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  1. These 2 win predictions and worst in league are going to look pretty dumb at the end of the year I figure. Too bad there is no accountability in the media. This defense will be much better than any of the media gives it credit for...fringe top 10 in a lot of categories and McDermott and the staff will have them ready to play just like last year. On offense I think having a real OC and a QB that's not afraid to make mistakes will help open things up for shady. Everyone assumes the defense will key in to stop the run, which worked when Taylor was QB but AJ or Josh will actually throw the ball over the top if they stack the box. Yes our weapons are questionable at WR...but clay and oleary are quality pass catchers...cadet and shady are very good out of backfield, Kerley, Jones and Benjamin are not terrible especially in a Daboll offense. We won't light world on fire but 8 wins is doable.
  2. Hebert19

    More wins in 2018, Browns or Bills?

    Brown's give up on Taylor after first 100 yard passing game and they lose 5 straight after that. Brown's 4-12.
  3. good for him but when i see him play I'd say his biggest issue is flexibility. He is rigid running routes and when reaching for poorly thrown balls and this more than anything can impact his injuries. Just my 2 cents.
  4. 6 and 10 or higher. I trust our coaching won't put him in bad spots.
  5. When Healthy he's solid. I think he can be a very good player for us for a while. I too expect something from him this year.
  6. Hebert19

    Incognito's Retirement? [update: Now Released]

    I think the whole playoff slur was a bigger deal to mcdy than let on. Pay cut may have been their way of getting him back in line
  7. Hebert19

    How much longer will we have shady?

    How were our WRs? Think they respected pass last year? Sammy and woods are coming back?
  8. Don't underestimate Star, Kyle and Kyle junior occupying blocks. Less double teams on outside this year.
  9. Hebert19

    How much longer will we have shady?

    Gut Tells Me we restructure him this year giving him more upfront and making it a deal through 2020. This will allow us to keep him at a lower cap hit if he's still performing and also trade him if we want to part ways.
  10. Hebert19

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    If he's best in preseason why not
  11. Hebert19

    Matt Patricia story

    A whole **** ton of nope. People do not change...whether the world likes to think they do or not. Once a douche. Always a douche.
  12. Hebert19

    Rod Streater

    He will do u til trade deadline when....wait for it...we trade our second for amari Cooper. Gruden is going to want to put his mark I things like McDermott. Write it done. It'll happen.
  13. Hebert19

    The Bills teams of late 80s and early 90s

    1990 and that's it. Skins were better as were cowboysx2. Bellichek !@#$ed us again.
  14. Hebert19

    Matt Patricia story

    Because it's sexual assault and that's a big fn deal?
  15. Hebert19

    Do we have the worst QB situation in the league?

    I prefer to think we have one with the most potential.