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  1. That quote stuck out to me too, and its definitely a reality that happens in the league. Deion as a kid made me laugh "tackling"
  2. That burned me too. Got an expass put the minimum on it. Used it like 3xs, and the sign said call ezpass.... I knew I had enough money on there as I'd used like $3 of $15 loaded ..... well on one of my trips it didn't pick up where I entered so it charged me the maximum toll charge for like $15.... put me negative..... I used it a few more times over grand island and didn't do anything about the gate saying-call ez pass. I worked in an office at the time and I hate phone calls when I'm off work. So I used grand island while "overdrawn" like 8xs and they tacked on some crazy fees on each one, plus the like $50 late fee on each. I owe nys like $1600 tolls, when I gave them $15 and only used it like 12xs. They owe ME money. Don't use ezpass either
  3. Unequivocally yes. When we do resign him it'll set a record deal, the bar will raise for all qbs salary..... salary cap will go up to accommodate growing salaries.... rinse repeat
  4. Meh its alright. I enjoyed it more than most cause I did debt collections for years, wild industry really
  5. Lol yall crack me up. Just wanted to day hey and be a little memorable around here since I'm posting more. I don't wear gloves because I AM THE PINNACLE OF ALL THAT IS MAN. I've touched atleast 50-60 boobs in my life.... yeah I know thats impressive. One of those Buffalonians that had what we like to call "a drinking problem." Buffalo, weird right? Had a couple cocktails when I was depressed and walked in front of a train. Surprisingly not the worst part of my day lol thanks for nothing Duke! I got 5mos clean almost, and the accident was honestly the best thing to happen to me other than my kiddo. Being that close to death has a way of making you want to live at all costs. I survived a major traumatic injury and it changed me for the better. You'd be surprised how tiring jakkin' is without the second arm to come in like Mariana Rivera. Yeeeesh. Been watching 3 to 4 hrs a day of games on NFL gamepass and definitely need to get back in a fantasy league this year too. And its Hickory NC, don't believe its. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to report me to any federal agencies feel free to message me. Pretty dark humor personality so please feel free to beat that dead horse, cause I tire quicker
  6. whats going on guys, I'm nate. I been on TBD since around 2012, lost a password to an old account and made this one at some point. I've mostly been a lurker so not many of you know me but I wanted to say hey. Moved to hickory NC, just outside Charlotte in January and I want to maintain my connection to the pulse of the fan base as much as I can! Going to hopefully catch a Panthers game this year during a buff bye week. Heck maybe even a first round bye week! I got in a rough accident the night of the bills loss to texans this last year (not related to the game). Was on a respirator and getting blood and several surgeries. I actually got hit by a train. Survived it, wearing my Josh Allen jersey lol I cut the nameplate off the shreds of a shirt that they cut off me. Lost an arm, broke my other one had some crazy ass injuries and scarring but damn I survived it and I can still walk and run. Spent a lot of time in the hospital, killed alot of time on here during my stay, but it's time I woulda spent on here, hurt or not 😆😆 Thanks for reading and for anyone that posts. Cant imagine any online community bein as cool as this one. ✌ -Nate
  7. The John Murphy change up had me reading alot of negative posts on him, and I was a bit surprised. Grew up in the 90s so I've only heard Van Miller and John Murphy... unless there was someone else in there? Anyway my point is it's kind of hard to tell what makes a great home team announcer great versus good, and how would anyone know? Who can name any other teams home announcers? I'm not defending JM just saying it seems like someone that's "trendy to hate". Seriously who's a good announcer right now? I wanna listen to some play calls on youtube
  8. Awesome stuff congrats brother! I'm at 4months and I've got so much back already. Hope he doesn't wind up with a Sammy Watkins kinda career. That'll eat at him to his deathbed.
  9. I cant find specifics on what happened with Bennett and I was very very young! Anyone have a story summary for me and the other younger posters
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