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  1. Yeah 2 total at +700 is nice. Realistically Charlo going down twice is the angle here. Canelo is an absolute beast, but looks like age has started to effect him heavily in the fights since Bivol... i cant really lay much blame on not KO'ing GGG, that just doesnt happen, but he didnt look his usual self that fight. But 2years ago theres no way Ryder makes it outta the 5th or 6th, looks like he hit a wall. His last KO victory was against Caleb Plant late 2021. Hes kind of at the Jerry Rice on the Raiders point of his career. Huge name, tons of respect from opponents, but his body starting to betray him a bit... muscle memory and being a technician are carrying him, with that top notch explosion having left. On the UFC side should be a fun october. 293 is in Saudia Arabia: Oliviera vs islam makachev (sp?) Re-match! Then a polarizing fight between 2 absolute menaces lol Paulo Costa vs Chimaev haha both those guys have huge mouths, should be fun week for soundbites leading in lol
  2. ^^^Noice hit! Sunday I hit on my only NFL bet -- Bills ML + Josh over RushYds + Josh TD Starting to look ahead to College for the week! Also will be betting Canelo v Charlo this weekend: I absolutely LOVE Charlo to get knocked down at +198 And secondly but more boring: Canelo to win by decision @ -120 My longshot of the night: To be 2+ knockdowns total @ +700 Canelo is a master counter puncher, nasty body puncher, Charlo has been inactive for 18mos (plenty of questions around his training). I think Charlo gets knocked down with (prob body shot), but don't think Canelo has the juice in him to win on KO/TKO... he shouldve put Ryder down in the 6th rd, the guy was a chump, and Canelo seemed more than happy to let it go to judges decision. I see very similar happening Saturday, Canelo cranks it up in the first half of fight, scores his knockdown, then plays conservative chess until the last bell. Dont like my pick? Fight me about it LOL!
  3. If its $6m to get him in season, pull whatever strings needed. Heck, proli means extending Daquan Jones and Dion Dawkins (whos played well) as a start: Tre White + Gabe Davis and a 1st/2nd? Hes signed through 2026, and the Raiders ARE Bill Obrien stupid too
  4. Maybe give groot some snaps in the middle too and focus on a quick blast against his guy, followed up by hands up. Tipped balls to jack up his timing and 2 LBs with a nose for ball
  5. Nahhhhh im sure he accounted for that 80yd fumble TD and a crazy situation where a kicker was called off the streets and misses a 29yarder hahahaha @Buffalo716 DM'd me the script when I got nervous in the 3rd lol
  6. dangggggggg they won outright, nice! like anything for friday games? nc state -7.5? although might alt spread that down to 6.5
  7. eh he tried playing for us atleast 2 years in a row, possibly 3? injury bouncing out is a lil different than the rest on that list
  8. Yep. I learned club selection and took my initial interest in golf from tiger woods. Was the best drinking game of all time lol Also can say it took a pretty basic understanding of hockey, and helped me understand what I'm looking at. Cycling the puck for open looks. Not having your forwards bunch up in the middle, dumping the puck and forecheck. Pretty cool thing for the kids to have around now
  9. If (big if, but im cautiously optimistic) Spencer Brown can reward Beanes patience this year, and Bernard works out (same cautious optimism), we are all sails ahead at bringing in a legit WR2 IMO. This roster will be about as complete as you can ask for in the salary cap era. There will be some Tre White questions, some consideration on if Dawkins needs some high end competition brought in, Poyer and or Hyde will be gone (can Rapp step in right away?). Despite all that, I think our biggest acquisition of the offseason (FA? Finding a way to move up in draft?) should be to bring in another bonafide WR.
  10. I think hes the one name you can make an exception on because of how many balls he catches ON TOP of the rush yards
  11. Not a med professional obv, but i remember during autopsy them saying his was by far the worst case theyve ever seen, and it was polka dotted with dead spots I have no clue, but having many dead spots sounds a helluva lot scarier than less do
  12. I left in 2020. When someone asks me what Buffalo is like, I dont always have the best things to say. There's some resentment there (thats on me), but i also won't let someone not from the area talk down on it. It's complicated and some of these posts made me miss it... then I remembered whats coming yalls way pretty soon here lol I dont even own a coat anymore 🤣
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