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  1. I blame the GM’s/coaches more than the players themselves, especially during the playoff drought era. There were a lot of terrible decisions made on players that were either drafted and/or signed. The high amount of RB’s/DB’s selected in the first round during that 17 year period was ridiculous!
  2. Still hoping the Bills make a real upgrade at the TE position before the start of the season.
  3. Maybe Merriman was a stretch, but Watt has had his share of injuries. I guess the point I was trying to make with Merriman is that Boss Hogg [Buddy Nix] was banking on Merriman returning to form, hence would solve the Bills pass rushing problems at that time. Watt played in 8 games in 2019 and finished with 4 sacks. Last season, while he did play he a full 16 games, he had 5 sacks, 52 combined tackles (36 solo). IMO, I think Watt’s best days are behind him and don’t want to see the Bills make the same mistake bringing in an aging, beat-up DE to try and fix their pass rushing issues. Nothing a
  4. His production has dipped significantly in the past two seasons. IMO, it would be like when the Bills brought in Shawne Merriman. I’d have to pass.
  5. Are you kidding me, that was hilarious!! I don’t know how many bad experiences I’ve had when I went car shopping. When I say, I had to say “no” about 30 times or more, it’s not an exaggeration. Once a salesman gets you in the door, they would say and do whatever to get you to sign. After several bad experiences, then going to Carmax, which is hassle free, I won’t go to another dealership ever again!
  6. Vroom was my favorite. I’ve had some bad experiences while car shopping, so I thought this was hilarious!
  7. Bills definitely need upgrades on defense in order to beat the Chiefs, along with a better game plan.
  8. Todd Bowles came up with a great game plan against the Chiefs, wonder if he could share it with Frazier?
  9. Mahomes last week was almost unstoppable, this week, he’s facing constant pressure and his throws are very erratic.
  10. I’d rather wait until the Bills have a team that will win the Super Bowl, not just get there. I don’t want to see the Bills lose a fifth Superbowl.
  11. The Chefs are imploding, all thanks to the refs actually doing their jobs this week. Where was this ref crew last week in KC?
  12. Loved that vroom commercial, that is so accurate and funny when it comes to car shopping!!
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