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  1. After all the antics AB pulled last year, any team willing to give this nut case a contract better make sure there are tons of clauses put in his contract for his behavior.
  2. The only hole I see on the team is at TE, but that's not enough to derail the season.
  3. Since we’re going back in time, my favorite offense of the decade was the 2002 Bills. Bledsoe threw for 4,359 yards and 24TDs, Travis Henry rushed for 1,438 yards and 13TDs, Eric Moulds had 1,292 receiving yards and 10TDs and Peerless Price had 1,252 receiving yards and 9TDs. It’s too bad the Bills defense was terrible that year, but it was a good rebound year from going 3-13 in the previous year. Looks like Bledsoe gave us only one good year. 2003 had my favorite game of the decade when the Bills demolished the Patriots 31-0 in the season opener. Seeing Sam Adams get the pick six on Brady was priceless...one of my favorite plays of all time. Losing Price was a huge blow as once Moulds was lost for a while due to an injury, Bledsoe had only Josh Reed to throw to. 2004, same story, great defense but couldn’t do enough on offense.
  4. I called WGR550 this morning and they were very dismissive on the topic. Howard Simon was surprised the Patriots lost a draft pick. Both Howard and Jeremy wanted to get back to talking about Cam Newton as they’re dedicating the whole show to that topic.
  5. What a joke!! Being caught videotaping teams for a second time, deflategate, all the rules they've exploited to gain an advantage and Goodell gives them another slap on the wrist!! Goodell is a joke!!
  6. Looks like we have our answer, and it’s another slap on the wrist to the Patriots: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29380577/new-england-patriots-fined-11-million-lose-draft-pick-film-crew-fallout?platform=amp
  7. Whatever happened to the NFL’s investigation into Spygate 2.0? Also, what is going on with Robert Kraft getting busted at the massage parlor? Seems we haven’t heard a word about either situation in months. Will both Belichek and Kraft catch breaks because of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  8. I'm thinking a game or two. Nigel Bradham got pulled over and arrested for weed and the charges got dropped (if I remember correctly), and he still was suspended for a game.
  9. Dumbass!! I wonder how long his suspension will be?
  10. Dareus was a beast until he got the contract extension and turned in an Albert Haynesworth. Such a shame, both players were extremely talented, but both packed it in once they got paid.
  11. "The ripple effect of the Rams trading for Jalen Ramsey without a contract extension and the Texans dealing for Laremy Tunsil without a contract is something I have been chronicling for quite a while. Tunsil already hit his grand slam, securing $22M a year from O'Brien, and Ramsey will inevitably crush it as well. Two teams may be caught in the crosshairs of these decisions more than any others. The Ravens – who hope to extend tackle Ronnie Stanley and corner Marlon Humphrey ASAP – and the Bills, who would like to secure the services of left tackle Dion Dawkins and stud corner Tre'Davious White into the future, as well. These dominoes will keep falling, and it will make the terrain more difficult to navigate for other front offices. Actions have consequences." It appears the author is implying the Bills will have to overpay to resign Dawkins and White because of the Rams trading for Ramsey and Texans paying Tunsil $22M a year. IMO, I think Beane is building a team for a Superbowl run before a lot of big contracts have to be handed out (such as Allen, White, Dawkins, etc...). Beane seems to be loading up on talent while he has the cap space. If Allen turns out to be the QB we've all been hoping for, then he'll be in line for a $100M+ contract extension. With this being the start of year 3 of Allen's contract, I'd say the Bills have two to three more years (maybe more if the franchise tag is used) before Beane will have to restock the roster with rookies and less expensive players. I think all Bills fans would like to see Milano, White, Dawkins and Allen (just to name a few) resigned, but Beane is not going to be able to keep everyone, so it should interesting to see who stays and who goes.
  12. Between the latest video taping scandal and Robert Kraft's arrest, seems these two issues are taking a long time and not much said about either.
  13. IMO, one possibly good asset [Knox]. Kroft has had his share of injuries even before coming to Buffalo, so if he can’t stay on the field, it’s a waste of a roster space. Smith is a good blocking TE, but also takes dumb penalties. Sweeney is a seventh round pick and how many seventh rounders become playmakers in the league? Not many. I’m not saying it can’t happen with Sweeney, I sure hope him and Knox can be a great tandem for years to come, but besides the third round pick, it still shows that this regime doesn’t value the TE position as much as other teams do. With having a young, developing QB, it would make sense to give him that “safety valve,” meaning a big target that can get open 15-20 yards down the field and who is also a threat in the red zone that can outmuscle DB’s. KC and Baltimore have done that for their QB’s.
  14. It was a generalization of how the Bills haver treated the TE position over the decades. I've been a Bills fan since 1980 and can only name a handful of TE's that have made any kind of impact on the team. Clay and Knox are probably the most the Bills have invested in the TE position since the 90's. The Bills overpaid for Clay and got some good production out of him early on, but declined significantly towards the end. Knox has potential, but he has a lot of work to do. I love that movie. "Coach, it looks like I just jacked off an elephant..."
  15. Is it an exaggeration? Maybe to a certain degree. You can say the Bills invested heavily in Charles Clay to get him away from Miami. Knox was a third round pick, otherwise, the rest of the TE’s over the past 20 years have been lower round picks or castoffs from other teams. Again, not heavy investment in the position, so you can arguably say, it’s been neglected.
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