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  1. Maybe a bit better but hes physlcally limited ans he aint no drew brees imho
  2. We have seen mayfields ceiling already. Thats him. Most pro ready and I think it was a given that he would be good...but will he be great. My guess is no. Think carson palmer like career
  3. Who will have the better career..thats the question. I could give a rats ass how he did last year. They both missed playoffs...0-0
  4. Not sure if anyone say that...but he looks like he ate the baker of last year. And the beard...woah While josh has been training. Baker has been eating baked goods.
  5. They think Brady will be done next year and are stockpiling for a qb.
  6. According to over the cap we still have 30M in space right now. We could use another WR, DE and maybe CB. Not to jump ahead but did we not add a DE because Ziggy is still in play. We have the cap room. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/
  7. It's like people forget that robert foster was a top 10 WR over the last 6 games with no help. Throw in brown on other side and Beasley in the slot and let's see him operate. Plus we will have a running game this time around.
  8. Look who was playing beside Dawkins. He will rebound. Having said that they may eye a trade too
  9. I dont care what his stat line is as all I see is As or A- for him from people who actually watch the games. Seems like a good fit at a position of need. Giddyup Seems you have anger issues. The scouts and talking heads love the pick so I guess we will see who is right.
  10. Beane is playing this well. Could get first round talent in first 2 rounds and a 2nd round talent at wr or te in 3rd by just being patient.
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