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  1. I have faith Josh will be able to throw the ball. I have no faith that cam will. Have a spy on cam and stop the run and we win.
  2. I too can see a restructure and extension with a limited cap hit in 2022 to open up cutting him then. Draft a safety for him to groom
  3. The man is a genius. He remembers little nuances in these things all the time.
  4. Not sure how anybody could complain about this. Low-risk in a position of need and we saw how ugly it got when Milana was out of the lineup
  5. This is exactly what beans and McDermott have done since they have been here. Sign vets that fit and that we don't need to commit to long term in order to keep cap managed.
  6. Thats exactly what I said. They do it in basketball all the time but for a team like Houston or Atlanta this is a perfect opp to get rid of a salary for next year
  7. Are we sure. There are a few teams in rebuild mode that will see that if they cut him the cost next year is very little. So if you can dump a salary and get someone who isn't hurting cap situation long term its a perfect scenario. Used more in Bball then football but its same premise.
  8. Oh I know. But watt isn't happy and they are about to enter rebuild with new coach and GM. Perfect time to make the move.
  9. I said this on another thread. Murphy and a draft pick for watt or rankins. My guess is watt then they just cut Murphy to free cap.
  10. And he's going to Seahawks. And unfortunately he'd be able to suit up for our game vs them
  11. Oh the irony. For last 20 years we prayed for bad weather because we could run the ball and play D...now we can't do either so we complain. Ha
  12. Looks like Dunlap and Williams are available for sure. Would be shocked if we don't make a move of some sort.
  13. I think Milano being back will help him get back to form. He may have been trying to do too much. Or not trust his eyes or his playing partners.
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