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  1. This thread has me moist. Only thing I miss back home. Can find decent wings in NC but the trash they call blue cheese is vomit inducing. It's like straight mayonnaise
  2. I agree with the sentiment, but I'd take Hill before the other guys. His speed just creates havoc for a defense. Other guys consistently move chains but I'll take the guy that threatens to take it home on every touch
  3. Who's out there we could plug in @ #2 still? Maybe Barkeley? Couldn't beat a third and a guy that knows the offense already
  4. Theoretically if this happens, what's he worth to another team? And what's he worth to us. Now that he's here I think he's an important piece to have. I feel like there would be a huge price valuation difference between us and any other team. Would you take a 3rd? Would be great return on a 1 yr player, but is it worth exposing your seasons insurance policy? Tough call here.vi think I'd say no to a 4th, 3rd I'd be torn on, would take a 2nd, but hard to picture anyone paying that
  5. The one time I can remember that I want to see BOTH the player and team eat **** at the same time. Rodgers handled this like a b word through the media, but the team felt like they went outta their way to spite him going corner rd1 too. He's been top 2 in the league for how long??? Give the man some concessions
  6. What a dislikeable human being and a SLOB OF A FOOTBALL PLAYER. Theres zero excuse to be in the NFL and show up like that. Its a complete lack of trying or caring and would P me off to no ends if he was on my team.
  7. I knew this thread would be like a fart in church.... people just like to police one another. Anyways, its a valid question. Moss looked strong before his injury, if they think hes healthy Moss/Breida is by far the best 1,2 punch we can muster up. They compliment each other, where Motor is just kinda teetering between the two skill sets. 4th or higher im taking, would strongly consider a 5th still. Let the other guys get more practice time, and get something out of a guy that wont be here past 1st contract. Hes in for a dud of a year! Saw the same puff pie
  8. Hang in there man. It's cliche but rough times are always temporary, no matter how much your brain tries to tell you otherwise brother!
  9. You'd rather virtue signal than win? Nahhhh not this guy
  10. Dude feels ancient but he's "only" turning 27 next month. What a brutal position to play. Rams used him hard and put him away wet. Doubt there's much interest from them
  11. I was just responding to the post asking if this was illegal, def not justifying anything terrible Tom is up to
  12. Jerry Hughes got a slap on the wrist for this the year we lost to HOU I believe
  13. Lol came here for one of these. Sometimes I'm proud of this board
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