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  1. O'Brien. Also, I can imagine Watson is P.O.'d that O'Brien traded away Hopkins for next to nothing.
  2. Texans fans know how it feels like to be Sabres fans
  3. Out top 3 WR's look very nice for 2020. On top of seeing what Diggs can do in a Bills uniform, I'm also interested in the "trickle down effect" Diggs will have on Brown and Beasley. Day 1 of free agency was good for the Bills, now I'm hoping Beane adds another weapon on offense (maybe a TE?)
  4. Sad to see him go. Jordan is a class act and I wish him nothing but the best in Arizona.
  5. Don't smoke brutha...just take your steroids and PED's, cough, cough...I meant vitamins Brutha!!
  6. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet The #Dolphins are giving Shaq Lawson a 3-year deal worth $30M, source said. A nice payday.
  7. I wonder if he's going to wear that ridiculously, over sized arm brace while wrestling in the WWE, similar to Cowboy Bob Orton:
  8. Flutie was likable as well, just depending on who you ask.
  9. Josh Allen is just a taller version of Doug Flutie
  10. Wish Frank nothing but the best!
  11. Can't seem to get rid of this guy...like a reoccurring hemorrhoid!!
  12. Agree 100% Teams that have only one or two effective weapons are less likely to control the ball, make plays and score often as it's easy for defenses to double-team and shut down the one or two players on offense. It also helps having multiple weapons in case of an injury, as it won't completely shut down an offense.
  13. Exactly! The Chiefs were the perfect example of this.
  14. My vote is for Metallica, Ozzy & AC/DC That's bad. Check out DLR:
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