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  1. That says it all. Ps it also tells me matt Ryan is in his last year I'm atl. Bears or raiders make the trade in offseason.
  2. Exactly. Those 2 work on reading the same thing. Allen read it correctly and threw it with timing.
  3. Disagree. Beasley made wrong read. They are playing zone...he is wide open. The read should be to hook there and he decided to curl toward the zone.
  4. As a guy who played the position. Allen's issue on the long ball is really simple. Hes throwing it on a rope when he needs to put some air under it and let the receiver run under it. His timing on the throws is actually great...just needs a little more loft.
  5. Sanders green and miller will all be calls that he makes. Not saying we will make a trade but our pass rush needs to improve and another weapon would be nice. He will make those calls.
  6. Agree. Just need to hit the big plays.
  7. Can we talk about this for a second? Is that the 2nd 98 yard drive of the year? After a defensive stand nonetheless. And I believe I also heard that all but 1 of our TD drives this year are more than 70 yards? And the other stat that I saw was we have the 2nd highest average length of drive. When was the last time we had an offense that could drive the length of the field without the huge chunk plays. Say what you want about the offense but if they limit the turnovers they are actually a pretty good unit for these reasons above. Anyone have the official numbers?
  8. 10/11 in second half with 2 tds. Will take that all day every day. Go to bed.
  9. Was completely Allen's fault they were down. U are right. Not really. We are in the situation we are in and he mans up and gets it done. Why is that bad?
  10. Is that another 4th quarter comeback?
  11. He just needs to put some more air under it
  12. He. Like allen come up big in 4th.
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