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  1. Its simple if you ask me. We have been good the last couple years because if Josh running ability. He either moved and caused people to uncover or ran it in. This year they are keying in on him running and have 0 respect for our running backs. We need to run the damn ball down there with someone other than Josh. Because no one respects our run game.
  2. Yup. We adjusted to keep LBs closer to line and it opened up the middle of the field.
  3. Couple things. The way we play defense puts Edmunds in a tough position when we play a team like the titans. 2 LBs with responsibility of crashing up to stop Henry but also to get enough depth to take away the middle passes. Impossible ask. Do the same thing for Milano in this game...he was invisible for the same reason. Second thing is the stick by Edmunds in second half was one of his better hits in his career.
  4. Who's out there to help? We need to be able to run the ball down there and defenses are starting to key in on allen. We have great weapons but Beasley Diggs and sanders are most effective between the 20s. Need a downhill runner or a big target on outside to sure up the issues.
  5. They are playing very well this year against oass and run. Both are getting the turnovers this year which should make them hard to keep out of pro bowl...but one play stands out. Hyde. All by himself with Henry coming at him with a full head of steam. He took him on and made the tackle. Yes he got run over...ha...but that was grown man football there. Loved it.
  6. Ravens a lock? They have: Browns Steelers x2 Rams Packers Bengals x2 Bears Vikings They could lose any of those games. Id guess they lose at least 2 division games plus rams and packers.
  7. 13-4 gets us number 1 seed in my opinion
  8. He was 13 of 14 in his career before that. I take those odds.
  9. They are moving ball. This could be 4 down territory here.
  10. All these good young QBs... All look like crap. Lamar. Not so good. Herbert. Same. Burrow. Same. Mahommes. *****. All these talking heads need to pump the brakes on on calling them the best QBs.
  11. Ummm. Hello where is Billy jo hobert? Ha. I didn't study the playbook
  12. That video is great. I think that will wake a lot of people up.
  13. They want receivers that uncover quick and are dependable route runners. High iq. Love brown but he wasn't the route runner that Beasley or Diggs are...and not as versatile. Sanders is all of the above.
  14. Cover 1 review of Edmunds in case you haven't seen. As I said above. People don't give him credit for what he does in coverage.
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