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  1. I was at the game and kind of felt bad for him and the Jets fans. Everytime the Jets started on offense, you could hear a bunch of Jets fans “Come on Mikey!” After the score got out of hand early in the third quarter, Jets fans started leaving in masses.
  2. I went to the game yesterday and there were more Bills fans in the stadium than there were Jets fans. Once the Jets we’re getting blown out early in the third quarter, their fans started leaving in masses. Great game and nice stadium! No metal bleachers like at HighMark stadium, hopefully the new Bills stadium will be like that. For non-permit parking it was $60. The most I paid for parking was at a Ravens game ($80).
  3. It’s clear the NFL wants certain teams to win over others. Last year when the Chiefs played the Browns and Bills, the Chiefs D was playing dirty, holding, etc., but barely got penalized. When it came to the Superbowl against the Bucs, the refs called everything the Chiefs D we’re getting away with against the Browns/Bills. It’s clear the NFL wanted a Brady/Mahomes Superbowl.
  4. Jimmy, how ya been? I’m going to the game on Sunday, I can’t wait to see Sean McDermott and the Bills take hotdog boy Robert Sahlen’s and the New Jersey Jets to school on Sunday. Bills 38, Jets 3. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! S-U-C-K Suck Suck Suck!
  5. I’m going to the game in NJ next Sunday, I hope it doesn’t suck especially like the first half of the past two games.
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