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  1. How do chiefs afford kelsey hill and mahomes plus sammy and others. Creativity.
  2. Kiper has Najee Harris coming to us in his mock. Sign me up.
  3. Yup. Sometimes it's good to not be creative and just put a hat on a hat and win. I know this isn't the popular take but I agree. I was fine if he was leaving for a HC job. He gets a play or 2 that is super crafty and timely but most if the cool plays are a result of allen being a freak.
  4. Here is an idea. Run more than 10 times. Ha. Seriously. Most running backs and Offensive lines get better as they wear down the D and get in a rhythm. This happened like 3 times all year when we were trying to ice games. I don't think we got a good look at what we could do if we committed to it.
  5. 1. I hate them. Their fans are complete douches. 2. They are 20M over cap next year...and it will get worse the following year as hill goes to over 20M and mahomes big numbers kick in. 3. Did I mention I hate them.
  6. We draft another. Cheap man. No cap space to waste on RB
  7. We literally are undersized at almost every position. So ya. We are weak. Ed. Undersized. Hughes. Not the biggest dude. AJ. Undersized. Murphy. Undersized. Milano. Undersized. That's why we get bullied.
  8. DE Trent Murphy - don't let door hit you TE Tyler Kroft - peace out LB Matt Milano - team friendly deal...keep CB Josh Norman - team friendly...keep OL Ty Nsekhe - ba bye OL Jon Feliciano - at the right price OL Brian Winters - later skater WR Andre Roberts - no thanks. OL Daryl Williams - priority QB Matt Barkley - sorry not sorry RB Taiwan Jones - on the cheap yes RB TJ Yeldon - hes out S Dean Marlowe - on the cheap yes WR Isaiah McKenzie - yes CB Levi Wallace - right price yes. LB Andre Smith- au revoir 1 Quote
  9. It's like I tell my daughter. Put yourself in those situations more and more and they become natural.
  10. 8 touchdowns on season. Not playing. No one to take his place. Yes. It was a factor.
  11. They discussed as a team how to handle before the season this was their decision.
  12. We certainly over think things that's for sure. Gabe Davis didn't even play. He was a waste of a roster spot.
  13. And one nasty drop. So true. Finding an upgrade to Singletary would be cheap and easy.
  14. We could have 3 new WRs and still have lost last night. We need to be better in trenches.
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