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  1. No. Why? Because he may be the most over hyped player in the NFL. Someone will overpay for a guy who's averaging just over 5 sacks per season and has never had 10. It wont be us.
  2. That first one against Pitts isn't human. Wtf was that. How did she stop that fast.
  3. One big observation from final 4 teams: Their O lines > our oline. I think we compete with those teams pretty well with our D but on offense San Fran mauled GB...KC gives mahomes a ton of time...Henry is great but tennessee oline is very strong in pass and run...and GB is solid. Likely the worst of the 4. We need to address RT and another year under Fords belt and him at RG and this unit could be pretty solid too. This includes TE. Tennessee's TE are great blockers...as is kittle and kelce. That was biggest thing I took away. Yes we could use another weapon no question but knox with another year working on blocking and a stronger RT and we could also be a much better O.
  4. Hes a rotational player and should be paid as one. If he gets offered starter type money then let him go.
  5. Missed tackles in big moments. See playoffs. See new England game. Worse stats. What else ya want.
  6. I will continue to say while they are both nice players we should not overpay them. In this system there are a lot of people who could do their jobs. They regressed this year
  7. Works well for Stafford and ryan. 2 very good qbs that cant put talent around him.
  8. I'd say we havent put ourselves into a situation where we will have to make as many of those decisions. We are built differently. Parts are interchangeable. They are going to have 70M locked into 3 players on offense. I think you are wrong. I'd say 2 of them walk and poyer gets an extension that will give us cap flexibility.
  9. Can do both and still do responsibly. Example. Aj green on a 1 year prove it and a rookie. You get instant production next year while you have money...and if it works you extend green but you bridge until rookie is ready regardless. Just like gore and Singletary. And btw...no long term commitment to weigh in cap for future years. Best of all worlds that our guys seem to get.
  10. But the issue is...the chiefs overpaid Watkins. Paid Kelce and now have to pay mahomes 40M sooner than later. They have this year and maybe 1 more as they aren't built the same way we are.
  11. No. I'd love to have 2 great TEs to be honest...but dont care.
  12. Titans didnt really do much more than us on offense. They just got an early lead so they could lean on the run game. We never got that chance.
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