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  1. Hes the vet leader. He will stay at least until camp.
  2. Can address next year or very late rounds for a special teamer now...
  3. the way I see it playing out. We beat the jets in week 17 we are in playoffs. We lose we are out. Agree but is Pitt really a good team???
  4. I'm going to bump this because after reading up on the top prospects for the dline my take is that if you dont get the top 3...trade back at it's a deep draft for dline. Trade back get a TE and DT or edge. Standing by this...the rest is smokescreen.
  5. Whether Beane trades down or stays put I can see him bundling some picks to move back into the end of the first to nail his 2nd must have. With the depth on defense in this draft there will still be huge difference makers available late first early second so it will warrant the move. Preference is trade back get Hock, trade up with the extra second or 3rd and get best DT/edge available. Draft OT, LB and RB with whatever is left. We have enough duct tape on this oline to justify grabbing your franchise tackle next year and not this year. Just my take.
  6. Put someone across from him and he gets the sacks. Hes a stud.
  7. Bumping this. Need to make sure we close this out. They are making a surge.
  8. Recent era. Matt forte. Dude was a beast and got no love because he played on bad teams in chicago. If he played a few more games he would have 10k rushing and 5k receiving. Stud.
  9. Throw goff in here too and then you realize the plan. Or trubinski.
  10. The big deal for me here is it likely takes CB of the draft board. Focus on Dline Dline oline and TE
  11. This is the big key. Pat's will be looking for a TE early now for sure. We need to be prepared to grab one of the top 3 which may require a move back into first.
  12. I say they make it easier to recover an onside kick instead. Make the receiving team play 5 more yards off or something. Or perhaps they need to try and catch it while greased up. I kid. The first one was serious though. Ha
  13. I agree with whoever said option 3. Give him a 2 or 3 year extension at way less than it will cost to pick up the option. 1 year option 13M. 3 year deal worth 21. He will take the guaranteed money.
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