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  1. I will say moss looked a little leaner entering building yesterday. I like the way he runs and maybe carrying a little less weight will increase his quickness. Think moss is our guy this year. With Josh I would never pay big dollars to a RB. 3rd or 4th rounders every 2 years and hope they stick.
  2. I'm thinking a 2nd if it's a team with a qb injury or something. At his salary and a 1 year deal he's worth that.
  3. One more. Matt T gets traded for a 2nd before season starts and we re-sign Barkley! Just read thru others and surprised that others had this as well.
  4. This. 1. Mckenzie stays. He is returner. 2. Morse or Ford traded. Beane always manages to find that team who gets hit with injury bug. 3. Surprise cut is Phillips. My humorous one... 4. We go into the season with no punter. I mean ***** it we rarely punt anyway.
  5. Well put and thanks for the service. And what's the risk. As shooter mcgavin said...you know what would really draw a crowd...a golfer with an arm growing out of his ass. That may be all of us who were vaccinated in 10 years...ha. you have a choice and I can't say yours was wrong at all.
  6. I'm vaccinated and so are my kids. I get the flu shot every year. But for those that don't...that's their choice. Free country unless you disagree with someone's choice I guess.
  7. Hes one of 60M people in the USA who have not gotten vaccinated...who gives a F#ck. His choice and he has to deal with the outcome...whether that be missing games, getting sick or dealing with protocols. That's his choice. Anyone who questions that is being entitled and is pretty self important. I'm vaccinated but have no problem if it's not for everyone. I'm straight but have no issue with anyone who isn't. I'm white and have no issue with anyone who's not...so why should I care if someone doesn't get a vaccine?
  8. He seems ready to go if you ask me. Would love him lined up to Ed a bunch this year.
  9. All I can say about Jerry is that he leaves it on the field every damn play and to have not missed a game is insane.
  10. This. He's a poor man's Josh. Big strong good arm and mobile. He could not be a better fit for the team and offense. As someone stated above he could win 10 games easy with this roster. This was an A++ signing for us and A++ decision for Mitch to reset. He also gets to see what Josh did to improve accuracy and footwork as well. My guess is that Mitch will be a pro bowler again in the future.
  11. From my perspective in 30+ years watching...using just the eyeball test (no combine data or anything) here is what my list would be. Eyeball test includes those that could flick their wrist and throw it 65 yards as well as those that could sling it into tight spots like Josh. Allen Vick Mahomes George Marino Moon Rodgers If I had to pick one it would be between Vick and Allen. For the guy that says Allen doesn't use it. I'd say 3 or 4 times a game he makes throws veey few others can make. It's not about just deep balls
  12. Would not be surprised if we resigned him for depth again. He played decent last year if it was on the cheap.
  13. Need to find a win between chiefs and titans and I think we can get home field...can't lose them both again.
  14. I think it ends up being mitch for a 2nd or better if Rodgers bails.
  15. Fix the pass rush and Levi Dane etc are all serviceable.
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