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  1. 1. How can you not love Matt Barkley. He loves the Mafia, is the perfect back up. 2. Do we keep an extra WR? Not sure who has special teams skills out of the bunch but hard decisions coming up. Beas, foster brown...then Zay roberts McKenzie and Duke? Ray-ray? Phillips? My opinion is ray-ray is the odd man out. 3. Depth - we have built a roster where cuts will get swiped immediately as there is a lot of depth at several positions. Good job Beane.
  2. Lost in all the it's preseason or hype talk is that as always our coaches have this team ready to play. Every game. Pre season or not.
  3. Singletary has already shown me enough. He will end up number 2 by week 4 and starting by week 12
  4. According to over the cap we still have 30M in space right now. We could use another WR, DE and maybe CB. Not to jump ahead but did we not add a DE because Ziggy is still in play. We have the cap room. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/
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