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  1. Agreed 100% The Catholic Church is still in the dark ages, which is why tons of people have been leaving the church for years, as well as all the problems that have finally been surfacing with the help of modern day media.
  2. Agreed. The Bills were a dysfunctional mess when Watkins was drafted, especially with Brandon, Whaley and Marrone running the clown show. Bills Brass saw how terrible EJ Manuel was, and felt their jobs were on the line with the Bills up for sale, so they had to scramble to sign Kyle Orton. After Orton retired and Marrone quit, Brandon duped the Pegula's to signing Rex Ryan, and ultimately, Tyrod Taylor became the starter. Taylor averaged between 150-200 yards a game with receivers like Watkins, Woods, Goodwin and Hogan, which was pathetic! So after three years of that, it's no reason why he felt the way he did. Losing year after year sucks and it starts to impact certain players (see the Sabres). Now with McBeane trading Watkins, IMO they felt he wasn't a team first guy, had problems staying healthy and wasn't going to be in their long term plans, so they traded him. Hopefully guys like Watkins, Dareus and McCoy will be the last to bash the Bills. I think McBeane and the Pegula's have done a great job of building a good culture in Buffalo. As long as McBeane and the Pegula's continue a building/having a good culture, the national stigma that has been plaguing the Bills for years will finally go away.
  3. The Pegula's are doing their due-diligence on this. "The Bills have hired a private firm to conduct a feasibility study on determining the team's future home. The study is due to be completed sometime this summer and lead to a decision on whether the Bills will continue playing at New Era Field in suburban Orchard Park, New York, or relocate." From what I understand, the Pegula's already knew the NFL wanted them to do something about the Bills stadium as a condition of buying the team. Whether a new stadium gets built or The Ralph gets retrofitted, the Pegula's will please Goodell and the other NFL owners, so there's no need for people to get upset every time Goodell or some other clown in the media mentions a need for a new stadium in Buffalo. Just don't expect another ridiculous stadium like Jerry's world in Dallas. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/buffalo/sports/2019/07/01/pegula-new-bills-stadium-fans
  4. I think the Bills should take his brother, Mike.
  5. After the incident in the hotel room, it's apparent Zay has some mental issues. That could be a huge reason why Zay's production took a nose dive this season in both Buffalo and Oakland.
  6. Agreed about the Rams. But they also had an inexperienced HC, along with a young QB, who had no clue how to counteract what Belichek was doing. Belichek has done this time and time again to young QB's and young coaches throughout his career. The game before in the AFC Championship game, the Chiefs put up 31 points against the same defense which held the Rams to 3 points. This season, the Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl. The Titans tried to duplicate their success against the Ravens, by playing a ball-control game relying heavily on their run game to have long, time consuming drives to keep the Chiefs potent offense off the field (the same strategy Belichek used against the Bills in Super Bowl XXV). The Chiefs have way too much fire power on offense and were able to score quickly and often against the Titans as they took control of the game in the second half. It goes to show you that having a lot of weapons at your disposal, along with experienced coaches will win you a lot of games. IMO, the time for the Bills to load up on offensive talent is now, as Allen is going into year three (of five) of his rookie contract. Otherwise, if the Bills decide to give Allen an extension, expect either a short term deal like Kirk Cousins (his was 3yrs/$84M fully guaranteed) or a long term deal, which is going to be for more than $100M for the length of it. At that point, it will be harder to sign key FA's and the Bills will have to rely more heavily on their draft picks, which could take some time to develop.
  7. I think the Bills should load up on WR’s and TE’s, much like the Chiefs did, and especially before the Bills have to pay Allen over a $100M contract extension. With all the weapons Mahomes has at his disposal, it’s almost impossible for defenses to stop the Chiefs offense.
  8. Agree about Foster. In 2018, I wasn't sure why the Bills coaches kept him on the team as he was ineffective in the first half of the season, then he had a good second half of the season. This season, he was terrible, plain and simple! People have mentioned how complexed Daboll's system is and that the terminology changes on a weekly basis. If that is the case, and other starters on offense were able to keep up, then it's another reason to let Foster go as it would appear he does not have the football IQ required. "It's kind of funny how Josh was more accurate on his deep passes with Jones and Foster last year and somehow he sucked this year." Good points. Josh improved on his short to intermediate passes, but sucked on deep passes. Was Josh more worried about throwing INT's that he threw the ball further so only the WR had a chance at it, vice giving the WR a 50/50 ball vs the DB?
  9. That's one way of looking at it. Another would be is Foster did not run the correct route which led to blown plays, not being able to beat the defender in one-on-one as well as drops. If those things happen (which they did), would you continue to throw it to someone who is proving to be unreliable or throw it to someone that is more reliable and has a greater chance of making the reception? I agree with that. I think going into the season, the Bills were hoping for Brown and Jones to be their top two WR's, with Beasley in the slot and Foster their burner. When their plans did not work, they had to go with gadget players like McKenzie and Roberts.
  10. I agree 100% percent with you assessment. It seems McBeane has been good at identifying defensive players for the scheme the Bills run, but have really struggled at finding good WR/TE's. Now that the Bills have cleared up their salary cap situation, have about $90M in cap space along with nine draft picks, we'll see better WR's/TE's coming in. If not, then we really have to start questioning McBeane's personnel/decision making?
  11. I agree. I don't know if he was disgruntled with the Bills bringing in John Brown and Cole Beasley in the offseason or something else? But how did Foster go from 27 catches for 541 yards and 3 TD's in 2018 to 3 catches for 64 yards and 0 TDs in 2019?
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