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  1. Definitely appreciate Levi’s accountability. I’m sure him and the rest of the defense took it hard as they were unable to stop the Chiefs with 13 seconds left and in OT. I’m glad to see Bills management identify and address the issues on defense this offseason between the D-line and the secondary. Hopefully they made the right personnel choices and we won’t see an epic meltdown of the defense again this season.
  2. With AJ Klein gone, the Bills needed a replacement
  3. Sounds like he’s a good tackler and has good cover skills. Seems similar to Siran Neal.
  4. Spags, Great to hear from you again! Looks like on paper, youse guys had a good first round. The Jets remind me of the playoff drought Bills, as the Bills would always stack up on defense to try and shut down Brady, but the Bills always had 💩 at QB. So, youse guys can try and load up on defense to try and shut down Allen and the Bills offense, but youse ain’t going nowhere without a QB. Expect the Bills to be your daddy for another year! Go Bills!!! J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!! S-U-C-K Suck Suck Suck!!!
  5. IMO, Bills taking a RB in the first round is just a smokescreen.
  6. Love the comments from Ravens fans on Watkins after this play
  7. Watkins will have a monster game in Week 1, then get injured shortly afterwards.
  8. Very sad to hear. 24 is such a young age. RIP Dwayne
  9. More is coming out about spoiled Kraft. Kraft is upset with Belichek’s poor draft picks; having to buy a team in FA last year because Belichek hasn’t been able to build one through the draft; not giving Brady a two year $50M guaranteed contract by which Brady left and went to the Bucs. All I can say is welcome back to reality without having the G.O.A.T. to hide all your teams deficiencies.
  10. And also Brady taking a hometown discount so the Patriots could sign other players. Rodgers and other QB’s would never do that to win more championships.
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