, just too hyped from escaping a certain sack. Im not worried about those types of misses and will probably be something as he gets older and can reset his head
  9. Had the same thing with arm amputation. Was super nervous id wind up with no arms. He wrote yes on my mangled arm and I asked him to circle it and put stars, which he did.... then I asked if i could have it after, seems like they administered anesthesia pretty quickly after that 😆
  10. GMs are gunna stop picking up Beanes calls LOL! Im kidding but now that I think about it they'd be smart to.
  11. Dude is out performing what I thought he would do so far. Seems like wrs is the toughest position to gain chemistry and also develop on a new team. I thought it might be a slow build to being a beast but nope. He plug and played well. He's my favorite Bill already after Josh. In the interest of being objective as possible, I have one small teeny gripe (aka dont flame me). His body language sucks after an incompletion or when he gets hit hard. Keep thinking he's hurt, but he's really slow to get up and has the same pouty look my 5yo makes when I ask her to do something she doesn't wanna. Not overly concerned now but keeping an eye on it.
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