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  1. I think McDermott's intel from his friend Dave Aranda, head coach at Baylor, probably was a decisive favor in drafting Bernard.
  2. Would be surprised if the Bills don't take a guard. But, you know me I want Chenal.
  3. Big fan of: Leo Chenal: Physical and athletic LB-Would love to put him at MLB when we are getting abused in the run game, also, excellent pass rusher Marcus Jones: Small corner. Tenacious, fast and the best returner in the draft
  4. Love for these Qb's to be drafted so more players fall to us
  5. Last year Bills were going to take Eric Stokes with their first round pick and the Packers traded one spot ahead of them and grabbed Stokes. Beane did not want history to repeat itself.
  6. I don't think he panicked. Last year Bills were going to take Eric Stokes with their first round pick and the Packers traded one spot ahead of them and grabbed Stokes. Beane did not want history to repeat itself.
  7. Vegas- Worst draft set up ever? UghhI miss the good old days...
  8. Love #25 Treylon Burks (probably gone) thus, Lewis Cine/S/Georgia #57 - Leo Chenal/ LB/Wisconsin
  9. I agree with others sentiment that he appears to be a better fit for many other teams scheme. My belief is that maybe Buffalo should adjust their bend but don't break defense a bit by adding a versatile physically dominating aggressive chess piece like Leo Chenal. He is similar to Micah Parsons in his ability to rush the passer and blow up running plays in the other teams backfield. HE could have a huge impact as a rookie if used correctly. With Josh Allen as our QB for many years to come, other teams will most often be playing from behind. I think playing more aggressively might not lead us to being the leagues number one defense-but will IMHO help us avoid the disastrous 13 seconds that ended our season in Kansas City. Chenal is a versatile chess piece that if our coaches are able to grow their defensive philosophy will help lead us to a championship in the years to come.
  10. Leo Chenal will be an All-Pro linebacker in this league. Incredibly gifted physically and athletically. He scored an unofficial 9.99 RAS at the Combine out of a possible 10.00. This ranked 4 out of 2188 LB from 1987 to 2022. He literally blows up offensive lineman, running backs and QB's. Chenal is everything we hoped Edmunds would grow into.
  11. I think Pickens has a strong chance of going in the first round. If not the first, then early in the second, way before the Bills pick.. There is a lot of depth in this WR class, but many of the WR'S are WR1 OR WR2. Pickens has the upside of being a true number 1 WR in this league- I would be disappointed of we just took a pure speed guy just to take a pure speed guy with Pickens on the board. Watch his tape, he plays like AJ Green!!!!
  12. Agreed. If Hamilton falls that far-Beane will be working the phones to move up. Hamilton can be a foundational piece of a winning team for a long time. In the current NFL I think more and more top safety's will be wearing the green dot and directing the defense,(See Derwin James/Chargers) Especially ones as intelligent as Hamilton. Did I mention that he is a member of Mensa? Hamilton is a unicorn and can be an incredible chess piece for our defense for the next decade.
  13. As a former teacher I can say that Dawson Knox killed it. He immediately put the class at ease and was very warm and personable. I have to admit if an NFL player came to my classroom at that age- I would have been like the blonde haired kid with my hand up and end up talking about my fantasy team! lol
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