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  1. Hebert19

    Josh Allen will be a 2019 NFL MVP candidate

    Hes got potential to be in the conversation if we get weapons around him. Not because he will light up the world with stats but because of what he will do in order for us to get wins.
  2. Hebert19

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    That was a big play in the game...but holy crap the velocity on that ball was unreal. And hit him right in the chest.
  3. Hes the most pressured QB in the league. He needs to run most times.
  4. Hebert19

    Is Josh Allen faster than Tyrod Taylor???

    40 time isnt as relevant when it comes to who's faster and football speed. Top speed I think Allen is faster but tyrod accelerates quicker. Once josh gets going. Hes fast as *****. Just takes him longer to get there.
  5. Hebert19

    McDermott or McCarthy?

    While I may agree hes not the goat. There are enough people who think he is that tells me hes at least in the conversation.
  6. Hebert19

    McDermott or McCarthy?

    I actually think McCarthy is an awful coach. Terrible in fact. Hes squandered having arguably the best QB of all time.
  7. Hebert19

    Is Shady done?

    I said earlier in the year if he doesn't restructure he's done. Having said that. I think he may do that. He clearly loves josh Allen and the organization so maybe he wants to see what happens in 2 years.
  8. Hebert19

    Is Shady done?

    This is since concussion. I swear he runs more scared now. Wind blows him over.
  9. Hebert19

    Is Shady done?

    Ok. I said it. I think he may be done. The burst is gone. And since that concussion his desire to get a tough yard or 2 is gone. He and ivory look like what they are. 30 something running backs. I think he could still be a very good 3rd down back...or a 2 headed monster if we drafted a downhill bruiser in the draft....but his days as the feature back are over. He either restructures in the offseason or I'd say hes going to be cut.
  10. I dont need to be a trig expert to know that one went 70 yards. With ease.
  11. Hebert19

    Allen is More Accurate Than I Thought He Would Be

    He throws 20 yard rockets better than most in league already. It's the shorter dump offs with touch he struggles with.
  12. It's not inaccuracies at all. He just threw to a spot instead of leading him.
  13. Hebert19

    Where are all the Ivory should start posts?

    He and shady are both terrible. Shady is no longer a great running back. He goes down with a stiff breeze right now. Hes done and should be nothing more than a 3rd down back in the league now. Sorry. But he has little or no explosiveness anymore.
  14. Hebert19

    I am worried about Kiko

    Kiko got owned today by allen
  15. Hebert19

    Josh Allen's progress

    That backshoulder to Zay was perfect. Right down to Zays timing. Too bad he couldn't hold on.