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  1. Has anyone checked to see if it's doing OK recently? I hope it didn't go to $0 😱
  2. When you have such a complete and deep roster like Houston, you gotta make some tough choices. Wait, no seriously, whys Houston doing this? Dude was a stud last year
  3. I get weve been a laughing stock for 15 years before McBeane era, but i dont think thats true. i think alot of fan bases have a soft spot for us... but NE is not one of them, so ef em
  4. Feel bad for New England fans? Who are Boston sports fans?! Didnt they win a SB, NBA Champ, Stanley Cup, and maybe a World Series all in the same year? At the least i know they won 3/4 in a year. They can fall down the stairs!
  5. ScottLaw lol could you imagine listening to those hot takes at the dinner table?
  6. jeez didnt realize he hasnt been around. great dude and awesome poster! dunno why hes been gone but hope hes doing well. was super bummed out to hear of Senator passing. i lurked around here for like 6 years before i made my account, and having never met any of you, yall feel like family in a way. even if its like that drunk cousin spilling beer down the front of his shirt at thanksgiving dinner haha. i appreciate everyone in here!
  7. NY would hate this and cover the zebras backs. i think itd look like that challenge a pass interference rule that happened last year. theyd basically just veto it
  8. the problem here is the refs are basically scapegoats. nfl makes them call this crap, and i 100% believe theyre instructed to make momentum shifting calls to make games close, and/or help out bigger market teams im not a conspiracy guy, but at this point its so blatant, i dont think you could even call it a conspiracy
  9. I know he's catching alot of heat around here but he's a player we need involved if we wanna win a Chip. Hope we get him active and involved early, don't want to even chance him checking out on us
  10. Well it's track record and ceiling taken into acct, plus I think Bakers hurt more than they're letting on
  11. Wutttt? I live in Carolina and watch their games (on the 2nd smaller TV if Bills are on).... dude had a good few games to start the year, but has really reverted back to old form the last 2.5 games. Frustrating ALSOOOOO I'm prepared to get flamed here, but I am 100% taking Baker over Lamar too. Bakers stats are down. He's hurt. Their offense is very balanced/leaning towards run game. They have Chubb and Hunt, and a good defense. It's just the way that teams built 🤷‍♂️
  12. Honestly I have no doubt this is the reason they didn't pony up an offer a couple 100k higher. Haacks not the answer but that's a fairly offseason fix or hell, after the way Bass worked out, take a stud punter late!!!
  13. Anybody else notice case keenum looks like Trent Edwards lol I did a double take. Not just the #5 either, fooled me for a second
  14. If you live in Australia you get a pass for picking a front runner lol how else is he gunna pick an allegiance? ... well one time I got an ebay package from Minneapolis soooo Not to mention football isn't even on the radar there, and we have sweet jerseys. If I was picking a Rugby team am I gunna pick a team with the prestige of Jacksonville? Lol no. Welcome to the mafia
  15. Surprised at the hate in this thread. Look at our marketing team and how good they are online... we think we just got lucky? No they hired a few sales beasts to run the department. If you think they are wilfully going to ignore a ripe for the picking untapped market, I don't know what to tell you. Fun ideas here!!!
  16. Throw something at it consistently every payday, whatever won't hurt you if it doesn't work out, stop looking at the price obsessively and don't sell. Proven winning strategy for eth and btc. As far as the technicals go, too much to explain and I'd do poorly with it. However it is no doubt worth your time to read this! Worst case scenario you read a book, best case scenario you understand the technology and hop on board early for the single most life changing event well ever see. https://amzn.to/2Z37A5o
  17. I keep hearing raving reviews on the Iowa Center who's name escapes me. Nice thing with this roster is we can truly pick BPA, and if he's projected first round and slides because of his position, than I'm not afraid of taking him 30-32 obv IF front office is on board
  18. Unrelated note, you're currently rocking my fav avatar on the board!
  19. I'll do it but only if they throw in Chandlers brother. We coulda used him suited up at the end of the AFCCG last year when all the pushing started!
  20. I sworeeee i read or saw a video on Cover 1, that obada played last week, cause I remember being surprised. Can anyone verify?
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