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  1. I went flying from a jetski when it stopped (shallow water) and I didn't. I had concussion symptoms for over a year with the first couple months afterwards being bad. It would hurt to touch the top back of my head for a year as well. I'm lucky I didn't snap my neck that day.
  2. You forgot the most important one: G Bobby Hart (susp)
  3. OJ Howard with 2 TDs for the Texans. Did we waste money and give up to quickly?
  4. But maybe Allen checked into some of those!
  5. Wow trotting out the ole Edmunds joke, so original. Don't give up your day job! All your points are incorrect. This was a great move by the FO. And they have the other necessary moves already lined up.
  6. Didn't President Trump need a cheat sheet for his IQ test?!
  7. 11 hours ago, Dan said: I don’t know what this thread is about.. so you can all surmise that I’m too old to be hip. Careful hips are easily broken as one ages!
  8. Sharing my bday with Marv. and Brady! Tell me more.. Are there websites dedicated to honor this day?!
  9. (17) America’s Got Talent on Twitter: "🎶 @PlayersChoir are in perfect harmony! 🎶 #AGT https://t.co/G9lOTrWV1c" / Twitter Sing starts 4:05
  10. I wouldn't kick either out of bed for eating crackers
  11. Well, genetics says that’s likely. As they are siblings !!
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