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  1. Never said he sucked. He was mid season MVP last year. He isnt close to that now. Hes regressed. Stats lie sometimes man.
  2. But wait. I said he regressed and got butchered. Watson is far worse this year. Skip the stats and watch the games.
  3. Hebert19

    Taron Johnson playing very good ball.

    We have to keep in mind that this is a DB friendly system especially with a pass rush. Ej Gaines looked good here.
  4. Hebert19

    How Shaq Lawson Bought In and Renewed His Commitment

    Well 2 head coaches and 3 defensive coordinators I think....ans 2 different systems but who's counting.
  5. Hebert19

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    This. As long as Milano and Edmund's don't let Watson run wild on us.
  6. One if best games in last 5 years was our game against Seattle a couple years back. Best game TT ever played.
  7. Stats don't tell the whole story. Watch the games. He doesn't have the same composure in the pocket as he did. Happy feet and bails on the play much quicker than last year. He has been throwing a lot as they have played from behind and he also has the best receiver in the game right now to throw to... I've watched several games last year compared to this year and he isn't close to being in the MVP discussion like he was last year.
  8. A week or so ago we heard he was done. What's the deal this week. He made some cuts yesterday that he did in his prime. He was patient and hit the holes when they were there. Took 1 yard when they weren't. Without 8 man boxes he could have picked up some bigger chunks at well yesterday. Was great to see him with some juice.
  9. Hebert19

    Tre White is the Best Player On the Bills Now

    This is a great point.
  10. Hebert19

    Priority: Develop Allen or Win Ugly?

    Both. We won ugly and he learned he doesn't need to look downfield every play. One doesn't mean the other isnt happening.
  11. Hebert19

    How is this stat line? Edmunds thru 5 games...

    Already have mine.
  12. He's regressed and indecisive this year. This is winnable.
  13. http://m.espn.com/nfl/playerseasonstats?season=2018&playerId=3929950&teamId=2 Dude has played every snap (didn't see him come off yesterday) and is producing and getting better every week. Big stars I like here. 2 FF and 5 PD. He's a playmaker.
  14. For the talent we have had its fantastic.
  15. Can you compare Djs teams to this is talent????