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  1. Now an Edge with the 3rd and then take all the RBs and WRs you want. How bout Maxx Crosby !
  2. If we're talking Quinnen Williams I'm actually OK with it although I have been hoping that our new OL coach gets more out of Dawkins.
  3. Loved it except for #1. You did such a good job in the other rounds we can afford to take Hoch in the 1st.
  4. Much speculation with regard to trading for Clark while still keeping our first and that would make this pick extremely desireable.
  5. Charley Casserly calls Dillard “the best pass blocking left tackle in the draft” among other things.
  6. Not wild at all. Both Nsekhe and Dawkins have graded out poorly on the right side. They are both better on the left. The determining factor for all of the O lineman will be our new OL coach though and that has been the best OL signing of all.
  7. He should have been a lot more critical of the Ja’Waun James signing for $13 mil per year when the highest paid RT currently-Lane Johnson- makes 11.25 mil. James was the 34th ranked tackle by PFF. Neseke was higher I believe.
  8. Loved it thanks! Defense wins Championships. Great pressure from Sestak, Day, Dunaway and McDole on the front four. And watch Jacobs, Tracy and Stratton ! Those LBs made an incredible # of tackles in the secondary.
  9. It’s so much more fun when you can recognize the players in the pre game warmups like Duby, Rutkowski and Gogolak. Ron Mix taking out Tom Sestak. Cookie, Tobin Rote, Lowe and Lincoln. Everyone remembers Stratton’s hit but I totally forgot his interception. For once I was glad I was old so that I could remember being there. And guess how much those field level end zone seats were in those days for us that were under 16 at the time? $ 1.00. !!!
  10. Definitely not Metcalf. Not a great route runner and that's a more important factor than speed.
  11. BROWN. Your loss if you didn't see him. At that time the Browns game was the one we saw each week.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they trade back up for Rock Ya Sin. Temple. Perfect Zone CB and I believe a wrestler.
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