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  1. He got back to me too. Didn't ask him any questions just gave him props for being a class act during a tough time. He said thanks and to be safe and God bless. Good dude.
  2. We had 55 million in dead cap and by the time we trimmed we had 1/3 less to spend on a team than most teams. After those cuts and trades we had a terrible terrible team. Christ Holmes was getting time at WR...without those changes we would have been deeper in cap hell and would have had a tank like the browns in our future.
  3. Not saying he doesnt throw the ball around. I mean he throws for a ton of yards and always has...I'm more talking about his demeanor. I've watched him since MSU and have followed him a ton...he doesnt have the it factor of grit that a guy like diggs would go to war with and for.. josh does.
  4. 3 short years ago we were considered to have the worst one in the league. Mcbeane combo know what they are doing.
  5. I think he will bond with allen very well because they are both alpha dogs that will do anything to win. Cousins will check down when they need 10 yards and that's what diggs will appreciate the most about allen...he will run for 10 yards. Throw it past the sticks and will do whatever it takes to win. I'm excited to see these 2 fire up the O this year.
  6. We will use a pick from later round and next year to get a second 3rd rounder. We need 2 or 3 potential impact players and less about depth so the later picks mean less to us this year.
  7. I think he runs for 800 yards this year and a lot of that will come when empty. He is gonna have lanes for days if they try to blitz with these weapons.
  8. You are correct. Minimum 4 months. I have some background in this space and we ain't seen nothing yet. Sept may be doable if the concept of seasonality slows things but guessing if we play this year its delayed or shortened.
  9. O'Brien would get fired before that happens. Owners would appease Watson bot o'Brien.
  10. My turn. No offense to the columnist but some of these are just strange. Away Games Arizona Cardinals Can't see the Bills losing this one. Tre locks down Hopkins and Josh does enough to get it done. Win Denver Broncos The Broncos are hyped for QB Drew Lock to lead them to the promised land...he will hit some speed bumps along the way and one of them is the Bill's D. Win Las Vegas Raiders This team was playing over their heads last year and this year won't be much better. Win San Francisco 49ers At home I think we win this...but on the road I think Jimmy does just enough to win a close low scoring game. Loss Tennessee Titans Oh Tanny. We owned him for the most part as a phin and without Henry we will own him again. . Win Miami Dolphins Don't care who plays QB...it will be a long day fir them. Win New England Patriots Bill B finds a way to stymie us again. Loss New York Jets AGREE FINALLY. There is a strong chance that QB Sam Darnold might be seeing more ghosts when he takes on the Bills scary defense twice this season. Give me Buffalo. Win Home Games Kansas City Chiefs AGREE AGAIN. The Bills have the tough task of taking on the defending champions. Even with a new loaded offense, it’s a tall task for the Bills to win this game. Loss Los Angeles Chargers This will be a bad football team. Win Los Angeles Rams Goff goes to the bench after this game. Win Seattle Seahawks If our pass rush is better we win this game...but if Russell has time to run around back there we lose. I say the latter is true. . Loss Pittsburgh Steelers Another one bites the dust. Ben contemplates retirement again after this embarrassing loss. Win Miami Dolphins See above. Win New England Patriots Home game. No brady. Win New York Jets 5-1 in division and the AFC east crown. Win 12-4 and a first round bye.
  11. This. And of the people we lost. 1. Zo. Much loved. Great story. Terribly overrated as a bill. 2. Decent player. Got some sacks. Harrison Phillip's is better all around player. 3. See above. Jefferson a better player. 4. Johnson was a stop gap at best. Norman and a rookie feels much better. Not to mention another year under Edmund's and oliver.
  12. Ya. I'd take any of the 3 if you believe in our depth at OL and CB then it's worth trading up. If you dont believe we have enough depth there or can sign more depth later then we need to stand pat.
  13. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/03/2020-nfl-draft-buffalo-bills-add-offensive-weapon-address-cb-add-syracuse-edge-in-7-round-mock.html Think I could get behind this. That would be a scary O.
  14. I have confidence in the guy to find a way to win even if he throws for 100 yards. That's the key with him over others.
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