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  1. That really is an absurd stat. Glad i dont have to decide between him and Daryl Williams. Hope somehow, someway Beane can make both work... hell the chiefs paid everyone after their SB, so im optimistic
  2. @fasteddie jeers on the road are like cheers at home. Puke emoji is jeer at thus point
  3. Old guy wants kids to quit skateboarding because he doesnt understand "Mafia" is just a silly nickname for the fanbase, and it upsets him. The players embraced a silly name and hashtag and it stuck, get over it. To try to single them out bc you dont like the name is dumb. You have no clue who left trash around! You clearly have an axe to grind about the name here. Dont act like the drive in didnt see a chance to grab some $, when they normally have no revenue coming in this time of year. You mean to tell me nobody associated with the staff has ever been to a game to see the parking lots?
  4. To be fair doing something like that is a much more anonymous acknowledgement, and if it got fan bases competing would be a much bigger contribution than any ONE GUY out there. If they added a fan base award I cant even imagine how many extra people might pitch in, just cause its a fun idea. I think its a great idea personally, and def not "oh **** off" worthy lol damn you'd think the bills got blown out Saturday around here
  5. I'm not taking that if im HOU without a serious pick package. Starts at a first this year, 2nd or 3rd the following and few sprinkles after that
  6. I havent seen a dropoff. He may not physically be in his prime anymore, but hes equally as valuable as he was before, in a better defensive scheme. Unless he falls off a cliff rapidly, hes got atleast 2 good years left
  7. Talk about some capital to move around in some drafts. Thats pretty lethal with Beane. If im Beane im loading up with an all black staff! Guess thats the idea of it, i bet that after a bit they end up reducing the compensation. Just for example this year, our two 3rd rders combine for ~250 points on the chart... while Jax #1 overall is listed at 3k points. Relatively, thats some MAJOR compensation!
  8. I'm nervous, but I think alot of it is growing up after the SB eras, im used to this team hurting me If im honest with myself and took this out of context and it was regular season id be at atleast 75%. Alot of unique matchups. If we show up looking like a great team and lose, I'll be ok. But if we play like last week and get knocked out, im gunna be down in the dumps.
  9. As if i didnt love Brandt enough lol that was awesome
  10. Could you imagine that with us? We'd be b-wording that Rosen looked like Bledsoe getting sacked a record number of times. Haushka coming off his worst season and Bill Cower retiring for the 2nd time 😆
  11. Def be watching the first game and looking for anything to keep my mind off ours. Have time to catch some of the Hornets game before ours starts. Killing the last hour before kickoff is so clutch! Glad to hear i wasn't the only one so nervous they had a hard time eating. Stomach felt like it had a fat rail in it lol. Don't miss those days, and yet, im sure I'll be twice as nauseous tmrw as last week.
  12. I had Bill run out in front of me in a crosswalk while I was in my car last year lol. The day before the home opener 😆 I was screaming and realized OH SNAP I JUST ALMOST HIT ALEX MAHONE! Good times lol
  13. Thanks for the link. Pretty fun and a good way to polish up on some names and look at some scenarios
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