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  1. Did von say something recently? Or was this from that ryan clark podcast?
  2. If you've had MG at any point in the last 3 years fantasy/betting you'd uncontested have the same belief. Dude is a shell of what he was, and is guilty as sin of back breaking mistakes. Makes them weaker. He can move the ball between the 20s a bit more than average all he wants, dude is polar opposite of clutch.
  3. Seems like the same few things lead to teams caving in scenarios like this. #1. It's a business, and it's tough to keep rears in seats without an exciting player. #2. If you're the GM, admitting you drafted the wrong guy, in scenarios like this is a death sentence. Who's going to trust you to do this a second time, when what you did didn't work and already lead to several blown seasons. Much easier to rally behind the guy, spend a quarter billion of someone else's money, then end up fired, and demoted in your next role lol Really takes a rich owner who can handle lower ticket sales, and have patience to start over. Move on from coach gm, move on from a huge chunk of the roster over 2-3 years... and hope the next guy starts to work because you're looking at 3-5 years between the time already wasted, and the time it takes to have an idea about new leadership. I don't envy the stress nfl owners invite in buying a team. Could you imagine spending a few billion... going .500 a few years, tearing it down, starting over, and you hire the wrong guys again. Lol!!!! Ever bought a car or motorcycle that sucks money and constantly breaks down and you don't ride more than a few times in a year cause its constantly in the shop 😆😆😆 Now imagine a $2-3billion investment, with yearly maintenance bills of $250m. Lol sounds frustrating to say the least
  4. If I'm remembering right you nailed opening at LAR and Detroit Turkey Day. Book it!
  5. Wondered the same thing lol seem pretty different, although I wasn't really old enough to understand what his MO was coming out of the draft, so probably a scheme fit comment
  6. Lol in 2022 S-A is less of a big deal than "homophobic remarks"
  7. Obj has done nothing malicious, like any of the Bills you listed, just has a diva reputation which effects nothing in the locker room. Only thing it effects is dorks watching espn, reading a non-story divisive headline. Kelly, Bruce, Bennett have all been well covered. Andre (my fav of all time) has a reputation of being a jerk at times. I take it with a grain of salt, dumb ppl walking up to their table eating stuff happens. But there's enough smoke there. Point is exactly what you said basically. Bills had a few flawed character guys back then, in 2022 they'd make more headlines than this current Bills team, but overall enough good dudes to wash it out. Buffalo isn't going to crumple because ODB did lines with a model 4 years ago, or eagerly wanted out of Cleveland. Nothings changed, kicked off a flight? Dude Flys all the time and had a bad attitude or was drunk. Giant nothing burger, and it'd be stupid to blacklist a talent we need over it.
  8. Cool site, has us 4th, which is cool... but our identity is around scoring a ton of points and KEEPING THE CHAINS MOVING... which, we are not doing, and we especially need with as many scabs as we have playing right now.
  9. He looked like exactly the player he was at ECU. Caught a ton of balls, kept chains moving, drew a DPI. *DISCLAIMER. we were right to move on at the time, this is strictly meant for in the moment* Would u trade Gabe for Zay straight up (pretend no trade deadline)???
  10. We have a #2 receiver who consistently doesn't get open, and if he does, drops the ball at an astronomical rate. #5 is great but doesn't represent us currently, it's all being carried by early season blowouts. That offense from LA, TN, and Pitt is basically forever ago. We haven't looked like that at all in a month. Does this current offense look like a team that can even get to an AFCCG? It doesn't right now, we have time to change it, but Diggs can not carry us over the finish line single handedly
  11. I really don't care. A SB still feels awesome with a dbag on the team. 90s Bills were loaded with dbags, who cares. Unfortunately, I think it'll spook our FO. Ridiculous that we will and did nothing to improve the offense
  12. It's not just Sunday night. It's every week. This is by far the least talented set of teams I've ever seen in the league. I can't think of more than a few games all year that jumped off the schedule
  13. It's the CJ Spiller effect unfortunately. On paper stats look great. However, his drops are killing drives. Having a 300yd game against teams we can beat up without him, and then 40yds 2 catches in a game were not moving the chains and Josh is taking coverage sacks. I haven't given up on him, still plenty of time to figure it out. But we need him to have more catches. 6 catches, 50 yds > 1 catch, 60 yds
  14. Reallyyyyyy? Seems like the sky balls like we saw end of last game should always be that way. At what point of that does kicking team lose ability to play the ball though. If they high point a ball and bump into returner on way down seems like it'd be penalty. Interesting topic btw!
  15. You think he'd be upset with a free release and a weapon to draw attention away? I'd think he'd freaking love it
  16. What's this charge from Jacqueline Mehoff Massages in Florida for $169.69 on my statement???
  17. For starters getting Knox more involved in game plan as your check down/short game, like last week. Short of Tolbert, the Shakir mystery is the most frustrating personnel decision this coaching stuff has put us through
  18. Would mean moving Diggs in the slot (yes please) and drafting WR in top 2-3 rds. Sign me up!
  19. The goal is to win a Super Bowl? When do we get the moral gold standard parade, because we couldn't wait to ditch Cole. Retired or not there's no way we couldn't have got more out of Cole than we are McK. An offense he knew, had a rapport and chemistry with Josh. I'll never understand the ppl who were so excited to run our own Welker Jr out of town. We passed on DK 2.0 in Christian Watson, and George Pickens looked polished coming out of the draft. It's unfortunate, I understand why we did what we did, but either one of these guys would've done more for us than Elam (no knock on him, I think he's going to be really good). Next year's draft needs to be 75% offense, especially at the top of the board. Would love to see us move up to draft Jordan Addison. In 2022 NFL WRs are arguably the 2nd or 3rd most important position in football, and we throw more than almost everyone, so the cost is justified. Especially once you take into acct the price tag of trying to sign a FA. Would love to see us grab 2 WRs and an OL in the first few rounds. It's easier to stoke the fires on offense, than it is to pile picks on the defensive side. Def picks are already a diminished return investment in this league.
  20. Vomit inducing. Wtf is going on that we can't get Shakir on the field?!?! Is he putting the ball on the ground every practice or something???? Mck has had a really good year in redzone, and that's fine, substitute him in there. WHY NOT SEASON THE ROOKIE, HELL LOOK AT COOK!!
  21. Too bad we ran him off, now we'll never find out what REALLY happened 😆😆😆
  22. I was surprised at the cast painting it as a thing. That was as healthy of an interaction as you can get. Diggs body language was great, Sean affirmed his reaction, gave encouragement, and had a positive fatherly looking moment. Glad Diggs can say something instead of internalizing it, and glad McD has the trust of Diggs. Was a really cool moment to see actually
  23. What is synthetic pitches? Something to do with turf?
  24. I missed what Wood said. They have a year overlap I believe, before he retired?
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