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  1. . It appears that you consider yourself a genius editor. Quick fact check, The Courier Express printed it's last edition in 1982. FYI
  2. I'm with you on this one HappyDays- I think Tyson Campbell will be the pick.
  3. Very pleased to see this! Go Bills!
  4. @AdamSchefter TE Jared Cook to the Chargers - 1-year, $6mil max, per source. According to reports the Chargers were are main competitors in obtaining Ertz Hopefully, this opens the door for a deal with the Eagles to be made at a fair price.
  5. I'm going to go with Mike Hilton, CB, Pittburgh Hilton is arguably the best nickel corner in football. He can play anywhere in the secondary, is an excellent blitzer, cover man and tackler He is a swiss army knife defender that McDermott will love utilizing. This guy is a huge fan favorite in Piitsburgh because he is all heart. Perfect Bill. Note: The Chiefs will probably be the biggest obstacle to the Bills representing the AFC in the Super Bowl for years to come. One of the best ways to pass them would be to matchup better against Kelce and Hill. Hilton would help solve this.
  6. The way to the Super Bowl for the Bills revolves around being able to knock off the Chiefs. Neutralize Chris Jones? Sign Gabe Jackson, problem solved. Now find someone to cover or slowdown Kelce and Hill.
  7. If you have a few minutes, I highly recommend you watch the following clip on Carson Wentz and a young fan who looked up to him. I will always root for Carson Wentz because of it. It's so much deeper than football and so much more than just a game....
  8. My initial contact with Chris was when he was a regular message board poster on the Football guys message boards. He was a valued poster and became known for his fantasy football dynasty rankings that he updated regularly. Gregg Rosenthal, then of Rotoworld, noticed his excellent football posts and offered him a job there. Gregg ended up leaving for NFL.com/NFL Networks and eventually opened the door for Chris to join him. Through this evolution of him being a fan posting on a football message board to being a much respected analyst and writer- he remained authentic, generous, thoughtful and kind. Class act all the way. I will miss him.
  9. It's George Siefert. I saw him at arriving at the airport to do the photo shoot.
  10. Dream scenario? Bills give Carolina compensation and Luke Kuechly comes out of retirement to play MLB for the Bills.
  11. It has been said that the Bills were big fans of Kyle Dugger, but the Pats snapped him up before our pick. Too be honest, I thought they were going to draft Jeremy Chinn, with Dugger off the board. Chinn has been very, very impressive with the Panthers. But, yes, it is too early.
  12. I have scoured the web all day ( I feel it is my duty as a Bills fan) lol No news at all.?
  13. I have spent an inordinate amount of my time today checking to see if we REALLY signed Michael Turk.
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