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  1. One thing I've thought about a bunch since Tony Romo broke out as an announcer, is that if this guy can accurately guess plays that much, there's a bunch of dudes on every staff that csn do the same thing. I don't think there's nearly as much surprise involved in games as one would expect. There's a bunch of, you know what's coming and good luck stopping it anyways. Kinda makes things that much more magical to me. Obv it's not every play, but it's not just 3rd and 1s either. Just my 2 cents, and I don't disagree with you that id still prefer to keep this stuff in house as much as possible.
  2. I got a release in Vegas once, cost me $1k
  3. Merriman =/= Haynesworth. Dude looked impressive in the little time he played, just couldn't stay healthy. Haynesworth was just fat and didn't care.(ready for flames) Even he got a bit of a raw deal, being asked to do complete opposite of what he was good at. Then again he shoulda picked a diff team
  4. It would be be so jetsy to mortgage more of your future this week, to really make sure you lock in that 7 - 10 season 😆😆😆
  5. someone shared a pro tip with aaron. dont bang 6s while hallucinating, lucy will make a face realll wild lol on a more serious note, that comment is way off. dude has been permanently stuck with draft night face. he came off as intelligent, grounded, and sinerely happy... maybe for the first time ever. good for him, seriously
  6. this is why i dont want to trade any of these guys. would rather ride them out through preseason to make sure theres no sign of life under new staff or TC. see miles teller, wyatt. epen got jerked around with covid, no tc that year, body change. we need to see that project through, cut after pre season if needed. wtf is a 6th going to do for a SB year? ford- id like him to have more than a month of kromer. i wouldnt take a 3rd for mckenzie, let alone 6th dane? no. cam lewis no. crowder, sure. hodgins would suck but would understand it if theyre dead set on kumreow on st's or whatever... but again id rather give him serious time in preseason first
  7. the only silver lining in this is hopefully a word of caution to McD
  8. they have a ton of cool former players on that coach staff... although i think they lost one? or gained one? deuce staley maybe? brunell? shaking off my pre season rust on names still... and what draft picks went where whats just as good is: someone went to work and had to hold a meeting that no female assistant is allowed to touch watson in fear of publicity
  9. oddly no. kinda infamous for ppl thinking they need time to shake it off, then 30mins of swelling and pain later know its bad
  10. just here to point out yesterday we pitchforked a poster here for linking a video of a (thigh) doctor, giving his opinion on Tre, yet half of 716 that is 9 Genny Creme Ales deep and are certain Wilsons career is over lolllllllllll not sure what to do with that information, but i have it lol
  11. Few thoughts A. That old thread was amazing! B. Even if you took the picks out if equation,, and they were player for player, we STILL would've came out atleast even. Sammy was a dumpster fire who didn't do much, we got a 2nd, and Gaines was pretty damn solid when healthy (not often). Darby bounced around a bunch, is he even in league? In fairness I doubt Matthews is!
  12. whats the name on that? always looking for a read oh man forgot that one! Wake up Beane hahaha
  13. You know we could easily slide Diggs to slot and keep Gabe and Obj out wide right?
  14. He looked like McNair some in stature only. Was odd to see
  15. Didn't araiza kick in college? Not will8ng to let him play emerg kicker because he needs to hold?
  16. Greatest WR I've seen in my ADULT lifetime (I'm 34, too much of Moss career i was a kid). I'm hoping he's smart enough and maybe Brady is able to influence him to play differently. Time to put down the battering ram, slip out of bounds or get down a yard before contact, live to fight another day.
  17. Not at you personally at all, but people saying that are either out of the loop, or have been mislead. Dudes teammates said as soon as he got his first contract he went from underrated, humble, quiet worker to 'this is the AB Show and yall are lucky to see it'.. Money doesn't change ppl as much as it can reveal who someone really is
  18. If they actually cared they would make the rule and keep it in house. This comes off as very LAMPish by nfl
  19. I'm sure in that state he had 0 appetite, so Applebee's wasn't the worst call lol
  20. Seeing his mugshot was worth clicking that link lol "Seen driving into curbs" at 725am haha wtffffffff #raidernationduis
  21. Can't remember the guy, but about 2 years ago there was a guy getting fined for missing practice. His drs had confirmed an issue (maybe his back?) that was fairly obvious to the drs, and team drs had over ruled it basically saying take a shot and some opiates and get back out there, even though the team/private drs had a solid 3 week discrepancy. I know I'm not totally doing the story justice, but it sounded redic at the time. Wouldn't shock me to see them hurrying someone again. Why wait a few weeks to give a high 1st rider a chance to get long term healthy, when you need to rush him back for a 7-10 season at the expense of his long term health 🙄🙄
  22. Obj would basically be a playoff rental if it did happen. He played well, was a good teammate and was cool with being 2nd fiddle to Kupp. Nobody is talking about a 3 or 4 yr role, but 100% I'd trust him to come in, in December and be a good dude till mid feb. Especially with Josh throwing the rock, being on a sb caliber team (oh and it'd be the best way to increase his next contract value)
  23. Aside from his height/arm length the biggest positive I've read coming after the draft and tc reports the last few years is ability to create separation, which is vague. I do remember seeing an impressive stat on avg yards of separation (grain of salt needed like any stat). I certainly think he's quick, and then an above average combination of athleticism, route running, length combines for the rest. Interesting prospect for someone we really haven't actually seen
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