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  1. I like your post. You bring up good points and dont try and knock people down. I agree with this somewhat, But your are a bit wrong here (not knocking you, just disagreeing) . Yes there are ?'s with Allen's accuracy. But the pundits are down on Josh way to much! They think he will never be better than this college play. But he already is. He got better % wise over year 1. He recessed a little on down the field accuracy, but I think that was coaching getting into his head. Let him throw those on a rope, that's what he does. If he improves again this year, he can be a good to very good QB in the pocket. It's not like he played for a team that the O-line gave him all day. He still had to run for his life at times last year. Give me a better O-line (which started to happen towards the end of the year). And enough O weapons. Still need RB 2, WR3/4, TE1/2. And then we can asses Allen as a pocket QB.
  2. Saying that Flacco's football knowledge is likely more extensive then Barkley's and their he could be a better mentor. He has taken more live looks at an NFL level then Barkley. Flacco may want to hang it up. But if he has desire to teach and possible help in a injury situation. He might give us more than Barkley does. Man, go wash your mouth out with soap!
  3. One teams failed physical is another teams waterboy. But I'm sure Denver wanted a failed physical in this case.
  4. Flacco has taken more live bullets than Barkley no doubt. And he may be spent physically. But Barkley was great for the one game in 2018. He was not great in 2 games in 2019.
  5. I don't dislike Barkley. But I wouldn't say he is our Frank Reich to our Kelly.
  6. He's great for the locker room. But suspect in winning games that Josh is out.
  7. He feel off the cliff fast. But If he embraces the backup role, he could help Josh. And He could possibly win you some games in a pinch.
  8. He has been bad lately. Better Knowledge possibly? At least more situational play. And should not be a threat for people wanting him to play. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/19/broncos-waive-joe-flacco/
  9. It's the best outcome after Hopkins was off the table. I'm sure we tried with Hopkins and Obrien said no.
  10. We should be in that market if its true. This solves #1 and we can still take a WR to groom!
  11. Right another ? mark. But if he doesn't make it out of camp, Then we likely have much better WR's. I'm rooting for him. He played well when all we had was him and drops. And last year he didn't complain and was a good gunner. I believe he was hurt as well. Maybe year 3 is his year!
  12. Thanks, that's valid. And I had not known that. I will hope that the do better going forward!
  13. Yes. I can understand the thought of KB was low risk high reward. But it became obvious, way to quickly, that he was nothing and should have been moved. Zay was an odd situation. From his college tape, he had the potential to be solid. But seems the drops woke up some demons for him. I fear they like the speedy small guys. When what we truly are missing is the larger go up and get that ball guys. I want a ball hawk that can absorb and deliver a hit. To me that helps Allen immensely. In the mold of Julio/Fitzgerald in there prime, Hopkins, etc. I also want no part of an old broken down AJ Green, Dez, etc. Draft some young studs. But make sure they fill the need and that we have the personnel to help with development.
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