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  1. OK thanks. I can only imagine how good this D will be when he is out there too. Only question is does elam get more playing time vs Dane on the opposite side.
  2. He can start to practice this week i think? When would we need to make a decision for this week or moving forward?
  3. Elam is a stud. I've barely noticed him for 2 weeks which means he's doing his job.
  4. Agree but he doesn't help us for next 8 games.
  5. Do they know our offense amd cam then contribute immediately. No. So wrong answer.
  6. Gabe is clearly hurt. We need some depth...I'd be all for bringing sanders back and letting shakir play more.
  7. He and Milano together are poyer and Hyde of linebackers. We need him back. He's playing well.
  8. This is Tampa Bay josh. He must have went in and yelled at some people.
  9. Call sanders and John Brown and see what they got.
  10. Yes. And QB sweep was better than that. 0 run so far this year.
  11. She ain't over yet. He will end up with 300 and 60% completion and a W
  12. Qb run. That's how we did it last 2 years. Dorsey had been listening to media too much about running josh.
  13. Our WR depth is trash. Gabe = hurt Crowder = ***** McKenzie = too tiny
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