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  1. I expect the bills D to shut him down completely. Recall a few weeks ago when someone posted the thread that the ravens were on pace to punt the fewest times in a season ever...and my comment was that will change in a week. What happened...7 punts. This D will take away Ducks safety valve and make them move down the field methodically...which I put our D against anyone that has to do that. Bills 24 Steelers 6
  2. This. They havent played and beat a good defense yet.
  3. I was there with the family once and my 2 girls were young...one dude was being a total douche and the other Pitt fans self regulated and told him to go get a beer and never come back. Was impressed. Net net for every douche there are good hearted fans everywhere.
  4. This. I think he knew his assignment this week and got to make plays. Some games the gameplan doesn't work and he needs to improvise more and he gets burned. Good plan and good execution.
  5. In years past we get shellacked in that game. This years team is different. Let's beat the steelers and then get the o right for playoffs.
  6. He has been starter against some not so good Ds...think Fraser finds a way to make him melt down.
  7. Robert's needs to sit. Let micah and McKenzie take returns and bring duke into lineup. I have to imagine if we had him in the redzone in final drive he would have been targeted at least once
  8. While the D as a whole played great he was lights out I thought. He was getting his nose dirty like I havent seen from him before. Coming down into the gaps and sticking guys like Ingram and Edward's is NOT easy. He also did a great job getting contain on lamar a few times. The light is really on for this guy right now.
  9. And we already have over titans. So that's all she wrote. This. The D was awesome. But we needed a complete game and didnt get it from returner or the offense. It is what it is. Win and in baby.
  10. This. He cost us field position multiple times yesterday. Duke must have banged someone's wife.
  11. Still a good day...we hung tough and had a chance. Now we just need some losses and we are good. Other teams aren't looking good.
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