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  1. Sorry if this has been covered but I am unable to review 61 pages. Cinci has but one victory over a team with a winning record and that is KC.
  2. If you park at the Community College again you will see the remains of the snow. They trucked it there and made mountains that will still be here in August.
  3. I absolutely can not stand Florio and his constant whining and criticism of anything the NFL and Goodell do. He's a very jealous wannabe. But the site is good. What's your "go to site" for up to the minute NFL news other than twitter ?
  4. Look at where the WR prices are going. Draft the receiver #1 and lock him up at a rookie contract price for 5 years.
  5. Congrats on getting all 12 emojis with your post. I hit disagree because you had the other 11.
  6. A friend told me he heard that the Blue Jays were going to charge $300 for Yankees tickets. I have no idea whether that is true or who told him. Does anyone know what the price range is ?
  7. Beane spoke highly of Johnson and seemed to indicate he was part of their plan for the future.
  8. Stevenson will make it as the KR. 36yd avg.
  9. 30. Buffalo Bills - Caleb Farley / CB / Virginia Tech - The way the board played out allowed Farley to fall right into our lap. To have Farley opposite Tre would be outstanding and possibly give us the best Secondary in the league. I thought long and hard about taking Moehrig here as he epitomizes "Process" and is an excellent player in his own right, but a legit #1b (notice I said 1b, not #2) CB is too good to pass up. *** Previously Teven Jenkins *** I have been thinking more and more that Farley is going to drop and that he's a good investment at #30.
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