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  1. I think McDermott is a leader if men that has started to figure out how to coach a football team. He has his nuances but I never think we will get outplayed on a Sunday. He has them ready.
  2. Our by number 2. Can't say I disagree. He gets the most out of his team. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/07/04/colin-cowherd-buffalo-bills-sean-mcdermott-2-nfl-head-coach-list/
  3. Excited to see him whip it over Edelman and the RBs heads 10x a game. He is the opposite of Tom Brady...I'd bet stidham starts week 1.
  4. Edmunds will be 3rd on that list soon. LVE injuries are going to hurt him a lot...Smith regressed last year and I think is slightly overrated.
  5. This. Its like saying I broke 80 but the course was easy. You still have to make the shots man.
  6. How about per capita then. Only 5 nations in the world with higher per capita. This is not about population...this is about how it was handled. And btw. USA is still spiking while others have slowed significantly. So chances are there will be even less nations with higher per capita soon. Anyone who thinks this is a product of anything other than leadership should educate themselves more on the topic.
  7. I think his biggest weakness is loyalty. He is getting better at game management side. But he is loyal to a fault to players...and it hurts us from time to time.
  8. I'm going to he political here but if not for Trump pushing to get the economy back up football season would have happened. But instead. Cases are escalating with not plan to dial things back. Nevermind football. 10s of thousands of people are going to die that didn't need to. Sickens me to say but no football likely and no break to corona until there is a vaccine. There could have been at least a mild reprieve....not now.
  9. Pretty sure if there are not crowds allowed in the stadium they will have fantastic ratings no matter what. Now on the topic at hand...it shouldn't matter what others do during anthem. Focus on you...if you think that kneeling is disrespectful then stand. Its a choice to protest this way...and by trying to take the choice away from someone you are part of the issue in my opinion.
  10. The dude converts more third and longs than any QB I've ever seen. No check down for 3 yards in this guy.
  11. Packers are going to make it back to back to back I'm guessing. This lends to the draft QBs even when you have one crowd. Look at the pats too. Could have easily had one with Jimmy g and now have stidham to give a shot. This is why i like fromm choice. You just never know.
  12. This is such a huge deal. I posted something about this at the beginning of covid. Without formal workouts and maybe even preseason the fact that the bills have this continuity and added some key vets rather then being dependent only on the draft makes us a team that can and will get out of the gate faster. Huge advantage.
  13. Johnny manziel another example. And yes these guys all had issues but I'm pretty much calling Tua a bust now as well.
  14. That throw to beasley from the endzone against Dallas not one other QB could make. Don't care what anyone says.
  15. That is exactly my point. Not sure what you were reading into this.
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